Bulletin of the British Association for the History of Nursing

Bulletin of the UK Association for the History of Nursing
Call for contributions
The Bulletin is an exciting new biannual electronic journal launched by
the UK Association for the History of Nursing (UKAHN). It aims to
provide an arena for scholarly original research articles and a meeting
point for everyone who is interested in any aspect of the history of
nursing in all its branches.
The Bulletin has an ISSN number and all articles are peer-reviewed.
The Bulletin offers a ‘buddy system’ of expert historians of nursing to
support neophyte researchers in their early experiences of writing for
Contributions to the following sections are warmly invited: Articles – up to 5,000 words
 Book reviews – 500 words
 Summaries of research – 500 words
 Reports on work in progress – 300 words
 Biographies – 450 words
 Personal interest (such as, reminiscences, nursing memorials,
badges, etc) – 350 words
 Letters to the Editor
 Reports on events
 Notices of future events
 Calls for abstracts
For further information, please contact the Editor, Jane Brooks, at the
Editorial Office – email: [email protected]