Community Description of Oxnard High School

Community Description of Oxnard High School
Oxnard Union High School District is in Oxnard, the second largest city in Ventura
County, and located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The
district serves the cities of Oxnard, Camarillo and Port Hueneme, which is the home of the CBC
Naval Base and the largest port between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Oxnard High School is
the second largest high school is the district out of six comprehensive high schools.
Within the last decade, the city has reinvented itself from an agricultural center, rich
with historical landmarks, into a major commercial location. The military base and migrant
agricultural communities contribute to the school’s diverse population. Oxnard and near-by Los
Angeles Police Department are two of the top five departments in California. Within five miles
of OHS, the Ventura County courthouse and jail is housed, offering numerous opportunities for
students, as well as the Division of Juvenile Justice twelve miles away in Camarillo, home to the
Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.
Oxnard High School graduates can choose from three local community colleges,
California State University Channel Islands and University of California Santa Barbara campus to
pursue post-secondary education in law and society. Two of the three community colleges,
Moorpark and Ventura College have criminal justice programs. Oxnard College houses a fire
technology program and paralegal program. Pepperdine University and California Lutheran
University, offer undergraduate degree in pre-law and criminal justice. Pepperdine has a
graduate school of law for students who wish to pursue graduate studies. There are also local
Ventura and Santa Barbara Colleges of Law for J.D. degrees and Santa Barbara Business College
for paralegal programs.
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
Oxnard High School’s Law and Public Services Academy integrates a dynamic career
choice into the high school curriculum. The program enhances at-risk students’ connection to
school through engaging, project-based curriculum. The program is structured as a “school
within a school” that allows students more personalized learning. Its’ success helps address
community needs for well-trained, multicultural professionals for public services careers. The
school is located directly between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and has a large migrant
population due to agriculture and naval influences lending our population to be multicultural.
The Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy has developed over the
previous two years with community and district support. With academy support, the program
will develop further and grow to 180 students in grades tenth through twelve allowing our first
academy class to graduate in 2010 and pursue their post-secondary goals.
The career technical focus of the Law and Public Services Academy at Oxnard High
School aligns to the Public Services Industry Sector of the California Career and Technical
Education Standards. Our graduates will have background in the numerous career options
available in the Legal and Government Services Pathway as well as the Protective Services
Pathway. We selected this academy based on the void of any such academy in Ventura County
and the projected need for professionals in this career. Oxnard Union High School District has a
popular, site based, after-school Community Law Academy and the Regional Occupation
Program offers Fire Technology and First Responder programs. The Law and Public Services
Academy program addresses the interest of our students during the traditional school day.
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
According to the Economic Profile for Southern California Region, Government jobs, including
law enforcement, firefighting, and defense and public services jobs at all levels from local to
federal, provided the largest number of the region’s jobs, totaling 14% of all jobs in the region
(Economic Profile, Southern California Region, 2007). Specifically, the need for law enforcement
in Los Angeles is immense, with a projected two thousand or more jobs needed in the next five
years. Our graduates have several local colleges, both public and private, with pre-law or
criminal justice programs ranging from associate to law degrees. Criminal justice offers over
100 civilian career opportunities and 250 sworn positions (Los Angeles Police Department
website, 2008). Students who choose the Legal and Government Services pathway have over
100 job opportunities to choose from, ranging from the local level up to the federal level.
Oxnard High School and the Oxnard Union High School District reflect the surrounding
population of nearly 70% Latino with one-fourth of the students designated English Learners
and one-third classified as socio-economically disadvantaged. The Oxnard median household
income is $48,000 with 15% of the population living below the poverty line. Only 14% of the
population of Oxnard has a bachelor’s degree or higher and only 60% of the population has
graduated high school. Oxnard Union High School District has a dropout rate of 10%, with
Oxnard High having a dropout rate of 12% over a four-year period. The CST scores from 2007
show over 50% of Oxnard High School’s student population falls at the basic level or below for
both Math and ELA. In addition, only 75% of our students passed the CAHSEE in their tenth
grade year. However, when examining the subgroup of English Learners, which creates the atrisk status for many of our academy students, the passage rate was only 51% on Math and 39%
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
on ELA. The district-wide data mirrored the Oxnard High School data, although 49% of EL
students passed the ELA portion district-wide.
