Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc

Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc
Report for the 2012 Proceedings
May 19, 2012
Reverend Fathers, Worthy State Deputy Ron Gorman, Worthy Supreme Representative,
State Officers, Former Supreme Secretary Don Kehoe, Former Supreme Director John
Barrett, Past State Deputies and Brothers all.
Virginia Knights Of Columbus Charities, Inc. was founded in 1994 for the purpose of
carrying out the dreams of Fr. McGivney and the first principle of our Order, Charity that
is our greatest virtue. VKCCI awards grants to individuals and families who are in
financial distress. These grants provide some of the necessities of life for these
individuals when they are in the greatest need for our assistance. We review applications
for grant assistance sent to us from the councils in Virginia after the council has reviewed
the family situation. Our grant committee reviews the grant and votes on the grant and
amount to be given.
As of May 15, 2012 we have awarded a total of 687 grants with a total dollar amount of
$1,035,5277. Of those, 687 grant awards 33 grants have been awarded this fraternal year
amounting to $55,840 or an average grant of $1,692 per recipient. While the number of
grants was 32% lower than the last fraternal year; the amount of the average grant
increased by $57 per award. As long as there are individuals who have been brought to
the attention of our councils, we will continue to provide grant assistance to those in need
with your continued financial support and prayers for us to continue the dream of Fr.
We get our funding from 5 sources. 1) The board of KOVAR donates funds to VKCCI
whereby we can award individual grants to those who have intellectual disabilities and
are in need of assistance since KOVAR cannot make grants to individuals. KOVAR also
has assisted VKCCI by participating in the Supreme Council Christopher Fund from
which we have shared income over the years. We do not want to forget our partnership
with KOVAR in continuing the dream of our founder.
2) Our Label Program generates the major source of our funding for the year. When you
get your address labels, please consider making a donation to continue Fr. McGivney’s
dream. Use your return labels to spread the name of the Knights of Columbus.
3) We also derive funds from donations by the councils of Virginia from the Council
Contribution Program which we have been collecting this weekend and we thank you for
those contributions. This year the Board of Directors voted to name Bill Mulvihill, PSD,
FVSM as the Honoree for this campaign. If you have not turned in your checks, please do
so today. If you have forgotten your check, you can mail it to Kelly Mortensen. In
addition to the Council Contribution Program, we are fortunate to get gift donations form
the Ladies of Virginia both on the State and local levels. Ladies we are very thankful for
those donations.
4) Another source of income is through the Robert D. Neary Award Program. This
program is available to any council wishing to recognize a member or someone who has
made a contribution in service to or in behalf of the Knights of Columbus. It is an
excellent way for a council to recognize those fostering the work of the Knights and that
recipient’s name remains on a perpetual list of award winners.
5) The fifth source of income consists of those donations made in memory of a loved one
or a friend. What better tribute to someone you love than to help others with a final gift
in their name?
In closing, VKCCI wishes to thank state officers and the councils of Virginia for your
support through the years. But most of all we wish to thank you the members of the
Order who believe in and work to carry out the dreams of Fr. Michael J. McGivney when
he founded the Knights of Columbus.
Worth State Deputy that concludes my report on Virginia Knights of Columbus, Inc.
Michael J, Lazzuri
VKCCI Grant Summary Report 2011-12
Grant 12-001 – A grant of $900 to assist a single mother with 3 children with the deposit and
first month rent on an apartment she is trying to rent. During the summer of 2010, she lost her
job with a call center and moved in with her mother.
Grant 12-002K – A grant of $2,000 to assist a brother and sister, both with intellectual
disabilities, outfit an apartment. They have been living with another brother and now their
Public Guardian, Jewish Family Services, has found them an apartment with Community Services
of Virginia.
