Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc Scholarship Requirements

P.O Box 7453 - Sarasota, FL 34278-7453
Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc Scholarship Requirements
1. The girl must have played in the MSS program for three consecutive years prior
to her application for scholarship.
2. The girl may attend any college, as long as she attends classes, no correspondence
courses. She may attend college full or part time. It must be any 2 or 4 year
accredited college or university. The applicant must have a minimum of 9 credit
hours per semester and provide proof of such.
3. The money can be used for books, tuition and any other type of college expenses,
but the scholarship is payable to the school for the girl’s account.
4. Application for the scholarship and statements of reference from 3 individuals,
other than family members, will be mailed directly to the league’s P.O. Box. The
deadline for the application is July 1.
5. Citizenship and sportsmanship will be considered, in general, as well as during
league functions.
6. The applicant must write a general statement as to why she wants the scholarship,
why she feels she deserves it and what MSS meant to her, in 100 words or less.
7. State the parent’s or family member’s involvement in Miss Sarasota Softball.
8. Application will be presented and reviewed at the July Board of Directors
meeting, so the funds can be promptly sent to the college. Copy of the student’s
registration or acceptance to the college, along with a student identification
number, is necessary to facilitate release of the funds.
9. There is a lifetime maximum benefit of $2,000.00
P.O Box 7453 - Sarasota, FL 34278-7453
Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc.
Scholarship Application
Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc. is offering scholarships to encourage young women who
have been involved with Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc. in Sarasota County to continue their
education at a college or university. Scholarships may be awarded according to the
discretion of the Board of Directors. All scholarship money will be sent directly to the
college or university. This will be done when the recipient sends proof of acceptance and
class scheduling from the college to Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc.
Student Name __________________________________SSN______________________
Parent’s Names __________________________________________________________
Home Telephone _____________________________Birthdate_____________________
School Information:
Date of Graduation from High School___________________________________
Name of High School________________________________________________
Scholastic Average**________________________________________________
College Now Attending______________________________________________
College Planning to Attend____________________________________________
College Major or Anticipated Major_____________________________________
**Enclose a copy of the last grading period report card.
Extracurricular Activity:
1. Briefly state your involvement in community activities other than Miss
Sarasota Softball. (Church, Sports, Service Club, etc.)
2. How many years were you involved with Miss Sarasota Softball, and you’re
approximate ages when you participated?
3. Do you work? Please provide work experience. Do you plan to work while
attending school? If yes, briefly explain.
4. Was you family involved with Miss Sarasota Softball? (Coach, manager,
umpire, etc.)
5. Please enclose a general statement as to why you want this scholarship, why
you feel you deserve it and what Miss Sarasota Softball has meant to you, in
100 words or less.
6. Please enclose three (3) letters of reference. These letters should be from
people who can provide insight as to why you should be selected for the
scholarship. They should not be from relatives.
7. Are you applying for any other scholarships?
8. Are you planning to play softball while attending school? _____________
I have personally prepared this application and certify it to be correct.
Signature of Applicant
**Although it is not required, a recent photo of yourself would be nice for our files.**
Mail all applications to:
Miss Sarasota Softball, Inc.
P.O. Box 7453
Sarasota, FL 34278-7453