Our recruitment begins at the conclusion of the eighth grade year by presenting to
incoming freshmen at orientation evenings as well as our counselor providing information and
generating an interest list when visiting the feeder junior high schools. Classroom presentations
occur in the ninth grade college prep classrooms, and the staff is invited to recommend
students in their standard classes that have an interest in the program and would be successful.
Based on the interest list and the presentations, students are given an application (see
Appendix A) to fill out which includes a written component, teacher recommendations and
general student information.
Based on the pre-screened applications, students are selected for interviews with
Academy staff and advisory board members. Our counselor and coordinator review the
selected candidates to ensure we have met the 50% CPA at-risk criteria. Students selected to
join the Law and Public Services Academy are invited, with their parents, to an orientation night
in both English and Spanish several weeks before school begins. The requirements of the
program are outlined, and students and parents are asked to sign a contract (see Appendix B)
outlining the expectations of the program.
The Academy staff joined based on their interest and experiences in law enforcement or
legal services. Most of our staff has worked in the field or has a relative in law enforcement,
legal services or both. Those staff members without a direct link to law enforcement asked to
join the program in an effort to be part of a unique educational experience. Our counselor
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
became involved in our program through her experience with the after-school Community Law
Academy and as facilitator of the ROP Fire Technology program. The academy administrator
and coordinator are both part of the school leadership team as well as members of the team
responsible for fulfilling the CAPP grant requirements. In meeting with school stakeholders on a
monthly basis, the Law and Public Services Academy ensures ongoing development and
progress aligned to the school’s overall vision and goals.
Parents and students in the program are involved in various activities throughout the
year through fundraising efforts, team building activities, advisory committee and fieldtrips.
Often, we ask our parents to chaperone or serve as a carpool for different trips to involve them
in the program. In addition, our students are an integral part of Oxnard’s annual California
Strawberry Festival as well as school graduation ceremonies. Parents help with planning and
transportation for both of these events.
As part of the recruitment and interview process, we address attendance and academic
issues. An attendance or academic issue is not an automatic exclusion from the program, but
allows us to track specific students. In addition, the contract that students and their parents
sign includes a clause regarding the attendance and academics expectations and consequences
for poor attendance and academic performance. We have several resources on campus to help
our students meet the academic requirements and graduation requirements. All of our
students are assigned mentors, staff members who met with students once a week to review
grades. Any student not meeting the academic requirements is mandated to go to tutoring and
demonstrate proof of tutoring with their mentor within one week. Failure to meet with their
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
mentor or complete tutoring results in parent contact, parent conference with the academy
counselor, and parent conference with the academy administrator depending on infraction.
Every academy staff member has either lunchtime or after school tutoring to help our
students fulfill their academic requirements. In addition, after school, every Tuesday and
Wednesday, in our school library is the Homework Center, with paid English and Math teachers
to assist students. Quarterly, the coordinator and counselor review all students’ grades and
initiate academic contracts. In addition, quarterly, the academy staff has a celebration lunch for
all the students to recognize their accomplishments both academically and for good citizenship.
At the end of each semester, the academy staff and students gather on the Saturday before
finals for a study-a-thon with food provided by donations from staff, students and their parents.
At the conclusion of each year, a dinner is held to recognize students’ accomplishments and
students are given ribbons to put on their dress uniforms worn for special events.