Grant 12-003 – A grant of $1,377.51 is to assist a family of three to keep from being evicted
from their apartment. As of result of change in employment hours, her from full time to part
time and him from a full month’s pay to a day without pay each month, has had a cumulative
effect of approximately a loss of $1,000.00 per month. Monthly expense are verified at
approximately $2,485.00. They are behind in rent one month to the tune of $1,377.51 and have
a court date of August 15, 2011 for non-payment.
Grant 12-004 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a family of three whose rental house was complexly
destroyed by fire. They lost everything except the clothing on their back. She works earning
approximately $3,000.00 per month and he is the stay-at-home caretaker for the child. They
have no savings.
Grant 12-005 -- A grant of $2000 is to assist a Brother Knight with a payment toward his overdue
mortgage payment. About 3 months ago, he diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and has not
been able to work since that time.
Grant 12-006 – A grant of $1,800 to assist a single mother whose ex-husband (was a Knight at
the time) deserted her and departed the country. She has a 21 year old son who is completing
his studies in auto mechanics in September and has a strong possibility of securing employment
at a local car dealership.
Grant 12-007 – A grant of $1,000 to assist a single father partial custody of 2 children. His
financial trouble began with a car accident which left him unable to work for a period of time.
He is not employed with a monthly income of $1,391.00 (Wages - $850.00 and VA benefits –
$541.00). Rent - $715.00; electricity - $105.42 (past due $269.52); water/sewer - $56.79 (past
due $168.27); child support - $444.89 for a total of Monthly expenses of $1,322.10. The council
is requesting a grant of $1,000.00 they will contribute $150.00 to pay off the past due amounts.
Grant 12-008 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a mother (and eight children) who is separated from
her husband (a Knight) because of his abusive behavior. He is pending court action for assault
and battery on his wife and oldest son. She is working as a Teacher’s Aide with a monthly
income of $1,300 .00 plus whatever she can earn as a part time house cleaner. Her outstanding
monthly household bills amount to $1,155.00 not including medical and psychological
counseling. The council is requesting a grant of $2,000.00 to assist the family with outstanding
bills and medical bills.
Grant 12-009 – A grant request for $2,000 to assist a single mother with 3 children cope with
meeting the financial needs of her family. The council believes that the grant would by paying
one month mortgage; allow the family to pay the remaining 2011 tuition. THE GRANT IS
Grant 12-010 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a single disabled lady meet some of her current
obligations. She receives $820.00 per month in SSDI benefits and $135.00 in SNAP (food
stamps). She lived with her parents until her father died and her mother developed Alzheimer.
The mother was moved to Our Lady of the Valley Nursing facility in Roanoke. Not able to meet
mortgage payments, the house was foreclosed. She found a trailer for rent for $550.00 per
month until she can get in to subsidize housing. She has been approved but waiting for a
ground floor apartment as required by law for disabled persons. Her monthly expenses are:
electricity - $100.00; phone - $40.00; car insurance - $42.00; food and paper products - $75.00;
water/sewer - $35.00; storage of furniture - $80.00; and $150.00 for yard work required by the
landlord. The council is requesting $2,000.00 to meet her obligations until she can get in
subsidized housing.
Grant 12-011 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a Brother Knight and his family in financial difficulty
because of lack of work. He hadn’t had a job since being discharged from active duty on August
6. He has been drawing unemployment of $389.00 per week until he took a job paying $12.00
per hour. The travel expenses associated with his job made the job financially impossible to
maintain. He has re-applied for unemployment. The family is almost totally out of funds.
Grant 12-012 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a family of two (husband and wife) in financial
difficulty due to the medical condition of the husband. He suffered a stroke and as a result he is
unable to work but is looking. She works with monthly income of $2,481.24 plus $500.00 per
month from various concert performances.
