Glossary List

Glossary List
English > English
Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts:
Visual Arts Dictionary: for artists, students and educators in art production,
criticism, history, aesthetics, and education.
Glossary of Movie related terms - EN
Glossary of terms and Symbols used in Pharmacology.
On line cancer medical dictionary. Incredible dictionary.
Insurance terms: all these below are in English, some have Spanish words. For
glossaries in French on the same subject see below.,,122,00.html
Glossary of Cardiovascular terms
Logistics glossary (very complete)
Logistics glossary (small)
Toxicology tests and testing
Also this link could be useful:
Try also these links:
ISI glossary of statistical terms:
Medscape, home of Medline, the prominent American medical abstracts database,
plus medical articles, treatments, technologies, drug info and more.
Orthodontics, an English dictionary of orthodontic and dental terms
BioTech's chemical acronyms database
Glossary of forestry terms:
Connectivity, Gateways, Messaging and Network Security Terms
Internet Protocols (IP)
Academic Information Technology Terms's database - over 3000 defined Computer/Internet related Terms.
The site is affiliated to Webpoedia at offers also a "term
of the day" newsletter, too!!
Oil and gas, general and metering and measuring.
One more EN-EN, pretty good, quite technical.
Fertility: Fertility treatments and transplantation technology. Infertility Glossary Fertility Solution Glossary Fertility Institute London Infertility Fertility Glossary
As a token of affection, uncle Bill provides us with these English glossaries:
IT for the enterprise
Virtual library - Law –. Monolingual English. Lots of links
CCTV Glossary
Closed Circuit Television Theory and Applications Glossary of Terms
Activity Detection - A feature used in multiplexers that uses video motion
detection techniques to improve the camera update times.
AGC Aperture Correction Aspect Ratio Attenuation Auto Balance Auto Light Range
Automatic Brightness Control Automatic Frequency Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Iris Lens Automatic Light Control Back Porch Bandwidth :
CCD TERMS AND DEFINITIONS AGC Automatic Gain Control. A circuit for
automatically controlling amplifier gain in order to maintain a constant output
voltage with a varying input voltage
Home theatre design - room acoustics and related topics. Terms in acoustics,
psychoacoustics, vision, audio/video, entertainment technologies and related
Onyx Software – Glossary
Java-Glossary - Sun Microsystems - very comprehensive
Business forecasting dictionary (EN-EN, 61 page PDF file)
Incoterms, Trade Terms, Shipping, etc... English > English
English slang - The following links might be helpful: (EN>Cockney)
American Business Jargon
Dictionary of American Regional English
American Slanguages
A Dictionary of rhyming slang
The Online Slang Dictionary
British Slang
A dictionary of Slang
Australian Slang
On line Dict. of Street Drug Slang, (Indiana Prevention Resource Center)
Reinsurance terms defined in British English.
Engineering terms
Railways in general and the UK in particular, with its rich and varied railway
history, contains many confusing terms, names and abbreviations, this glossary
will hopefully clarify some of them for you. The glossary currently has 958 entries.
Since it is maintained by the UK Heritage Railways Association, this is a good
place to research old trains and routes in Britain...
Technical water / water quality / environmental / water related terms
WATER WORDS DICTIONARY - A Compilation of Technical Water, Water
Quality, Environmental, and Water-Related Terms - Humongous!
From the NEVADA DIVISION OF WATER PLANNING Printed copies are also
available.Includes: Appendix, Table of Contents, Acronyms, Metric Conversion
Table and Flow Equivalents, Conversion Factors for Hydraulic Units of
MeasureDictionary References
Maritime/ merchant terms. One long HTML page.
Glossary of Common Marine Botany/Biology Terms (Short)
Marine biology oceans, coral, sea from Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity,
Ecology by Jeffrey Levinton (Oxford University Press, New York)
Short glossary on meanings of some terms used in marine biology.
(Mainly shells)
Coral reefs – NOAA - marine, biology, ocean, coral, reef. Extent and condition of
US coral reefs - glossary of terms. (Slow loading)
Glossary of coral marine life terms
Basic coral reef terms
Marine Life of Hawai'i - Glossary of Technical Terms (Very short) Hawaii Coral
Reef network - marine, biology, ocean, coral, reef
Drilling terms
Glossary of Airplane Parts
Offshore terms
Network / Telecomm Technical Glossary and acronyms - Robert Wheatley
Consulting Services
Forestry - Glossary - Quite comprehensive and useful for acronyms too.
Financial glossary - You will find a very complete financial glossary going to Help
section :
Microsoft Glossaries
Medline database via the US National Library of Medicine
California Energy Commission EN>EN glossary. Very useful.
All glossaries below are maintained by Intel.
Broadband technology.
Anti-aliasing. Gourad shading. Backface culling and other terms we love to
translate. The world of 3D. Really complete, don't miss it.
There are lots of other glossaries around the site, including downloadable pdfs I
suggest that those of you who translate IT to take a look
Dictionary Of Occupational Titles Index
St. Jude Medical - glossary on pacemakers and related material
English Language Reference - online dictionaries - This page allows you to enter
a word and then search for its meaning in multiple dictionaries. You can also find
idioms, phrases, rhymes, and thesaurus results for that word. The beauty of the
page is that the search result is displayed in the same page.
BIOS glossary - they are not very comprehensive but may help ISP Glossary Find
an ISP Term Search ISP Sites Search ISP
Resources ISP-Lists ISP Glossary ISP News Boardwatch
Glossary of Digital Camera/General Photography terms
Digital photography
A Glossary of Photographic Terms (EN)
U/W photography glossary
Digital cameras and thecnology
Glossary of Motion Picture Terms
Accounting glossaries
Senate terms (US senate)
smaller than CSPAN's congressional terms glossary located at:
Agriculture, social insects and miscellaneous glossaries
Glossary of Soil Microbiology Terms
Soil science
Torre Buneo's Glossary for Social Insects- Ants wasps bees....
Agribusiness management. Strangely enough, I just had a look at it and it
looks more like international trade to me
RMS.html - Dairy terms. Huge.
Farm structure definitions
Bioenergy glossary
Glossary of Nuclear Terms - This is the website of the Uranium Institute, the
International Association for Nuclear Energy. The site provides public information
on uranium, nuclear fuel, nuclear power and related topics.
Exhibitor's glossary - The language used in the assembly of booths and other
types of stalls and stands in trade shows and fairs.
Textile - Fairly extensive textile glossaries
Rice terminology
Financial terms in plain English - From the Plain English Campaign:
"Plain English Campaign brings light to technical language which is dark and
troubling for many people. This excellent guide will help ordinary people
understand financial, tax and legal documents."
Assessment terms glossary - (Nebraska Dept. of Education) Quite
Silicon valley slang - This one is a just plain funny. I found things like angry
garden salad, cappuccino sipper, overmac'ed, meeting engineer, chartware. Do
they really talk like that ? What a crowd! I guess pressure is not a deterrent to
sense of humour...
Surety Glossaries
TransHub - The Encyclopedia of Terminology
The Northwest Masonry Guide - Glossary of Masonry Terminology
Reference/classic works in English
The Reader's Handbook BY E. COBHAM BREWER. Extract from the Preface
The object of this Handbook is to supply readers and speakers with a lucid
but very brief account of such names as are used in allusions and references,
whether by poets or prose writers, - to furnish those who consult it with the plot of
popular dramas, the story of epic poems, and the outline of well-known tales...
And many other searchable classic works - e.g. Brewer's Phrase and Fable,
Webster's Dictionary, The Koran, The Hobson Jobson Dictionary of Anglo-India
Terms, Simonds History of American Literature, Dictionary of Synonyms,
Dictionary of Quotations, Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, Roget's
Thesaurus, A Dictionary of Quotations, and more...
Advertising Slogans - Need inspiration for a slogan or heading? Trying
desperately to remember the other half of the half-remembered slogan
that you're about to transform into a snappy lead-in? Try:
New Zealand Digital Library- Searchable databases: medical, computer
science, arabic, women’s studies, UN Collections, Environment etc. Full
text search in manu DBs. Excellent site!
Language of the food industry / supermaket glossary
Financial glossary - It´s very good!
Environment glossary
Electricity terms - Fairly comprehensive, good explanations.
Smiley dictionary - Smileys and short chat and e-mail
Smiley dictionary - On the same subject... one of the web's largest smiley
collections, organised into heading like "moods", "actions", "descriptions",
"occupations" etc. is run by a close personal friend of mine: Over 800 [!!!] smilies at
present, and I'm told that a soon-to-be-produced update will take the total to an
astonishing 1200 (you heard it here first...)
Glossary of financial terms - "The purpose of this Glossary of Financial Terms is
to provide a reference source for individuals making personal and business
financial decisions on investments, insurance, and financial planning.
Insulin pump terminology - Short and Snappy - Insulin Pump Terms
Mutual funds glossary - Short but very specific.
Drinking water glossary - Short but to the point. Words related to water
Quality control.
Borders' Dictionary of Health Physics
Folk Musical Instruments & Styles from around the World
Timber and forests - Developed for teaching kids, but the key timber and forest
terms are there.
Kaiser Foundation
Semiconductors - Comprehensive. Downloadable as a .pdf file.
Siemens Financing Glossary of Terms
Siemens Communication Glossary
Agriculture, trade, GATT A Glossary of Terms
Diving glossary (Monolingual English,
brief and clear definitions) (Monolingual English,
brief definitions again)
Personal injury law - Monolingual English. Plain language definitions related to
personal injury law.
Lymphoma glossary - Pretty big monolingual English glossary. Links to other
cancer glossaries on the bottom of the page.
Telecommunications - Huge. Searchable, downloadable (.pdf), list of
abbreviations. This glossary is the hypertext version of Federal Standard 1037C,
Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, 1996. , generated on 1996, so not exactly
up to date. Developed by the National Communications System and the
Department of Defense--the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS), of the
Department of Commerce and NTIA.
Gold mining glossary - anglogold
Consumer Energy Information - Glossary of Energy Terms
Glossary of House-Building Terms: All Around The House - Electrospec
PDR prescription drugs - PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs
Drugs used in Arab countries
Glossary of Paper-making Terms - Paper Federation of Great Britain Glossary of
Paper-Making Terms
Broadcast glossary - Good definitions. Comprehensive material
Information technology, technical, environment - Monolingual English Over
3,000 defined computer- and Internet-related terms
Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm.
On-line Dictionary of Computing
Engineering electronic library
The environment
Glossary of Inventory and Materials Management Definitions - (Institute of
Logistics and Transport - Special Interest Group).
Strategic Business Process Reengineering Glossary
Corporate volunteering glossary - Canadian Centre for Business in the
Community Taking Action on Corporate Social Responsibility
Tipography glossary – English (see also multi + French)
Phytosanitary Irradiation Terms - Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms
Classics Technology Center - This is the portal to the future of Classics
education. Here you find Free teaching and learning materials, systems, and
applicationsdeveloped by teachers for teachers (and students, too). These
resources are updated two-or-more times weekly by thecontributions of educators
from around the world.
Paranormal - Ghostly Glossary 20 ghost-hunting terms
Glossary of Metaphysical Terms About 50 terms
Brief glossary of parapsychological terms Very brief, in fact - about 30 terms
Ophthalmology - A monolingual English dictionary for terminology used in the
study of human and animal vision. It includes terms from the areas of
biological and machine vision, visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience and other
related fields.
Monolingual English glossary of Ophthalmic terms
Insurance & planning terms - Very good to consult but do not copy it, please!
Monolingual English Insurance and Planning terms.
Insurance terms
Real estate terms - If you expect them all together that is not what you will find!
Monolingual English
Australian slang
AMA Health Insight - General Health Medical Glossary.
EAST WEST CLINIC main information page with explanations on: foot massage,
health practitioners, doctor of chinese medicine Chinese Herbology |
Acupuncture | Massage Therapy | Reflexology Directions to
East West Clinic
CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Catalog of Herbs Chinese Herbal Medicine, A
Benefit to Mankind Using Herb
GMHC AIDS Medical Glossary – government approval of a new treatment for
sale based on early surrogate marker data from clinical studies. The purpose of
accelerated approval is to hasten the availability of new drugs for life-threatening ...
Games glossary for kids
Mayo Clinic drug names - Searchable for drugs, diseases, etc. Useful site.
Monolingual English
Biblical archaelogy A very comprehensive glossary.
Giant Glossary of Electronic Terminology
Computer sciences dictionary On-line version of the DICTIONARY OF PC
edition, 1996). "This comprehensive dictionary provides descriptions of complex
terms of two of the most volatile and interesting areas of computer development:
personal computers and networks. It contains up-to-date information about
everything from a common item like 'batteries' to an obscure font technology called
Lexicon computer sciences and technology INTERSIL Lexicon of
Semiconductor Terms. "This commercial site explains many of the terms used in
discussing semiconductors and provides a clear overview of their manufacturing
Dictionary of internet language NETLINGO: An Internet Language Dictionary
created by; "Netlingo is an online dictionary about the Internet. In
contains hundreds of words and definitions that describe the technology and
community world of the Web."
Conversions - There are conversions for all sorts of things here (US >UK and
European > UK) and also a few lists of AE/BE vocab. differences:
Rowing and paddling glossary - Very short glossary
Disinfection terms
Radiation and Waste Safety Nuclear radiation-related terms
Localization includes various kinds of information about localization, including a
Smart Card Glossaries
Glossary (e-commerce terms) This is a glossary of e-commerce terms
pertaining to the activities of theEuropean Electronic Messaging Association, a
European Forum for electronicbusiness founded in 1987.
Marketing and marketing research
A large marketing glossary in English
And one on marketing research in English
Coffee Terminology Glossary
Glossary of Sausages and Prepared Meats
Glossary of Computing Terms (IBM) Contains much of the appreciated "IBM
Dictionary of Computing". There is a downloadable PDF at
Glossary of Food Safety Terms
Glossary of Food Irradiation Terms
Surfactants resource page - Monolingual English. This URL leads to the
Surfactant Virtual Library (tensoactive agents), it's more comprenhensive than a
glossary. Here you can check out papers, links to associations, formulas...
Finance, markets
Finance, Markets II
Drilling / oil industry - A monolingual English glossary of selected terms used in
drilling / oil industry:
Dictionary of cancer terms
Tropical fruit - botanical x common names of tropical exotic fruits.
Construction science glossary (NRC, Canada)
Finance - Portal of EN/EN Glossaries - "Wachowicz's Web World - Glossary":
wide-ranging selection of general and specialized glossaries in the field of finance;
w/exception of "Axone/Tradition" database of financial terminology in
EN<>FR<>IT<>DE, all glossaries referenced are monolingual - EN/EN
Apocalyptic glossary
Flag Glossaries and Terminology (Vexillology)
North American Vexillological Association
Biology Teaching Organisation. The University of Edinburgh
The Genomics Lexicon, a joint project of the Pharmaceutical Research
and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the Foundation for Genetic
Medicine, Inc. (FGM), is a searchable database of terms and definitions.
Microbial Genetics Glossary
Medical dictionaries & glossaries, including diseases, medical care, medical
organizations, alternative medicine.>
Medical definitions in US English (good):>
Medscape, home of Medline, the prominent American medical abstracts
database, plus medical articles, treatments, technologies, drug info
and more.
English<>Welsh lexicon, 15000+ entries
Computing terms - AOL COMPUTING'S WEBOPEDIA is your source for
accurate, up-to-date information about computers and the Internet. Definitions are
accompanied by related links to other great pages on the Web. To find what you
need, enter a search term or browse by category.
Sugar glossary
Culinary glossaries
EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Terms used in the automated design of
integrated electronic circuits.
Harboiled detective stories slang - Monolingual English Detective Stories Slang.
E.g. "I jammed the roscoe in his button and said, 'Close your yap, bo, or I squirt
Auto industry terms - Short glossary with terms used by the auto industry defined
in English.
Dermatological/cosmetic glossary
Printing terms
Euro glossary
Scorpion terminology & morphology basitarsus, carapace, fixed finger, lateral
eyes, median, law, mesosomal segment, opisthosoma, patella, spiracle, sternite,
sternum, tergite, terminal claws, tibia, venom gland, vesicle
Source: Dr. Scott Stockwell. Clicking on one of the 84 terms in the alphabetical list
at the left side will bring up its definition in the window to the right.
TV glossaries
Philips TV Glossary
Toshiba TV Glossary
Mitsubishi TV Glossary Glossary
PAL System Glossary
Thomson Glossary
Sony Glossary (
Sony Glossary (
Multimedia Glossary
Satellite delivery technologies glossary
Communication studies, cultural studies, media studies - A marvellous
glossary for those who are dealing with cultural studies and related subjects:
California Air Resources Board, glossary of air pollution terms
Glossary of Environmental Terms
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) glossary
EPA: The Plain English Guide To The Clean Air Act
Air Quality Glossary
Air Pollution Glossary
Air pollution links
Nikon glossaries - This page has good monolingual English glossaries on
Bioscience, Industrial and Photographic Equipment.
Modern Life Glossary - It contains all sorts of things and could be very useful.
Monolingual English.
Beer Glossary
Science and technology dictionary - It's said to be the largest scientific
dictionary ever compiled in the English language to the Web. You can search from
over 130,000 terms defined in 130 fields of science.
Acronym lookup
Inductel's Home Page
WWLIA Legal Dictionary
Duhaime's legal dictionary
Wine and winemaking - A tip-top glossary from a site down under: "The Oxford
Companion to Wine",4386,,00.html
Botanical Terms - A glossary of botanical terms, common names, etc.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Cisco networking Cisco - xDSL Glossary"
Cisco - Internetworking Terms and Acronyms"
Cisco - Frame Relay Glossary"
HP Scanner glossary - Glossary of scanner terms from HP. MonoEnglish
20th century history glossary
Glossary of european noble, princely, royal and imperial titles
Diplomatic glossary
Financial glossaries
Truck terms - Glossary of truck terms. Monolingual English.
Procedural times glossary
Machine learning glossary
Glossary of psycholinguistic terms
Medical terms - Welcome to the Dictionary! Premier resource for
health terms 100% doctor-produced by
For everyone concerned about health. A quick and easy-access, reliable reference
9.000 terms. Monolingual English.
International Classification of Diseases - An English-language key to the code
numbers of the 9th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9)
Glossary of Gastrointestinal Medical Terms - American Society for
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy glossary. Monolingual English
c++ glossary
Component software glossary
Direct marketing glossaries
Internet Music Resources (comprehensive, search engine)
Encyclopedia of Traditional Celtic Music
Instrument Encyclopedia
Glossary of gaming terms
International Classification of Diseases - An English-language key to the code
numbers of the 9th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9)
Medical glossaries - List of 59 medical glossaries, mainly but not entirely in
English (Note that as the URL is longer than one line you will have to copy
it. Clicking won't work.):
Dictionary of the heart
Parachutes and Skydiving
Symbols in literature and language learning
Agriculture database
Computer sciences & technology
Blank maps (any country or continent).
Technical theatre terms
Travel Documents - Glossary Of Terms
Soil science
Library Preservation Glossary - preservation, conservation, library, books,
papers, etc.
Elemental analysis - TJA Solutions - glossary - 27 basic terms
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Glossary - long
Fire debris analysis terms - forensics, arson, fire, debris. Source: IAAI forensic
science committee. Glossary of terms related to chemical and instrumental
analysis of fire debris.
Global Disaster glossary Here's one I found while searching for CONSTRUCT.
High quality. Global Disaster Information Network A Framework II. Context --Reference and Glossary of Terms
Agriculture – (Downloadable)
Glossary Of Windsurfing Terminology 270 terms approx.
Crops science Crop science glossary. Monolingual English with Common names
and Scientific names. The glossary is composed of three sections: (i) a general
glossary, compiled from submissions from ad hoc committees of all Society
divisions except Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics (C-7); (ii) a glossary of terms
pertinent primarily to cell biology and molecular genetics, compiled from
submissions from a similar ad hoc committee from Division C-7; and (iii) a glossary
of crop scientific nomenclature, compiled by a Society-wide ad hoc subcommittee
chaired by Dr. Fred L. Patterson.
