2010-07 Newsletter - San Diego Bassmasters

J UL Y 2010
The Top Six Tournament was a great success -Thank you Harold Stephens for all your
hard work in coordinating this event and to Ron Overman for putting on a successful raffle
and to everyone who showed up to help out and to support our team and the
event. Congratulations to our Top Six for their respectable finish.
This is about all I can muster up for this newsletter... I am recovering from surgery
(Surfer's Ear) and it is time for me to take another nnaaapppp….
e have half of our year in and had lots of fun at the different events. Our latest event
was the picnic and like always it was great. You can’t beat grilled burgers and
hotdogs. But then you add in the company of the Bassmasters and their families…that just
makes if better. Got to see some new faces, Sonny and his wife Carol enjoying their first
Bassmaster picnic. The Gardners, The Brants and Dave Mack all did an awesome job
putting on the picnic.
Our next event is Bunco. It will be at the Brants home in August. That gives you plenty of time to get out the dice and
practice. In September will be having our Bassmasters Beach Bonfire Party. I will have more information on these
events at the next meetings.
TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN ~ Keith “Sandbar” Cloward
he river was another great tournament for most…The heat seamed to get to a few of
us, but most weathered the heat of triple digits quiet well. Bud Brant put it together
leading from coast to coast with 29.45 and his first win of the year, Ed Marr have a very
strong current bit that pushed him into second place with 27.61, with a big fish of 6.51.
Jason Wilson threw in the river mostly and grabbed third place with 25.05. Good job guys.
Next tournament is the first of two night tournaments. July 24 at Otay. Three fish, 12” mouth closed, swing tail. We
will draw for start positions at next meeting. Running lights will be on all night, both bow and stern lights. We should
get the gate opened around 7-7:15, and hope to start reading numbers shortly before 8pm. We will be able to run on
plane to our first spot and that’s it. The rest of the night - slow, not on plane. We will discuss further details at July’s
meeting. If any boater has not fished by themselves let me know at meeting.
If standings or your points are incorrect contact me first then I will contact Mr. Byrd.
JULY 2010
We have another river tournament in the books. Congratulations to Bud Brant on the
win and his continued success. To be able to consistently finish at or near the front,
tournament after tournament is a true mark of achievement, especially with the level of
talent in this club.
I would like to say a few words about Spencer Davidson who fished with me at the river.
Spencer was a pleasure to fish with out there. He exhibits a real love of the sport and is very positive about fishing.
He did not say anything when I told him that he really was not going to be a “back-seater” at the river because I
forgot to put a back seat in my boat. No complaints about standing all day. He made several suggestions about
where to go that produced fish for both of us. And he did not lose his cool when on Saturday a four or five pound fish
came un-buttoned within three feet of the boat. He was also very helpful in maintaining the boat and I recommend
the Boatdacious boat cleaning products from his company.
The river hade a couple of first time experiences for me this trip. I caught my first ever frog fish, quickly followed by
second, and third frog fish on Saturday in the river. I also caught several fish flipping and pitching in the current,
something I will be doing much more of when we go back to the river.
Speaking of going back to the river, I think we need to really consider weather conditions when we are scheduling
these desert lake tournaments. I am a firm believer in keeping with the schedule once it is voted on but going to the
desert in the summer???? Don’t get me wrong, I think it is just as funny as everybody else does when you open up
your frog box and the legs of the frog have melted together. It is just as funny when the decals on your boats come
off because of the heat. It is cool to see how high the temperature will read when your truck sits in the parking lot all
day. I also have developed some new worm colors as my worms melted together. My concern is we had a couple
of people that had some adverse reactions because of the heat and regardless of any other issue the safety of
everyone out there is paramount issue.
On the subject of heat, I believe the Otay night tournament should have some pretty hot fishing. The lake is in very
good shape with the water level up. The water has been very clear which usually results in good night fishing. And
there are a lot of big fish in Otay.
