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1.0 General Information:
1.1 Scope of Work: The purpose of this Scope of Work (SOW) is to extend the useful
life of school bus frames and bodies to match the bus’ expected mechanical life. This
will be achieved by remediating body and frame corrosion, painting frames and
bodies, and applying corrosion retardant coatings. This SOW provides modest, costsaving, mechanical repairs. The specific models to be repaired by the Maine Military
Authority (MMA) will be determined by the customer and the MMA. Customers
may specifically request additional mechanical services/repairs. (See Appendix D;
3QF07-BUS-06). A Joint Visual Inspection will be performed on all buses prior to
acceptance into this program. (See Appendix A; 3QF07-BUS-02). Unforeseen
deficiencies not covered under this SOW may be discovered during the repair
process. These deficiencies will be documented and presented to customer for
approval. The MMA will repair these deficiencies only after receipt of proper
authorization from the customer utilizing Appendix D. If SAU chooses not to
proceed with repair, MMA and the customer will finalize contract for total costs
To continually improve scheduling and production requirements and help better
service our customers, Maine Military Authority has identified a high percentage of
common fleet wide deficiencies outside the SOW. These deficiencies were
determined based on past performance of school bus life extensions performed.
MMA requires that schools agree to a Pre-Authorized Not-To-Exceed (NTE) amount
of up to $3,000.00 USD per bus, only as needed. Examples of common fleet wide
deficiencies include, but are not limited to: Fuel Tanks, Brake Dust Shields, Shocks,
Sending Units, Seat Covers, etc. School Superintendents must check the “NTE”
acknowledgment box on the Contract Form for each bus accepted into the program.
1.2 Background: This program is designed to restore the frames and bodies of “mid-life”
school buses (typically less than 10 years). Buses received by the MMA will comply
with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for school buses for the year
the bus was manufactured. Buses must display a valid Maine State Police
commercial vehicle inspection sticker.
1.3 Applicable Documents: FMVSS for school buses, DOE Uniform School Bus
Standards for Pupil Transportation in Maine, and the Maine State Police Commercial
Inspection Manual.
1.4 Repair Manuals: All repair manuals will be supplied by the customer.
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9 APR 2014
Maine Military Authority
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1.5 Customer Acknowledgment: This SOW is confidential and proprietary to the MMA
and may not be copied or disclosed to any third party without the expressed written
consent of the MMA.
2.0 Requirements:
2.1 General: The MMA will receive, secure, store, and repair school buses as directed by
the customer and the MMA. Quantities will be determined by the customer. The
MMA will obtain a schedule and shipping information in a timeline sufficient to meet
the goals of the customer’s schedule. The MMA will follow all FMVSS for school
buses and Maine State Inspections rules. Paint, consumables, brake lines, and body
repair items will be the only items supplied by the MMA. Radio equipment,
surveillance equipment, and mechanical repairs are not covered under this SOW,
unless mutually agreed upon by the customer and the MMA using Appendix D.
2.2 Detail Tasks:
A. Document all school buses received by customer/owner, Vehicle Identification
Number (VIN) number, make and body manufacturer.
B. Perform a Joint Visual Inspection (JVI) and Inventory of each bus with the
customer prior to acceptance into the program (See Appendix A). Buses with
excessive corrosion and/or damage may not be accepted into the program by the
MMA. The customer warrants that buses will be mechanically sound and fit for
service. All deficiencies identified outside this SOW will be documented and
submitted to the customer on Appendix D. The customer assumes all liability
for deficiencies identified for repair but not authorized for repair by the
C. The body will be separated from the frame for conventional style buses as
needed. Pusher models will not be separated; however, all accessible
undercarriage areas will be serviced.
D. Media blast all surfaces as necessary.
E. After media blast, inspect floor, frame, cross members, storage boxes, battery
box, wheel wells and all bare areas. Repair as necessary.
F. Disassemble body panels and repair or replace as necessary.
G. Inspect entrance step assembly and repair or replace as needed. Replace step
H. Prepare, prime and paint complete frame and under carriage.
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9 APR 2014
Maine Military Authority
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I. Replace all hydraulic brake lines using 90/10 nickel/copper tubing.
Air brake systems will be inspected and replaced as necessary.
J. Replace all cabin fresh air filters (if equipped) and service blowers.
K. Prepare, prime and paint complete body exterior with DuPont Imron color
#4320. Paint exterior hood flat black as requested or as originally received.
L. Apply anti-corrosion undercoating to frame and undercarriage.
M. Apply all reflective materials and striping. Apply all school district specific
decals and lettering. Apply decal plate to bus interior header plate indicating paint
2.3 Requisition of Vehicles: Customers will direct and transport specific school
buses to and from the MMA at their expense. The Customer will coordinate
with MMA prior to directing buses to the facility.
2.4 Disposition of Parts Removed: Parts removed during the repair that are not
reutilized will be disposed of in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws and
2.5 Materials: All parts and materials used will meet or exceed original equipment
2.6 Quality Assurance: The MMA Inspection Department will monitor the quality of
repairs throughout the repair process. A thorough final inspection of repairs and
workmanship will be conducted including a 10-mile road test. All deficiencies
identified under this SOW, and any additional approved work effort, will be
completed to specifications prior to vehicle release to the customer.
2.7 Vehicle Transportation costs: The customer is responsible for all costs associated
with transporting their vehicle(s) to and from the MMA’s repair facility.
2.8 Warranty: The MMA will warranty repairs performed under this SOW for a period
of one year on paint and workmanship from the date of shipment. The MMA’s
warranty only applies to work performed. The MMA does not warrant the
condition or suitability for use of any mechanical part and/or component it does not
repair. For customer comments or questions regarding this warranty, please contact
Jerry Holmes, Management Rep/ ISO Manager at:
(207) 430-6400 or email at
3.0 Additional Mechanical Repair and Upgrade Options (Not Covered in this SOW):
(See Appendix B; 3QF07-BUS-04 and/or 3QF07-BUS-06)
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9 APR 2014
Maine Military Authority
125 Kansas Road
Limestone, Maine 04750
4.0 Disclaimer: The MMA reserves the right to reject any bus with excessive corrosion,
and/or parts requirements which exceed program limitations for hours, parts and
5.0 MMA Points of Contact:
Schedule and Production
Terry D. Susee
Maine Military Authority
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Contract Forms and Website Applications
Jeremy S. Tompkins
Technical Support and Development
Maine Military Authority
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(207) 430-5744
Warranty and Customer Comments
Jerry L. Holmes
Management Rep/ ISO Manager
Maine Military Authority
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(207) 430-6400
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9 APR 2014