Quantum Plasma Phenomenology in Graphene

Quantum Plasma Phenomenology in Graphene
Norman J.M. Horing
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics,
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, USA
The dynamic, nonlocal dielectric response properties of Graphene will be
reviewed, including its role in transport and a discussion of its device related
potential. With mobility reaching 200,000 cm 2/Vs, high electron density on the
order of 1013cm-2, long mean free path l~400nm and quantum hall effect at room
temperature with stability up to 3000K, it holds great promise for nanoelectronic
applications. Such applications include sensors, field-effect transistors, spin
valves, electromechanical resonators, quantum interference devices and others.
Furthermore, as a two dimensional single-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms, it is
amenable to highly developed top-down CMOS compatible process flows, a
substantial advantage over carbon nanotubes.
The dielectric function of Graphene will be described in detail as a function
of frequency and wavenumber within the framework of the random phase
approximation based on its massless Dirac energy spectrum for electrons and
Its applications in the determination of Graphene plasmons and
electromagnetic modes in the THz range, self-energy, fast particle energy loss,
spectroscopy, atom/van der Waals interaction and static shielding of impurity
scatterers limiting dc transport in Graphene will be discussed.
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