Finally, here is the business portion of this article. The checking account balance is $5,810.51. This is the amount
after we return $542.49 to the San Diego Council of Bass Clubs from the Top 6 Tournament. We are currently on
track to contribute about $1,200.00 to the 40th Anniversary Banquet. I hope that number increases significantly after
the club picnic and a couple of strong raffles. Everyone is keeping mostly current on their dues and that is
Large and XL:
Large and XL:
XL: $62
XXL: $65
JULY 2010
I like to start with a Bassmaster hello and a warm July welcome to all! At our last club
meeting in June we as a club voted in two great guy's, Sonny Hale and Tim Hiliker,
welcome guy's you have join the best bass club around! Our roster has now been updated
for July and I'll have them ready at our next club meeting, until then here's how we
look. Active Members 50, Family Members 2, Lifetime Members 3, Honorary Members 6,
Members At Large 10, Inactive Members 5, Friends 4, Waiting List 1.
To you who have not hear our beloved member Mike Baird had a close one with his health and I'd like to let him
know how much he is love and missed and that we hope and pray for a speedy recovery ( Mikeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)!
Now for our Spotlight on a Bassmaster! This month were focusing on our very own Darryl Crippen.
Darryl was born here in sunny San Diego, served in Vietnam and recently retired from working for the Veteran’s
Administration. He received a National Award For Management from the VA for his division. He's married to his
lovely wife Debra and has three children. Darryl became a Bassmaster in 1990. Now this gentleman in my view has
all the smarts, he drives a 1987 CHAMPION that he has just restore to show room condition, which him and his wife
Debra are about to take a trip from San Diego to Lake Powell, over to Kansas, then down to Lake Amistad, WOW I'm
jealous. I ask him what was his favorite lake was and he shot back Alamo! Who would of thought, he's been going
there since the seventy’s and loves to throw a buzz bait along with a spinner and an Ika. His big fish was a 12-2
caught in Lake Morena. This man doesn't stop, he also loves to golf when he can find the time. I ask him what was
his greatest accomplishment was, and his answer! His marriage and family! I what to thank you Darryl for taken the
time to share a little about your life with us, have a GREAT time on your vacation!!!
San Diego Bassmasters
General Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2010
President Ed Marr called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Buck Billock moved and Bill Shoemaker seconded to approve the minutes from the last meeting.
Membership Director Mike Lupo introduced prospective members Sonny Hale and Tim Hilliker and guests Brandon Hoffman and Regina
Seaberg. The membership voted in prospective members Sonny Hale and Tim Hilliker.
Jason Wilson reported on his weekend fishing at the river, where he cast 200 times for each fish. He had pictures of the monsters he caught,
but scanty little info on how he caught them…
A Director for Arizona State Park responded to Ed Marr that they have decided to leave Lake Alamo open for another year, but operations
will be turned over from the State to the lake’s County.
Harold Stevens shared that the Top Six tournament is pretty much set. The gate will open Friday at Noon for pre-launch. Those that prelaunch will be able to stay in the parking lot overnight. Darryl Crippen & Mike Lupo will inspect boats on both Friday & Saturday. Ed Marr will
bring ice Saturday morning. Mike Lupo & Joe DeSalvo will run patrol boats. Terry Chenowth will be the tournament MC. Jim Putney will pick
up supplies at Harold’s house Saturday morning and bring them to the lake.
Zoe Gardner talked about the Picnic on June 26. We will be in Picnic Area #5 at El Monte Park. The Park opens at 9:30; the Picnic will start
around 10am. Dave Mack will run the ring toss. Parking is $3.00 per vehicle. The casting contest will be $5. There will be a raffle with lots of
good gifts. Please bring your own beverages.
Treasurer Frank Neugebauer reported that we have $4,999.41 in the bank, exclusive of the $4,000 the Bass Council provided for the Top Six
Tournament. Last month was cash positive, and we are on track to fund the Banquet. (Continued Page 4)
JULY 2010
Minutes (Continued)
Tournament Director Keith Cloward talked about the upcoming River Tournament. The pre-tournament meeting will be at 5:00 Thursday
at Dave Mack’s house. Several Club members have had equipment and licenses checked by Arizona Fish & Game. Be sure to have the
correct stamp (which you have to sign across), full fire extinguishers, etc.
