daily course plan

ESL 032 054 Spring 2011
Student Course Planner-(subject to change)
Wednesday- Writing and Listening
Professor Beth Rothman
This class will help you to increase your writing comfort and ability. You will learn
different part of the writing process such as mechanics, grammar, organization and
content and incorporate that in the writing of paragraphs.
Listening, speaking and participation:
It is important that you practice spoken English in class. Many of you have limited
opportunity to speak English outside of the class. Speaking and listening are a very
important part of this class for this reason.
Date and Context
Wed Jan. 26
The Basic Sentence
Sentence Basics:
Grammar and Sentence Structure
Capital Letters
Periods, Question Marks,
Exclamation Points
Prepositions- at, in and on
pg 13 in book
pg 14, rough draft in book then type
neatly write on looseleaf paper to hand
in. Label, Writing Assignment #1
Wed Feb. 2 (Jobs)
Review Homework
Grammar and Sentence Structure
The Verb Be
There is/there are
Supporting Ideas
pg. 26 Activity 21- rough draft in book
then re write on looseleaf paper to hand
in. Label: Writing Assignment # 2
Wed Feb 9 (Hurricanes)
Journal writing
Connecting Sentences
With nouns
With verb to be
What is a paragraph?
Topic sentence
The Topic Sentence
Word associations pg 28 Activity 23
Using collocations pg 24 Activity 24
Writing Assignment #3- pg 30-31
Write your first draft in the book. Re
looseleaf paper. Practice 1, Practice 2
and Practice 3 will form three separate
paragraphs. Use format that was
demonstrated in class for writing a
Journal- Write a paragraph about a
memory involving a hurricane,
snowstorm, blizzard, or other bad
weather experience. Label this
assignment: Journal writing #1.
Do not worry about it being perfect or
even correct. This is just a practice for
you so we can see from where you are
starting. NOT GRADED 
Wed Feb 16
Bring in Chili?
Diabetes- The Paragraph
Supporting sentences-the body
Concluding sentences
Possessive adjectives-my, your, his,
her, its, our, and their
Verb Check
Keep this in a separate section of your
binder labeled Journal Writing or
purchase a small notebook to be used
for all journal writing assignments.
Journal writing #2- Write about a
memory you have about someone you
know or knew who has diabetes another
either chronic or acute illness. First just
write a few sentences and then put it
together in a rough draft of a paragraph.
Writing Assignment #4 From the
notes you wrote in your journal write a
paragraph. Give the paragraph a title
and proofread it carefully.
Wed Feb 23
(Starting a Business)
Wed Mar 2
In class writing- Activity 20 page 63
Activity 21- peer editing pg 64
(Copy sheets from page 251)
Hand in both your paragraph and your
partner’s sheet
Activity 17 page 61
Writing about the Present
Simple Present -verb forms statements
Simple Present –verb forms questions
Review: there is and there are
Review: negatives and simple present
Review: Object pronouns
Edit assignment # 5 with your partner’s
corrections. (Label it Draft 2)
Writing Assignment #5 Write a
paragraph about either:
Topic 1 or Topic 8.
Re-write assignment #5 that corrected
and returned today. (Label it Draft 2)
Re-write the corrected in class writing
that was returned (Label it Draft 2).
Wed Mar 9
Wed Mar 16
Spring Break!!!!!!
Wed Mar 23
(A Professional)
Simple and Compound Sentences
Getting information to write aboutBrainstorming ideas
Wed Mar 30
(The Lottery)
Timed Writing- Describe a typical day
in your life. What do you normally do
and when do you usually do these
things? 20 minutes
Review- Simple Past statements and
Time phrases
Journal writing #3
Develop 8-10 questions about two of the
following topics:
A city in the USA (you pick)
A famous celebrity (you pick)
A sport (you pick)
President Obama
Physical Therapy
Activity 20 page 88
Writing assignment #6
Follow the instructions on page 90,
Activity # 23. If you do not want to
write about a sport, you can write about
your favorite restaurant or your favorite
web site.
Wed Mar April 6
Helen Keller
Simple Past Tense of Irregular verbsreview
Making Be negative
Other negative verbs
Compound Sentences with but
Review: Present Progressive
In class writing- Activity 3
Sentences with and, so
In class writing
Wed April 13
Common Adverbs of manner
Write sentences describing what is
happening at the time.
Review: Going to and will
Time words and phrases
Going to and will: negative
More connector words-complex
April 20
Articles in a sentence a, an. and the
Questions with because
Wed April 27
In class writing
Review/Practice or unit 7:
Adjective Clauses and place phrases
with modals
Wh questions
Review /Practice
May 4
Make changes to the paragraph you did
last week using the editing that you got
from your partner
Activity 16 pg. 112
Writing assignment #7 Follow the
instructions on page 115. Write about
one of the following these topics
described on page 116:
An Important Person
What you did last weekend
A holiday that you and your family
spend together
Re-write the in class writing you did last
week making the corrections made.
Make the final changes of writing
assignment #6.
Make changes to the paragraph you did
last week using the editing that you got
from your partner.
Study using review section unit 8 and
the on line resources