Grant 12-013 – A grant of $1,652.00 to assist a single mother and her daughter. About a year
ago she became medically disable and loss her job. Her health has improved and she is working
two jobs to catch up on her bills. One of the places she works (Apartment complex) has a 2
bedroom apartment that she can rent for $899.00 per month. After paying her brother the
$1,200.00 that was owed for two months’ rent August and September, she does not have the
first month’s rent. She paid the security deposit. The council is requesting $1,652.00 to pay off
the visa bill, the medical bill and the first month’s rent
Grant 12-014 – A grant request is to assist a Brother Knight and his wife in financial difficulty due
to losing his job that he has held for five years. Current monthly income consist of retirement $1500.00; Wife’s income - $1650.00 for a total of $3,150.00. Their monthly expenses are
approximately $4,300.00 per month. The current outstanding bills amount to $1,404.72 and
this is the amount the council is requesting. THIS GRANT IS DENIED
Grant 12-015 – A $2,000 grant to assist a Brother Knight and his family (wife & 2 children) who
are in financial difficulty due medical reason. The wife is the primary breadwinner for the family
and she is currently on “medical leave w/o pay” due an injury to her leg and foot. It is
anticipated that she will return to work in approximately 3 weeks. He is employed earning
$400.00 per month. Their monthly expenses run approximately $1,500.00 per month. The
council is requesting $1,200.00 to cover one month’s rent and late fees and $800.00 to pay for
repair to his vehicles that is necessary for transportation.
Grant 12-016 – A grant request for $1,989.00 for a Brother Knight who has a history of medical
problem dating back to 2002 and cannot work full time. . In January of this year, he was given
$3,000.00 to help pay his expenses. He has recently been approved for SSDI and will receive
$1,163.00 per month beginning Nov 9, 2011. The council received a grant for this same
individual in September 29, 2010. The grant request is denied.
Grant 12-017 – A grant request of $200.00 to assist a single mother with three children pay for
an electric water heater. She lives on a fixed income that includes $947.00 from her ex-husband
and will work odd jobs from time to time as her health and children allow. Replacing the water
heater was an extraordinary expense of $602.97 that she is not equipped to pay. The church
social ministry is contributing $300.00; the council is contributing $102.97 and they are
requesting a grant of $200.00.
Grant 12-018K – A $1,631.60 grant is to assist a family of six to obtain a special needs bike for a
child with Muscular Dystrophy (MD). The bike will help him to enhance muscle movement in his
legs and other parts of his body.
Grant 12-019 – This requested grant is to assist a family of four (one is away in college) in
financial difficulty due medical issues, automotive breakdowns, DMV fees and high cost of
health coverage. He is currently working earning $2,799.00 net after taxes and other
deductions. His listed monthly expenses are: rent - $1,285.00; Groceries - $300.00; Electric $400.00; Gas and tolls - $300.00; Church - $200.00; Medication - $160.00; Telephone - $139.00;
Cable - $230.00 and miscellaneous - $100.00. The council also included $500.00 monthly for
college fees for the daughter that I removed from the list. Monthly expenses totaled $3,114.00.
The electric bill is overdue in the amount of $1,427.00 and DMV is owed $650.00 in fees.
Grant 12-020 – A grant request for $1,694.27 to assist a family of four whose income has been
cut due to the medical condition of the husband. He was diagnosed with cancer in August 2011
and has not been able to work full time since that date.
Grant 12-021 – A grant request is to assist a Brother Knight and his family in serious financial
difficulty due to the medical condition of the spouse. They were led by the Holy Spirit to the
Envita Medical Centers of America for treatment, where conventional medicine is combined
with science-based natural healing techniques. This treatment comes at a high cost and is not
fully covered by their health insurance. The Council is requesting the grant be paid into a fund
established to help the family. This is not permitted under VKCCI By-Laws and Charter. GRANT
Grant 12-022 – A grant request for $1,000 to assist a 56 year old lady confined to a wheel chair.
She lives alone with the help of a part time nurse in a house willed to her and that is free of any
mortgage payments. She has no income and is receiving help with the electric and property
taxes. She needs a wheel chair ramp to help her get out for trips to doctor’s appointment and
the food bank.