Dental terms with diagrams
Profotos reference desk - photo glossary
Auto Makers:
Pontiac- almost the same entries as the GMC glossary
Mercedes Benz Engineering
Rolls-Royce Automotive Glossary
Land Rover Glossary
Nissan Auto Jargon Glossary
Ford Probe GT Glossary
Gillespie Ford Glossary
Toyota Automotive Glossary
Subaru Automotive Glossary
Lotus Automotive Glossary
Dodge Ram Glossary of Truck Terms
Operas and composers A Pronunciation Guide
Medical abbreviations
Virtual Hospital
or clinical guidelines
Chemistry Glossaries - MonoEN
Glossary of Medicinal Chemistry
"WORDS OF ART" - EN>EN art glossary - Art and art theory/history terminology.
Some parts still under construction, but comprehensive and useful nonetheless.
Financial Glossary
Auto glossaries - Automotive painting terminology (EN-EN)
Vehicle automation glossary (EN-EN)
Voice mail glossary
Contigency analysis glossary
Wireless LAN glossary
Aircraft - Expanded aircraft acronyms. Page downloading a bit slow. Monolingual
Phytomedicine glossaries - adaptogen, hebs, plants, alternative medicine,
phytomedicine, nutrients. 1) Glossary of the medicinal properties and effects of
herbs; (2) Herbal products page; click on the topic links at lower part to go to the
page for the indicated subject; (3) The herbal encyclopaedia; glossary
And definitions - a guide to those difficult, confusing, and hard to
Understand terms and jargon; (4) Here you will find information on herbal
ingredients; for information on general herbal and nutritional terms see the
dictionary; for information on vitamin and mineral ingredients see nutrient
glossary; (5) Small, but not negligible, herbal glossaries; (6) glossary for
A beastly garden of wordy delights - Animal Collective Nouns, Offspring, Animal
Sounds, Animal Adjectives, Kid's Riddles
Music - Arrangement, Forms and Structures Beat, Meter, Rhythm and Tempo
Composition and Harmony Dance, Effects, Embellishments and Ornaments
Ensembles, Combos, Groups and Bands, Genres Instruments, Nationality Pitch,
Notation, Mensuration and Dynamics, Recording, Processing, Sessions and Sound
Styles, Vocal, Perfomance, People, Technique, music, musical. Search or browse
by subject.
Metalurgy and steel - Search or browse. 1000 terms. Downloadable metal weight
converter & calculator available on the site. (Click on Downloads)
Rock, mineral, and gemstone terms - a comprehensive list of terms with
definitions and explanations re: the subjects of minerals and gemstones.
Satellite TV - satellite, digital TV, DTV - skydigital, UK cable/satelite TV provider.
A concise but nice glossary about satelite and digital TV
Headache & neuralgia terms - headache, analgesic, pain, migraine attack,
neuralgia. Small glossaries of terms with definitions. Although not comprehensive
both can be of help. Useful for quick reference.
Neurosurgery terms - neurosurgery, brain, facial ache, trigeminal ache.
Dermatologic terminology - skin, challenge test, fungal infection, inflammation,
healing, epidermis, dermatology, medical.
Orthopaedic terms - bone, orthopaedic, anchor, soft tissue attachment,
repairment, fracture, test. (1) Description of orthopedic terms; (2) description of
commonly used orthopedic/neurological tests given during IME.
Neuralgia glossary - ache, analgesia, NSAID, anxiety, caffeine, disorders,
rebound headache, migraine, neuralgia, pain, medications. Terms and definitions
with lots of reference sources related to the subject consulted.
Acid Deposition and Air Pollution (WWF) - World Wide Fund for Nature - Acid
Deposition and Related Air Pollution terms. Around 70 terms, aimed
at the intelligent layman. (watch the wrap! copy and paste the URL!)
Linguistics glossary - Linguistics, speech acts, pragmatics. Very useful for those
of you who are into linguistics and grammar terminology. Comprehensive and clear
Computer SPAM glossary - fairly thorough rundown of terms relating to Internet
abuse used by network administrators. Ever wonder why unsolicited commercial email is called SPAM? This site will tell you!
Biological Sciences Virtual reference desk
Woods of the world - common names - botanical, wood, common names.
Comprehensive listing of woods from around the world.
Cordblood banking glossary - stem cells, transplantation, biotechnology,
umbilical cord, blood bank, newborns. A short glossary of terms relating to the
storage of umbilical cord blood from newborns for future stem cell transplantation.
In American English.
Antonyms, homonyms, meronyms, holonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, synonyms
Dictionary. Search for opposite meaning, whole object, more general/specific
term, parts of object, related words, cause/entailment, attributes and familiarity for
nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. A MUST for writers of English!
Neurology -Neurologic Terms (list of terms in English)
Neuropsychological Terms
Neuropsychological Test Descriptions
Studio materials (props, prop trucks, etc) (grip truck) (prop truck) (high-lift truck)
Swiss Watch Dictionary - Swiss Watch Dictionary in English - some French.
Cleaning Products & Equipment EN>EN - industrial, cleaning
vacuum, cleaner EN>EN
Dicitionary of Financial Risk Management
International Financial Encyclopaedia
For list of dictionaries (with links):
Portal, glossary EN>EN - It's called Randy's links, Part 2 (I didn't search for Part
1): sailing, boating, marine, weather, etc. Links to all kinds of great sites, including
Life Sciences EN>EN
Internet Domain Glossary
Glossary of Fraud Schemes and Terms - Corruption & ethics, fraud, schemes,
unlawful practices, Mc2 Management Consulting EN<>EN
Corruption, politics EN>EN - Short list of political corruption terms from political
insider Jim Hightower
Glossary of Ethics terms - Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science
Victorian underworld slang EN>EN Victorian, slang, 19th century, underworld,
cockney. 19th Century British Slang - Lower Class and Underworld. Apparently for
a role-playing game, but interesting. Includes some thieves' & tinkers' cants,
(Cockney) Back-slang & rhyming slang etc.
Human Rights Glossary - human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Bill of Rights - part of University of Minnesota Human Rights
Resource Center site covering wide range of human rights issues. Site
includes text of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and US Bill of
Legal defense terms glossary
Mythology (Bulfinch) - Mythology, Greek, Roman, The Age of Fable, online
searchable version of the Age of Fable by Bulfinch
Medical glossaries portal - Search for 'Glossary' came up with 51 entries. Eg. MS
Glossary, Prostate, Diabetes, cardiac arrest, prozac, HIV vaccine, molecular
genetics, amongst others.
Glossary of Automotive Terms
Prison slang (US) - prison, slang, criminal, inmate - Interesting glossary, mostly
slang from California prisons. As far as I could tell the site is maintained by
prisoner's doing time. The glossary is not very long but really specific. Don't miss
the Prison Maxims, for morsels of prison wisdom. On the bottom of the page more
links to Juvenile word list:. From juvenile facilities.
Glossary of the Low Life. New York Prison Slang: Maintained by a correctional
officer. One Look: Internet dictionary search, including this page.
Street Gang Slang: Includes some prison terms. Texas Definitions and
Acronyms,Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes: A dictionary of hardboiled detective slang
(previously featured at GlossPost)
Genomics lexicon - analyte, antibody, antigen, biochemical stock, bioinformatics,
biotechnology, carcinogen, DNA, chromosome, embryo transfer, genomics, full
gene sequence, immunosuppressant, mapping, recombinant, transgenic. The
Genomics Lexicon is a searchable database of terms and definitions created in
order to help to educate the public, facilitate informed policy discussions, and
enable precise understanding and communication related to genetic medicine.
Social Costs and Combined Transport (ECMT) - social costs, combined
transport, transport statistics, OECD, Railway Transport, Road Transport,
Inland Waterways Transport, Oil Pipeline Transport, Maritime Transport,
Intermodal Transport. ECMT European Conference of Ministers of Transport
Downloadable .pdfs (English) for French see below
Colour science glossary - brightness, colorants, turbid medium, illuminants, UV
calibrator, fluorescence.
Midi and Digital Audio terms - audio, Midi and Digital Audio basic terms
Piping glossaries - pipes, piping, tubes, joints
The Cook's Thesaurus - food, cooking, cookery, culinary, cuisine. A beautiful
online encyclopedia of foods! Lots of pics too. Enjoy!
Glossary of reprographic terms - reprography, reprographic, printing
Cave terms - Mammoth cave, geology
Hacker Jargon - hacker, computer security, slang, jargon. If you have a minute
check this site out.
The Stitch Glossary - needlework, needlepoint, embroidery, sewing, canvas,
thread, stitch, stitching - "The Stitch Glossary - an on-line glossary of over 145
embroidery, counted, canvas work, Hardhanger, drawn-thread and pulled-thread
stitches with full instructions and diagrams demonstrating needlework techniques"
Dictionary of Units - Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Temperature, Density
Pressure, Stress Speed Fuel, Consumption Power, Energy, Specific Energy, Mass
Specific Energy, Volume Force Torque, Flow Rate, Mass Flow Rate, Volume
Spread Rate, Mass, Spread Rate, Units, Measurements. Summary of units of
measurements used worldwide, with some historical measurements. The units and
their explanations can be accessed via category, for example, length, area,
volume, mass, density, power, pressure, speed, energy, and force, or via an
alphabetical list. There is also a discussion of the UK Imperial system, and
metrication in the UK and USA. Author: Centre for Innovation in Mathematics
Environmental & environment related acronyms - Australian Environment
Portfolio - environment, agricultural, impact, map, projection, environment
protection. List of searchable acronyms relating to the environment, including
commonly used computing terms, chemical compounds, acronyms for
overseas environmental and aid agencies, as well as environmental agencies in
Australia. Although specifically covering Australian agencies and
terminology, the list may be of assistance to anyone interested in environmental
studies. The list can be searched by acronym or by related
Film Terms - filmmaking, art, film production - Definitions of film-related terms
arranged alphabetically and by categories such as the film itself, camera
equipment, types of shots and coverage, sound, editing, and video transfer.
Author: Joel Schlemowitz. Please note: The Glossary and Index can be somewhat
slow to load at first, but once they are in your browser’s cache they do speed up a
International Financial Encyclopaedia - company, organization, technology,
financial product, financial engineering, market, standard. Encyclopaedia of
financial terms, including a number of standard terms which are accepted by the
ISO (International Standards Organisation). Author: Information Innovation
Diamond Trade Glossary - diamond, trade, appraisal
InvestorWords- Investing Glossary - accidental death benefit, accommodation
paper, monetary policy, account , investment, investing. Glossary of over 4000
terms relevant to investment, with over 15,000 links between related words.
InvestorWords is the most comprehensive financial glossary you'll find anywhere.
Author: Webfinance
Lexicon of Semiconductor terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms - channel,
chip carrier, data, device, microcomputer, semiconductors, acronyms, abbrvs.
Source: Harris Corp. Intersil has assembled this Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms,
Abbreviations and Acronyms to improve understanding of the exciting world of
semiconductors.A dictionary of brief definitions of semiconductor terms and
Nonverbal dictionary - anatomical position, balance, emotion, electric brain, facial
recognition, love signal, nonverbal language. Source: David B Givens. Dictionary
of gestures, signs, and body language cues from the Centre for Nonverbal Studies
which aims to advance the study of human communication
in all forms excepting oral means. Draws on the work of anthropologists,
archaeologists, biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and
semioticians to provide a compendium of brief essays on the way people
say things without speaking.
Olives - It's not a glossary, but you might still find something here (Australian
Olive Association) or on the 2nd URL (International Agreement on Olive Oil, it
includes some classifications and definitions of olive oil for international trade);Request=TREATYBYLOC;For
Space and electronic warfare glossary - military, space & electronic combat,
electronic warfare, command & control, weaponry, general warfare, information
warfare, special warfare, non-lethal weapons, computers, the Internet, emerging
technology, and kindred topics. Contains acronyms, abbreviations and terms
relating to the military, space & electronic combat, electronic warfare, command &
control, weaponry, general warfare, information warfare, special warfare, non-lethal
weapons, computers, the Internet, emerging technology, and kindred topics. )
Satellites and NASA - satellites, communications
Federal Standards Glossary:
Glossary of Communications Terms
SBSA Glossary
NASA Glossary of Terms - NASA, space, satellites, shuttles
more satellites and NASA
Metallurgic terms glossary - metallurgy, metalworking, aluminium, brass, copper,
carbon steel, stainless steel
Welding terms Glossary - metallurgy, metalworking, welding
Intel Small Business Technology Glossary - small business, computer
Laser Display Glossary
Consultancy terms EN>EN, EN>ES - business, consulting, consultancy
Glossary of Mental Disorders - pathology, psychiatric, psychiatry
Hurricane glossary - National Hurricane Center & Tropical Prediction Center
Glossary of NHC Terms - all about hurricanes
Typesetting & Publishing Glossary (Australia)
Agricultural terms, programs & laws - agriculture, agricultural, crops. Source:
House Committee on Agriculture (US Govt.). A Glossary of Agricultural Terms,
Programs and Laws - large! Also downloadable as a 180page (782kB) Adobe
*.PDF file...
Radiology, diagnostic imaging, MRI, nuclear medicine
ACR Index of Radiologic Diagnoses/Pathology Codes
Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology By Systems - CHORUS
Emergency Medicine Text
MRI Glossary
Multimedia Radiology Textbooks
Nuclear Medicine Textbook
Radiology Center - Martindale's Guide
Radiology Glossary (Gray Lab)
Radiology Glossary
Radiology, medical
MRI, diagnostic imaging, medical
Neurosurgery, brain, facial ache, trigeminal ache.
Wine Tasting terminology - wine tasting, colour, smell, taste, finish
The Catholic Encyclopaedia - religion, Catholic, Catholicism
Bone, orthopaedic, anchor, soft tissue attachment, repairment, fracture, test.
(1) Description of orthopedic terms; (2) description of commonly used
orthopedic/neurological tests given during IME.
Skin, challenge test, fungal infection, inflammation, healing, epidermis,
dermatology, medical
Neuralgia, headache, analgesic, pain, migraine attack,. Small glossaries of terms
with definitions. Although not comprehensive both can be of help. Useful for quick
Ache, analgesia, NSAID, anxiety, caffeine, disorders, rebound headache,
migraine, neuralgia, pain, medications. Terms and definitions with lots of reference
sources related to the subject consulted. Comprehensive.
Life sciences
Stem cells, transplantation, biotechnology, umbilical cord, blood bank, newborns. A
short glossary of terms relating to the storage of umbilical cord blood from
newborns for future stem cell transplantation. In AmeEn.
The Genomics Lexicon is a searchable database of terms and definitions
created in order to help to educate the public, facilitate informed policy
discussions, and enable precise understanding and communication related
to genetic medicine. Analyte, antibody, antigen, biochemical stock, bioinformatics,
biotechnology, carcinogen, DNA, chromosome, embryo transfer, genomics, full
gene sequence, immunosuppressant, mapping, recombinant, transgenic.
Epidemiology - bias, odds radio, prevalence, risk factor
cross-over experiment, first-order kinetics, hazard, narcotics, drugs, pharmacology
The Exploding Dictionary - The basic idea was to take a set of publicly available
dictionaries, index them into a SQL database, and then cross-reference them to
near death.
Composting - composting, residues, sanitation - glossary with definitions
Illustrated Catalog of Parts (many fields) Books, Cable & Connectors,
Consumables, Electrical, Electronic, Health & Safety, Information Technology,
Mechanical, Office Equipment, Power Supplies, Test & Measurement, Tools. Not
exactly a dictionary, but may be used as a pictorial dictionary. Good for identifying
relevant terminology. Many different ways to search (by keyword, category,
Purchasing -- legal, business
Mammals - zoology, animals, scientific names, common names. A wealth of
information on Mammals: you can search by common name or scientific name, at
the Smithsonian Institution, Washington. The Mammal Species of the World
(MSW) contains the names of the 4,629 currently recognized species of mammals,
in a taxonomic hierarchy that includes Order, Family, Subfamily, and Genus.
Botanical Dermatology Database - Humongous database. BoDD is an electronic
re-incarnation of BOTANICAL DERMATOLOGY by J Mitchell & A Rook, which was
originally published in 1979 by Greengrass Ltd, Vancouver [ISBN 0-88978-047-1].
This updated on-line version is made available to you with the kind permission of
the original authors.
Museology - British Museum - history, research techniques, ancient objects.
Clicking at any of the objects will take you to research techniques, with a small
illustrated explanation about Radiocarbon dating, for instance.
Virtual tour of the museum:
ISI Glossary of Statistical Terms
Computing acronyms
Demography, population, demographics
Shoes – footwear - ancient and modern terms
Cable modem glossaries - high speed Internet, ISP, hardware
904troub.htm#xtocid64993 (Cisco-Scroll down)
Earth's Interior & Plate Tectonics - geology, plate tectonics, earth. Glossary of
geological terms relating to the inner earth. The site also contains a humongous
table of contents on the solar system, space, astronomy, etc.
Exploratorium natural science, reference, museum, art, human perception. Not a
glossary, but an online museum, full of information and links. The museum of
science, art and human perception.
ASDL terms - high-speed Internet, ASDL, ISP
Bicycle, cycling, bike, biking, biker - Technical and large
Glossary of Coral Reef Terminology at the National Oceanographic Data Center
and Noaa website. Not only this, but lots of links and weather issues. And stunning
Sign language dictionaries American sign language, body language, ASL terms,
dictionary. Non verbal dictionary. Body, gesture and sign language (by the Centre
for Nonverbal Studies)
A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms (American sign language). You need
Quicktime to view the animations.
Sign Language Browser - Needs Quicktime to view the thousands of signs
Gay, slang
London Slang
New Zealand, idioms, slang - New Zealand expressions (translated into EN)
Australian Hypocoristics - searchable database of Australian place-names and
other word clippings
The Nonsensicon (non existent words and their meaning) NONSENSE>EN
Scottish Slang Productions - collection of Scottish slang phrases recorded
in and around London by true Scots. WAV and Real Audio files available
Medicine - InteliHealth is a group of creative, energetic, quality-driven people
who are passionate about their mission to promote good health. We accomplish
this goal by providing credible information and useful products from the most
trusted sources, including Harvard Medical School and University of Pennsylvania
School of Dental Medicine. Millions of people around the world are touched by the
power of InteliHealth each month. Established in 1996, InteliHealth has become
one of the leading health information companies in the world. InteliHealth is a
subsidiary of Aetna U.S. Healthcare. A huge site on medicine, mantained by
Johns Hopkins School.
On the left colum, click on Health A to Z and you will end up in a
glossary, not only a glossary, but lots of explanations about diseases
and symptoms. Also, the latest news about new therapies and an online dictionary,
Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary.
CAS Chemical Terminology etc. - chemicals, medical - Not only chemical
terminology, but looks to have some medical content and other related matter. In
fact, the whole site looks well worth a visit.
MP3 Speak - MP3, CD, WAP, jitter, burning - Brief but informative and attractively
laid out.
ISO, International Standards Organization EN >EN Glossary
Two & Three letter ISO codes for languages
A complete list of the ISO currency codes
Encyclopaedia of financial terms, including a number of standard terms, which are
accepted by the ISO (International Standards Organisation)
European Culture in the Latin Middle Ages - vellum, neume, type, manuscripts,
Middle Ages. Quite short. Most terms are manuscript-related
Glossary of Ophthalmic Abbreviations & Acronyms - eye, medicine
Classical Music glossary
Chocolate glossary - Small, but delicious
Musical acoustics - musical intruments, history of music, a comprehensive site,
with related links, photos etc.
Telephone Diagrams and Glossary - Two sites with detailed diagrams of
common desk-type telephones, clearly indicating the names of all the components
(i.e., switchhook, receiver, handset, etc.). The second site also has a glossary of
telephone terms.
Applied kinesiology glossary EN>EN
Kinesiology - muscle, techniques, testing - Terminology in specialized
Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology and Manual Kinesiology. Most of them using
different terminology.
