Mother makes donation to AGH/FVM in memory of her daughter

Mother makes donation to AGH/FVM in memory of her daughter
By Gerry Huddleston
Kenra Willis, an avid horse enthusiast, teacher, rider and stable owner, died a tragic
death in 2003 after a courageous battle with cancer. Kenra spent the last two months of
her life at the Almonte General Hospital (AGH) receiving the highest level of care from
doctors and nurses.
That level of care prompted Kenra’s mother Val to visit the Hospital recently to make
a tremendous donation and to leave a lasting tribute to Kenra in the AGH/Fairview
Manor Foundation’s new Circle of Life Garden on the front lawn. One of the garden’s
benches will be inscribed with a memorial message while two stones in the garden will
remember her favourite horse Ragtime and trusted canine companion Tasmania.
After Kenra’s death, Val discovered a Grade 6 scribbler that her daughter had created
when she was 11 years old. Inside, her mother found a unique guide to riding horses with
handwritten paragraphs and illustrations about Kenra’s favourite subject – horses.
Discovering her daughter’s manuscript was the first step in a remarkable story that has
seen Val Willis publish the material in a book titled “My Horse, My Passion – Riding
Tips for All Ages”. There have been two printings of the book and a third is underway.
The book has become a passion for Val as she spreads the good word about daughter
Kenra and her passion for horses. Proceeds from the book allowed Val to make an
excellent donation to the Canadian Cancer Society and, more recently, a substantial gift
to the Almonte General Hospital.
The memory of Kenra, who owned Willaway Farms near Almonte, will live on and
Val Willis’ gift will help purchase essential medical equipment for the Hospital and
Manor. Many area residents will benefit from the equipment purchased.
To order “My Horse, My Passion” please contact Val Willis by phone at 613-7617375 by email at, or by mail at 232-200 Clearview Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K1Z 8M2. Price per copy is $15 plus postage. For 10 or more, the cost is $10
per copy plus postage.
Gerry Huddleston is the Executive Director of the AGH/FVM Foundation.
Kenra Willis with her horse, Ragtime and her dog, Tasmania