WHY RASIGLIA? There are various reasons to reccommend a trip to

There are various reasons to reccommend a trip to Rasiglia, a little village hidden
among the mountains of the Menotre Valley. From the highest part of the village you
can enjoy a typical mountain landscape overlooking the valley and the entire
agglomeration of houses arranged to form an amphitheater on the hill.
Looking all around you feel as a whole with the sky ,there are no borders to man's
sight, only so much peace and stillness. The air is sparkling even in summer.
The place has got very ancient origins; the little medieval village and the old castle
with its strategic position were so important during the lordship of the Trinci, a noble
family from Foligno. Now the castle is reduced to a ruin and offers a sad sight,
although there is evidence of better times, little is left of its glorious past.
These historical remains have been witnesses of shameful things and violence.
The community did not want to forget ,so Rasiglia put a headstone in memory of its
deportees to the concentration camps in the main square.
Unfortunately the violators of human freedom arrived here too.
In the same square, above a five hundred year old window, there is the symbol of
human wisdom and there is another marble headstone, required by don Pietro
Corradi in 1934, with the green effigy in relief of the 15th century poet Marco da
Rasiglia is a place where everything makes you think about freedom, a place where
simple people lived and worked leaving evidence of their past lives.
The little church,“ Madonna of Graces”,is an inevitable stop; outside the church you
can admire the iron three metre high crucifix; inside the chapel has beautiful ancient
frescoes which conveys a sense of intimacy. It is really worth a visit.
It is open to everyone, especially to those who need to collect in prayer in a place
close to God either for the height or the silence; the atmosphere invites you to seek
for your own inner self.
From the wall surrounding the little church you can see the river Menotre.
Besides Rasiglia gives its name to the waterworks which supply many towns in
Umbria with water of excellent quality.
Visiting Rasiglia is a pleasant and unforgettable experience.