Kinesiology - Short glossary EN>EN (see IT correspondent)
Physiotherapy glossary & links - musculoskeletal management, occupational
therapy - Glossary of Physiotherapy Terms:
Physiotherapy Links
Botanical Terms - abc soil, abruptly pinnate, palmate, botany, botanical,
gardening. A collection of gardening and botanical terms. The index is organised
by the first two letters of the word or phrase you wish to look up, so that when you
check (for example) "palmate", you are presented with every term in the database
that begins with "pa-".
Social psychology glossary - EN>EN (US) University of Richmond
Radiology and medical glossaries EN>EN (MULTI)
Radiology EN>EN- imaging, magnetic resonance, diagnosis
ACR Index of Radiologic Diagnoses/Pathology Codes
Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
EMG site
MRI Glossary
Multimedia Radiology Textbooks
Nuclear Medicine Textbook
Radiology Center - Martindale's Guide
Radiology Glossary (Gray Lab)
Radiology Glossary
Medical tests & diagnostic interpretation, laboratory values EN>EN
Emergency Medicine Text
Coagulation Tests
Common Medical Tests
Dermatology Tests
Diagnostic Test Interpretation
Endocrinology Tests
Genetic Testing
Lab Tests (Search-Specialty)
Medical/Lab Diagnostic Tests
Nephrology Tests
Neurology Lab Tests
Neuropsychological Tests
Normal Lab Values (Merck)
Oncology Tests
Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)
Pulmonary Test Descriptions
Rheumatology Tests
Infectious Disease Labs
Lab Handbook/U of MI
Lab Handbook/U of VA
Cell biology - cell, biology, disease, transport, cytoskeleton. Julian Dow, Glasgow
University. Online version of a published dictionary which is intended to provide
quick access to easily-understood and cross-referenced definitions of over 5000
terms frequently encountered in modern biology literature.
Medical dictionary on-line - medicine, diseases, disorders, health. Graham Dark.
Extensive dictionary of medical terms, including those relating to biochemistry, cell
biology, chemistry, medicine, molecular biology, physics, plant biology,
radiobiology, science and technology. Also includes acronyms, jargon, theory,
conventions, standards, institutions, projects, eponyms and history.
Allergy glossary - allergy, causes, treatment, symptoms, diagnosis. Health On the
Net Foundation. Extensive glossary of terms relating to allergies.
Biochemistry & molecular biology - David Glick, Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. Glossary containing nearly 3000 biochemistry terms. Includes
Current terms, those which appear only in earlier literature, common terms
Invested with new meanings, and laboratory jargon. Searchable for individual
terms or browse alphabetically.
Internet domain glossary
Ecological epidemiology - immunology, ecology. Cambridge University. Cross
referenced definitions of hundreds of plant epidemiology terms from acquired
immunity to zoonosis. Includes some terms from immunology and classical
epidemiology, but the chief perspective is that of ecological epidemiology.
Life science dictionary - biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology,
genetics. Indiana University. Searchable dictionary of life science terms.
Medical dictionary - medicine, diseases, disorders, health. MedicineNet
Fully searchable and browsable dictionary of medical terms, abbreviations,
acronyms, and jargon.
Treasure-trove of chemistry - chemistry, chemical agent. Eric Weisstein.
Searchable glossary and encyclopaedia of chemistry terms.
Cybernetics & systems - Principia Cybernetica Web. Definitions of hundreds of
terms and concepts used in cybernetics and systems theory.
Genomics lexicon - biochemical, biotechnology, gene sequence, mapping,
transgenic. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and The
Foundation for Genetic Medicine. Browsable dictionary of terms in the field of
genetic medicine, arranged alphabetically. Includes detailed definitions of
autoradiography, somatic cell gene therapy and transgenic organism.
Budget structure - budget concepts
Financial glossary - business, financial, economy, budget, debt, government,
reforms. (1) Finantial Taxonomy: concepts, terms; (2) Financial Glossary:
fastpath to terms, definitions, and acronyms.
Technical glossary (engineering, computer science, physical science and
communications). Comprehensive glossary of technical terms used in engineering,
computer science, physical science and communications.
Sugar production
Civil Engineering/Construction - construction, building, civil engineering
Civil Engineering /Construction EN>EN Glossary of Construction terms.
Provided by the National/California Contractor Referral and License Bureau
Synchronized swimming - EN>EN sports, synchronized swimming
Clean Air Act glossary EN>EN - Clean Air Act, environment, emissions, pollution,
environmental. - EPA
Recorded opera database - opera, singing, arias, tenors, sopranos, lyrical
In this DB: data about 489 composers - 1412 operas in 3565 recordings 1235 arias in 3240 recordings - more than 5500 artists
Hot air ballooning glossary EN>EN - flying, hot air - (1) Balloning jargon, with
pictures. (2) Short. (3) Short. (4) Glossary on air balloon competitions or
Medium-sized, UK English (6) Large, published by REMAX (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Avian conservation glossary EN>EN - birds, migration, ecology, conservation,
avian. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Univ. of Georgia, U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, U.S.D.A. Forest Service.
Australian slang - slang, idioms, Australia. Very interesting and colorful choice of
expressions. Fun reading!
Reinsurance terms EN>EN Very clear definitions, good coverage of reinsurance
Wireless industry terms EN>EN - wireless industry, communications, standards,
carrier, bands, paging. 240 terms. The industry has been inundated with terms,
technical jargon and acronyms borrowed from the computer and wireline sectors,
such as CLEC, TCP/IP, flash memory and smart card. Other terms are uniquely
wireless: FLEX, TETRA, 3G and TDMA.
Literature & medicine, cliché glossary, literary + synonym dictionary
clichés - Phrases to say in times of trouble, that you might want to repeat
until believe.
Cliche Finder - Search on a word to find related cliches
Literary Dictionary - An assortment of words that first made an appearance in
books, plays, poems, comic strips and mythology. You will also find variations of
words or names that first appeared in these works.
Synonym Dictionary of English (searchable)
Legal dictionary EN>EN - Oran's Dictionary of the Law (West Legal Directory):
This is a guidebook to a foreign language. The language of Law uses mostly
English words, but they rarely mean what they seem. Many look like everyday
English, but have technical definitions totally different from their ordinary uses.
Some mean several different things, depending on the area of law or business they
come from. The language of Law also contains more "leftovers" than most
languages. Hundreds of Latin, Old French, Old English and obsolete words are still
used in their original forms.
DTP glossary (desktop publishing) EN>EN - Here's a bunch of useful words. On
the bottom of the of the page, links to related glossaries PostScript Printing
Glossary [Corel site] Publishing Primer [Rainwater Press site] Scanner Glossary
[Michael J. Sullivan's site] Typography Glossary [Redsun site]
Tools dictionary EN>EN - Building, hand tools, power tools, specialty tools, drills,
screwdrivers. Illustrated
Chemical databases EN>EN Extensive list of chemistry-related databases. Over
100 URLs.
Dictionary of sensibility University of Virginia, English Dept. EN>EN - 18th
century, literature, literary, sensibility.
Textile dictionary - textiles, fabrics, cotton fibres, worsted fibers, wool, plant
fibers, specialty fibers, manmade fibers. Internet Center for Canadian Fashion and
The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) ships, vessels,
naval, battleships.
Linguistics - International Linguistics Department of the Summer Institute of
Linguistics (Dallas, TX). This is a glossary of terms used in the morphological,
syntactic, and pragmatic analysis of text. It does not necessarily include terms
Specific to particular theoretical models (e.g. tagmeme). The glossary was
Compiled by the International Linguistics Department of the Summer Institute of
Linguistics (Dallas, TX). It has been published on CD-ROM as a component of the
LinguaLinks ® product.
Real Estate terms - The Buyer's Resource glossary of real estate terms
World Wide Legal Information Association. List of real-estate terms to be found
in Canadian law or legal history and extracted from the World Wide Legal
Information Association's Legal Dictionary - Real Estate terms in Hawaii... oh if only!
Sociology terms - This site offers definitions of 130 terms commonly used in
sociology. While the dictionary is useful for definitions of fundamental terms in
sociology such as norm, deviance, social structures, and destratification,
some of the more political terms seem to have an unacknowledged leftist bias. The
site offers alphabetic tabs for easy access. "
Plant pathology - botany, botanical - Each entry consists of a term (in bold), a
definition of the term, and a number in parentheses (0) indicating the source of the
definition. Clicking on the speaker icon will give you the pronunciation of the term.
(Be sure to close the window for the sound player after each use.) The pencil icon
will give you a drawing, and the camera icon will give you a photograph.
Health indicators (Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud) (EN)
Telecommunications fraud terms EN>EN Fraud, telecommunications, SIM,
cloning, authentication
Wireless Telephone Fraud Glossary
NSA Glossary of Terms Used in Security and Intrusion Detection
Glossary of Fraud Management Terms
Communications glossary (Fraud terms)
Telecom Fraud: Detection - Types of Fraud
Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms
Glossary of telecommunications access systems
Wireless Communications & Fraud Glossary
Security in the net (Glossary)
Wireless Industry Terms
Spam glossary
Human rights - conventions, agreements, programs, groups
Glossary of technical theatre terms - Extensive list of technical and familiar
terms from the University of Exeter (UK) with some US terms too
Veterinary science
Glossary of Pest Management - The Glossary of Pest Management Terms
considers pest in its widest context (weeds, pathogens, insects, nematodes,
vertebrates, parasites) and deals with pest management terms across all systems,
and disciplines eg. biotechnology, forestry, agriculture, urban and
domestic. In addition a number of project management and statistical terms have
been included since these subject areas have an important role in all
of the research and development that is undertaken in pest management."
Computing and Communications Glossary - communications, computing,
acronyms. Download.
Hypertext Markup Language Extensible - computers, Web design
Shipping Terms Glossary - transport, business
Fish terms - icthyology, fish, aquarium. Over 2,600 terms related to ichthyology,
taxonomy, ecology, conservation, population dynamics, genetics, oceanography,
geography and related disciplines
Glossary of Automotive Terms - Woman
Tires - tires, tyre, wheel, car, automotive
Glossary of Urban Conservation (Dundee University) - city planning, urbanism,
Flood Management Terms - floods, hydrology, water resources: California Dept
of Water Resources
Immigration terms - laws and terms; Immigration and Naturalization Service
(US). Glossary of terms and acronyms from the US Immigration and
Naturalization Service
Transportation industry glossaries - truck, trucking, logistics: Comercial Carrier
Logistics Glossaries
What is Logistics (lots of Acronyms)
Glossary of Logistics Terms
Button Dictionary - useful historical details as well
Difficult words – Online - with over 13,900 "difficult" words in all fields
Sociology glossary - social sciences: Comprehensive US sociology glossary on
one page
Parenting and child development (also in ES). Not a glossary by handouts with a
lot of useful parenting and child development terminology. Open two windows in
your browser and you'll have a bilingual reference on the subject.
Memory Management Glossary - computers, memory, RAM
Food products and processes terms - food science and technology, food
products... Institute of Food Science and Technology (UK).
Glossary of Window Coverings and Architectural Terms
NSA Glossary of terms used in security and intrusion detection
Security glossary of terms
Glossary of computer security incident handling terms and abbreviations
Glossary of cryptographic terms
Food and Gastronomy portal - Food, glorious food!
A Sushi Glossary Bertolli Glossary of Terms
Cheesemaking Glossary Chile Gallery
Chile Gallery Chocolate & Baking Terminology
Cooking Dictionary Cowper's Wine Glossary 1996
Epicurious Culinary Dictionary Glossaries
Glossary of Culinary Terms Italian Cooking Glossary
Measurement Conversion Tables Spices, Herbs, and Seasonings
Tips & Techniques Wine Glossary
Warships & Naval terms glossary
Naval strategy glossary, includes acronyms. Defence, navy, strategy.
Canadian Dept. of National Defence
Piratical terms - piracy, buccaneer, pirate, corsair: A Brief Glossary of Piratical
Terms. Surprisingly good, about 75 terms
Vexillology - Glossary of flag terms. Basic
War flags glossary
Jane's Defence Glossary - defence, military, army, navy, air force. A reference
standard. Huge (alphabetical)
Cold War glossary (CNN) Cold War, glasnost, perestroika: A sampling (sic) of
words, phrases and acronyms associated with Cold War history.
Reliability-centered maintenance
(nasic terminology, useful for non-engineers):
(introduction to reliability engineering):
(maintenance benchmarking):
(this is not a glossary - article presented at a conference sponsored by Society for
Maintenance and Reliability Professionals - SMRP):
(reliability terms used in the aerospace industry):
(NASA's handbook with a reliability glossary):
(A glossary of terms and abbrev. used within Defence Standard 00-60):
(complete site about RCM - reliability-centered maintenance):
(vibration and shock glossary):
Oil & Gas Industry Terms (also in FR)
Investment funds glossaries (by choosing other language for the page, you can
get the same glossary in English, German, French and Italian)
Business (CNNFn) - business, financial, stocks. CNN Financial Network
EN Industrial equipment, measurements and standards (OSHA) -Technical,
Industrial equipment, measurements and standards, laser. The site is well
organized and easy to navigate; authoritative information about construction and
occupational hazards, standards, safe practices and measurements in the United
States; some illustrations in appendices (Main)
Technical Manual Table of Contents (also available via "Library" link):
Includes: Section II, Chapter 3: Technical Equipment:
Section II, Appendix 3: Measuring instruments, with charts outlining
type of instrument, measured substance, application:
Section III, Chapter 6: Laser Hazards, Components of a laser (illustration and
definition of terms):
Appendix III: 6-5, Glossary of Laser Terms
Section X, Chapter 1: Metric system conversion (detailed tables and
conversion charts):
Construction Resource Manual Table of Contents:
Includes Scaffold illustrations: ("This Appendix provides drawings of particular
types of scaffolds and scaffold components, and graphic illustrations of bracing
patterns and tie spacing patterns.")
Soil classifications:
Abortion Acts (UK) Legal database - full text. Here's the Abortion Act 1967
There are links to four such acts at :
TSE - Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Glossary encephalopathy, encephalopaties, spongiform, medical, medicine, pathology.
Paper by Gareth Craigie (1997)
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Abbreviations - mad cow disease, BSE,
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - UK MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries
and Food. This page defines the abbreviations used on the BSE site. It is not
intended as a specialist dictionary of all the technical terms used.
BSE Inquiry Glossary - Mad cow, bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Website of
the Official Inquiry by Lord Philips into the Bovine Spongiform
Encephalopathy epidemic.
Computer terms - computing, IT, software. Not as great as Webopedia, but useful
all the same.
Design & printing terminology - basic size, brightness, chemical, whitening.
US Elections glossary (BBC News) - elections, voting, president, USA,
constitution. Explains some of the more common but often misunderstood terms
used in US politics. 37 terms, oriented (of course) towards current
Affairs rather than the process of holding an election
Injection moulding terms - Mime Technologies, Inc. - Density, barrel capacity, fill
pattern, flow lenght, mold packing, injection molding, plastics.
The illustrations included in this glossary might take a while to load, but the results
are worth the wait. Because a lot of the terminology is linked together, this really
works best as a single page. You can download it for offline viewing if you're in a
Recycling terms - biodegradable, humus, material recovery, photodegradable,
recycling. Global Recycling Network
Liquid chromatography glossary - liquid chromatography, column, filter,
reactives, adsorption. This is a glossary of common and not-so common terms and
''buzz words'' used in reference to columns for liquid chromatography (LC). It is not
intended to be an in-depth listing or a highly theoretical coverage. However, it
should be useful to those just starting in HPLC who would like to become familiar
with the "lingo." It can also serve as a refresher for long-time users in the field.
Audio recording terms glossary - recording, patch field, pin plug, acoustic,
unidirectional, audio. The Recording Institute of Detroit & The Recording Website
provide this glossary as a professional courtesy to the music & recording industry.
This is an edited version of the glossary and audio dictionary used by RID
students. There is no charge for individuals use this glossary provided that the use
is non-commercial. Distribution of printed copies is strictly forbidden. Feel free to
bookmark this page for future use.
Shipping hazardous materials - radioactivity, aerosol, biohazard, corrosive,
flammable, shipping, hazardous materials: UPS, United Parcel Service of America,
Inc. - This glossaries of informal definitions are intended to help users of this guide
understand the common terms associated with the shipping of hazardous
Flexible polyurethane foam glossary - Antioxidants, foam, moulding, latex,
polymer, polyurethane. Polyurethane Foam Association, Inc
Medical dictionary (1)
Medical dictionary (2) Registration necessary, but free.
Medical dictionary (3)
All Movie Guide Glossary - Movies and film-related terms - According to them:
"… reference source for a wide variety of movie and film-related terms written by
experts in the field." Search engine - any term or by movie, person, keyword,
Film studies - University of California, Berkeley - by Russell Merritt
Satellite terms - is a leading e-commerce company for broadband
technologies with online solution for buyers and sellers of digital broadcasting and
satellite communications equipment, wireless bandwidth, and technical services.
IT Terminology - Great site hosted on IBM. The name speaks for itself. It
contains: Glossary of Computing Terms, AS/400 Glossary, AIX Glossary,
DB2 Glossary, CICS Glossary, DCE Glossary, Tivoli Glossary
3COM Networking Glossary - networks, computers, data communication.
Caving / Pot-holding Glossary - caving terms (EN)
Mortgage glossary
Horse Racing Terminology - veterinary, breeding. National Thoroughbred Racing
Glossary of prepress terms - A short glossary of layout terminology with
extensive definitions.
Digital printing glossary
Advertising Media Terms – Advertising Media Terms at "This
resource is (c) 1989 by NTC Books, and is excerpted from "Advertising Media
Sourcebook" by Barban, Jugenheimer and Turk."
E-business - ecommerce, finance, etrade, dot-com. -,1652,Glossary,00.html
Derivatives dictionary - The William Margrabe Group, Inc.
Bicycle glossary
Archaeological Collection Management (US NPS) - museums, archaeology,
curation, artefact, archives, heritage, CRM. US National Parks Service. Ecellent
glossary of terms used in the management and curation of
archaeological collections.
Digital music jargon - Napster - napster, MP3. Glossary of digital music terms,
includes lots of acronyms, might be useful for those of you who translate music
related texts.
Glossary of Histology - histology, anatomy, cell, tissue. University of New South
Wales Faculty of Medicine School of Anatomy. GLOSSARY of HISTOLOGICAL &
MICRO-ANATOMICAL TERMS (including historical origins and eponyms,
compiled by Dr. B. Freeman)
Legal - legal, forms, law. If they don't have it, there are a number of free and forfree links available.
Public Contracts (see also in FR)
Tax terms glossary - Simplified Tax And Wage Reporting System website
Glossary of Anatomical, Functional, and Disease Terms in Neuroscience neuroscience, nerve, nervous system, brain, anatomy, disease - University of
Texas Medical Branch, Neuroscience and Human Behavior Course - Course
Glossary, Modified from "The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint,"
Sixth Edition, Murray L. Barr and John A. Kiernan, J.B., Lippincott Company,
Philadelphia, (c)1993.
Rheumatology glossary - International League of Associations for Rheumatology
Sea Navigation - sailing, boats, marine
SAP glossaries - Click on "glossary" and then again on "glossary" or "SAP
SAP - From what I understand there is also a CD with about 16 languages,
but you have to pay for it!
Technical theatre terms - University of Exeter
"The information contained in this Glossary is provided on the web for the
purposes of research and education. Any part of it may only be produced
electronically or on paper if the source is acknowledged, including this statement:
"This listing is copyright © 2000 Jon Primrose / Exeter University Drama
Department. updated version can always be downloaded from:"
Exeter University Drama Department information:"
Article indexing (British Library) - library, periodical, journal, index. ZETOC - the
British Library's Z39.50 compliant Electronic Table of Contents. Glossary of terms
relating to the British Library's enormous article indexing system
Prison slang - prison, jail, detention, criminal, justice. HM Prison Service (UK
govt.). Glossary of prison slang, jargon and abbreviations in the UK.
Civil Procedure Rules Glossary - Lord Chancellor's Dept. (UK Government)
Justice, court, civil procedure, law, case, trial. A guide to the meaning of certain
legal expressions as used in UK Civil Procedure rules.
