IB Diploma Program

IB Diploma Program
Extended Essay Entry Sheet
Name of candidate: ______________________________________________________
IB-Approved Subject: ____________________________________________________
Probable Topic/Focus: ___________________________________________________
 Refer to the list of IB-approved Subjects in the guidelines packet.
 Pick up specific Subject Guidelines and Assessment Criteria from the IB
 Official registration will be completed in the fall of your senior year during IB
exam registration. Changes in Subject after registration result in additional
fees, which the Candidate is responsible for paying.
I understand that in order to continue in the second year of the Diploma
Program, I must submit a viable rough draft of my Extended Essay to my
Supervisor by August 28, 2006.
signature of candidate
I will be working with the following teacher as my EE Supervisor:
(Note: This person must be a member of the Palmer faculty but need not be an IB
name of Supervisor
signature of Supervisor
Please return to the IB office by May 12, 2007.