Mr. David Hanlon/Room V-31
Dear Student, Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to Character Leaders at VHS! I am so thrilled to be able to work with you as
we endeavor to positively change our campus and community. This VUSD course is the
only year-long course of its kind that we know of being offered in America! It is all about
YOUR personal growth and how YOU impact your campus, community, and world. I am
here for YOU. I am very flexible and highly value and encourage communication. Please
come to me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year. I want to ensure
that you have a positive, life-changing experience in this class. 
Parents/Guardians, we are a team, and your participation is vital to the success of your
son/daughter. Please read the enclosed course details and feel free to contact me if you
have any questions or concerns. You may email me at or at , or call me at 726-5611 X71788. Since voice mail is often
unreliable, please email me if I am not available by phone. I am honored to work with
your son or daughter, and I am excited by the wonderful opportunities for positive growth
that are before us this year! 
Mr. David Hanlon 
* Individual/small group service learning projects
*Class community service: Class members participate in the Vista CROP Walk, the
Escondido Humane Society Walk, the Muscular Dystrophy Walk, the VHS Walk for
Education, the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, the Crohns and Colitis Walk,
etc. We also visit local convalescent homes during the holidays to visit with the elderly
and infirm.
*School-wide recycling program: CL students run the on-campus bottle/can recycling
program, distributing and collecting bins and materials for pick-up.
*Tutoring/Mentoring: CL kids tutor/mentor kids in ELD and Special Ed Classes during
class time/mentoring partnership with VAVPA.
* CL students serve in leadership roles for Breaking Down the Walls and Safe School
Ambassador workshops/trainings.
*CL students in 10th grade will participate in the Museum of Tolerance field trip in the
*CL students pen-pal with students at a sister Character Education program in Nairobi,
Kenya, and create books for children in Uganda.
*CL students partner with ASB to promote massive drives on campus for the North
County Humane Society, care packages for our troops overseas, and a canned food for
the needy.
*Assemblies: Breaking Down the Walls, motivational speakers, and a Peace, Pride,
Unity, and Character dance assembly promoting appreciation for cultural diversity.
*Field Trip: Museum of Tolerance, convalescent home visits
*Outreach to "invisible" students on campus----finding lonely and disconnected students
on campus and inviting them into CL peer groups.
* Congressman Issa will speak to the CL classes on good CITIZENSHIP.
*Character Bucks: CL students and other students/staff pass out character buck vouchers
good for a treat at the student store when they see an act of good character.
*KVHS: regular character updates and commercials promoting good character.
*Show leadership by following the Six Pillars of Character at all times. Walk the Walk
of good character!
1) Trustworthiness: Tell the truth, don't cheat, be reliable, honor your word, lead by
2) Responsibility: Be on time to class ready to learn when the bell rings, give your best
effort, obtain and complete make-up work in a timely manner, turn in work when due,
communicate with teacher.
3) Respect: Treat classmates, teachers, staff, property with courtesy and respect. Use
words that are positive and build others up, don't use discriminatory or mean spirited
language. Listen carefully to others, raise your hand and wait to be called on before
4) Fairness: Treat others equitably.
5) Caring: The Golden Rule (treat others the way you want to be treated), support
classmates and teachers, create a safe classroom environment where everyone feels
valued, heard, and safe to share. We are FAMILY here! 
6) Citizenship: Get involved in campus groups/clubs, contribute to a safe, welcoming
environment, make community service connections, etc. Follow all school rules.
**Since this is course based on good CHARACTER, I highly doubt any of these
consequences will be necessary. I have included them for clarity. 
1) Warning from teacher
2) Telephone call to parent/guardian (possible after school detention)
3) Referral to counselor/Assistant Principal and meeting with parent/guardian
**The teacher can and will call the parent/guardian at any time. The student can be
moved to any step above at the teacher’s discretion.
Grades will be broken into the following categories:
Participation: Your attendance and effort in class will be weighted heavily
(Approximately 1/3 of your total grade). Your effort makes learning accessible to you.
Projects: Your Service Learning Projects (2) are the practical application of what you
learn in class. You may also have small individual/group projects throughout the year.
(Approximately 1/3 of your total grade)
Assessments: Objective and essay tests/quizzes will be given throughout the year.
Other forms of assessment include journals, response papers, visual/artistic/concept
explorations, video projects, mini-reports/research papers, notes, oral presentations, etc.
(approximately 1/3 of your total grade)
Grading Scale:
F=59 and below
Late work: Assignments are due on the assigned due date. However, I am very flexible if
you COMMUNICATE with me first. 
ELP: Students enrolled in the zero period Independent Study class must attend ELP
twice a week (specific days are pending). If we do not have school on a particular
Wednesday or Friday, we will arrange to meet on one of the other ELP offering days.
Attendance is taken as in any other class. Students may come may for help at any ELP I
am available.
Textbooks: “Character is Destiny” by John McCain and Mark Salter, “My Personal
Best” by John Wooden and Steve Jamison, “From Me to We” by Craig and Mark and
“Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey, along with numerous
supplemental reading selections (fiction and non-fiction). Books will vary based on your
class level (CL 1, 2, or 3)
Supplies Necessary for Course: You will need a separate three-ring binder for this
class. You will also need lined paper and a pencil/pen each day. All other materials
will be provided.
Interventions: If you need help at any time throughout the course, PLEASE, PLEASE,
PLEASE come see me as soon as possible. I am here for YOU!! You may come for extra
help/advisement at ELP in room V-31, may attend after school tutorials, or schedule an
appointment to receive extra assistance from me.
Field Trip We will visit other middle and elementary schools throughout the year to
teach character lessons to students, as well as visit local convalescent home in Vista to
spend time with the elderly in our community.
Please acknowledge that you have received and understand this outline/class syllabus.
Thank you!!!
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