Grant 12-023 – A $2,000 grant is to assist a single mother with 3 children. She lost a job and was
out of work for a couple of week until employment was found. Her child support was not
received for 2 months and the Court is now pursuing to have it continued. Her present income
is $1,300.00 per month plus receives $674.00 per month SSI in behalf of her youngest child.
Grant 12-024 – A $1,500 grant request to assist a permanently disable lady living on SSI of
$674.00 per month and until May 2010 a limited amount from a trust established to ensure
regular and ordinary bills are paid. It was discovered that the fund administrator diverted trust
funds for his own use and now the fund is depleted. She is $4,300 behind on her rent and the
Council and friends have paid $1,00 and the landlord will spread the unpaid portion over 18
Grant 12-025 – A $2,000 grant is to assist a father with 7 children to provide for a Christmas for
the family. Three weeks ago he was the defense attaché in Tajikistan and his wife gave birth to
a baby boys. Five days later, she had a heart attack and died.
Grant 12-026 – A $2,000 grant is to assist a family of six in financial difficulty due to cancer. He
receives $900.00 monthly and she is out looking for work on a daily basis. They are living rent
free in a house provided by a member of Council 11639. They need to make utility payments
and pay for heating this winter. He takes 23 medicines a day and the monthly cost is $700.00.
The council is requesting $2,000.00 to cover utilities and heating.
Grant 12-027 – A $2,000 grant request for a Brother Knight in difficulty due to his mortgage
payment. He is currently employed earning $3,072.00 monthly and with monthly expenses of
$2,310.00 including his mortgage payment. He re-financed his home mortgage over a year ago
with Bank of America and shortly thereafter his loan was sold to Green Tree Finance which did
not credit his last payment to BofA. He is pursuing legal recourse for this payment. With late
fees, additional interest and a processing handling charge, he now owes $8,409.72. The
mortgage company is threaten foreclosure is this amount is not paid shortly. He has
approximately $4,909.72 raised from Knights, savings and friends and another $1,200.00 from
St. William of York Outreach. The council is requesting the remaining $2,300.00 by way of this
grant request.
Grant 12-028 – A $2,000 grant to assist a Brother Knight out of work because of broken foot and
protein in his urine. As a truck driver, DOT regulations prevent him from working. His wife is
disabled and unable to work and his daughter, her husband and two young children are living
with him due to their own financial difficulties. He has outstanding bill amounting to $2,008.00
and the council is requesting $2,000.00 to bring them current.
Grant 12-029 – A $2,000 grant to assist the family of deceased Brother Knight pay some of the
expenses associated with the funeral expected to be $10,000.00 plus. Due to his long battle
with cancer, he was unable to obtain much insurance and no insurance to help cover his burial
expenses. No significance income will be available to the widow.
Grant 12-030 – A $249.92 grant to assist an elderly widow of a Brother Knight with the
December mortgage payment. Her monthly income is $1,502.73 and monthly expenses are +/$1,313.75. The expenses include: mortgage - $444.75; lot rent - $300.00; phone - $65.00;
electric - $91.00; auto insurance - $50.00; groceries - +/- $150.00; prescription copay - +-$108.00
and credit card - $108.00. An unexpected costly auto repair bill in Nov 2011 stressed finances to
cause her to missed December mortgage payment of $444.75. She has paid January and
February mortgage payment. To prevent default, the council covered the December payment in
the amount of $449.92 (includes late fees) through free will donations and from their Relief
Fund. They are requested $249.92 and will contribute $200.00.
