SPE111 Informative Speech Checklist

SPE111 Informative Speech Checklist
Chapter and/or page references from your text are included in ( ) after the questions.

Have you reminded yourself of your specific purpose? (8)

Have you finalized your thesis statement/central idea? (8)

Have you adapted your speech to the audience? (6 & 7)

Are the main points of your speech organized in a clear, easy to follow way? (11)

Are the main points of your speech roughly the same length? (11)

Are you using transitions between your main points? (11)

How effectively are you using examples, statistics, and testimony to support your
points? (9 & 10)

Are you citing at least five (5) different sources during your speech?

Are the sources you are using current and from credible and unbiased sources? (9
& 10)

Are you properly citing the sources you use during your speech? (pp.101-102)

Have you used an appropriate attention getting device to open your speech? (12)

Are you revealing the topic, establishing your credibility, and previewing the
main points during your introduction? (12)

Are you using a proper signal into your conclusion? (13)

Are you providing a brief summary during your conclusion? (13)

Do you have a strategy you are using to close out your speech? (13)

Have you constructed a detailed preparation outline that is properly formatted?

Have you created a neat and brief outline from which to speak? (124)

Are you utilizing at least one visual aid to use during your speech?

Have you completed your speech enough ahead of time to practice multiple

Will the speech fit in the allotted 5 to 7 minutes in order to avoid a time penalty?
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