Nate PDX Wildlife CV 1-25-14

Nate Wintle
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Portland State University, June 2007
Master of Science in Biology, Portland State University, June 2010
WORK EXPERIENCE___________________________________________________________________
R.G. Ford Consulting
Biological Consultant
Jul. 2010- Aug. 2013
Portland, OR
Aerial survey of shorebird and marine mammal populations in the Gulf of Mexico during the
Deepwater Horizon Mississippi Canyon-252 Oil Spill. Navigation of twin engine airplane. Drift
study technician, utilizing radio telemetry equipment. Carcass identification (Birds and Marine
Mammals). Ensured compliance with state and federal regulations during study dates. Worked
with a variety both state and federal agencies as well as independent contractors (LDWF, USFW,
and Cardno ENTRIX) during all phases of the damage assessment. Database management using
excel and dLOG software. Prepared daily and final written reports for the USFW.
Colibri Ecological Consulting
Apr. 2012-Dec. 2012
Fresno, CA
Implemented environmental compliance and permitting strategies for a wide range of projects
throughout central and southern California. Conducted focused surveys for plants and wildlife.
Prepared written reports for private companies, individuals, federal, state, and local agencies.
Worked closely with project stakeholders to monitor project progress, and put in place corrective
actions when required. Interacted with numerous entities including federal and state agencies (U.S.
Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and California
Department of Fish and Wildlife). Ensured compliance with permits, biological opinions,
mitigation measures, and conditions of approval.
Portland State University
Anatomy & Physiology
Teaching Assistant
Sept. 2007-Jul. 2010
Portland, OR
Laboratory instructor. Preparation and dissection of human cadavers and cats. Substantial
knowledge of skeletal system and human physiology. Histological identification and slide
Portland State University
Marine Stranding Network
Stranding Assistant
Apr. 2006-Jul. 2010
Portland, OR
Marine mammal necropsies (Otariidae, Phocidae, & Mysticeti). Species identification and
recovery. Tissue sampling and gross observations. Contaminant analysis (DDT, DDE, DDD,
PCB’s, & Methylmercury). Tissue database development (excel & word).
USDA Forest Service
Summer 2006 & 2008
Forestry Technician
Enterprise, OR
Trail crew foreman and technician, managed two other technicians. Maintained and constructed
wilderness trails using various hand tools, chainsaws, and explosives. Basic map navigation and
extensive GPS use. Overnight/weekly camping in the backcountry with pack mules and a team of
horses. Public education and interaction. Historic cabin restoration & game enclosure repair.
Marine mammal identification and necropsies
Sea & shorebird identification
Plant identification & curation
Analytical analysis of contaminants in marine mammals using both organic and inorganic
analytical methods (PCB’s, DDT, DDD, DDE, & methylmercury)
Experienced user of computer software (SPSS, excel, word, access, powerpoint)
Radio telemetry & GPS
Certified wetland delineator
Understanding of NEPA, CWA, ESA and CEQA
Prepared both field and technical reports in relation to a Habitat Conservation Plan and a
National Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA).
Oregon Zoo’s California Condor program
Audubon Society of Portland
San Joaquin Valley Wildlife Society
Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC)
Society for Marine Mammalogy
Portland State University Research Associate (Contaminants analysis)
Northern Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network Assistant
PDX Wildlife, Board Member
Society of Wetland Scientists
PDX Wildlife, Board Member- Nov. 2011 to Current
Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Intern- Summer 2009
Portland State University Herbarium, Specimen Curation- Sept. 2005- June 2007
CONTINUING WORK___________________________________________________________________
Mercury contamination of the Giant Panda in Sichuan, China
Faecal steroid analysis for non-invasive monitoring of reproductive status in the Giant Panda
Methylmercury monitoring in Antarctic fish (Rockcod & Notothen)
Nathan J.P. Wintle, Isaac K. Sleadd, Deke T. Gunderson, Kristina Kohl and Brad Buckley.
Total Mercury, Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Organochlorine Pesticides in Six Antarctic
Notothenioid Fishes. In review.
Nathan J.P. Wintle & Meghan S. Martin. An Analysis of Total Mercury in the Wild Bamboo
Species (Bambusa emeiensis) from Ya’an, Sichuan, China, in preparation.
Deke T. Gunderson, Deborah Duffield, Tina Randall, Nathan J.P. Wintle, David Shepherdson.
Organochlorine Contaminants in blubber samples from stranded marine mammals collected
from the Oregon and Washington coasts; implications for re-introducing California condors in
Oregon, Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemisty.
Nathan J.P. Wintle, Deborah Duffield, Nelio B. Barros, Ronald D. Jones, James M. Rice,
Total Mercury in Stranded Marine Mammals from the Oregon and Southern Washington
Coasts, Marine Mammal Science vol. 27 no. 4, E268
Setac Europe 21st annual meeting, Milan, Italy. A novel approach for reporting concentations
of mercury in marine mammals. April 2011
Setac North America 31st annual meeting, Portland, Oregon. Organochlorine concentrations in
marine mammals. November 2010.
California Condor recovery program, UC Davis, California. PCB’s & DDE in potential
Condor food sources. February 2010.
Biennial conference for marine mammalogy, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Total mercury in
stranded marine mammals from the Oregon and southern Washington coasts. October 2009.
Portland State University, Graduate Student Night. An update on mercury in marine mammals
from the northern Oregon coast. September 2009.