Computer Virus Glossary ( - computer, virus, antivirus. Glossary of
terms relating to computer viruses from McAfee, the well-known makers of
antivirus products: "We know the technical terminology used in virus alerts and
descriptions can be confusing. Use this glossary whenever you come across a
term you don't understand."
Computer Jargon - This link will provide you with a computer related jargon
glossary (EN>EN). Very helpful, up to date and complete.
Internet advertising glossary - Internet, web, advertising, marketing,
"Ad Resource Glossary", about 50 terms, internet-oriented.
Osteoporosis glossaries - medicine, bone, brittleness - Melbourne Pain
Management Clinic
Radiology - cancer, radiology, radiation, medical, oncology
Radiation oncology - radiation, radiotherapy, cancer, oncology, medical
Eye cancer - radiotheraphy, cancer, eye, ocular, oncology, medical
Streaming Media Glossary – Realnetworks - A good source of information about
streaming audio and video available at the Realnetworks site. This glossary aims
to clarify some of the words, terms and acronyms frequently used to describe
RealNetworks technology, but which may be unfamiliar to someone just getting
started with streaming media. These definitions will help you better understand our
products and services and hopefully assist in determining which solutions are right
for your streaming media needs.,ra8ppb
Congressional, Savings Bonds - Congress, politics, bill, government, House
Glossary of congressional terms (U.S.) from
Bureau of the Public Debt (U.S.) Glossary of Savings bond terms
Law/personal injury - law terminology, personal injury, legal. "The Law Offices of
Edward A. Smith", California. Personal injury and law terminology; very good
there's also a link to "insurance policy terminology"
English usage & American English - English, grammar, style, rules, usage. A
practical and authoritative guide to contemporary English: With a detailed look at
grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms,
this valuable reference work is ideal for students, writers, academicians and
anybody concerned about proper writing style.
The plan for the second edition of the classic reference work The King's English
was dictated by the following considerations: (1) to pass by all rules, of whatever
absolute importance, that are shown by observation to be seldom or never broken;
and (2) to illustrate by living examples, with the name of a reputable authority
attached to each, all blunders that observation shows to be common.
Asserting that one must first know the rules to break them, this classic reference
book is a must-have for any student and conscientious writer. Intended for use in
which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature, it gives in
brief space the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates
attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly
This classic was written to clarify the discrepancies between British and American
English and to define the distinguishing characteristics of American English.
Mencken's groundbreaking study was undoubtedly the most scientific linguistic
work on the American language to date and continues to serve as a definitive
resource in the field.
Silviculture - re(af)forestation, forestry - Industry, Economics and Programs
Branch, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
Personal finance (also in ES>ES, PT>PT)
Fannie Mae Mortgages - Order the paper version or download this Fannie Mae
guide in 9 languages for free (pdf)
Wines, both production and types EN>EN wines cellar glossary production and
wine types. big site, with information about wines
Acronym search machines EN>EN
Real estate glossary EN>EN Buyer's Resource Real Estate
Snow & Avalanche Glossary EN>EN snow, avalanche, natural disaster, skiing,
winter sports, safety - CSAC - the Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center.
Glossary of Castle Terminology EN>EN castle, defence, middle age:
descriptive, with a few photos
Philosophy EN>EN A glossary of pholosophical terms, from Aesthetics to Will. by
way of Angst, Essence, Hell and Manicheism
Ariculture, Ecology and Sustainable Development Glossary EN>EN Kansas
University: Downloadable pdf.
Also try: (leave term blank and click on Search and you will
get the whole glossary)
Country Codes for patents/trademarks EN>EN patents, trademarks, invention The British Library Board. Useful for lists of patent and trademark registrations in
different countries (especially for British documents)
Stone ages glossary EN>EN pre-history, archaeology, bronze age
Glossary of archaeological terms EN>EN
Mah Jongg Glossary EN>EN
Education reform glossary
Nebulae glossary EN>EN star, constellation, astronomy, astronomical
GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms EN>EN plants, botanical, botany
Journalism EN>EN above the fold, newspaper, headline, lead.
Criminal Law EN>EN - justice, crime, misdemeanor, lawsuit, abuse, homicide
Orthopaedics EN>EN - medical, medicine, bones, fractures, joints, cartilage,
muscles, nerves, trauma. Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Internet Defence EN>EN virus, security, etrust, malicious, worm, spoofing
src: Computer Associates. Internet defence glossary supplied by Computer
Associates - eTrust Glossary
Online Advertising: EN>EN online advertising, banner, page view, targeting,
agencies jargon
GE Capital - leasing terms
GE Capital - funding terms
GE Capital - commercial finance terms
GE Capital - Payment systems and e-commerce terms
GE Capital - tax-exempt and leasing terms
Financial glossary Yahoo EN>EN mutual funds, stocks, investment
File formats glossary EN > EN *.extension, graphic file, data file, printer file, font
file, text file. The glossary of file formats is very large and takes time to load. The
list should not be viewed as containing all file types.
Call Center glossary EN>EN telemarketing, call center, incoming calls, traffic.
Very interesting choice of entries.
Pharmacology glossary & list of acronyms EN>EN pharmacology, clinical
research, GMP, drug, investigational product. Advanstar Pharmaceutical Group
Online. Can be browsed by term or searched for a term or acronym.
Pharmacology glossary EN > EN pharmacology, drugs, prescription medicine,
medical condition. This glossary is very useful for the explanation of medical and
pharmacological terminology, but it also includes links back to articles for further
information. Click on a letter to view the corresponding section of the
Pharmacology - medicine, drugs. Department of Pharmacology and Experimental
Therapy, Boston University School of Medicine. The glossary presents terms and
symbols used in pharmacology.
Leak testing - leak, leakage, detection, testing, chemical, spill, container
Violets glossary flowers, botanical, African violet, optimara. Large glossary about
a tiny and lovely flower. Browse only.
Electronics glossary portal EN>EN electronics, electricity, capacitor, voltage,
battery: Alex's Giant Glossary Listing. "A large variety of Glossary and Acronym
links pertaining to electricity and electronics". Some 70-100 links to electronicsrelated glossaries.
Automotive Parts Glossary fantastic but it doesn't offer too many pictures.
Automotive parts pictorial glossary EN>EN car, engineering, spare parts
Automotive Parts Pictorial Glossary - click on "Engines and Automotive"
Encyclopedia of the Orient EN>EN Orient, Middle East, North Africa, politics,
rulers, kings, maps, religion, peoples. Maps, searching, open text search, article in
one neat site. "The Encyclopaedia of the Orient is a one-stop online resource
which covers all countries and cultures between Mauritania in the west and Iran in
the east, Turkey in the north and Sudan in south. The Encyclopaedia contains
original material, what you read here is written for this publication, only. The
content is updated on a weekly basis, and as long as the world does not change to
quickly for our small staff, you will always find the freshest information here. The
Encyclopaedia of the Orient has articles, which aim at both the high school- level
and university- level student, who needs a good resource of reference material. It
will therefore never be the most comprehensive on all subjects, but it will hopefully
be able to help anyone to find just the right information he or she needs within few
minutes. North Africa and the Middle East are still far too unfairly treated in the
world press. This might not be a problem for an audience who knows the region
well already, but all too many get little information on this region beyond the media
image of wars and poverty."
Indian cookery glossary EN>EN (includes Malaysian terms)
Gases / Env. science glossary EN>EN air pollution, greenhouse gas, pollutants,
combustion, environment, ecology
Investment EN>EN
Project management EN>EN
Glossary of Scanning Terms EN>EN scanner, bitmap, film, DPI, TWAIN Source:
Caere - technical terms used in image scanner
Philips Digital Spot Imaging systems
Television EN>EN media, techniques, technology
Marxism Encyclopedia - Enciclopaedia Marxismo EN>EN- marxism, left,
communism, socialism, Karl Marx: "The Encyclopaedia of Marxism aims to be the
most complete reference guide to Marxism. The Encyclopaedia is divided into six
separate glossaries to make browsing easier: on people, events, places,
organisations, terms and periodicals.
Cavers' slang EN>EN slang, caving, caver, spelunking, spelunker
Furniture EN>EN decoration, design, chairs, chests, tables,
Lighting design EN>EN lighting, design, simulation, glare, beam, architecture,
raytracing. (2) Phillips In (1) you can submit your questions to the glossary owners
and ask for explanations, Foreword from (1) : "This glossary combines terms that
are used in architectural lighting design and lighting simulation. The
interdisciplinary nature of the work of the lighting designer is reflected in terms
originating in architecture, radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, metereology,
physiology, psychology, mathematics, geometry and computer graphics. " (1) (2) (3)
U.S. National Weather Service Glossary of Hydrologic Related Terms EN>EN
water, hydrology, watershed - Central Region of the National Weather Service
(US) Official glossary of terms related to water
Radio glossary and EBS/EAS glossary EN>EN radio, wave length,
EAS - Emergency Alert System, EBS, Emergency Broadcast System,
communications, civil defence, emergency services: This glossary is in two parts:
General and Technical. Revised November 27, 1995 and as approved by the FCC,
EAS Office, Washington, D.C.
Professional Liability Insurance CPA, insurance
Environmental terms, abbreviations and acronyms EN>EN environment,
abbreviations, acronyms, EPA, environment, envinronmental - National Service
Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
Accounting glossary - North Carolina Accounting System Information Guide
Tax terms EN>EN accounting, banking, tax terms - Total Tax Solutions, Inc.
Cross-reference EN>EN facts, words,concepts, people & quotations,
encyclopedia, Macmillan, Penguin, cross references: xrefer contains
encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of quotations from the world's
leading publishers. All cross-referenced.
Telecom glossary 2000 EN>EN telecommunications, standard, communication,
Federal Standard 1037C, information technology, telephony, television, networks American National Standards Institute, Inc.
Financial terms EN>EN financial, investment, stocks, stock market, bonds,
securities: They are the two most comprehensive online English glossaries for
finance that I know.
financial, investment, stocks, stock market, bonds, securities - Roughneck offers
several glossaries that you can download.
See also Online Glossary Index
UK Court System in simple words for the laymen (and women) Not a glossary, but
useful reference material.
The Crown Prosecution Service (with link to the pages in Welsh)
By Cambridge University
Aviation glossary EN>EN aircraft, acronyms, FAA: The Aviation Acronyms &
Abbreviations Glossary of the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration)
US Air Force Research Laboratory - This page offers a comprehensive list of
acronyms used by the US Air Force Research Laboratory - Air Force, aviation,
acronyms, design, research, jet, airplane.
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center - Acro. abbr.+ glossary carbon
dioxide analysis, acronyms, abbreviations, chemistry, chemical, incombustible gas,
CO2, food refrigeration, carbonated beverages, inert atmospheres, fire
extinguishers, and aerosols, carbonic acid gas. - Carbon Dioxide Information
Ancarbon diualysis Center, Oak Ridge National Lab
Pain terminology EN>EN pain killer, analgesic. Short but authoritative.
Unlimited Glossary of Medical Terms EN>EN medical, psychiatry, disorders,
phobias, neurosis, organizations.
Roman armour/Armamentarium glossary EN>EN armour, warfare, shields,
weapons, battle: Short but with a link to a technical terminology about various
segments(parts) of ancient Roman armour
Acronyms, Emoticons Acronyms used in the computer community. This is a list
translating those strange acronyms you see in cyberspace messages. Much of it is
based on a file called CISexp.doc compiled by Josh Mandel.
Glossary of Measurements
Leukomalacia - softening of the white matter of the brain,1039,A-parspecialite-40--33-33-544038,00.html
Nautical terms EN>EN - nautical, boating, sailing, vessels, boats, marine terms,
sailboat, sailing knots
Leather goods
Medicine - Word Lists by system-specialty EN>EN - medical, medicine,
specialties, word lists in many fields of medicine
American's guide to speaking British
HPLC, Chromatogram, Chromatography - A glossary from Waters, a leading
manufacturer of chromatographers.
Rugby Glossary EN>EN - sports, rugby, group sports
Football Glossary EN>EN - sports, football, group sports
Glossary of botanical terms EN>EN - botanical, carnivorous plants, botany,
plants. Special emphasis on carnivorous plants.
Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books EN>EN - book binding, book
conservation, librarian, librarianship. Dictionary of descriptive terminology.
Online guide to printing and graphics terminology EN>EN
Glossary of Earth Science EN>EN - geology, earth sciences
Glossary covering industrial pumps EN>EN- industrial pumps, heavy machinery
All Music Guide - Glossary EN>EN - Arrangement, Forms and Structures Beat,
Meter, Rhythm and Tempo, Composition and Harmony, Dance
Effects, Embellishments and Ornaments Ensembles, Combos, Groups and
Bands, Genres Instruments, Nationality Pitch, Notation, Mensuration and
Dynamics Recording, Processing, Sessions and Sound Styles Vocal, Perfomance,
People, Technique, music, musical - Glossary can be browsed by category or
searched by keyword
Energy Glossary EN>EN - Department of Energy, California - power, energy
generation, power plant, electricity
Genetics Glossary EN>EN - genetics, gene, DNA: Link to A Dictionary of Cell
Biology with restricted access (1 day every 90)
Textile Glossary EN>EN - textile, fabrics, fibers, textile industry. Also includes a
List of Fibre Types and textile industry-related names
Modern Railway Glossary EN>EN - trains, railways, railroads, rails, tracks,
transportation, transport
Building Glossary EN>EN - building, construction
Glossary of Photographic Terms (Kodak) EN>EN photography, photo,
photographic, snapshot
DSL technology EN>EN - computing, Internet, DSL technology. Anything you
may eventually need to know about DSL technology. If you work with
telecommunication texts, this glossary is a must!: "AnythingDSL" web site
Philosophy/mythology glossaries EN>EN - philosophy, sensibility, symbolism,
consciousness, philosophical names, eastern philosophy, ethics, mythology.
Dictionary of sensibility (src: Virginia University)
Dictionary of Consciousness
Dictionary of Symbolism
Eastern Philosophy
Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names [includes definition (English),
illustration, origin]
Philosophy of Mind
Ethics Terms
Of Gods and Men (mythology) EN>EN
Financial glossaries EN>EN - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - finance,
money, banking, securities, payment, monetary policy, institutions, regulators,
Financial Regulators and Institutions
Consumer Credit Terms
Electronic Money
Foreign Banking Terms
Monetary Policy Terms
Payment Mechanism Terms
Securities Credit Terms
One-stop searching EN>EN (most searches) but also MULTI (translators): law,
search boxes, anagrams, currency converters, acronyms, thesaurus, dictonary,
geography, pronunciation, computing, French conjugator, biography,
quotations,maps, facts.
E-business EN>EN - Arthur Andersen - A short and basic glossary
Internet - EN>EN - Copying the page is allowed, "for non-commercial educational
purposes". "Commercial use" is $500 or 25-cents/copy, be careful!
Accounting Principles EN>EN - accounting, yield, business, glossary:
Accounting principles: a list of general accounting and business terms
Financial Glossaries EN>EN - Financial, Analysis, Options, Futures, Banking: ten
financial glossaries on one page
Glossary of Carpentry & Woodworking Terms - EN>EN
Xrefer EN>EN cross references, dictionary, encyclopedia, Macmillan, Penguin:
300,000 +words in the reference library
International Financial Encyclopaedia EN>EN finance, markets, products
CD-R Glossary EN>EN - ROXIO - CD-R terminology cd burning CD-ROM
Adaptec's Software Products Group is now Roxio, the Digital Media Company from
Digital cameras glossary EN>EN - comprehensive glossary on digital cameras
(some of it also applying to non-digital cameras). - a site with consumer info. note:
there are two explanations (one simple and another more technical) of how a
digital camera works that might be very useful to translators.
Books glossary EN>EN - - books, printing, editing, hardcover,
folio. "Our glossary was designed to help our visitors understand the book-related
terms they may be unfamiliar with. Our Glossary is broken up into two main
sections. The first deals with Book Sizes and Book Condition and defines some
general terms. The second section is our General Glossary which lists all other
relevant book terms"
Dictionary of Science and Technology EN>EN - Engineering & Technology; Life
Sciences; Medical Sciences; Physical Sciences; Mathematics & Computers; Social
Sciences. A multidisciplinary dictionary from Academic Press, by scientific fields,
dealing with: Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Physical
Sciences, Mathematics & Computers, Social Sciences, General & Miscellaneous
Medical waiting times EN>EN - Australian New South Wales Health Service
- medicine, waiting times, procedures, medical specialities
Technology encyclopaedia EN>EN - technology, machines, devices,
components, diagrams, illustrations, text, everything you need to understand a
subject (in English), while translating into English or another language.
Audio Dramatists' Lexicon EN>EN - An Audio Dramatist's Lexicon - theatre,
broadcasting, criticism
A short glossary of common telecommunications terms EN>EN - 10-xxx
dialing, ani, banded rates, calling card, debit phone card, telecom.
American Express Glossary of Credit Terms EN>EN - account balance, charge
card, credit card
English jargon for advertising contracts
Environment EN>EN - EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency - Copies of
the "Terms of Environment" may be ordered from the National Service Center for
Environmental Publications. Include the title and document order number,
EPA175B97001, when placing order.
E-Commerce Glossary - automatic check handling, backbone, capture, chargeback, e-commerce
Investment glossary - absorbed, absorption point, fair market value, financial,
finance, investment, indenture, insolvency, issue
Investor words - abandonment option, Baby Bells, baby bond, calendar security,
calendar spread, investment, financial, finance
On-line investment glossary - active X, applet, arc, archie - extract from
"Investing On-Line" book. [ME] I've checked a couple of pages and it looks more
like an Internet glossary to me.
Financial Glossary (SmartMoney University Glossary) - accrual basis, actualcash-value coverage, aggressive growth funds, balanced fund, financial, finance,
investment: SmartMoney University. SmartMoney is a joint publishing venture of
Dow Jones & Company, Inc. and Hearst Communications, Inc.
Clinical Trials ( Canada) - medicine, pharmaceutical, clinical trials,
drugs:, Canada. Extensive definitions of clinical trials terminology.
Newspaper glossary - journalism, media, publishing, newspaper, news agency.
The Giant Newspaper Glossary. Archaic terms included.
Guitar glossary - bridge, fret, headstock, kerfing, purfling, tusq, waist, guitar,
music, playing, musical: Terms, front and back views of a guitar, pop-up graphics;
company site with models, specs and details
Digital Music Jargon (Napster) - src: Napster: music, MP3, digital recording,
download, file sharing. Whether one likes it or not, Napster is still here - so here's
their own glossary of terms and jargon.
Home glossary - baluster, flashing, reinforcing lath, window cripple, building,
construction, architecture: professional home inspection company in the US,
alphabetical list and image of a house you can click on to go directly to terms. The
Housefacts section (plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) has pictures and
diagrams and is fairly informative.
Medicine and CT - medicine, acronyms, orthopaedic, medical: Very useful
Acronym Finder
medicine, health: monolingual dictionary with definitions and acronyms
artefact, attenuation, CT, beam hardening, tomography, imaging, CT scan: "This
glossary contains descriptions of commonly-used technical terms in CT"
Drug-related terms - drug addiction, abuse, marijuana, heroin, cocaine,
amphetamines, ecstasy: "Examples include -- "Woolah," which is a hollowed cigar
filled with marijuana and crack, "Kibbles & Bits," which is a term used to describe
small crumbs of crack, "Rave," which describes a party designed to enhance a
hallucinogenic experience through lights and music, "Wild cat," which is a term for
methcathinone mixed with cocaine "Z," which indicates one ounce of heroin. All
terms are cross-referenced where possible. A single term or similar terms may
refer to various drugs or have different meanings, reflecting geographic and
demographic variations in slang. All known meanings and spellings are included.
No attempt was made to determine which usage is most frequent or widespread.
