The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by Chairman Reynolds. Flag salute. Roll call was
Present: Beth Tipping, Terry Sasdelli, Harry Keyser, Brian Reynolds
Absent: Terry Strobaugh, Debanne Macaluso, Kevin Coyle
A motion to approve the February 21, 2012 meeting minutes was made by Beth Tipping and
seconded by Terry Sasdelli. Approved by all.
Paul Schroeck and Wayne Ferren were there to give a presentation on Armacost Park. First,
Brian advised those in attendance of the hazards in the Park from mosquitos. Brian also
mentioned the fire hazard existing in the Park from the phragmities. Paul said that right now it
is a fact-finding situation, Phase 1 discovery. The fall visitation surveys are being done now by
both he and Wayne Ferren. Vegetation experiments are also being done now. Defining
groundwater and surface water conditions. Field surveys and flagging will be done and verified
by the DEP in May. Wayne spoke of the fall survey. Continued plant list that was started.
Recommended pre-restoration experiments. Circular plots and kill growth on trees versus trees
where vines covering trees were allowed to continue to grow.
Public comments: Dan Griffin of 226 74th Street asked how long the wild area between 71st
Street and 74th Street existed? Paul answered that historical records suggest development in
the 1960’s. As an undisturbed landscape, in the 1950’s-1960’s, it began to be disturbed.
Steve Malyszka of 7218 Ocean Drive commended Windward Consulting for the job they have
done and offered his house for surveys looking into the Park.
Wayne Ferren addressed Mr. Griffin’s comments. There are lots of native and non-native
plants in the Park. Phragmites are wind dispersed. They hope to come up with sustainable,
natural landscape in the Park which will not cost the Borough a lot of money over time to
maintain. Paul said the vine has overtaken the Park in devastating amounts.
Craig Rothman of 6896 Ocean Drive agreed that the Park land was disturbed in the 1970’s when
fresh water was introduced there. Donna Rothman of 6896 Ocean Drive, who is a docent at the
Wetlands Institute, invited the neighbors of Armacost Park to take a beach walk at 49 th Street
to see how bad a maritime forest can be when left on its own.
Brian thanked Paul and Wayne for their presentations and the public for their comments.
He advised everyone that Community Connections is April 14 with water supply being one of
the topics scheduled to be discussed. The dune grass planting is April 21st with a rain date of
April 22nd. April 27th is Arbor Day and a tree will be planted on Dune Drive.
Adjournment at 5:30 pm.