Biology 101 Homework #1

Biology 101 Homework #1
Due at start of week3
For each of the following answer as fully as you can on a separate piece of paper and please
include the question number and your full name & section (Thur/Sat)! Homework should be
typed or neatly handwritten (I will not accept homework that is very difficult to read) and is due
at the beginning of class! Late homework loses 10% till week 7, after that it loses 50%.
1A. Living organisms are often divided into categories called kingdoms. What are the six
kingdoms and three domains? (3pts)
Now name an organism from each kingdom that you have eaten (common names are fine;
you may include foods that others eat). You can skip 1 or 2 kingdoms if you can’t think of
anything but you should be able to come up with at least 4. (2pt, extra credit for an archae)
1C. What characteristics does each organism have that lead you to put it in its kingdom (1pts)?
2A. Organisms can be classified as either autotrophs or heterotrophs, depending on how they
get the energy and carbon molecules they need. Autotrophs can be either phototrophs or
chemotrophs depending on how they get their energy. Define each of these terms
(autotrophs, heterotrophs, phototrophs, chemotrophs). (2pts)
2B. Give two examples of different organisms that could be classified as each type listed in
“2A”. (2pts)
Explain in your own words the first and second laws of thermodynamics (see pages 100101 in your text). (2pts)
Pick one natural region in Oregon you have visited or want to visit (such as national parks,
wildlife refuges, famous tourist attractions) and answer the following questions: (Total of
What region did you choose and why? (2pts)
Name 4 interesting organisms that you could find in this region with no more than 2 from
any one kingdom. (2pts)
For each organism listed in “B”, describe its role in the ecosystem (is it a producer, a
consumer…) and something interesting about it. (2pts)
Each different region or biome has different abiotic factors. Name at least two important
abiotic factors in your region. Now write a hypothesis about how these factors affect the
organisms living in your area – just guess using what you know about climate. (2pts)
Find two articles about ways that humans in your region may harm or interfere with the
local environment. (You may broadly define "harm" or "your region".) For each article you
need to include the author & title, where the article is from, when it was published, and a 35 sentence summary of the article and how it relates to the topics from biology class. (4pts)
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