Keith distributed trophies for “The Lake that Can Not be Named”, Hodges…Only 90 pounds of fish weighed. It was a tough day. For his 4th
place finish Brent Benish won a reel of Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. Fishing with Josh Rhodes, Spencer Davidson took 3rd place with
6.67 pounds. At 1:00pm Spencer had one fish (on a spinnerbait), but after Josh gave up the bow Spencer was able to nail a couple more fish.
Josh Rhodes was the only Club member to limit (he even culled a fish), and took 2nd place with 12.22 pounds. Josh had been prefishing Hodges every day the lake was open for a month. As one member commented, “He earned that one.” Josh fished wind-blown solid
rock banks, power fishing, casting every angle possible.
Greg Gardner weighed 13.97 lbs for first place on “only” 4 fish. Angling by himself, Greg cast into the bank at 45 degree angles. He fished
steep rocks with jerkbaits in the narrows and in the dam area. His big fish – and the tournament’s big fish - a 4.18 pounder, came off the right
side of the dam, also jerking.
Ed Marr reminded the membership to use lighting when launching when it is dark or near dark. Legally, lights should be on anytime
before sunrise, which is after “safe light”.
Josh Buller asked for donations for the raffle.
The Program consisted of a panel of expert river anglers (Dave Mack, Ed Byrd, Randy Krieser, Ed Marr) answering questions.
The June 20th Bass Council Day Tournament has been cancelled.
Bud is going to pre-fish “The Lake that Cannot Be Named” on Saturday, June 5 in preparation for Top 6.
No new business was brought up.
Ed Marr adjourned the meeting at 9:15pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Curt Nelson, Secretary
It was great to see some friends from out-of-the area at our picnic Saturday. Harold and
Kathy Stephens’ daughter, Cindy and her daughter came down from the San Francisco
area. Their son, Tim Stephens was visiting from Arizona. Speaking of Arizona, Jim and I
saw a truck with the words “GOD BLESS ARIZONA” across the tailgate on our way to
the picnic.
Congratulations to Zoé Gardner for winning the casting contest at the picnic. Way to show those guys Zoé. Brandon
and Jason Hoffman are this year’s Washer Toss Champions, while Janice Eisner and Donna Hoffman got the most
correct answers to win the Women’s contest.
Ed Marr is recovering from surgery to correct his Surfer’s Ear. Evidentially after years of surfing the bone in the ear
tends to close up from the repeated exposure to the cold water, so some of the bone had to be removed to take care
of the problem.
(Continued Page 5)
JULY 2010
FISH TALES - Continued
Our sympathy goes out to Dave and Regina Seaberg in the loss of her mother, on June 16th. Mary Burns, 78,
passed away suddenly after a couple days of hospitalization. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Brandon Hoffman lost his grandfather, Winston Yeargin 84 on May 26th, due to prostrate cancer, which spread to his
bones. His twin daughters, Donna Hoffman and Diana Cross had been caring for him, along with the help of Hospice
at Donna’s home.
Now for some happy, exciting news! Zoé Gardner took delivery of her new 2010 SS V-8 Chevy Camaro on
Thursday, June 24th, after waiting several weeks for it to be produced. If you see a pretty blue streak going toward
Chula Vista Hospital, chances are it will be Zoé. We’re happy for you and are looking forward to seeing your new
Members celebrating this month are: Ken Louis, July 7th, Regina Seaberg, July 8th,
Vicki Becker, July 15th, and Josh Buller, July 21st. Bud & Donalea Brant will be wed
31 years on July 20th, with Harold and Kathy Stephens celebrating 52 years on July
30th. Enjoy your special days.
Who is this month’s young fisherman???? Send your guesses to
mscooker@cox.net or call (619) 462-4708. Should we have more than one correct
guess, a name will be drawn at the general meeting to determine the winner, who
must be present to win $5.00 in raffle tickets.
Should you have information to share in Fish Tales, contact Doris Cook & send
young mystery fisherman photos to mscooker@cox.net. Ron Overman remarked at
the picnic “I don’t have Fish Tales as I throw the whole fish back”.
Should you care to contribute a photo or any news items send them to mscooker@cox.net.