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Private Bag X84, PRETORIA, 0001, the dti Campus, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, 0002, Tel: (012) 394 0000
the dti Customer Contact Centre local: 0861 843 384 International: +27 12 394 9500,
Application for a Recommendation: Business Permit
The following document needs to be completed in WORD and submitted to:
Ms Tebogo Shole Tel: 012 394 1124; E-mail: [email protected]
Name and Surname of the person
submitting the document – if applicable
Contact number
Email address
Business details
Name of the applicant
Passport number
Contact address in South Africa (if
Contact number
Email address
Name of business and/or trading name
Physical business address and business
contact number
At which office of the Department of
Home Affairs will the application be
Business description and overview
Type of business and registration details
– for example close corporation
Industry of operations or business
sector, for example manufacturing,
services etc
Number of South African citizens /
Permanent Residents’ are to be
employed – their designation and
proposed monthly salary to be included
NOTE: In the case of a renewal of a
Business Permit details of the five local
employees should be provided.
Investment amount
Business Operations
Purpose of business: present or
proposed nature of business activities
Products and/or services offered
(describe your current offering and
possible future developments)
The following documentation must be
Comprehensive Business Plan
CA letter
Detailed CV of the applicant
Copies of the applicants’ passport