To attend fieldtrips, students must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA with no D’s or F’s. Any
student not attending the fieldtrip is placed with an academy staff member not attending the
fieldtrip to complete make-up or extra credit work. Each guest speaker has an accompanying
assignment that increases students’ grades and motivates students to investigate further the
career pathways available to them. In addition, each Academy course integrates criminal justice
or public services mock activities and asks the students to create analogies to their career
choice. Academy funding would provide more resources to support our staff in their tutoring
time as well as create more fieldtrips and classroom resources to implement activities that
engage and motivate the students to do well in their academics.
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
Our academy team consists of an academy administrator, an academy counselor, our
Youth Services police officer, an academy coordinator whom also teaches academy science
courses, a career technical education teacher whom also is coordinator of our work experience
program, two Social Science teachers, two English teachers, and a Physical Education teacher.
As we are in a block schedule implementation year, we do not currently share a common prep
period. The coordinator has a planning period funded by the district. Several academy teachers
share adjoining classrooms and meet on a regular basis, however the team meets once a month
during collaboration time allowed due to our 4X4 block schedule to discuss academy business.
All members are involved in designing, writing and presenting to the district curriculum relevant
to their subject area. Each Academy teacher is assigned 7-10 students to whom they mentor.
All academy staff is invited to attend the quarterly advisory board meetings, guest speakers in
another academy classroom, and fieldtrips. Academy funding would allow for a common
planning period and funds to allow more staff to attend unique opportunities with the
students. We have been assigned an academy administrator and academy counselor that
oversees scheduling for our students and allow them to meet their academic requirements.
Oxnard High School is on a 4x4 block schedule that allows students to take 2 academy
courses and 2 non-academy courses each semester throughout the year. However, students are
grouped together in their academy classes to allow for guest speakers and fieldtrips. Yet, the
grouping varies with grade level. For example, sophomores are blocked for periods 1 and 2
whereas another grade level would be blocked 2 and 3, which allows the schedule to be flexible
around the academy model. Throughout the year, our students take Science, Physical
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
Education, English and Social Science together as well as an academy specific course. We have
developed connections with Oxnard College for fire technology and Ventura College for criminal
justice to offer our students post-secondary options. We have integrated our 10th grade
curriculum into the master schedule. Our academy currently has a pre-academy ninth grade
year in which students take Introduction to Legal Systems as a semester long course, but we are
restructuring our program to meet the CPA requirements of grades tenth through twelve and
will begin offering Introduction to Legal Systems as a year long sophomore course.
English 2-Law
English 3-Law
English 4-Law
World Civilizations 2-Law
US History-Law
Introduction to CJ-Ventura
College course OR
Fire Protection OrganizationOxnard College
Discussion & Debate-Law
Business Law
Introduction to Legal Systems
Chemistry Study
Introduction to Philosophy
Foreign Language
Foreign Language
Psychology (AP?)/
Foreign Language
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
The district has approved the sophomore level courses and the district has already
approved many of the junior level courses. The staff is working on UC approval for all courses.
Integration of criminal justice content has included specialized assignments, guest speakers
during relevant topics, i.e. forensic scientists during DNA curriculum and field trips that
integrate team building and content knowledge, i.e. trip to Ventura County courts and a mock
trial or trip to ropes course and analysis of the ecosystem. Our program includes the necessary
academic requirements to qualify a student for the UC/CSU system, but also provides
opportunities to further experience career pathways available in the Public Services Industry
Our program begins with an overview of the legal system, and then students experience
through engaging, integrated curriculum various aspects of the legal system, culminating in
their senior year with a choice of community college classes and internships. Our English
curriculum includes report writing as an alternative writing assessment for novels. Students are
asked to write a police report regarding a specific event or scene in a novel. Our Social Science
curriculum involves examining and comparing the legal systems worldwide with the United
States legal system and demonstrating this understanding through essay writing and discussion.
Our sophomore Social Science and English teachers worked collaboratively on a World War II
Project; students read Night in English and discussed World War II enforcement techniques.
