Donna Bauer nationally known as “The Note and Mortgage Buyer” is

Mark Klee
Caryn McKinney
Mark Klee and Caryn McKinney are the two founding partners of the Mark comes from a corporate background and
Caryn spent her ‘first career’ as a professional racquetball player. They now
have a combined investing experience of over 20 years and have both been
investing full-time for the past eight years.
About five years ago, Mark and Caryn discovered a large, untapped market
niche that many investors seem to be intimidated by … bankruptcies.
Specifically, they figured out the secrets to finding highly motivated sellers
who are losing their bankruptcy protection. Best of all, they’re finding
these sellers months before the rest of the investing world knows about
them, so they have an incredible advantage over their competition!
Now, Mark and Caryn are a national voice on bankruptcies as they share
their experience and knowledge across the country. In fact, they show
investors in any market how to find these incredible leads … from the
comfort of their home computer! Their easy-going, straight-forward
approach to teaching what investors need to know about bankruptcies comes
from “in the trenches,” real-life experience. Investors are thrilled to discover
that it is possible to “remove the fear” and simplify bankruptcies as Mark
and Caryn make even the details easy to understand.