Minutes - North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Call to Order
Doug called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. and thanked everyone for their
Approval of Minutes
Doug asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the August 26th meeting. A
motion was made and the minutes were approved.
Summary of Activity
Doug Hoell
Doug said that there were three counties that had asked for a state
declaration for Tropical Storm Cindy. The counties were Iredell, Yadkin
and Alexander.
Doug talked about Hurricane Katrina and the impact it has had on North
Doug said that FEMA had created a new program under Public Assistance
that would help county and local governments set up a housing program
for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina who had come to this state.
If a county or local government chose not to participate in this program
then the evacuee can make an application to FEMA for their Individual
Assistance Program.
The Governor has asked for and received a Declaration of Emergency
which covers Category B. This covers emergency and protective
measures for a number of counties in Eastern North Carolina.
The Governor has asked for Category A which is debris clearance and for
Category C thru D which is reconstruction of Infrastructure.
The Governor also requested IA for Carteret, Hyde, Pamlico, Craven,
Jones and Onslow counties.
Agency Status Reports
Department of Crime Control & Public Safety
NC Redevelopment Center
David Kelly
 Mr. Kelly praised everyone for all the good work that has been done so far.
 Mr. Kelly asked that his office be informed prior to all meetings in the western
section so they could attend if need be.
NC Redevelopment Center
John C. Groom, Sr.
 The deadline for amended applications was September 16, 2005, all communities
responded with the exception of Bladen who chose not to participate.
There are five counties with people who have not registered but the counties have
not applied for any type of assistance. The counties are Caswell, Davidson,
Forsyth, Guilford and Mecklenburg.
The NCRC has received amended CHAF applications to provide Crisis Housing
Funds to approximately 2,066 potentially eligible state residents; this reflects a
decrease of 8% or 186 fewer persons than in the original applications for CHAF
A total of $7,600,000 has been obligated in CHAF assistance to date.
Secretary Beatty has signed an additional seven letters notifying local government
elected officials of their funding award.
The Redevelopment Center sent the elected officials of those seven local
governments a copy of their CHAF Grant Funding Approval, Conditions, Grant
Agreement, Signatory & Certification Forms, Vendor Electronic Payment Forms,
Budget Summary Form, and requisition forms and instructions.
Local Governments were notified that the deadline for submission of their
quarterly reports is October 3, 2005.
The Center has sent over 200 letters to Successful SBA home loan applicants.
The Center has disbursed $375,000 to 55 SBA loan applicants.
NC Division of Emergency Management
Hazard Mitigation
Steve Powers for Chris Crew
 Good to go on acquisitions of principle places of residences.
 Buncombe, Haywood and Macon have executed grant agreements and also have
HRA 2005 grants in addition to the Federal Grants.
Individual Assistance
 Have a balance of $4,562,000 that can be used for potential bridge projects.
Geospatial Technology Management
 The Broad River Basin and French Broad River Basin are expected to be
completed by the end of November 2005.
 Digital Orthophotography has been acquired for fifteen of the seventeen counties.
 Funding is needed to support the implementation of the Flood Inundation
Mapping and Alert Network in Western North Carolina. The estimated cost for
this implementation is $3.395 million.
Dept. of Commerce
Gene Byrd
 Held 620 counseling sessions, approved 66 rebates for almost $600,000, and
approved 144 business loans for $10.3 million.
Rural Economic Development Center
Bill McNeil
 The Rural Center Board approved just under $4.4 million in implementation
 Reserved $700,000 each for Canton, Clyde, Newland and Asheville.
 The projects seem to be going forward.
 Five of the sixteen municipalities and counties are going to work with a loan
Dept. of Agriculture
 On the structures and equipment program area there have been 758 applicants 802
claims, 802 have been field verified, 680 of the claims have been completed with
122 still under review with an average of $5,353.33 per claim.
 Under Crops for State Application there have been 1,155 applicants, 1,448 claims
being field verified, 1,309 have been completed and are still working 139. The
average on each claim is about $40,000.
 There have been 60 commercial fish applications, 61 claims and 61 have been
field verified. There are 57 completed applications, 4 still under review and the
average claim is around $24,000.
 On the Federal Crop side there is an estimated 3,000 applicants and 1,324 claims.
Environment & Natural Resources
Dr. Kenneth B. Taylor
 There were 58 permit requests that were submitted August 30th after 2:00 pm to
the Regional office in Asheville. The permits were processed and permission
given to the contractors for the local governments by the 12th.
 Two local governments from Macon and Caldwell Counties that have declined to
participate in the drinking water program.
 There are three contracts in place to deal with looking at water quality issues in
the western part of the state.
 The Forest Land Restoration Program is planting in winter and early spring.
 The Division of Water Resources has already identified more than 700 sites of
potential erosion.
 The Landslide Mapping Program has completed the 2nd of two workshops.
EWP Program
Mike Hinton
 Reports show that everyone is pretty much on schedule.
NC Cooperative Extension Service
Dr. Ed Jones
 The application process would probably run about $30,000.
Kevin Hutchinson
 Kevin Hutchinson said that anyone wanting to put out a press release needs to run
it by Jill Lucas in the Governor’s Press Office first.
Priority Issues
Doug Hoell
 Doug said there was going to be a Legislative meeting in the western part of the
state in early October.
 Doug asked for input on status from the different programs in a bullet format. He
asked that everyone get this information to Kevin Hutchinson by the end of the
day on Wednesday, October 5th.
The next meeting will be held on October 28th at 10:00 a.m. The meeting
adjourned at 11:23 a.m.