Different definitions for a single term are separated by semi-colons (;). The use of
commas (,) and the
connective "and" indicates that the term refers to the use of the specified
drugs in combination." Also browsable by topic
Oil and Gas Industry EN>EN - oilfield, drilling, oil, gas, fuel, geology, petroleum:
"The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary provides definitions and
illustrations of oilfield terminology for the technical generalist in a single, evergreen
source. At present, Geology, Geophysics, Drilling and Drilling Fluids definitions and
illustrations are available, and new modules will be added approximately every
quarter. Unlike most oilfield glossaries, which are written for the technical
specialist, the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary will be expanded to cover the whole
of oilfield terminology. The following modules will eventually be added: Completion,
Formation Evaluation, Well Testing, Production Facilities, Production
Enhancement, Production Logging, Production Testing, Well Workover &
Intervention, and Reservoir Optimization. "
Index of Remote Sensing Terms - remote sensing, radar, GIS, geographic
information systems: Glossary of general remote sensing terminology, glossary of
radar terminology, remote sensing acronyms, GIS terminology
BMW Automotive terms - EN, DE (mixed) - auto-industry, car, vehicle. This is a
somewhat mixed dictionary of English & German terms from BMW.
Bookworm search - literature, literary, characters, books, plot points. [From the
Researchbuzz newsletter] "Wow, what an engine. Allreaders
( ) allows you to search for book information through
several different elements, including plot, main character, main adversary,
plotelements, etc. The site divides the books into several genres (literature, sci-fi,
romance, etc.). The site covers several authors but it's not comprehensive. You
can list the authors in each author or go straight to the search form. The search
form for the detailed search asks a number of questions about a book, including
plot points, etc. When you use the detailed
search form, a lot of your choices will cause the page to reload. Don't worry about
that. For example, you may choose an "animal story" plot point. Once you've
chosen that, the page will reload and give you more options (in this case, you'll be
able to specify what kind of animal.) You can answer as many or as few questions
as you like in the detailed search. The search results page will give you book
name, author name, and number of matches. Click on a book name and you'll be
taken to the book summary pages. The summary pages contain book review
summaries, and summary details (basically information about the book presented
in the same way as the detailed search form requests it.) The elements that match
your search are highlighted. At the bottom of the page are the top ten books in the
AllReaders search engine that match the summarized book's characteristics. I was
tickled to see that Atlas Shrugged was such a close match to Alice in Wonderland.
Who knew? The detailed search form will seem overwhelming at first, but it's worth
the time to play with it and see what you can get out of it. Maybe some new
reading recommendations. Worth a look."
Cat shows - cat, cattery, competition, cat show, championship, titles: Scroll down
to List of Titles
Water words dictionary, acronyms and abbreviations (PDF format) - water,
hydrology, water supply, units of measure, acronyms, abbreviations. Nevada
Division of Water Planning. Includes Metric Conversion Table and Flow
Equivalents, and Conversion. Factors for Hydraulic Units of Measure.
Downloadable pdf.
South African Surfing slang - ag, befok, bergwind, snoek, vrot. Fun, rather than
useful, but you never know ...
Used books glossary - antiquarian,librarian, librarianship, used, bibliophilia
Windows 2000 management services glossary - Microsoft Windows 2000
Server, Management Services, Change and Configuration Management,
IntelliMirror, Active Directory, Group Policy, MS, operating system: This is a new
glossary of terms for Windows 2000 management services. It was posted on the
Microsoft Windows 2000 site on December 22, 2000.
Entomology WWW Insecta Glossary List - entomology, insects, glossary portal.
A list of sites to find terminology, definitions, etc. not only in
entomology but also in related fields: plants, plant diseases, epidemiology, crop
and forestprotection, pesticides, medical entomology, pest management, etc. The
homepage of this link also has many other links, webindex: being just one among them. I didn't
have enough time to go through them, but it's worth checking.
ECORC - APSS Glossary of Positional and Morphological Terms related to
Chalcid Wasps - acetabulum, admarginal cell, basal cell, bucccal cavity, cqalcar,
callus, cephalad, clava,parascutellar suture, setal, unguis. Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research center (ECORC), Animal
Protection Systematics Study (APSS). Very useful because of definitions and
drawings/photos accompanying them. There is a download file of terms and
definitions in several formats. However, all my download attempts failed due to
connection time-out. Could be a bad line, though. I could not open the French
version either.
Aeronautical Glossaries EN<>ES, EN>EN - aeronautics, aircraft, aviation, flying,
aeronautical. Very good and comprehensive dictionary.
Aeronautical Glossaries - EN>EN - Air Combat Terms, Basic Aeronautical
Terms, Communication Terms and Phrases, Flight Manoeuvre Expressions
Personnel and Positions, Miscellaneous Terms, International Radio Alphabet,
aviation, Air Force, fighter, warfare, It's a series of glossaries concerning Air
Combat Aircraft.
Aeronautics, aircraft, aviation, flying, aeronautical - EN>EN - Comprehensive
glossary with explanations.
Rane Corporation Pro Audio Dictionary - audio, digital audio: Precise technical
definitions of digital audio-related terms with occasional interesting intrusions, such
as "accommodation" (claimed to be the most frequently misspelled word in
English), Ambrose Bierce's "The Devil's Dictionary" and elsewhere.
Quality Glossary - Quality management acronyms definitions.
Interesting list of some 200 definitions of common quality management words.
Australia Education Glossary EN>EN_au - education, Australia
Chemicals glossary - chemicals, chemistry, substances, techniques. CAS- a
division of the American Chemical Society.
Accounting terminology guide - accounting, CPA. "The New York State Society
of CPAs (NYSSCPA) General Committee on Public Relations has prepared this
glossary as an educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial
Scientific and technical glossaries for documentation EN, FR, ES - science,
technical glossaries, glossary portal, acronyms and other info
Instantaneously check time anywhere in the world
Finance Glossary
Glossary of alcoholic drinks terminology EN>EN: alcoholic drinks, alcoholic
beverages, wines, beers, spirits, liquor, booze. Focus is on restaurant-menu terms
like "digestif". Each entry has a paragraph of explanation. (Originally posted on
Motorcycle Glossary - EN>EN: ape hangers, chopped, linked braking, PTT,
sidestand, etc, motorcycles. "Motorcycles: A Glossary for the Uninitiated". A
personal site, but loaded with common terms and motorcycle jargon (see cages)
as well as names of cyclists and bike makers. Might prove useful in certain cases.
Cigar glossary - EN>EN: demitasse, filler, oleoresins, short filler, volado, cigar,
cigars, humidor:, a cigar company in New York. The glossary isn't
very comprehensive. However, there are pictures and descriptions of cigar shapes
(ever seen a braided cigar?) as well as a ring gauge guide.
Advertising glossary - advertising, ad, ad copy, commercial
Wood and gas stove glossary - wood stoves, inserts, hearth systems.
Flag terminology - EN>EN (but contains some foreign words): vexillology, flags,
banners, streamers, etc. AllStates Flag & Banner Company, St. Louis, MO.
Actually, this site contains links to Tom Gregg's War Flags Glossary (which lists
names of flag parts, names of foreign flags -- e.g. Dannebrog --, nicknames and
more) and a glossary of vexillological terms. Not only are the glossaries
informative, there are also many links to flags you can
print out, flag search engines and even a flag detective. Might be helpful
for those of us who teach on the side.
Genomics lexicon with multilingual links EN>EN, MULTI: genomics, genetics,
chromosome, DNA, inheritance, transgenic, gene, RNA, PCR, HGI, TIGR, genetic
engineering, biotechnology, recombinant, clone, cloning, PhRMA, FGM, human
genome, Watson and Crick, deoxyribonucleic, prion, somatic, bioethics, evolution,
Darwin, biodiversity. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
(PhRMA) and the Foundation for Genetic Medicine, Inc. (FGM) "The Genomics
Lexicon, a joint project of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of
America (PhRMA) and the Foundation for Genetic Medicine, Inc. (FGM), is a
searchable database of terms and definitions. PhRMA and FGM offer free access
to the Lexicon in order to help to educate the public, facilitate informed policy
discussions, and enable precise understanding and communication related to
genetic medicine." Also contains links to many reference sources and multilingual
glossaries from reputable sources.
Sails glossary - EN>EN: alternative, film, fore, boom, bottom, Loosening, twist,
genoa sheet tension, Mylar Polyester Film, draft sail, sail shape, Tightening boom
vang, material plastic film, Foam Luff Neil, sail twist tighter: Taken from the Neil
Pryde Sails owners manual. Several drawings.
'Mareva' Injunction" taken from the New York Law Journal. This has been around
in 1975 and enables the court the freeze the assets of a defendant in
England and Wales, so it's commonly used in international cases. I could give
you a dictionary definition, or you could do an Internet search for a definition
if you think this fits your situation. "Freezing Assets Worldwide: Second Circuit
Approves Mareva injunction”.
Noonan syndrome medical terms EN>EN: noonan syndrome, medical,
medicine: The Noonan Syndrome Support Group, Inc.
Insurance and Finance Glossaries - EN>EN - Agent and Broker Terms,
Insurance Terms, Managed Care Terms, Premium Finance Terms, Protection and
Indemnity Terms, Surety Terms, Weather Terms, Maritime Terms, FBI Offensive
Terms, Tricare Terms. These glossaries belong to, an online
insurance marketplace offering insurance solutions, products and services.
Trading terms glossary - EN>EN - stock exchange, stocks, investment, day
trading: Trading terms glossary, very comprehensive and useful. Lots of stock
exchange parlance.
Sleep Disorders Glossary - EN>EN: aapnea, bruxism, cabin fever, cataplexy,
aenuresis, hypersomnia, night sweats, night terrors, parasomnia, sleep disorders,
polysomnogram, sleep deprivation, insomnia, psychiatry, psychology. Not very
exhaustive but with links to articles.
A Dreamer's Glossary - apnea, WILD, MILD, oneironaut, anecdoctal evidence,
REM, sleep, somnnambulism, dreams: Rather short.
Glossary of Footwear Terms EN>EN - City International (footwear supplier from
China) - insole, upper, leather, shoe. As the glossary was not produced by a US or
UK company, I'd be careful.
Online Publicity EN>EN - online publicity jargon, new media terms, advertising,
banner, targeting, pageview: Although small, it has a quite good explanation of
terms used by agencies working with online publicity.
Online Publicity - Online Publicity, banners, jargon, new media, hit, online
advertising, ad server.
Multitude of sources EN>EN arts, automobiles, business, cultures, food,
geography, government, health, history, Internet, language, law, literature, music,
politics, reference, science, sports, travel, etc. Source: Librarians' Index to the
Internet. "The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated subject
directory of more than 7,200 Internet resources selected and evaluated by
librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries.
It's meant to be used by both librarians and non-librarians as a reliable and
efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources."
GIS abbreviations - EN>EN - Dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms in
geographic information systems, cartography, and remote sensing. By Philip
Hoehn and Mary Lynette Larsgaard. Designed by John Creaser UC Berkely
Library. Dictionary, abbreviations, acronyms, geographic information
systems, GIS, cartography, maps, remote sensing, surveying.
Physics glossary EN>EN - Dictionary definitions physics resources links. Source: A very useful, growing glossary of physics terminology.
Biomedical (WHO) EN>EN – Health-related Terminology; WHO Technical
Terminology; various medical specialties.
Audubon's Birds of America EN>EN - birds, ornithology, Audubon, bird
watching, American birds: "A replica of the complete John James Audubon's
Birds of America (1840-1844). Includes the full text, color plates, figures
and bird calls". Browsable only.
Glossary of Sleep apnoea terms EN>EN - sleep, apnea, apnoea, sleep
disorders. Source: Sleep Apnoea Trust
Dictionary of Medical Terms EN>EN
Phrase finder EN>EN - Maintained by Sheffield Hallam University. Sayings,
Phrases, Thesaurus, thesauri, cliche, phrase finder, language, dictionary, writer,
resource, derivation, meaning, origin, words, Shakespeare, quotes from
shakespeare, cockney, rhyming, slang, crossword. "a professional writers'
resource for generating ideas for headlines, advertising copy, song lyrics etc....The
site also contains a large database of the meanings and origins of English phrases
and sayings." I've found it useful when translating ads, etc.
Internet dictionary EN>EN - ftp, cyberspace, spam, Internet
Glossary of Political Economy Terms EN>EN - economics, political science.
Hypertext, online edition of a glossary compiled by Dr Paul M Johnson, of Auburn
Cryptography EN>EN - cryptography, encryption, ciphering, computer security,
security systems, information technology
Health glossary EN>EN - physiotherapy, pain, injuries, common conditions,
rehab: The site contains useful information about physiotherapy
Medicine Glossary EN>EN - medicine terms, Medterms, glossary, medical. Very
Medical devices EN>EN - medical, medicine, implant sciences, medical devices,
alloy, catheter, cyclotron.
Prostate Dictionary EN>EN - prostate cancer, oncology, medical, medicine
Physics Link EN>EN - physics, science, astronomy, math, engineering,
education, reference, new theories, history, optics, electronics, chemistry, solid
state, equipment, mechanics, gravity, universe, stars, planets, theory, lasers,
nuclear, atomic, dynamics, Nobel, fibers, atom, particle, electricity, magnet,
current, charge, Newton, Einstein, Fermi, Dirac, equation, constants, vacuum,
accelerator. Created and edited by Anton Skorucak, M.S. Physics, McMaster
University. Its mission is "To provide comprehensive research and education tools
to physicists, engineers, educators, students and all other curious minds."
Corel Printing Glossary
Glossary of digital photography EN>EN - digital photography, Canon, Epson,
Nikon, photography, glossary: Comprehensive guide on choosing/using a digital
camera, digital video, editing digital photos, etc. Contains articles and glossaries.
Border's Dictionary of Health Physics EN>EN - health physics, oncology,
nuclear medicine, radiation, brachytherapy, dosimetrist, dose rate, scatter function.
This electronic dictionary is provided courtesy of the Borders'
Consulting Group and kindly hosted by the Lovelace Respiratory Research
Institute with support from the U.S. Department of Energy. "The main purpose of
this dictionary is to serve as a resource for the Health Physicist and other
interested individuals. This dictionary is a compilation of terms selected from
various sources typically used by Radiation Safety professionals. Huge,
comprehensive, extremely technical.
Gastronomy EN>EN - Food, cooking, gastronomy, cookery. Food Lover's
Glossary. Everything you wanted to know and more.
Glossary of cartographic terms EN>EN - boundary survey, clinometric map,
depth curve, high water line, line copy, mean high water, orthophotoquad, radialline plotting, storm evacuation map, trilateration, cartography, cartographic, maps,
mapping etc..Source: From Maps for America, Third Edition. Maintained by the
University of Texas at Austin.
Legal dictionaries EN>EN - Law, legal, citation, bankruptcy terminology, maritime
law. Very interesting site with lots of dictionaries.
Electricity terms EN>EN - (eletricidade/energia - Electro Industries, Inc)
Electricity terms EN>EN - technical dictionary, technical encyclopedia, electrical
Try this: encyclopaedia of technical terms, including the field of electricity
Or else try my special search criteria on GP's website or here: (for it-en bilingual glossaries, combine
English search criteria with an Italian search term, for example)
Internetworking EN>EN - networking, computing, computers, ATM.
Source: Cisco: Internetworking Terms and Acronyms. " This glossary assembles
and defines the terms and acronyms used in the internetworking industry. Many of
the definitions have yet to be standardized, and many terms have several
meanings. Multiple definitions and acronym expressions are included where they
apply.". Downloable as .pdf
Colour perception - Idioms related to colours, Idioms EN>EN - cultural
conditioning, psychology of colours, symbolism of colours. Source: Faculdade de
Letras da Universidade do Porto: The page is called Universals in Colours and it
was organized by Maria de Fátima M. S. Ensenberger. "Many languages use
names of colours to express moods and feelings. In the case of the English
language, there are many expressions in which colour plays an important role. In
the majority of the cases there is no equivalence in other languages and when
translating them literally the meaning is lost. The following examples do not
constitute an exhaustive research but they give a brief picture of the problematic of
universals in colours: different languages use names of colours in their idiomatic
expressions differently."
Idioms - Pine Crest School EN>EN - Lots of idioms, posted by high school and
college students that live in English speaking countries. "An idiom is an accepted
phrase having a meaning other than the literal. "Skating on thin ice" and "a blind
alley" are two common examples. Idioms are a fun, playful part of language."
Book terms EN>EN - book, paper, hardcover, bibliophily, librarian, librarianship.
Source: It includes images/photos
Furniture terms EN>EN - furniture, saddle, salem rocker, sauvage, sawbuck,
semainier, serpentine, etc. src: J.H. Willey's Furniture Network, Manassas,
Virginia. Pages and pages of terms; very authoritative.
Material handling EN>EN – materials, automation, industrial, manufacturing.
"Material Handling brings together the latest information on automated
material handling systems and correct applications for the technology."
U.S. Political Glossary - approval voting, astroturf, Condorcet's method,
greenwash, NIMBY, SLAPP, SLAPP-back, US politics.
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms - aggregate demand, aggregate supply,
barriers to entry, captured agency, ceteris paribus, complementary goods, demand
side economics, entitlement program, growth theory, law of diminishing returns,
supply side economics, political economy. src: Dr. Paul M. Johnson, Auburn
Environmental Damage Valuation & Cost Benefit News Guide to Economic
Terms Glossary EN>EN - barriers to entry, benefits in kind, bequest savings
motive, bertrand competition, brownfields, categorical assistance, consumption
function, constant returns to scale, cournot competition, environmental damage,
damage valuation.
Common Quality Management acronyms and terms - Quality Control, ISO
Certification, quality systems. src: American Quality Corporation (Specialist in the
design and implementation of ISO 9000, QS 9000 & AS 9000 Quality Systems). An
alphabetical listing of common Quality Management acronyms and terms with their
Web services & Internet access - web services, Internet access,
telecommunications: A relatively new glossary addition to CNet. About
8 x A4 pages of terms and explanations, from "24x7 Technical Support" to "xDSL".
Construction science and technology - EN>EN (some FR) - Building,
engineering, science, technology. Source: Government of Canada Institute for
Research in Construction. Can't get much more reputable than that.
Human Learning Glossary - learning, language, skills, speech, language
Acronyms and abbreviations.-- Defence - i.e., military
-- run o' the mill
-- common acronyms, mostly in email
IBM glossaries EN>EN - IBM, Glossary of Computing Terms, AS/400 Glossary,
AIX Glossary, DB2 Glossary, CICS Glossary, DCE Glossary, Tivoli Glossary: "This
Web site consolidates several of the main glossaries created for IBM products in
one convenient location. Other glossaries may be available on IBM Internet sites
for specific products or technologies. "
Genome Glossary EN>EN - A good glossary on the Human Genome Project:
genetics, biotechnology: Site maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy and
the National Institutes of Health: It also contains a list of acronyms, on another link.
Genomics lexicon EN>EN
Gateway Computers Glossary EN>EN computer jargon, computers
E-business and technical terms - EN>EN - e-commerce, e-marketplace,
knowledge management.
Bikes EN>EN - bycicle, cycling, bike, mountain bike: Bycicle related words.
ERP glossary
American Depositary Receipts EN>EN - ADR, depositary receipt, finance,
investment, financial : Citibank : On American Depositary Receipts.
ER Lingo EN>EN - ER, TV show, lingo, emergency room, medical. Also a good
reference for medical terms, explained in "normal" language.
Legal Abbreviations (Canada) EN>EN - law, abbreviations, journal, reporter,
reports, series, digest, cases, review: Universite Montreal Law Library. List of
abbreviations of law periodicals, with full name and library code; focus on Quebec
and Canadian law though includes major periodicals covering other common and
civil law jurisdictions.
Sonar Technology EN>EN - sonar, echosounder, transducer, hydrophone,
hydrography, hydrographic, ultrasonic: RESON (systems corporation).
Medical imaging - EN>EN - Film scanner, film digitizer, radiograph, treatment
planning, DICOM, radiology, teleradiology. VIDAR scanners: Four-page long
glossary in downloadable .pdf .
Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus EN>EN - alcohol, alcoholism, drug,
addiction, substance, medicine, prevention, chemical, science: the National
Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
Commercial insurance glossary EN>EN - insurance, accident, risk, coverage,
policy: TSM Insurance & Financial Services.