The project culminated in a trip to the Museum of Tolerance for our students. Our Science
curriculum involves using crime scenes as a way of understanding the scientific method. In
addition, in science, students are exposed to the Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Physics
needed to understand crime scenes. Our Physical Education curriculum supplements the
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
required California standards with self-defense, first aid/CPR training and POST (Police Officer
Standard Training) level endurance obtained on the obstacle course designed and built
specifically for our academy.
We currently have a mentorship program within our academy, but will include
community members from our advisory board within the next two years in an e-mentoring
program. In addition, utilizing our CTE teacher and our advisory board, the students will have
career based internships their senior year. The current mentor program involves each teacher
choosing several students whom they currently have or have had in the past. This teacher
remains the student’s mentor until they graduate. These students meet with their mentor once
a week during lunch or after school and show them the grades for the previous week. The
mentor discusses specific concerns with the academy to share with the team or general
concerns that may affect their scholastic achievements. Recently, the mentors have organized
day trips on the weekend to go hiking, to play paintball, to go snowboarding that allow students
to interact with one another and the mentors and have a fun experience. Next year, when our
current sophomores become juniors we will begin an e-mentoring program based on the
interests of the students. Students will email their e-mentors at least once a month and discuss
concerns and questions about their potential career. Beginning in two years, during their senior
year, students will complete internships with their e-mentor, if possible, or another individual
recommended by their e-mentor.
Our students are committed to the program and are rewarded for their efforts by lunch
provided by the academy staff, an all day ropes course, weekend adventures, and guest
10 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
speakers from K-9 to forensic toolmarks specialist. The students are also immersed in the
college bound culture through one to three-day college trips.
Our advisory committee consists of the Youth Services police officer, Oxnard Police
Department personnel, both sworn and civilian, including two Crime Scene Investigators,
Ventura County Sheriff’s Department personnel, sworn and civilian, including a deputy and a
Crime Lab Scientist, department chair of Ventura College Department of Criminal Justice, a local
lawyer and Oxnard College business law instructor, district personnel, parents and students.
The Oxnard Police Department has provided funds to outfit our students with uniforms and
physical education attire. The department has also provided numerous guest speaker
opportunities and simulations for the students. Ventura County Sheriff’s personnel have also
given their time in assisting us to develop our curriculum and focus. The guidance provided by
the Ventura College Department of Criminal Justice has been invaluable in changing our
curriculum to meet the needs of our students for their future. Their addition to our advisory
board demonstrated the need for a speech course and additional written requirements in our
English curriculum. In addition, Mr. Sment is a local lawyer who also works with Oxnard
College’s paralegal program and is an active Judge with the Ventura County Superior court, has
helped us understand what opportunities are available for our students. We meet quarterly
with our advisory board to evaluate our program and ensure our curriculum is current and
appropriate. Beginning in May 2008, the Fire Technology Department of Oxnard College will
join our advisory board to discuss post-secondary matriculation.
11 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
The academy coordinator and academy administrator are in constant contact with the
Youth Services officer to ensure new law enforcement ideas are being integrated into the
curriculum. The advisory board also hosts our students on various fieldtrips and brings the
latest technology into the classroom during guest speaker opportunities.
