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Algebra 2A
Chapter 9 Day 22
Vertical Motion Models
For an object that is thrown up or down, the Vertical Motion Model is:
h = __________________________
t = __________________________
*v = __________________________
s = __________________________
* Velocity indicates speed and direction
Up is _________________
Down is _________________
The graph of a Vertical Motion Model is a __________________________.
̶ The vertex will give you the ______________ the object gets to its maximum ________________:
vertex: (x, y) → x = _____________ and y = __________________________
The x-intercept ___________________________ will give you the ________________ that it hits
x-intercept: (x, 0) → x = _____________ and y = 0 _____________________________
Good calculator window for vertical motion problems:
x min = -10
x max = 10
x scl = 1
y min = -30
y max = 300
Vertical Motion Model:
Our graphing calculator uses x and y instead of t and h:
1. An object is thrown upward at 80 ft/sec from ground level.
a.) Write a vertical motion model. _________________________
b.) What is the maximum height? _________________
c.) When does it reach its maximum height? _________________
d.) When does it return to the ground? _________________
2. A rocket is launched from atop a 70-foot cliff with an initial velocity of 100 feet per second. How long after
the rocket is launched will it hit the ground?
3. You are competing in the field target event at a hot-air balloon festival. From a hit-air balloon directly over
a target, you throw a marker with an initial downward velocity of -30 feet per second from a height of 200 feet.
How long does it take the marker to reach the target?