Insurance terms EN>EN - insurance, policy, coverage, accidente, risk: Claims
Talk Auto & Home Consulting
Types of business insurance EN>EN - insurance, accident, risk, coverage,
Giant dictionary of Chat and email slang terms EN>EN (cute, smart and funny)
MLA, ROFL, acronyms, chat, e-mail abbreviations, CULA: Interesting but not quite
as gigantic as you might be inclined to imagine.
Resources EN>EN - Encyclopaedias Cartoons, Clip Art, Humor and Images
Conversion of Units and Calculations E-mail Security Netiquette, Year 2000 (Y2K)
Issues, PowerPoint Presentations and Safety Poster Libraries. I just bumped into
this wonderful resource page at the Association of Societies for Occupational
Safety and Health (ASOHA) Web site. They have a large amount of specialized
dictionaries well worth a glimpse.
Encyclopaedia of the Orient EN>EN - Orient, Islam: "The Encyclopaedia of the
Orient is a one-stop online resource which covers all countries and cultures
between Mauritania in the west and Iran in the east, Turkey in the north and Sudan
in south."
Certification and licensure dictionary - EN>EN - certification, licensure,
occupations, teacher, teaching. Ohio Department of Education.
Translation history
Archival terminology EN>EN - holdings, record, manuscript, series: The
Australian Council of Archives, Inc. A compendium of terms and usages employed
by the member institutions of the Australian Council of Archives.
Earth Sciences EN>EN - geology, geological terms and definitions, mineral terms,
mining terminology, remote sensing, volcanic terms: Canadian Tectonics Group.
Dictionary of measurement EN>EN - measurements, metric systems, scientific
units: Russ Rowlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Fragrance/ Olfactory glossary EN>EN - odor, fragrance, olfactory, perfume,
extract, smell.
Glossary of air pollution terms EN>EN - pollution, environment, air, emission.
California Air Resources Board: "This glossary provides definitions of terms
pertaining to the laws, regulations, programs, and government agencies involved in
assuring healthful air quality for California's citizens. Moreover, this
glossary explains some of the scientific terms used to describe air pollutants,
the processes that form them, and their effects on the environment and the
population. The primary focus of this publication is to help interested citizens
understand the most commonly used air pollution terms."
Archival Terminology II - EN>EN - archive, holdings, record, manuscript, series:
National Archives and Records Administration (USA). Fewer terms than in the
glossary of the Australian Council of Archives, but accompanied by a useful
introduction to archival terminology. Some notable differences with Australian
terminology (e.g.: accession, which appears to have broader connotation in
Australia than in U.S.)
International trade EN>EN - importing, exporting, acronyms: Wordlink. Terms and
common acronyms encountered in importing and exporting.
International Development EN>EN - disaster assistance, humanitarian relief:
USAID (United States Agency for International Development): USAID Commonly
Used Acronyms and Terminology.
Canadian Encyclopaedia Online - Historica (charitable foundation established to
promote Canadian history): This site offers the full text of the McLelland & Stewart
encyclopaedia, which was donated to Historica in the fall of 2000 and just went
online in January.
Writing Contracts glossary EN>EN_us - legal, contracts, law, drafting, contract,
agreements, Copyright Terms, General Publishing Industry Terms
Business Instructional Technical Electronic Industry Terms : National Writers
Union's Bite Contracts Glossary.
Encyberpedia EN>EN - dictionaries, thesauri, glossaries, encyclopaedias,
languages, portal, gateway: Excellent source when not knowing where to look.
Very useful!
Joist and structural glossary EN>EN
Conversion units glossary EN>EN - measurement conversion, converter, rare
units of measurement : Contains all kinds of rare measurement units.
Forensics - EN>EN_ca - forensics nursing, forensic science, forensics education.
Source: Kent-Wilkinson. 1,200 terms. Mostly Canada-specific.
Mortgages EN>EN - mortgages, housing, home financing. Provided by a
reputable British financial advisor.: A useful glossary to understand mortgage
system in England and Wales(Scotland follows a different scheme).
Financial Times Glossary EN>EN - At the foot of the page click on Glossary
Description & Instruction on knots EN>EN - knots, knotting, tie, tying rope, yarn,
hitch, hitches, bend, scout, sail, climb, marlinespike: information, instruction &
description on all types of knots.
Psychotherapy glossary EN>EN - Psychoanalysis, therapy, psychology,
analysis, psychotherapeutic, practice, orientations
Nursing - EN>EN - occupational titles, abbreviations, nurse, acronyms: "National
NurseSearch has published the following list to help recruiters and hiring officials to
better understand a candidates qualifications and terms written on a resume et/or
CV" Also very useful when translating texts concerning nursing, when authors'
names are followed by abbreviations of their titles.
Spirituality Glossary - EN>EN - Consciousness, fairies, Channeling, Lightwork,
UFO, Healing, Reincarnation, Meditation, Out of Body Experience, Yoga, Veda /
Dharma, Theosophy, Astrology.
Faerie Encyclopedia fairies, fairies' favourite plants and hunts, links to resources
on fairies.
Technical theatre terms EN>EN- dressing, theatre, lightning, acoustics, colours,
digital effects, digital recording: Department of Drama, University of Exeter: Also
downloadable as text file (compressed or uncompressed)
Technical Fragrance Glossary EN>EN - fragrance, top note, floral, diffusion,
perfume. Source: Annuci.
Divorce Source Dictionary - EN>EN - Alimony, decree, court proceedings,
custody, guardian ad litem, divorce. More like a complete glossary. You may
download it.
Civil Procedure Rules Glossary EN>EN - Lord Chancellor's Dept. (UK
Government): justice, court, civil procedure, law, case, trial: A guide to the meaning
of certain legal expressions as used in UK Civil Procedure rules.
Sixties Slang EN>EN - sixties, slang, 60s: Far out, man!
Mini-med school - "provide their students with information that aspiring doctors
typically learn during the first two years of medical school". It sounds like
something that might be useful for translators with a non medical background who
are interested in doing medical translation.
What is mini-med school?
Mini-med schools are public education programs now offered by more than 70
medical schools, universities, research institutions, and hospitals across the nation.
(Plus one each in Ireland and Malta!) The program is typically a lecture series that
meets once a week and provides "mini-med students" information on some of the
same subjects studied by "real" medical students. You need not have a science
background to attend. Some mini-med schools augment the lectures with
laboratory tours, hands-on demonstrations, videos, and more.
Abbreviations in International Law EN>EN - international law, abbreviations,
journal, reporter, review, treaty, treaties, series, digest: Universite Montreal Law
Library: List of abbreviations of international law periodicals, with full name and
library code.
EU glossary EN>EN - EU Institutions, EU policies, EU enlargement, E. Union
Glossary, EU Glossary, SCADplus Glossary, European Unions: "Excellent official
EU glossary with lengthy explanations of terms. 200 concepts for a better
understanding of the challenges facing the European Union: enlargement,
Economic and Monetary Union, internal and external security."
UN Treaty -Many companies do not prefer this treaty, I forgot why, I believe for
more protection of the customer. You can find this treaty on:
Third sector glossaries EN>EN - rent-seeking behaviour, third sector, volunteer
sector, citizenship, voluntary sector, non-profit, not for profit, charitable, NGO,
projects, independent sector, social exclusion, governance. (economic geography) (civil society)
(Africa and the third sector) (Charitable) (Philantropic) (Social enterprises)
Small business glossary EN>EN
Herbal medicine glossary - EN>EN - herbal medicine, medical herbs,
pharmacology, herbalis. "The definitions below are pertinent to my use of those
terms as an herbalist. Those of you versed in medicine may find the emphasis
sometimes peculiar. You are used to employing those parts of anatomy,
physiology and pharmacology that explain phenomena treatable with Standard
Practice Medicine. Clinical diagnosis uses the physical sciences to help define
conditions with medical implications, even though much of both physiology and
pharmacology deals with observations that may not have medical treatment. It
isn't unimportant, simply not pertinent. "
Derivatives glossaries EN>EN - investment, derivatives, financial markets.
Glossary of financial terms EN>EN - Investments, finance, stock market, bonds,
mortgage, financial.
Slang and made-up words Dictionary EN>EN - "This is the place where all of
your made up words, slang, web speak and colloquialisms become part of the
dictionary as well. We take the words you use every day, but aren't in the
dictionary, and put them into ours."
Mysticism in World Religions EN>EN - Buddhism - Christianity compared.
Consists contrasted Explores Frames Hinduism individual Islam Judaism literature
mystical Mysticism mystics quotations Religions scriptures Taoism topic various
version World writings: The idea is to show the common core between all religions.
On the navigation bar, you will find the link to the glossary.
Finance EN>EN - "The leading online reference for financial and investment
terms. Browse the whole terms database using the drop down boxes above; or
search on a keyword across all the definitions. Over 2,000 terms with full
descriptions all words with cross-referencing hyperlinks fully keyword searchable
runs in a small pop-up window nearly every word has links to related: videos,
books, events".
Financial glossary - financial terminology English finance investment
Italian Cooking Glossary Terms - Pasta Glossary EN>EN
Glossary of Indian Food & Cooking Terms. Don't forget to try the recipes. And lots
of info about India:
Food glossary EN>EN - gastronomy, cooking, recipes. Supplied by BBC. And do
not forget to browse the recipes in the site. They are yummy.
Plant dictionary EN>EN - plant, horticulture, crops, pests, diseases, biology,
botany. src: Ohio State University. Many terms in basic plant biology, horticulture,
and related topics.
Gay, queer, homosexual, slang. A reference work (very
complete - "always under construction")
Cloud glossary EN>EN - weather, cloud, air, meteorology: Meteorology
Department, Texas A&M University.
Snow glossary EN>EN - snow, ice, climatology, weather: National Snow and Ice
Data Center, World Data Center for Glaciology, Boulder, Colorado. Some 30
definitions of snow related terms.
Marine weather glossary EN>EN - weather, prediction, meteorology,
atmosphere. src: NOAA Marine Prediction Center.
Oceanography, climatology glossary EN>EN - geosciences, geology,
meteorology, paleontology, statistics, numerical analysis, signal processing,
NOAA, NASA: Texas Center for Climate Studies, Texas A&M University. "This is a
glossary of some of the recondite jargon, acronyms and other abbreviations,
concepts, and terms used in oceanography, climatology
and related fields."
Solar-terrestrial terms EN>EN - space, astronomy, oceanography, atmosphere,
geophysics. src: Space Environment Center, NOAA
Visual arts dictionary EN>EN - art, animation, caricature, cartoon, ceramics,
collage, costume, drawing, engraving, etching, folk art, furniture, jewellery,
lithography, painting, photography, sculpture. A must. More than 3300 terms –
short cuts to long articles, from abstract Expressionism to woodcut via Madonna.
Belongs to the Dictionary and Glossary Webring.
Oscars database EN>EN - Oscars, awards, Academy of Motion Pictures, best
picture, best director, supporting actress, best actor, nominees, movie trailers. src:
The NY Times: The Oscars are just around the corner and you know you're going
to need it. Great site. Photo gallery, movie trailers, all about the 2001 nominees
and the past winners. Browse by year or category. (2001 nominees) (Past winners)
Adobe, typography, fonts. You would have expected something a little larger
coming from Adobe. Just key terms. EN>EN
Print techniques/gravure: English:
Harcourt Dictionary of Science and Technology EN>EN - science and
technology, Harcourt, dictionary: "Harcourt and Academic Press are proud to bring
the largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in the English language to the Web.
Search from over 130,000 terms defined in 130 fields of science below. " Search
by word of browse by scientific field.
Different topics (F.Dietz) EN>EN - glossary portal, dictionaries, Franz Dietz:
Glossaries compiled by a German Translator.
Locksmith terms EN>EN - cylinder, key, keying, lock, lockset, locksmith: Lock
Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council: Professional Glossary of Terms
Relating to Locksmithing; updated January 2001.
Poker glossaries EN>EN - card games: All monolingual English, but very
complete. Dan's Poker Dictionary:
A Glossary of Poker Terms:
Poker Terms (more than 1000):
Wiesenberg's Official Dictionary of Poker:
Telecommunications glossary EN>EN - attenuation, absorption loss, backbone,
echo attenuation, telecom. Original poster (John Brannan on Honyaku) said: This
is a "Federal Standard" glossary of telecommunications terms and appears to be
fairly authoritative. It is also indexed, cross-indexed
And searchable. And apart from some irritating graphics on the top page, it
Is reasonably fast (though I haven't actually tried the search engine) and
very exhaustive -- the A terms alone went on for 10 screens.
Microsoft Word Legal User's Guide - Layout of legal texts - The layout of legal
texts causes often special problems. It's the best thing to download them as a ZIPfile (1 MB instead of 3.22 MB).
Aviation Glossary EN>EN - Aviation, aircraft, airplane, aeronautical: Includes
abbreviations, explanations of V speeds, phonetic alphabet.
House Glossary EN>EN – floor, roof, windows, doors, construction, building,
fixtures: Illustrated. Click on the part of the house you’re interested in.
Macquarie Concise Dictionary (Australian) - dictionary, Australia, Australian
English. src: Macquarie Library Pty Ltd: "Since it was first published in 1981, the
Macquarie Dictionary has become firmly established as the record of Australian
English." "The Macquarie Dictionary was first published in 1981 after a decade of
research and planning. Its intellectual base was developed by the Linguistics
Department of Macquarie University."
Macquarie Book of Slang (Australian) - slang, dictionary, Australian English,
Australian slang. src: Macquarie Library Pty Ltd: "The new millennium, or the
noughties, to give it its slang designation, ushers in a new era of Australian slang.
A battle royal is underway. The media-driven influx of American slang is
relentlessly battering against the bastion of traditional native coinage. This
linguistic tussle, this very real war of words, is documented in the 'Macquarie Book
of Slang'. Bikie slang, skater slang, surfie slang, schoolyard slang, rhyming slang,
geek-speak, cop-speak, kids'-speak, teen-speak, plus all the old-time classic
dinkum Aussie slang expressions are to be found in the 'Macquarie Book of
Legal Encyclopaedia EN>EN - Law, legislation, marriage, debt, taxes, audits,
legal, contract, tort: Complete with very useful glossary.
Roaming glossary EN>EN - roaming, mobile, data, information, network,
operator, clearinghouse, telecommunications, wireless: from Cibernet Corporation,
provider of inter-carrier roaming billing and financial settlement services for the
wireless industry.
Dictionary of Financial Risk - EN>EN - finance, financial risk, tracking error,
standard deviation. src: Gary Gastineau: "The Dictionary of Financial Risk
management is designed for professional financial analysts and managers. It does
not attempt to compete with such general reference works as the Barron's
Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms or The Encyclopedia of Banking and
Finance. The present volume defines and describes many financial terms and
concepts that these reference works do not attempt to cover, but it does not list
many of the basic terms and concepts a financial analyst learns in introductory
courses in finance or in daily experience in financial markets. The principal criterion
for inclusion in this volume is that a word or phrase be something that a working
finance professional might want to look up. "
Insurance glossary - insurance, health insurance, coverage, policy: «[The
glossary] helps to explain the jargon of life insurance, health insurance, annuities,
auto insurance, liability insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, employee
benefits and other common forms of insurance coverage.»
Car Services Automotive terminology glossaries (NAPAonline ) EN>EN cooling, brakes, clutch, cooling systems, electrical, engine, exhaust, fuel, service,
steering, suspension, tires, transmission, automotive, car services
src: NAPAonline Car Services NAPA AutoCare Centers: Divided into categories by
subject keywords.
Telecomms glossary EN>EN - attenuation, absorption loss, backbone, echo
attenuation, telecommunications
This is a beta version of a newer version of the glossary at:
Cartoons glossary - toons, cartoons, animation, cel washer, storyboard, funny
animal, splash panel, penciller, manga: Lots of information about cartoon
characters on the site.
Financial Dictionary ( EN>EN - finance, call money, downstream,
elastic currency, FIBOR, floating charge. src: Sharetispter: Large financial
dictionary in one page. Takes forever to load, but coverage of terms is good and
you can copy it to your drive easily.
Acronyms - Try some of the following for online databases of abbreviations, etc.
"The web's most comprehensive database of acronyms, abbreviations, and
initialisms. 179,000+ definitions!"
Defence - i.e., military - abbreviations and acronyms:
run o' the mill:
common acronyms, mostly in email HTH:
Plant Encyclopedia (Martha EN>EN - From Helena Araújo at
Offthewall - Annuals and tender perennials, treated as annuals | Perennials |
Bulbs | Vegetables | Herbs | Vines | Ground covers | Roses | Fruits | Trees
and shrubs | Houseplants | foliage| hardiness | plants: Very complete and you can
browse in a variety of ways. Advanced searching features available. Extremely
attractive layout too.
Consulting/Business glossary EN>EN – sources Glossary? Open Document consulting, business. src: Arthur Andersen
Brain Injury Glossary EN>EN - neurology, cognition, akinetic seizure,
neuropsychology, post-trauma amnesia, aphasia: "This is only a partial list of the
hundreds of terms and specialties associated with Brain Injuries. The information
for this glossary of terms was put together with the help of the Texas Head Injury
Foundation's, "Head Injury: A Booklet for Families, and Comprehensive
Rehabilitation of the Head-Injured Person: A Family Education Manual."
Hosiery Glossary EN>EN - hosiery, sheers, pantyhose, socks, sox, hose, tights,
stockings, knee-highs, legwear, support hose, knitwear, nylons, anklets, fashion,
textile, medical hosiery, exposition, aeration, covered yarn, drop stitch, executive
length, feeds, filament yarn, gusset, intarsia, lisle, multifilament yarn, etc. src: The
Hosiery Association, Charlotte, NC.: The above link has links to the glossary
(Spanish PDF available, but I don't know how reliable it is -- my Spanish is nil),
facts about hosiery and socks, and the Fashion Association.
Hosiery Glossary EN>EN - fully fashioned, seamed, seamless, seamfree, full
fashioned, reinforced heel and toe, RHT, FFN, FF, nylon stockings, classic nylons,
hosiery, legwear, sheer, plain knit, micromesh, fishnet, lace, Kayser,
Aristoc, Christian Dior, legs, welt, stocking tops, Alberts, Bear Brand, Pretty Polly,
glamour, vintage, fully-fashioned, clothing, 50's, 60's, fifties, sixties, rock-and-roll,
shirtwaister, bas, strumpfe, calze, couture, stocking tops, suspenders, garter belt.
src: HO-Hose (ahem), Vintage and Classic Nylon Stockings.: (for the modest)
"This site is primarily dedicated to scans of
pictures from pocket-sized glamour magazines such as Beautiful Britons;
Spick; and Span from the 50's and 60's. You will find material of an adult
nature here, but there is NO nudity. You will be treated to up skirt pictures of sheer
nylon stockings held taught on shapely legs by real suspenders, sometimes
surrounded in a sensuous cloud of lace (or net) petticoat." Very kitschy. Click on
the glossary link and the "Fully Fashioned Tutorial" for a
brief history of hosiery, definitions of terms (denier, gauge, etc.), and
some shots of knitting machines.
Certificate Authority Glossary EN>EN - Internet security, digital certificate,
SPKI/SDSI, public key encryption, public CA, bilateral trust, acronyms.
Certificate Authority Glossary EN>EN - Glossary of Messaging and Security
Terms: CA, encryption, digital certificate, digital signature, hijacking, internet
security, packet sniffing, public key.
Authentication, Certification Authority (CA), Certification Practice Statement,
Certification Revocation, Controller, Digital signature, Electronic Data Interchange
(EDI), Private key, Public key, Recognised repository, Registration Authority (RA),
Relying party, Revoke certificate, RSA. Source: Digicert CERTIFICATION
PRACTICE STATEMENT: Lots of useful info. (terminology in context) and a
glossary at the very end of the document:
Dictionary of drinking EN>EN - bartending, cocktails, drinks: comprehensive list
of ingredients and mixes, whether alcoholic or not.
Glossary of asbestos terms - EN>EN_us - asbestos, asbestos removal,
contamination, hazardous material. src: EPA.
Pharmacoeconomics glossaries - EN>EN - pharmaceutical, drugs.
