Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Public Health Alliance of Colorado

Post-Doctoral Fellowship
VA Center for Clinical Management Research
University of Michigan School of Public Health
Center for Managing Chronic Disease, Ann Arbor, MI
The VA Center for Clinical Management Research in Ann Arbor, MI, and the
affiliated University of Michigan Center for Managing Chronic Disease (CMCD),
are seeking applications from qualified doctoral degree candidates or recent
doctoral graduates for a postdoctoral fellowship in health services research.
Candidates must have an interest in conducting health services research designed
to further the development and evaluation of interventions supporting the
management of chronic diseases affecting adults, particularly interventions
promoting the effective use of care teams, informal caregivers or family
supporters, and mobile technologies. Prior to the fellowship start date, applicants
need to have an earned doctorate in a discipline such as public health, health
psychology, social psychology, social work, health policy, organizational behavior,
medical informatics, pharmacy, or nursing.
Postdoctoral fellows are expected to collaborate on established projects and are
encouraged to lead analytic projects with an emphasis on study inception, data
collection, manuscript writing, and applying for grants. Emphasis will be given to
producing peer-reviewed publications in medical, health services, and public
health literature, taking advantage of locally available datasets. Research topics
of interest include social support, family, and community influences on chronic
disease management; patient activation and engagement in medical care of
chronic disease; and use of mobile technologies in chronic disease management.
Conceptualization of chronic disease is broad, and includes diabetes, heart
disease, lung disease, chronic pain and mental health conditions. Clinical focus is
on adult health conditions.
Mentorship will be primarily provided by Dr. Ann-Marie Rosland and Dr. John
Piette, with further mentorship or collaboration with other VA CCMR or UM
CMCD faculty as appropriate. Opportunities are available to attend research
seminars throughout the University of Michigan Schools of Medicine, Public
Health, Information, and elsewhere; VA CCMR; and the Institute of Healthcare
Policy and Innovation; as well as seminars specifically for health services post-
doctoral fellows.
Start date for the fellowship is flexible, but must occur between July 1 and
December 31, 2016. The fellowship can be renewed for a second year. Annual
salary is $45,900 for year 1, $48,400 for year 2, + health benefits. Research
assistant support is provided, along with funds to attend an annual professional
conference. This is a federal government position; U.S. citizenship is required.
We are an equal opportunity employer.
To apply please send:
 Cover letter including 1) Goals for post-doctoral fellowship, 2) Goals for career
after post-doctoral fellowship, 3) How applicant’s research interests are
relevant to the Veterans’ Health Administration and mentors’ research topics.
 Curriculum Vitae
 2-3 Reference Letters
 Writing Sample: PDF of published academic manuscript, or another academic
writing sample
Please send the above materials by email attachment to Shelley Stoll at
[email protected] by January 4, 2016.
Applicants who have not received their degree as of March 1, 2016, will need to
provide a letter from their dissertation committee chair indicating that the
applicant is on track to complete all requirements in fulfillment of their degree by
October 1, 2016. Applicants cannot be more than three years past receipt of their
For additional information see:
Dr. Rosland:
Dr. Piette:
VA CCMR Post-Doctoral Position Posting:
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