Oxnard Union High School District is committed to the CPA model as evidenced by the
three academies at Pacifica High School, two also requesting funding. We have a district Career
Technical Education Director who has ongoing workshops for our CTE staff to ensure students
leave our schools prepared for the workforce. The Law and Public Services Academy continues
to fulfill this mission through the community and business partners already involved in our
program as well as future partners. Our district has provided a period for the academy
coordinator and has allowed academy staff to attend workshops relevant to career technical
education in an effort to demonstrate their commitment to our program. The district also
purchased the POST-certified obstacle course last year for our academy. Our business partners
have given multiple hours of their time as guest speakers and hosts for field trips. Our
community partners have donated money and materials in an effort to support our program
and motivate our students. This support will equal, if not exceed, the 100% match required
through the following:
Job shadowing/mentoring
Guest Speaker opportunities
Campus officers
Curriculum support
Simulations and demonstrations
Classroom support
Advisory Board meetings
12 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services Academy
Funds will be used to finance the academy coordinator’s salary in part, field trips
for the students, technologically advanced instruction, updated textbooks and lab
materials, and salaries for specialized instruction. The funds will finance partially the
academy coordinator’s salary and pay for clerical support to maintain the expectations of
the grant. Specialized field trips relevant to the academy curriculum, such as the Museum
of Tolerance and the California Science Museum, and field trips to create a cohesive
academy group, such as one-day ropes course, will be funded. Software for the laptops
will be purchased to supplement the curriculum. Specialized kits and supplies for the
forensics course will be purchased. The funds will support additional staff to teach
tactics, First Aid/CPR and self-defense. The coordinator’s release period will allow for
maintenance of grant records and overseeing mentors to ensure student success.
Specialized field trips will allow the students to be more engaged in the curriculum
because they will create relevance within the world around them. Specialized software
for use on the academy computers will allow the students unique opportunities to see
situations in 3-D and be able to manipulate them. The tactics and self-defense instruction
will allow students to be better prepared mentally and physically for their post-secondary
career choice. The First Aid and CPR training will allow our students to react well in
emergency situations in their community.
Meet with academy staff,
plan curriculum, guest
speakers, field trips
13 | P a g e
Academy staff
July 2007
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services
Incoming Student
Write and present junior
year curriculum to district
Expand partner outreach
Advisory Board meetings
Field Trips
Recruit 70 tenth graders
from ninth grade class;
Recruit an additional 30
eleventh graders
Guest Speakers
Student Success
Academy coordinator,
counselor, administrator
Academy staff
August 2007
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy coordinator,
Academy counselor,
Academy students
August 2007-June 2008
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy staff
August 2007-May 2008
Receive grant funding
August 2007-June 2008
Aug. 2007, Nov. 2007, Feb.
2008, May 2008
October-November 2007
April-May 2008
Nov. 2007, Feb. 2008, April
2008, June 2008
June 2008
Review progress, update
curriculum and finalize
Budget discussion
Academy coordinator and
Academy administrator
June 2008
Academy staff
June 2008
Meet with academy staff,
plan curriculum, guest
speakers, field trips
Incoming Student
Team Building Activities
Academy staff
July 2008
Academy coordinator,
counselor, administrator
Academy staff and students
August 2008
Write and present senior
year curriculum to district
Expand partner outreach
Academy staff
August 2008-June 2009
Academy staff and Advisory
Begin E-Mentoring program Academy staff and Advisory
Advisory Board meetings
Academy staff and Advisory
Attend CPA Conference
Academy coordinator,
14 | P a g e
August 2008
August 2008-June 2009
September 2008
Aug. 2008, Nov. 2008, Feb.
2009, May 2009
March 2009
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services
Recruit 70 tenth graders
from ninth grade class
Field Trips
Guest Speakers
Student Success
Review progress, update
curriculum and finalize
Academy counselor,
Academy administrator
Academy coordinator,
Academy counselor,
Academy students
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy staff and Advisory
Academy staff
Academy coordinator
April-May 2009
Sept. 2008-May 2009
August 2008-May 2009
Nov. 2008, Feb. 2009, April
2009, June 2009
June 2009
The Oxnard Union High School District does not have any California Partnership
Academies in any of its’ schools. Oxnard High School has a ROP Hospitality and Tourism
Academy, two other ROP on-site courses and a large A.V.I.D. program, but no CPAs or
SSPs. Carl Perkins funding is currently covering the costs for the coordinator’s release
period. Block Grant 7396 and categorical funding covers other services and operating
expenses. PTSA and student fundraising have paid for field trips and uniforms.