Grant 12-031 – A $1,434.35 grant to assist a family of five whose financial difficulties started on
September 18, 2011 when their house burned down. Replacing their possessions and
household goods caused some of their bills to become past due. He is currently employed
earning approximately $1,600.00 per month. The past due bills are: Appalachian Power –
413.52; GMAC Insurance – 76.10; Sprint – 449.21; City of Roanoke (Personal Property Tax) –
209.43; and Loan Max – 286.09 for a total of $1,434.35. This is the amount the council is
Grant 12-032 – A $2,000 grant request to assist a Brother Knight and his wife in financial
difficulty due to medical expenses. The family’s income is $5,530.00 per month and monthly
expenses are $5,467.00. The grant committee unanimously voted to DENY the grant as failing to
meet the “case of last resort” criteria or a case of necessities of life. GRANT DENIED
Grant 12-033 – A $2,500 grant request to assist a seriously ill, middle-aged woman with some
necessary home repairs. The council was asked by Arlington Diocese’s Catholic Charities to look
into the situation. The council conducted a site survey of the home and determined that the
chimney and the roof needed repairs. The home owner lives alone and is unemployed due her
medical condition. The council is asking for $2,500.00 for the project. Grant approved for
Grant 12-034 – A grant request for $2,000.00 a Brother Knight and his wife in financial difficulty
due to change in working hours. His and his wife’s hours were reduced from full time to half
time and he lost his second job. Their combined monthly income is $3660.00 and monthly
expenses are $3966.00 a deficit of $306.00. Grant Approved for $2,000.
Grant 12-035K – A grant of $1,850.00 to assist a lady with mental retardation who is in need
some dental procedures. Her income is $674.00 in SSI benefits. This income is use to pay her
room and board in a Virginia Beach Group Home. Her health insurance does not cover dental
work. The estimate from the dentist is $2,100.00. The council will provide $250.00 and a grant
of $1,850.00 is requested.
Grant 12-036 – A grant of $2,000 to assist a single man who is in need of surgery on his
prominent hand. The injury consists of a fracture of the forth metacarpal and surgery is needed
to repair the damage. The surgeon’s estimate is $6,000.00 and he required a deposit of
$2,000.00 be paid up front. Family members and friends were contacted with no success. He is
a full time student living with friends and works at Target earning approximately $600.00 per
Grant 12-037 – A grant request of $2,000 to assist a brother Knight in some financial difficulty
due to some decisions made last summer. He was receiving unemployment compensation but
did not report to VEC as required and lost that benefit. In September, he has some unexpected
bill and petitioned VEC for reinstatement of his benefits. He was approved in January 2012 and
found his current job in March and again ended his unemployment benefits. He still feels the
effects of missing pay from the end of September until the first of this year. Grant denied
Grant 12-38K – A grant of $3,000 to assist a man with intellectual disability who resides in a
blended family with his grandmother his legal guardian and his aunt. The family income consists
of Social Security of $1,305.00 (Grandmother’s). He did receive SS of $830.90 until it was
discovered that he has was overpaid $8,000.00 benefits which are now being recouped and he
will not receive any benefits until January 1213. The aunt does not work but is the full time
caregiver for her mother who has cancer. This request is to pay $2,200 on the car loan to
prevent repossession and to pay $1,508.00 toward two months’ rent.
Grant 12-39 – A grant of $1,000 to assist an elderly man currently residing in a rehabilitation
facility recovering from a stroke. He is not able to return home until a wheelchair ramp is
installed. Savings are nearly depleted after recent extensive modification of the home. His
elderly wife (Age 82) works two part time jobs to sustain the household. A site survey
conducted by members of Council 11922 indicated that 30 foot ramp with a turning ramp is
required. The cost is projected to be $3,800.00. The council is requesting $1,000.00 toward this
cost and they will provide the labor.
Grant 12-40 – A grant of $1,550 to assist a lady provide for her 3 grandchildren. Her daughter is
incarcerated with an expected sentence of 6 months to a year. When she learned of her
daughter’s incarceration, she gave up her apartment and move in with the grandchildren. There
she found that the rent was two months behind and faced eviction at the end of May. The
electric bill was also behind and was due to be turned off. She used her small savings to keep
the electricity on.