STAKO ® Cement based, thick grained lime

Cement based, thick grained lime-free repair mortar containing polymer modified fillings which has been
developed in order to correct, fill and repair whole surfaces or a part of surface.
Stako is used for repairing normal or light concrete surfaces, cracks and holes in interior and exterior
surfaces; surface corrections aimed to remove size faults; surface corrections before ceramic and tile
coating operations; small repair works; filling repairing broken or spilled corner parts. Used safely for
filling the spalling and holes occurring in these surfaces up to 10 mm and achieving highly smooth
surfaces by correcting size defects.
 Stako has been prepared using silica sand with appropriate screen opening and grain size as well
as Portland cement produced according to DIN 1164.
 Maximum grain diameter is 0.5 mm. Suitable to be used at thickness of 1.0-10 mm in one
 Excellent adherence strength.
 Provides proper smoothing and prevents cracking, shrinkage, sagging and collapses during
 It is recommended to use synthetic emulsion based Filli Boya Lateks and water mixture in order to
improve the characteristics of Stako when it is fresh and hardened. (1kg Lateks + 4kg. Water)
Mortar Properties:
Low water absorbency value.
Easily applicable and makes labor saving.
Long applicability period.
75 lt fresh plaster can be applied with 100 kg dry Stako.
 Fresh plaster density: 1,60 g/cm³
 Dry powder density: 1.35 g/cm³
Hardened Mortar Properties:
 High pressure and bending strength.
 High strength of adherence.
 Enhanced elasticity.
 No blooming or mossiness.
 Pressure Strength ≥10 N/mm2
 Pressure Strength ≥ 1,5 N/mm²
 Pressure Strength ≥ 1 N/mm²
Surfaces where Stako will be applied should be cleaned of its blistered coat, dust and all kinds of dirt.
Weak and loose surfaces should be cleared of old surface with mechanical methods. Add 25 kg Stako to
approx. 5 lt water in a clean cup and mix it with a low-speed mixer (max 400 rpm) until there are no
bubbles. Wait 3-4 minutes after first mixing process and achieve appropriate mixture. Depending on
surface absorbency, application thickness and weather conditions, surface can be smoothen again after 3
minutes following the application process. Surface should be definitely moistened before applying Stako.
Stako can be applied with a trowel as well as a spray machine appropriate for mortar.
Surfaces should be moisten with spraying method morning and evening for 3 days after application in
order to prevent sudden water loss and strength reduction at temperatures above +25℃. Surface should
be painted without being exposed to rain after Stako application. Otherwise, after surface exposed to rain
gets dry completely, Disboxan 451 + water mixture should be thinned at a ratio of 1/1 and applied and
preferred primer and paint should be applied on it.
 Applications should be carried out between +5°C and +30°C.
 Applied surfaces should be protected against rain, freezing, pedestrian and vehicle traffic for at
least 48 hours.
 Hand tools used for Stako application can be cleaned with water after application.
 Gloves should be used during application. Eyes and skin should be washed with plenty of water in
case of contact with the product. Seek medical advice as soon as possible in allergic cases.
Consumption is approx. 1,5 kg/m²for each 1 mm coat thickness.
Consumption values stated above are approximate values. Precise consumption will be known after
completion of application as differences may occur according to gap structures.
Can be stored for 6 months in its original package, kept in a cool and dry place by protecting against
humidity, freezing and direct sun light.
25 kg Kraft Bag