The Law Academy Coordinator will serve one release period per day as a
coordinator and facilitator for the academy. 1/6th of the teacher’s $50,000 annual salary
will be calculated in the budget. The coordinator will plan and execute all meetings, run
all student services such as student monitoring, field trip planning, and other record
keeping to meet grant requirements. The coordinator will also seek out and instigate
parental and community involvement through community service opportunities,
15 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services
internship and mentoring sites, and fundraising. Certificated benefits are budgeted for
$2075=$8,300 X .25%.
A part-time secretary will provide general clerical support for the academy
through administrative assistance, budget development, maintenance of records, and
general office procedures necessary to run the program. 10 hours per week @$13 per
hour X 30 weeks=$3900. Classified benefits are budgeted for $351=$3,900 X .09.
Books and supplies needed for the academy consists of lab supplies for the
Forensic Science lab, 10 microscopes at $300 each, totaling $3,000 and 10 C.S.I. kits at
$25 each, totaling $250. Books and supplies will also be needed for First Aid/C.P.R.
training at $30 for 80 students, totaling $2,400. Thirty Business Law books are needed
at the cost of $80 each totaling $2400. Oxnard Police Department covers $5,400 for
Class A uniforms, physical education clothing, recruitment brochure printing costs, and
name tags as well as ribbons for uniforms. The Oxnard Police Department has financed
salaries for their commander and former assistant commander to participate in planning
meetings with the district. Also, the department has provided guest speakers and
members of our advisory board. The total hours for the advisory board equals 80 hours
per year times an average salary of $40 per hour totaling $3200. Guest speaker
opportunities have taken another 20 hours totaling an additional $800.
Services and other operating expenses would include fees to pay First Aid/C.P.R.
instructor, $500. Fees for students to attend workshops, such as the day long ropes
course, at $60 per person, totaling $3,600. Other operating expenses include the
Oxnard Police Department financing salaries for their commander to participate in
16 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services
planning meetings with the district and supporting the school police officer’s salary to
help the academy. Also, the department has provided guest speakers and members of
our advisory board. The total hours for the advisory board equals 80 hours per year
times an average salary of $40 per hour totaling $3200. Guest speaker opportunities
have taken another 20 hours totaling an additional $800.
Travel and Conference expenditures will be budgeted for a team to attend the
annual C.P.A. conference at $800 per person X 8 people, totaling $6,400. Another
$3,600 will be allocated for the National Academy conference in the fall for 4 team
members to attend at $900 each.
The capital outlay includes budget figures for the two Promethean Whiteboards
in the Law Academy portable classrooms, science lab supplies, laptop computers, other
classroom furniture and supplies, and obstacle course. Estimated costs for these items
exceed $200, 000.
The indirect costs total 4.3% of the budget equaling $1814 for $42,000 financed.
Form F: 2007-08 Implementation Grant Budget Page
17 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services
Each California Partnership Academy applicant must submit this Budget Page
along with a budget narrative (not to exceed three pages each for 2007-08 and
for 2008-09) that explains all expenditures under each category. A 100% match
of funds (cash or in-kind) must be evident from both the school district and
community/business partners.
District Name:
CDS Code:
Oxnard Union High School District
High School Name:
Principal Name:
Oxnard High School
Mr. James Edwards
CPA Program Name:
CPA Contact:
Law and Public Services Academy
Dr. Jahnell Nichols
Amount Requested:
District Fiscal Contact:
Randy Winton, Asst. Superintendent
Expenditure Codes
1000 Certificated Salaries
Partnership Academy
Sources of local match
(Cash or In-kind)
Private, Public,
District Funds Sectors Funds
Equal 100%
Equal 100%
2000 Classified Salaries
3000 Employee Benefits
4000 Books and Supplies
5000 Services and other
operating expenditures (other
than Travel expenditures)
Budget Item
5200 Travel & Conferences
6000 Capital Outlay
7000 Indirect Charges
(CDE approved rates apply)
Principal Signature
CPA Coordinator Signature
District Fiscal Contact Signature
18 | P a g e
Oxnard High School Law and Public Services