Jaelin, aka Jae, is 226 years old she was sired in 1798 by an insane

Jaelin, aka Jae, is 226 years old she was sired in 1798 by an insane vampire, she never
knew who, but that much is known. Before she was sired she was a child of a poor
woman who worked for the king, so she was used to not having much. She was a loner
after her change, not taking time to get to know anyone, but the few she did take time to
know always left in the end.
She never stayed in one place very long, part of the reason she has been alive as long as
she has. In the time she has been in New York she has been a hired gun for anyone who
needed her. She was always good at what she did and it brought her some notoriety in
certain circles that brought her jobs with the local Mob. When that didn’t work out in the
way she thought, she left their employ and went on her own, though she did keep some
contacts within the families.
In the last two weeks however she has come across a well known vampire James
Jameson, the prince of New York City, and was hired to watch over one of his grand
childer. This led to the befriending of Illa, toward whom she now feels guilty for taking
money to watch her, but the fear of losing her as a friend upon losing the position makes
up for that guilt.
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