The “Look at me” Jeans Contest

Element Europe
Advent Calendar Rules and Regulations - December 2012
Article 1 – Sponsor and entry period
GSM EUROPE PTY Ltd, a company constituted under Australian law, with a share capital of
AU$3,010,000, with their registered headquarters at 100 Avenue des Sabotiers, Soorts Hossegor
(40150) France, registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Dax France under
number B 384 427 290, (hereafter “the Sponsor”) is sponsoring some free games (no purchase
necessary) on the
The entry period for the December 2012 free game begins at 12.00 am Central European Time
(CET) on 1st of December 2012 and ends at 5.00 pm CET on 24 of December 2012.
No prize to win on December, 13, 2012.
Article 2 –Prizes
Winner(s) will win the following prizes:
1/12 - Make it Count Book for a value of 30€
- 2 winners
2/12 - Wolfeboro Jacket for a value of 120€
- 1 winner
3/12 - IPhone Case for a value of 20€
- 1 winner
4/12 - Shoe Polish Kit for a value of 40€
- 3 winners
5/12 - Nick Garcia Skateboard Deck for a value of 65€
- 3 winners
6/12 - Signed Thomas Campbell book for a value of 30€
- 3 winners
7/12 - Accessories Pack for a value of 50€
- 1 winner
8/12 - Jitter Bug Cruiser for a value of 126€
- 1 winner
9/12 - Emerald Shirt and Tote Bag for a value of 70€
- 1 winner
10/12 - Girls Hoody for a value of 60€
- 3 winners
11/12 - Made for Skate book for a value of 30€
- 1 winner
12/12 - Barbee Ascension board for a value of 65€
- 3 winners
14/12 - Girls Scarf and Beanie for a value of 63€
- 1 winner
15/12 - Original Mike Kershnar Artwork for a value of 100€ - 1 winner
16/12 - Rise Up DVD for a value of 20€
- 5 winners
17/12 - Girls Accessory Pack for a value of 105€
- 1 winner
18/12 - Stickers and Accessories - for a value of 10€
- 5 winners
19/12 - Second Nature DVD for a value of 20€
- 4 winners
20/12 - Lumadessa Skateboard Deck for a value of 65€
- 3 winners
21/12 - Ipad Case (Ipad NOT included) for a value of 30€ - 2 winners
22/12 - Advocate T-Shirt for a value of 35€
- 4 winners
23/12 - Hog Forward Cruiser for a value of 160€
- 1 winner
24/12 - Nyjah Rise Up Skateboard Deck for a value of 65€ - 3 winners
Winners may not get in any exchange of his/her prizes and his/her prizes may not be redeemed
for cash or exchanged for any other consideration, nor transferred to a third person.
Article 3 –Participation conditions
To participate, simply follow instructions complete the entry form available online at .
Any person at least 13 years of age residing in a European country is eligible to participate,
except for:
- GSM EUROPE PTY Ltd employees or members
- SCP BUGAT GUILLERME employees or members
- generally, anyone involved in running the Contest.
This game is free of charge and no purchase is necessary.
The Sponsor will therefore reimburse any participant who so asks for communications costs
corresponding to internet access time and connection time to enter the game, on condition that
the participant send a letter within 45 days following the end of the game, with receipts for these
costs along with an IBAN (their bank details) to the following address: Element Europe – Attn
Contest – 100 avenue des Sabotiers 40150 Soorts Hossegor France.
Reimbursement of these costs is limited to two minutes of communication (time necessary and
sufficient to complete the entry form) and within six weeks from the date of receipt of the letter
of request.
Please note that participants accessing the Sponsor’s web pages via a free or flat-rate internet
connection (eg cable, ADSL or any other unlimited subscription) will not be reimbursed, since
accessing these pages did not result in any additional cost for the contestant.
Postage for the claim will be reimbursed at ordinary rate force (20g) upon simple written request to
the game address above.
Participants must provide their first name, last name, gender and email address.
If the winner is a minor, he/she must also provide the Sponsor, after the result of the draw, with a
certificate from his/her legal representatives authorizing him/her to enter this free game with
respect to these rules and regulations.
Any entry which is incomplete or does not fully identify the participant will be void.
Only one entry is allowed per participant. Submission of more than one entry will result in
By entering, participants fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by these Rules.
Any entry which violates the present article will be deemed null and void.
Article 4 – Game details
Entry form must be validated on the website each day between
12:00 am Central European Time (CET) and 5.00 pm CET.
Winner(s) will be drawn daily in a random drawing process.
The draws will be conducted by taking the total number of entries and using a random number
generator ( to assign a winning number. The winning number
corresponds to a registration number specific to each participant.
The winner(s) will be informed by email within 4 days following the draw with the email
address provided during registration.
Should the winners don’t respond to this ad or if their electronic address and/or postal address
be erroneous, the prizes will be lost without the latter being entitled to make any claims for any
Prizes are not guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.
The winners are announced on the website
Article 5 – Obtaining Game Rules
The Rules of the Game may be accessible online at
A copy of the Rules may be obtained free of charge to any person who so requests to the Sponsor
at the following addresses: or Element Europe – Attn Contest – 100
avenue des Sabotiers 40150 Soorts Hossegor France.
Postage for requesting these Rules will be reimbursed at ordinary rate force (20g) upon simple
written request to the game address above and within 45 days following the end of the game.
Reimbursement will be made within six weeks from reception of the request.
The Game Rules may also be consulted at the office of BUGAT GUILLERME, Huissiers de Justice
Associés, Résidence « Figaro », Avenue d’Aspremont, Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse 40230 France.
Any changes to the present Rules will be available in the same manner.
Article 6 – Right to use name and Privacy rights
The winners expressly grant license to use his/her first name and last name in connection with the
game and promotion of the game, without this use entitling him/her to any rights other than to
his/her prizes, unless they prefer to refuse the prizes.
The information collected for the present game is intended solely for the Sponsor’s use and will
not be transferred or sold to a third party in any way.
According to French law on protection of personal data (especially Article 34 of the Informatique
et Libertés law (Data Privacy law) of 6 January 1978, modified by the law of 6 August 2004),
every participant has the right to access, review, rectify, or cancel any personal data held by the
Sponsor and may do so simply by contacting them at the following addresses: or Element Europe – Attn Contest – 100 avenue des Sabotiers 40150
Soorts Hossegor France.
Article 7 –Limitation of the Sponsor’s liability
The Sponsor will not be held liable for any prejudice due to malfunction of the website,
computer system errors or any virus or other problems that could cause damage.
Hence the Sponsor does not assume any responsibility for any technical malfunction or
hardware or software damage to participants’ computer systems or to any data stored there, or
for any impact on their personal, professional or commercial activities.
Similarly, the Sponsor will not be held liable for any malfunction in the personal information
collection system and/or for problems with postal mail or email delivery and/or for postal
correspondence or email messages lost in transit.
The Sponsor also assumes no responsibility for force majeure cases or events beyond its control
(especially technical problems) that might disrupt the game and which could lead the Sponsor to
shorten, extend, suspend, postpone, modify or cancel the game.
Article 8 –Disputes
The Sponsor has sole discretion without appeal for any question about application and
interpretation of the present Rules and for solving any dispute about the game, including cases
not foreseen by the present Rules.
Any objections are admissible only within one week from the designation of the winners on the
It is expressly agreed that the applicable law of the present game is French law.
Any dispute arising from the present game which cannot be settled amicably shall be brought
before the competent court designated by the French Code of Civil Procedure.