Pharmacology glossary and links:
Aluminium profiles glossary EN>EN - coating, finishing, aluminium, metallurgy,
painting, extrusion operation, aluminium. src: AECyberguide: «...the AECyberguide
covers virtually every aspect of aluminum profile
manufacturing, finishing, fabricating and value-added services. It is designed to
serve the needs of students and educators, researchers and consultants, as well
as present and potential users of aluminum profiles.»
Home and Garden Illustrated guide to household tools EN>EN
Illustrated tool guide EN>EN - tool, tools, illustrated, illustrations, pictures,
pictorial: Exhaustive illustrated guide to tools: specialty tools, hand tools, power
tools, etc.
Insurance glossary EN>EN - insurance, health insurance, coverage, policy:
«[The glossary] helps to explain the jargon of life insurance, health insurance,
annuities, auto insurance, liability insurance, recreational vehicle insurance,
employee benefits and other common forms of insurance coverage.»
The Gun Glossary - guns, firearm, firearms, shooting, handgun, rifle, gunnery,
gun terms, shooting terms, firearms index, sig, ammunition, ammo, bullet, machine
gun. shooting sports, nra, iwba, idpa, ipsc, remington, h&k, heckler and koch,
winchester, browning, ar15, m16, special forces, target, targets, x-ring, bulls eye,
gun powder, reloading, dillon, mossberg, olympic arms: A to Z Index of Firearm
Shooting Gun & Gunnery Terms. Illustrated.
Offshore legislation glossary EN>EN – offshore banking, money, bank, trade,
legislation. src: Offshore «The Glossary is designed as an easy
reference for terms used in the legislations and the offshore finance sector. »
E-commerce glossary EN>EN - E-commerce, purchasing system, business-tobusiness, business-to-customer, CRM, portal.,1652,Glossary,00.html
Java Glossary EN>EN - Java, applet, application client, client module, platform,
Transportation Acronyms glossary EN>EN - acronyms, transportation, PHT,
peak hour traffic, ROW, right of way, SOV, single occupant vehicle, arterial,
intermodal transportation. src: Department of Transportation Texas: Glossary of
Transportation Terms & Acronyms
Project Management EN>EN - Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project
Management Terms v2.0 - project management, business: the number of entries in
the Glossary was increased from the previous 2200 to over 4500. However, not all
of the requested additions could be sourced reliably. In those cases, we proposed
a definition based on Webster or other program/project usages and marked them
as "Proposed Definitions - Untested" (PD-U).
Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry EN>EN - organic chemistry, biochemical,
APPLIED CHEMISTRY)The HTML reproduction of the IUPAC Nomenclature of
Organic Chemistry is published by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. with
permission of the IUPAC. The following IUPAC publications were taken as a
source: Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, and H,
Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1979. Copyright 1979 IUPAC. A Guide to IUPAC
Nomenclature of Organic Compounds (Recommendations 1993), Blackwell
Scientific publications, Copyright 1993 IUPAC.
Film crew and credits EN>EN - jobs on the movie-set, credits, Gaffer Key Grip,
Dolly Grip, Best Boy, Foley Artist, ADR Editor Music Mixer, executive producer.
Footwear Glossary EN>EN - footwear, history, terminology, society, fetish,
religious, coverings, evolution and many, many shoe terms. Cameron Kippen,
Department of Podiatry, Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA. Interesting
history of footwear through the ages. Glossary still under construction (as all
glossaries should be), but appears rather informative. No images or drawings,
Hydraulics and Hydrology Glossary EN>EN - engineering, vocabulary, etc. src:
William James, Prof of Water Resources and Environmental Engn'rg, Sch of
Engineering, Univ of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Glossary, list of acronyms, list of
programs and models, converting units.
Animal origin ingredients in food, cosmetics and other consumer products
EN>EN - squalene, animal rights, sodium tallowate, rennin, lanolin, isinglass,
cosmetics, fur, animal testing, activism, Glycreth-26. src: PETA: Includes
derivatives and explanation of consumer products in which the substance is used.
Webster's dictionary - EN>EN - English, language dictionary, dictionaries,
general dictionary. "WWWebster(TM) dictionary Based on Merriam-Webster's
Collegiate(R) dictionary, 10th Edition. "What can you do here? Look up a definition,
pronunciation, etymology, spelling, or usage point in the WWWebster dictionary.
Check out the Word of the Day. Enjoy transcripts of our Word for the Wise radio
Glossary of bankruptcy terminology EN>EN - bankruptcy law, Chapter 11,
reorganization, adversary proceeding, claim, post-petition, redemption of collateral,
Chapter 7, Chapter 9, security interest. src: Bernstein's Law Firm website.
"Throughout the dictionary, words or phrases defined elsewhere, either with their
own definition or in another context, are in boldface and linked to their definition.
The word is linked only the first time it is used in a particular definition. There are
places where a phrase is in boldface but each word of the phrase is defined
separately and linked to its own definition. While defining some terms, we felt an
example might further explain the definition. Examples are in italics. The dictionary
is set up in alphabetical order where appropriate."
Glossary of Compact Excavator Terms EN>EN - bobcat, excavator, boom,
machinery, expandable undercarriage, HVAC system, slew: A brief EN>EN
Glossary of Compact Excavator Terms located at the Bobcat Excavator web page.
Acronyms (several topics) EN>EN - a very useful source of acronyms for those of
us who are into biomedical, finance, legal, HR, marketing and sales,
communication, information systems and such. More like an "acronym finder"
portal, but there's a short glossary on communications available also.
Life Science Glossaries EN>EN - Botanical glossaries, Tree of life glossary, BioTech
Life Science Dictionary, People's glossary of ecosystem management terms, Aquatic
and Wetland Plant Glossary, UCMP Glossary of biological terms,
Glossary Of Terms Pertaining To Plant And Animal Ecology.
Farrier and Hoofcare Glossary EN>EN - farrier, horse, hoof, animal, care,
equipment, supplies. src: Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center: "The contents of
this Dictionary are an abridged version of the New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and
Technical Language, published by Dave Millwater Publishing.... "If you own a
Macintosh computer, The Electronic Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical
Language is now available for you to download! Based on the New Dictionary of
Farrier Terms and Technical Language, this Electronic version has sound and
animation multimedia, and a built-in search engine. "An HTML version which can
be read by Mac or Windows browsers may soon follow!"
Concrete EN>EN - concrete, curing, bony mix, concrete pump, blue metal,
coheviness, expansion joints, construction, building.
Statistics Terminology EN>EN - statistical, multivariate terms, correspondence
Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling by Statsoft, Multivariate Statistics: an
Introduction Glossary of statistical terms by Surfstat.
Diabetes EN>EN - diabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetes mellitus, medical,
medicine, blood glucose, insulin, beta cells. (Animal Diabetes) (Gestational Diabetes)
Web Glossary (BBC) EN>EN - Active X, ADSL, Animated GIF, portal, proxy
server, ping, Internet, telnet, Usenet. src: BBC: A reasonably large glossary of
web-related terms in refreshingly non-technical English.
Dictionary of difficult terms EN>EN - Difficult words, rare words: "Do you aim to
become a member of the literati, or do you wish to be a savant? Do you want to
avoid being verbigerative and be succinct instead?" 13,900 entries. Includes
search engine.
Envelope industry terminology - EN>EN - paper products, stationery.
Wine and Italian cookery EN>EN - aceto balsamico, polenta, Italian food, Italian
cuisine: A disappointingly short collection of Italian cookery terms and
Chaptalisation, Kabinett, wine making, wine tasting: a reasonable collection of
wine-related terms. Although on a site called Virtual Italia, the terms are not limited
to Italian wine (Kabinett is, of course, a German term and chaptalisation is illegal in
Statistics EN>EN
Cheatsheet for finding glossaries - I have just uploaded the latest version of my
cheatsheet to my personal website. Feel free to try it out! Please send your
comments to, NOT to Glosspost! Thanks. I have
"hidden" the long search strings and introduced an "interface" which spares you
the work of cutting & pasting the criteria into Altavista. All you need to do is add
your keywords. Notes are provided for guidance! Have fun, and do let me know of
any improvements you think could be made.
INS Glossary EN>EN - immigration, INS, naturalization: It also has the acronyms.
Medical glossary EN>EN - medicine, biology, biochemistry: It's a extensive
glossary. Very helpful.
English usage - American English:
Band-Aid Style Book:
Common Errors in English:
Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style:
The UVic Writers Guide Usage Dictionary:
Police Jargon Glossaries EN>EN - police, jargon, law enforcement
Electronics Glossaries EN>EN - Electronics, electricity, encoder, amplifier, power
supply, energy, transformer, sensors, semiconductors, satellite.
Hazard & Safety Symbols including Text - EN>EN: safety, hazard, symbols,
signs, protection, injury. src: EMC Insurance Companies: Not a glossary but a
collection of symbols including text.
Hazard & Safety Terms & Phrases - EN>EN
European Risk Phrases. src: Oxford University:
European Safety Phrases. src: Oxford University:
Transportation Glossary EN>EN
Pest Management in plants EN>EN - pests, pest management, plagues, plants,
crops, agriculture.
LAW - LEGAL RIGHTS - As well as its ordinary meaning, "legal rights" are
inheritance rights of the family which cannot be defeated by testament. If my
testament leaves everything to X, my wife and children still can claim their "legal
rights" from my estate - legitim for the children and jus relictae for the widow.
LEGITIM See [under] legal rights.
FindLaw - Free Case Law, Jobs, Library, Community
Medicine (STD) EN>EN_au - Medicine, medical, sexually transmitted diseases.
src: Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia. Includes the pronunciation of some tricky
Glossaries of Sewing Terms - Sewing machine, threads, fibers, lints.
Real Estate glossary EN>EN - real estate, real property, properties, house,
housing, mortgage, rent, appraisal.
Pumps with illustrations EN>EN - Pumps, illustrated, illustrations, pictures,
pictorial, photographs, machinery. Source: The Internet Glossary of Pumps by the
Animated Software Company: All sorts of pumps!
Forestry terminology EN>EN - forestry, environment, trees
The Alabama Forestry Commission: not very extensive, but includes acronyms
related to forestry terminology: forestry, acronyms and terms.
Forestry, environment, nature, trees: extensive glossary. To the point definitions.
French foods - EN>EN, except for food names- Culinary Software Services, Inc.,
Copyright Patricia Wells. Nearly 70 pages!
Computer virus glossary EN>EN - Virus, anti-virus, armored virus, cavity virus,
cluster virus, macro virus. src: McAfee.
Energy & Energy-related glossary - EN>EN - energy, power, electric energy,
energy consumption. src: Sempra Energy: It is an useful glossary (albeit, only in
English) with precise definitions of energy-related terms.
Pensions EN>EN - pensions, acronyms, plain english, career average scheme,
carry back, incapacity pension. src: Plain English Campaign: Useful, clear
glossary. [ME] Cross-referenced and includes acronyms. In one page, easy to
download to your computer.
List of Livestock Breeds EN>EN - livestock, breeds, animal science, cattle
breeding, husbandry, horse, swine, cattle, goat, sheep: This site provides a list of
Livestock breeds (horse, swine, cattle, goat, sheep) with images of the animals.
Metal Casting Terms and Definitions -EN>EN - metal casting, sand casting,
moulding. src: Metal Technologies Group.
The Electro iron casting glossary EN>EN - metal casting, iron casting,
foundries. src: Electron Corporation.
Trade Glossary EN>EN - Trade, market, agreement, balance
Business Glossary & Acronyms EN>EN - Business, trade, administration
Business Dictionary EN>EN - finance, financial instruments, Caribbean, Andean
Pact, amortisation swap rate, annuity swap: An on-line publication of the
Caribbean Media Corporation.
Leather and Leathermaking terms EN>EN - leather, leather production, tools,
processes, bookbinding, tannages, currying, chrome sensitivity. Source: Siegel of
California, makers of saddlery, garment, moccasin and bookbinding leather. "An
excellent resource for the novice and professional alike." No
pictures in the glossary. Links to different toolmakers, and descriptions
of tannages, tanning processes, currying, chrome sensitivity and bookbinding.
Bookbinding terms EN>EN - books, bookbinding, book conservation, paper
conservation, materials. src: Bookbinding and the Conservation of books: A
Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. "The text of the present book is not a history
of bookbinding--although there is a great deal of history about the craft contained
herein, and it also discusses the materials used, the notable binders whose names
illuminate it, and other useful information. It is rather an up-to-date dictionary. The
succinct definitions and explanations, as well as the biographical vignettes,
contained in this dictionary will be a boon to those who seek this kind of
information. Those concerned, whether they are practicing binders, technicians,
rare book librarians, collectors, or simply laymen, will find this a welcome source of
answers to their questions."
Jewellery Glossary EN>EN - Jewels, jewellery, stones, diamonds: Illustrated
Motorcycle dictionary EN>EN - brakes, biking, motorcycle driving, parts.
The Economist Style Guide EN>EN - The Economist, style guide, usage, dos
and don'ts, inverted commas, solecisms, spelling: They moved the page so here is
the correct link for our archives.
Food glossary EN>EN - (The Culinary Connection), food, cooking,
recipes: First impression is quite good. All those well-known French terms related
to culinary were also included -- there's always a good explanation of such terms in
English. To some of us, this glossary might seem basic but useful all the same.
Technological terms EN>EN - A technology encyclopedia - software, internet,
telecom, network, pcs, computing fundamentals, computers, networks, wireless.
Pharmaceutical and medical acronyms EN>EN - q.n.s., Quantity Not Sufficient,
GM, Genetically Modified, GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice(s), General Medical
Practitioner (UK), pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical, medical, acronyms, drugs. src:
Pharma-Lexicon International: Claims to be the largest list of pharmaceutical and
medical acronyms and abbreviations on the web. It is pretty impressive.
Law Dictionary EN>EN - law, legal, plain English. Source: Gerald and Kathleen
Hill. Searchable or browsable. Online version the Real Life Dictionary of theLaw.
Security glossary EN>EN - network, authentication, token, PKI, encryption,
computer security, digital certificate, DNS spoofing, packet sniffing: It's huge,
cross-referenced and all in one page.
Jargonator EN>EN - jargon, rating, jargon-free: This is so cool. It's not a glossary
but a jargon thermometer. Type in a jargon word, such as robust, best of breed,
turnkey, customer driven or scalable and check how it rates jargon-wise. A small
comfort for the translator who has to find his/her way through the jargon jungle
every single day.
Audio Dramatist's Lexicon EN>EN - theatre, broadcasting, criticism, sound
effects, audio dramatist.
Microscopy and Microbiology glossaries EN>EN - confocal, EM terms, cell
biology, glossary gateway, microbiology. (Specialist area)
Fluorescence glossary EN>EN
Satellite Glossary - EN>EN - communications, telecommunications.
Bridges EN>EN - arch, deck, structure, fixed, hinged, suspension, engineering,
construction: Useful glossary of technical terms.
Bridges EN>EN - arch, deck, structure, suspension, engineering, construction:
Basic types of bridge with descriptions, illustrations and links.
Legal Articles - Grand jury ("chambre de mise en accusations")
Rainwater Press Printing glossary EN>EN - publishing, digital publishing,
graphic arts, printing, press printing : more than 1,000 terms, referring both to
traditional and digital publishing.
Getty Theasaurus of Geographic Names EN>EN - geographic names,
geography, cities, rivers, countries, country names, coordinates, historical names.
src: The J.Paul Getty Trust
Glossary of Gold and Silver Terms EN>EN - gold, silver, mint, specifications,
coinage, assay, fineness: Certified Mint Inc.
Pharmaceutical Info EN>EN - Pharmaceutical, acronyms, definitions. This UKbased site indexes over 18,000 pharmaceutical acronyms and abbrev. and their
definitions. Users may browse the listings alphabetically or search by keyword. In
addition, the site offers a number of links to related resources worldwide, such as
hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacy schools, medical search engines, jobs, and
news, among others.
Medical, Cardiology, Pacemaker glossary EN>EN - pacemaker, cardiology,
heart, medical. src: St. Jude Medical: A very useful glossary. Although its title is
*medical* glossary, it deals almost entirely with cardiology, pacemakers etc., as the
company is, among other things, a major manufacturer of cardiac pacemakers and
the like.
Medical database - chemistry, biomedical, health. src: the US National Library of
Medicine: wide variety of resources related to the biomedical and health sciences,
both past and present. The format of these resources varies: searchable
databases & databanks, bibliographic citations, full text (when available), archival
collections, and images.
Genetics lexicon EN>EN - genetics, genes, biology. Several links to other biology
related glossaries.
Cinema/Movie glossary EN>EN - Moviemaking industry, titles, etc. src: The
Internet Movie Database: Updated regularly, many useful words and also claims to
be preparing FR, DE, IT and SP versions as well. That would be nice...
Glossary of cables - cable, electricity: useful for electrical cables.
Computer jargon EN>EN - Computer jargon explained, acronyms. Very useful
and complete. The dictionary is split in two sections.
Foreign names, languages, foods - North American Indian
foreign languages links & glossaries web page at
4-language foods/cuisine/comidas dictionary. This foods glossary is available for
free as an Excel 5.0 spread sheet.
Environmental Accounting Glossary EN>EN - Accounting, cost, profits, capital,
budgeting, pricing.
e-commerce glossary EN-EN
CommerceTerms EN>EN
Glossary of shooting and editing terms EN>EN
Calendar terminology EN>EN
Glossary of Energy Terms EN>EN - Energy terms, thermodynamics, electrical
system, passive solar heater, etc. src: Electro Industries Incorporated
Nasdaq Glossary EN>EN - Shares, stocks, equities, securities, investments,
dividends, technology companies, IPO, start-up. src: Nasdaq.
Dictionary of science and technology EN<>EN - engineering science, life
science, medicine, physical science, mathematics and computer science, social
science. Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology. Harcourt and
Academic Press are proud to bring the largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in
the English language to the Web. Search from over 130,000 terms defined in 130
fields of science.
Entomology insects EN <>EN - insects pests, common Insects, Glossary,
datanbase, several links. The Wonderful World of Insects. This page was initially
designed for Beginners in Entomology , on course of Insects & Human Society at
Entomology. From then on, more than 6000 URLs were collected and will be
Apparel terms EN>EN - clothing, fashion, models, model, news, employment,
jobs, shoes, shoe, apparel industry, search, directory, guide, warehouse, customs,
freight, sale, free, store, stores, best, shopping, apparel search, consulting, jobber,
jobbers, buying group, buyer, close out, apparel link, nafta, edi, clothes, sewing,
sewing machines, thread, yarn, fabric, hanger, hangers, hang tags, hang tag, price
tickets, shirts, stores, pants, socks, sweaters, jackets, leather, hats, hat, cap,
freight, tracking, sale, sales, business, education, search engine, equipment,
displays, racks, showroom, cheap.
Chocolate Glossaries EN>EN - chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate,
chocoholic, cookies, recipes, ingredients, fudge, sweets. Enjoy!
Philosophy EN>EN - philosophy, philosophical, dictionaries, glossaries,
encyclopedias: It's a very extensive philosophical portal.
Risk assessment - Environment - EN>EN - superfund site, risk assessment,
environment, environmental, pollution.
Investment glossary EN>EN - investment, financial economics, stock, market,
insurance. src:
Terms for survey techniques, research and related terms EN>EN
Terms for social investigation, survey techniques, scientific research and
related terms: Statistical methods:
With general sociology
Marketing surveys
Healthcare Market Research
Crime and Correctional
audience research
Journalistic jargon EN>EN - lead, broadsheet, daily, copy desk, cutline,
masthead, sidebar, features: "These are a few terms that, if you're new to a
newsroom, may make you wonder. The list is not complete, it is subject to local
variations and typographical terms themselves could fill a book." It's very short but
it might come in handful sometime.
Cadillac glossary EN>EN - la salle, automotive, car parts, history, cadillac trivia.
African music EN>EN - Afro-music, entertainment, arts, African music, afrobeat,
axe, morna, Cape Verde, music styles, Africa, soca: Brief definitions in English.
Couldn't take a closer look at the glossary, but first impression is good. (I came
across this link while searching for something else, as usual...)
Military and building terms EN>EN - military terms, acronyms, NATO
Building terms - several links to other building glossaries also available.
