“Challenges and Prospects for Commodity Markets in the Global

“Challenges and Prospects for Commodity Markets in the Global Economy”
A Workshop in Memory of Alfred Maizels
Workshop Programme, 19th -20th September 2008
Friday 19th September
Session 1: Commodities and the global economy: Reflections on Alfred’s Maizels life and work
Alfred Maizels’s Legacy (Richard Jolly)
Papers tabled:
Poverty, power and global economic governance (Gerald Helleiner)
Commodities, cooperation and world economic development: The mission of Alfred
Maizels (1919-2006) (Jonathan Toye)
Challenges and prospects for commodity markets in the global economy: An overview
(Machiko Nissanke)
Title TBC (George Mavrotas)
Session 2: Coping with changing environments and structures: Studies on commodity markets,
institutions and producers
Coffee and cotton smallholders, prices and production in rural Tanzania (Hannah Bargawi)
Prices and price risks in international coffee chains (Susan Newman)
Comparative analysis of organization and performance of African cotton sectors: Learning
from reform experience (Colin Poulton and David Tschirley)
Session 3: Exploring domestic and international instruments for the management of commodity
The impact of copper prices on the Zambian currency (John Weeks)
Exchange rate policy and macroeconomic management in a commodity boom: The case of
Zambian copper (Elva Bova)
Compensatory finance in the 21st century (Adrian Hewitt)
Conference Dinner
Saturday, 20th September
Session 4: The new supply and demand issues in commodity markets
China, commodity prices and the terms of trade (Raphael Kaplinsky)
Commodities still in crisis? (David Sapsford and Stephan Pfaffenzeller)
Cotton crisis: Need for intervention more relevant than ever (Michel Fok)
Session 5: Commodity markets and the new regulatory issues
An historical account of International Commodity Agreements (ICAs) (Christian
Sustainable standards, agricultural commodities and development (Benoit Daviron)
Session 6: Open Discussion: “What next for commodities? Setting an agenda for research and policy”
Papers tabled:
Global rules and markets: constraints over policy autonomy in developing countries (J.
The international poverty trap (Charles Gore)
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