Emmanuel C. Ifeachor
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Professor of Intelligent Electronic Systems, School of Computing, Communications and
Electronics, University of Plymouth
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Room 207, Smeaton Building, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
Telephone number:
Email address:
+44 1752 232574
1980 BSc (Hons) Communication Engineering, Plymouth University (formerly Polytechnic),
1981 MSc Communication Engineering and DIC, Imperial College, London,
1985 PhD Medical Electronics, Plymouth University
1988 CEng, MIEE
2002 MIEEE
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other current appointments.)
1996 – 1999 Head of School, SECEE, University of Plymouth
1996 – 2000 Wandel & Goltermann Professor of Intelligent Electronic Systems
1999 - Professor of Intelligent Electronic Systems,
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involvement. Refer to any specific clinical or research experience relevant to the current
Current projects (selected)
 Biomedical informatics in individualised assessment of dementia
 Biomarkers for early detection and characterisation of dementia
 Subject specific EEG analysis for early detection of dementia
 Source localisation for dementia diagnosis
 Clinical aspects of dementia EEG analysis
Completed research projects (selected)
 Henderson G, Early detection using the human electroencephalogram, PhD 2005.
 Dong C, Closed loop control of total intravenous anaesthesia, PhD 2003.
 Tilbury T J, Evaluation of intelligent medical systems, PhD, 2002.
 Skinner J, Intelligent techniques for reducing uncertainty in retrospective CTG
analysis, MPhil, 2002
 Riddington E, Automated interpretation of the background EEG using fuzzy logic,
PhD, 1998.
 Outram N J, Intelligent pattern analysis of foetal electrocardiogram, PhD, 1997.
 Gariboldi J M, Intelligent techniques for handling uncertainty in the assessment of
neonatal outcome, PhD, 1997.
 Keith R D F, Intelligent fetal monitoring and decision support in the management of
labour, PhD, 1993.
 Hellyar M T, Knowledge based digital signal processing of human EEG, PhD, 1991.
Research training: (Details of any relevant training in the design or conduct of research, for
example in the Clinical Trials Regulations, Good Clinical Practice or other training
appropriate to non-clinical research. Give the date of the training.)
Relevant publications: (Give references to all publications in the last two years plus other
publications relevant to the current application.)
 Ifeachor E C and Jervis B W. Digital Signal Processing – A Practical Approach, 2nd
Ed Prentice Hall, 2002 (933 pages).
 Lisboa P J G, Ifeachor E C and Szczepaniak P.S. (Eds). Artificial neural networks in
Biomedicine Springer, London, 2000. ISBN 1-85233-005-8 (287 pages).
 Biopattern Analysis and Subject-Specific Diagnosis and Care of Dementia E. C.
Ifeachor, G. T. Henderson, C. Goh, N. Hudson, S. Wimalaratna Proceedings of the
27th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, Shanghai, China
 Nonlinear methods for biopattern analysis: role and challenges E. C. Ifeachor, N. J.
Outram, G. T. Henderson, H. S. K. Wimalaratna, N. Hudson, R. Sneyd, C. Dong and
C. Bigan Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE
EMBS, San Francisco, CA, USA • September 1-5, 2004.
 ROC Analysis in the Evaluation of Intelligent Medical Systems Emmanuel C. Ifeachor
and Brahim Hamadicharef Proceedings of 1st European Workshop on the
Assessment of Diagnostic Performance (EWADP 2004), Milan, Italy, pp. 23-32, 2004
 Models for handling uncertainty in fetal heart rate and ECG analysis Ifeachor E C,
Curnow J S K, Outram N J and Skinner J F. Proceedings of the 23rd Annual
International Conference of the IEEE Engineering and Biology Society, Istanbul,
Turkey, October 2001.
 Development and Assessment of a Novel Method for Detecting Dementia using the
Human Electroencephalogram Geoff T. Henderson, Emmanuel C. Ifeachor, Nigel R.
Hudson and Sunil K. Wimalaratna Submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical
Engineering, 2005
 Medical signal processing Ifeachor E C.IEE Proc. Sci. Measurement and Technology,
147(6), 2000, 307-308.
 Prospects for routine detection of dementia using the fractal dimension of the human
electroencephalogram Henderson G T, Ifeachor E C, Wimalartna H S K, Allen E M
and Hudson N R. IEE Proc. Sci. Measurement and Technology, 47(6), 2000, 321326.
 Intelligent artefact identification in electroencephalography signal processing Wu J,
Ifeachor E C, Allen E M, Wimalaratna and Hudson N R. IEE Proc. Sci. Meas.
Technol., 144(5), 1997,193-201
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Ifeachor E C, Mapps D J, Allen E M and Hudson N R. Knowledge-Based Systems,
8(4), 1995, 164-173.
 Knowledge-based enhancement of EEG signals Ifeachor E C, Hellyar M T, Mapps D
J and Allen E M. Proc. IEE Radar and Signal Processing, 37, 1990, 302-310.
 Foetal monitor Keith R D F, Greene K R, Ifeachor E C and Westgate J. US Patent
 Medical Signal Analyser Keith R D F, Greene K R, Ifeachor E C and Westgate J.
International Patent Application Number PCT/GB93/01231, June, 1993.