Final Certificate - MODULO B - Università degli Studi di Trento

To be completed and signed by the host university Erasmus contact person.
Erasmus Mobility for Study
Final Certificate - MODULO B
a.a. 2013 / 2014
We confirm that the student __________________________________ has been a full-time
student at the University of ______________________________________________ from the
date certified on Modulo A to today under the ERASMUS exchange agreement with Università
degli Studi di Trento.
The courses have been taught in ______________________________ (specify language/s).
Use of the ECTS credit transfer system:
Date (obligatory)
Signature of the Administrative Officer
Seal of the Institution
* The the University of Trento will consider the date on which this form is completed and signed as
the date of conclusion of the Erasmus period abroad.
The present certificate must IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES be completed and signed by the Officer before
the end of the student’s period of study.
(modulo B)
CUP E68C13000030006
The student has to hand over the form in original no later than 10 working days starting from the date
this form was completed.
(modulo B)
CUP E68C13000030006