Film terms glossary EN>EN - film making, negative cutting, film production,
blimped camera, clapboard, insert shot, gaffer's tape, movie set jargon: "May be
printed out for personal use only. Printing and distribution as a course handout, for
sale, or for any other reason, without permission and acknowledgment is strictly
forbidden." Joel Schlemowitz, New School University Media Studies Department.
"Filmmaking is an art with a very complex, and in some ways confusing,
vocabulary of terms. To communicate with labs, negative cutters and with your
crew it is best to know the right term to use. The terms can often be used against
someone not familiar with them. An old story goes that a P.A. was asked to bring
over a “half-apple” and returned with a sliced-up piece of fruit. Use this glossary to
keep those who would try to intimidate you with the lingo from doing so, but
remember too, where you started from and do not use this glossary to become one
of those
American political jargon EN>EN - political jargon, lame duck, American
government, politics, election, democracy, caucus, filibuster, yellow dog democrat,
Super Tuesday. (humour)
Subtitling EN>EN - closed-captions glossary. src: Cavena subtitling products co.:
Quite short, but gives basic notions.
Superfund acronyms glossary EN>EN - hazardous substances, environmental and
emergency response. src: Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
Glossary of Energy Terms EN>EN - Energy, air, current, temperature, pressure,
power. src: US Department of Energy.
Translation glossary EN>EN - translation theory, translation
Glossary Portal EN>EN - glossary portal, glossary gateway, glossaries,
dictionaries, dictionary: It seems quite an appealing site for "glossary" addicts.
Cardiovascular glossary EN>EN - cardiology, heart disease, cardiac. src: André
Fairchild: my 5-page glossary of cardiovascular terms.
For additonal LINKS to bilingual glossaries, please see my main web page at
see also one-page sample of my Multilingual Medical Dictionary at
Diamond rings and jewels glossary EN>EN - gems, rings, jewel, diamonds,
solitaire, bracelets, opera length, gold, jewellery. (diamonds) (gold)
Promotional gifts decorating techniques EN>EN - engraving, embossing, hard
enamel, die-struck, jewellery cast, offset printed, embroidery, etch, foil stamp,
decorating, laser engraving, logo, promotional products, gifts
Adoption glossary
MSDS glossary EN>EN - material safety data sheet, MSDS, ANSI. src: Ohio
State University. This page provides definitions to some of the common terms used
in a MSDSheet. It is not all inclusive, so if you can't find a term you are looking for,
please feel free to call us at 292-1284 for an answer. "
Human evolution EN>EN - human evolution, resources, glossary, African apes,
Darwin, evolutionary, tools.
Pharmaceutical terms and abbreviations EN>EN - There are about 22,000
acronyms and abbreviations related to pharmacy. It is provided by some medicine
Financial acronyms EN>EN - This is a financial site where you can find a list of
Energy glossary EN - energy, power, hydraulics, renewable sources, solar power.
Definitions in English and some translations (ES, FR) when available.
Biotechnology Glossary
Cooking En<>En cooking, homecooking: I did check this one out, and it has an
incredible wealth of resources, with dictionaries included, and links to a lot of
interesting (and yummy) stuff.
Weather glossary and website EN>EN - meteorology, explanations. Source:
Environment Canada: It has a lot of explanations, the site is also available in
French, and it has a lot of information made simple for everybody.
Rowing glossary EN>EN - backsplash, boathouse, oarsman, bowman, stern.
Terminology glossary EN>EN (also ES and Fr) - terminology, terminologist,
glossary, dictionary, acronym, documentation, vocabulary: A small but complete
terminology glossary, monolingual English. Abbreviated Glossary of Terminology
(ISO 1087, ISO 5127).
Genetics EN>EN - medicine, gene therapy, DNA. src: University of Edinburgh: A
thorough Genetics glossary, by the University of Edinburgh, from A (adenine or
adenosine) to zygotic selection.
Glossary of Legal Terminology (Bailey & Colley Law Firm, TX) EN>EN
Portal for Slang dictionaries - Slang, US slang, British slang, Australian slang,
New Zealand slang, Scandinavian slang (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish,
Icelandic), drug terms, taboo words, sports, politics, Antartic slang: It has a really
long list of slang, some of it specialized: gay, drug,...
Human Rights EN>EN - human rights violations, torture, women, ethnic
cleansing, declaration of human rights. src: Ohio Northern University.
Marine Navigators Glossary EN>EN - ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and
Information System) related terms, definitions and abbreviations. src: ICAN International Communications and Navigations Limited: This section contains a
glossary of terms, definitions and acronyms relevant to ECDIS, electronic charting
and fundamentals of electronic positioning systems.
Wireless glossary EN>EN - wireless, telecom, telecommunications
American economy EN>EN
Political Economy Terms EN>EN - political economy, economics, appropriation
bill, budget deficit, comparative advantage, demand curve, law of diminishing
returns, tariff, trade deficit, stocks, commodities. src: (1) Paul Johnson Dept. of
Political Science Auburn University, AL. (2) US Govt. International Information
programs- US Department of State. (1) (2)
Check also this article: How the American Economy Works
Internet glossaries EN>EN - (1) Two of the best, with much explanatory
information (I recommend these in particular)(2) Internet terms for marketing
personnel, with long, useful comments on many entries, not just definitions
(3) One of the best places for information is New Fusion, where they provide good
guides (among much more) to the following subjects: .ASPs ATM
Biometrics Caching Convergence Cryptography Denial of Service Directories
Domain Name System DSL Electronic commerce Enterprise resource lanning
FDDIFrame relay. Gigabit Ethernet Groupware ISDN ISPs Java Linux Network
management NOSes Outsourcing PDAs Privacy Quality of service Storage-area
networks Security Service-level agreements SNA Spam Streaming media
Switching Telecommuting Thin clients Token Ring VLANs Voice over IP VPNs
Windows 2000 Wireless Women in IT XML (4) Average in scope and detail.(5)
Same, including PC terms too. (6) Longer list but short, easy to understand
definitions. (7) Hyper-glossary of most common terms with short easy-tounderstand definitions. (8) Web searching and Netscape jargon.
(9) Reasonably comprehensive; some items not often in glossaries. (10) Easy to
use (alphabetical sections; search function; short definitions); major terms:,4324,,00.html (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
e&start=a&end=b (10)
Computer Virus glossary EN>EN - virus denominations, trojan, worm, ActiveX.
src: Computer Associates
Aviation Terms (ATA) Air Transport Association (USA): seat mile, cockpit voice
recorder, aviation, aircraft, aeronautical.
Orthopaedic Acronyms Finder EN>EN
Phrase finder EN>EN - phrases, idioms, proverbs, sayings, expressions: Great
link for when you're looking for an idiom but can't quite remember the exact
phrase. For example, type beauty in the search box and receive the following
results: A thing of beauty is a joy forever, All things bright and beautiful, As pretty
as a picture, Beautiful downtown Burbank, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Beauty is only skin deep, Black is beautiful, Cost a pretty penny, etc etc. Meanings
and origins are listed for some of the entries.
Financial glossary EN>EN - privatization, privilege, benchmark, inception date,
investment, investor: Extremely comprehensive glossary to financial terms. Claims
to be the largest on the 'net and off.
Headache glossaries EN>EN - Medical jargon related to headache made plain
and simple.
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Medical, medicine,
headache, neurological disorders:
National Headache Foundation (The Complete Guide to Headache): medical,
medicine, headache:
Personal finance glossary EN>EN - accumulation unit, AIMS, OEIC, orphan
assets, tracker fund, personal finance: Clear explanations of some of the
commoner, and newer, expressions used in the context of personal finance.;$sessionid$44ZME4QAAAKSDQFI
Portal to dictionaries EN>EN - dictionary, glossary portal: Here you will find links
to dictionaries, pages in relations to languages, and other pages of interest to
translators. The page contains the following headings: Glossaries with Computer
Terminology, Other Specialized Glossaries, Links to Glossaries, Other Language
Pages, Information for Translators, and Other Pages of Interest.
Glossary about Translation and Interpretation EN>EN - translation, translation
theory, interpretation, concatenation.
Portal to Medical terminology EN>EN - It is an opening to a wealth of resources,
from drug glossaries to Nuclear medicine, etc. The sheer list of links is almost
Tech Jargon Scout EN>EN - Barney relationship, clicks n'mortar, emailingering,
spampoena, javantgarde, Sand Hill roadkill, jargon, slang, reverse egosurfing, tech
jargon, techie: "Jargon Scout is an irregular TBTF feature that aims to give you
advance warning -- preferably before Wired magazine picks it up -- of jargon that is
just about ready to hatch into the Net's language. Jargon Scout also invites your
collusion in inventing the requisite jargon, in those cases in which the concept
emerges before its consensus denomination. Help the Jargon Scout chronicle the
rise of jargonated job titles. "
Vision glossary EN>EN - vision, glasses, optometry, eyesight.
Horse Racing EN>EN - sports, horse, horses, ponies, derby, thoroughbreds,
thoroughbred horse racing, handicapping, betting, gambling, wager, racetracks,
horse races, pari-mutuel, triple crown, go baby go. src: National Thoroughbred
Racing Association: The National Thoroughbred Racing Association is the sports
league for Thoroughbred Horse Racing in the United
States. Members of the NTRA include horseracing tracks, horse owners, horse
breeders, horse trainers, jockeys, veterinarians and sporting and pari-mutuel
wagering fans.
Steel industry glossary EN>EN - agglomerating processes, austenitic, circored,
cold-rolled strip, VOD, walking beam furnace, steel, steel industry: Fairly extensive
list of steel-industry terms explained in language readily accessible to the nonspecialist.
U.S. Supreme Court Database EN>EN - supreme court, constitutional law,
leading cases, United States, justices, chief justice: The Oyez law project provides
abstracts and other materials for leading cases in constitutional law decided by the
Supreme Court of the United States.
Long Term Care Glossary of Terms EN>EN - long term care, nursing facilities,
assisted care, care provider, care giver, assisted nursing facility: Key to Care's
glossary uses very simple language to explain lay and medical terminology used in
the day-to-day care of patients and their illnesses.
Textile glossary EN>EN - Textile, fabrics, yarns, fibres: Complete with a list of
fibre types (with names in Latin)
Measurement converter EN>EN - pounds, length, measures, measurement
Chemistry Portal and Resources EN>EN - chemistry, chemical: A very
interesting site. They are developing their own Chemistry Dictionary, but in the
meantime, make available many other resources (including glossaries)to those
interested. In this, their Terminology page, they offer dictionaries, encyclopaedias
and naming conventions. Check the links on the left.
Drive Failure EN>EN - MTBF, hard drive, drive failure, reliability prediction,
hardware. src: Western Digital: Very small. But it had the acronym I needed.
Dictionary of First World War slang EN>EN - slang, First world war, historic
slang, history: It also has some pictures.
Glossary of Jewish Terminology EN>EN - Hebrew, Yiddish, Jewish, biblical,
religion, customs, traditions, holidays: Pretty extensive list of Hebrew, Yiddish and
Jewish terminology. Includes pronunciations.
Speciality Oils EN>EN acid value, bleaching, catalyst, deodorising, esterification,
free fatty acids, Rancimat induction period, slip point, winterization, oil, speciality
oil. src: Loders Croklaan. A useful glossary of terms to do with edible oil processing
& production of speciality oils.
Typography glossary EN>EN - typography, font, design
Water words EN>EN us - backflow, bulking slidge, kame, karstic river, kelpie, 90th
percentile, nansen bottle, water: an extensive collection of water-related words and
Accounting glossaries EN>EN - ABC of accounting language
Accounting glossary
Portal of Electricity and electronics glossaries EN>EN - electrical, electronics:
a large variety of Glossary and Acronym links pertaining to electricity and
Pulmonary & cardiology medical glossary EN>EN - apnea, bronchial,
bronchoscopy, cardiology, coronary, cardiovascular, defibrillation, endotracheal,
fibrillation, heart disease, idiopathic, lungs, mitral stenosis, MRI, Nuclear Scan,
pacemaker, pleurisy, pneumothorax, pulmonary, ventricular fibrillation, wheezing.
src: André Fairchild, Denver: a 27-page glossary of pulmonary, cardiac &
cardiovascular terms in English.
Also, for additional LINKS to bilingual and MULTILINGUAL glossaries, please see
my main web page at:
Sushi related terms glossary EN>EN - sushi, Japanese cooking, cookery. It has
lists of words in different groups: general, fish, rolls, spices...
Weather glossary EN>EN (incl. ES and PT links) - weather, atmosphere, altitude,
cyclone, density, haboob, photosphere, thermocline, metereology.
src: The Weather Channel Enterprises, Inc.: 800 terms, covering weather and the
environmental sciences. Clear explanations, but it could do with diagrams and
photos. Links to other sites (terminology plus weather forecasts by city), and a
small bibliography.
Depression glossaries EN>EN - bipolar disorder, depression, antidepressant,
cyclothimia, manic depression, schizoaffective disorder.
Sex glossary - EN>EN - sex, idioms, voyeur, sex slang, turn a trick, lace curtains,
john, hot pants, fellatio.
Fishbase EN, LA - fish, ictiology, database, scientific names, common names,
fishes: 25,270 Species, 71,000 Synonyms, 109,000 Common names,
28,000 Pictures, 21,000 References, 550 Collaborators, 1 million Hits/month.
Pharma Lexicon EN>EN - Medicine, pharmaceutical, glossary, acronyms,
abbreviations, medical: "Designed with pharmacists and pharmacy students in
mind, this UK-based site indexes over 18,000 pharmaceutical acronyms and
abbreviations and their definitions. Users may browse the listings alphabetically or
search by keyword. In addition, the site offers a number of (unannotated) links to
related resources worldwide, such as hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacy schools,
medical search engines, jobs, and news".
Birds names with Latin names & illustrations EN>EN - avian, ornithology,
ornithological, ornithologist, pictures, colour illustrations, illustrated. Source: Birds
of Britain: lots of detail and terminology.
Scientific literature EN-EN - science indexing publications paper database
Medical dictionary - EN>EN - Abduction, Babinski, cardioversion, lordosis,
scleritis, Y chromosome, zygotic, medical, medicine. src:
Finance & Investments EN>EN - Investment Finance financial jargons
definitions: Go to "Term categories" and you will find out loads of terms divided by
several categories: Acronyms, Bonds,Buzz Words, Mutual Funds, New
Economy,Options & Futures, Real State & Property etc. Great URL!!!
Broadband glossary (link correction) EN>EN - broadband, FIFO, aggregator,
3DES, digital broadcasting: It also has abbreviations.
Insurance coverage glossary EN>EN - coverage, insurance, agreed amount
endorsement, bailee coverage, block coverage.
Insurance terms glossary EN>EN - insurance, insurance terms, actual cash
value, automobile insurance, claimant, expiration date.
Insurance glossary EN>EN - insurance, grace period, guaranteed insurability,
group life insurance. Search or browse.
Slang Dictionaries EN>EN - slang, idioms: I have not gone to all of them, some of
them maybe multilingual.
Black/african american slangs:
Trademarks, patents, copyrights EN>EN - trademark application, registration,
types of trademarks. src: Elizabeth Shieldkret, Copyright, Trademark, Patent,
Trade Secret & Consumer Law Website.
Fefsi Investment Funds Glossary EN>EN - capital appreciation funds, no load
fund. Src : FEFSI (Fédération Européenne des Fonds et Sociétés
d'Investissement). Extensive glossary compiled by FEFSI, the pan-European
umbrella organisation of the investment funds industry. If you ever wondered
what's meant by e.g. 'contingent differed sales charges' and other mouth-watering
terms, then you should pay this site a visit. Click on About investment terms >
Glossary of terms.
Broadband glossary - EN>EN - broadband, FIFO, aggregator, 3DES, digital
broadcasting: It also has abbreviations.
Harry Potter glossaries - EN>EN - includes several links re. Harry Potter.
Business EN>EN - finance, eurodollar, put option, strike price, Alpha equation,
call swaption, forward rate: a huge glossary, with links to lots of other glossaries
and dictionaries. Clearly written explanations of complex concepts.
Conservation EN>EN - population, biodiversity, species, subspecies, local
extinction, variance, phenotype, polymorphism. Source: Northern Prairie Wildlife
Research Center: a small glossary of technical conservation-related terminology,
with emphasis on ornithology but going beyond that. Can be downloaded 25 k).
Accounting (New York Society of CPAs) EN>EN - financial statement, balance
sheet, depreciation, accounting, CPA, GAAP, GAO: Created and maintained by
the New York State Society of CPAs, the Accounting Terminology Guide is an
educational tool for financial journalists. The glossary is a very straightforward
alphabetized list of financial terms. Terms within definitions that are also included
in the Guide are highlighted in capital letters.
Dictionary of Forestry Organizations (acronyms) EN>EN - abbreviations,
organizations, acronyms, short forms, forestry, forest management. src:
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations: It has abbreviations of
organizations, in their original language, and also general abbreviations. Also
includes links to the referenced organizations.
Measurement converter EN>EN - Converter, units of measure, volume, capacity,
temperature, mass, area, length, measurements, metric system, metric, imperial,
US: It has conversions for units of length, volume, area, mass, temperature
Medical glossaries portal EN>EN - medical glossaries, medicine, glossary portal.
Extensive list of reference URLs and medical glossaries.
Minerals EN>EN - minerals, mineralogy, crystals, aragonite, diamond, lazurite,
rhodonite, zircon. src: Amethyst Galleries, Inc.: a comprehensive and informative
glossary of mineral types by name and by class, with photographs, chemical
composition, physical properties, geographical distribution and practical uses.
Insurance glossaries EN>EN
Databases glossary EN>EN - databases, computers, Entity-Relationship Diagram
ER Diagram extensible Markup Language functional dependency.
src: "Can't find the word you're looking for? Please
e-mail and I'll do my best to help you find the
definition you seek and possibly add it to this page. "
Pharma-lexicon EN>EN - Pharma Acronym & Abbreviation Search
pharmaceutical drugs: Look up the most popular pharmaceutical acronyms /
abbreviations and find out what they stand for.
Online Glossary Index
Fox-hunting, Dog and Horse glossaries - fox-hunting, foxhunting terms, babbler,
barway, den, fox, ratcatcher, tally ho.
EN>EN - horse racing terminology, throughbred horses, baby race, bridge jumper,
capped elbow:
Glossary of Horse Terms EN>EN - anatomy, illustrated, rail class, horse parts:
"Can't tell the difference between a "hondo" and a "hooey"? Not sure if your horse
has a "dun" or "roan" coat? Get your equine terminology down pat with the Whole
Horse Glossary!" All in one page.
Prime numbers - prime, divisor, perfect number, square number, amicable
numbers, Strong probable prime, snowball prime, factorial, least integer function,
sigma function, Diophantine equation, Eratosthenes' sieve, Euler zeta function,
Bernoulli numbers, Fermat's last theorem,math, mathematics.
src: University of Tennessee: Excellent explanations of terms from this fascinating
branch of number theory. Includes bibliography and references.
Plant database and glossary EN>EN - plants, species, genera, families, common
names, Latin names, botanical, fitology, botanics: The Virtual Mirror, Inc.: Claims to
be the largest community of gardeners on the Internet.
Attractive, instructive and organised.
botanical terms, plant structure, families, with excellent photographs:
Zoology glossary portal EN>EN - zoology, animals, acronyms: BIOSIS and the
Zoological Society of London: They moved the page. Here is the new URL.
Extensive list of zoological glossaries and a billion reference links. Browse around.
PBATS Sports Medicine Glossary (2) EN>EN - adduct, aerobic,cortical steroids,
distal, myositis, olecranon process, orthotic,, overuse syndromes, subluxation,
sports medicine, injuries, medical. src: PBATS- Professional Baseball Athletic
Trainers Society.
Orthopedics Glossary EN>EN - alograft bone, annulus fibrosus, bunion, hyoid,
petrosus, orthopedics, medical, medicine. src: Orthopedics Forum: Definitions are
rather short.
Pump glossary EN>EN - pump, diaphragm pump, archimedes screw, piston
pump, impeller pump, infusion pumps. Clear explanations, some with animated
diagrams, of various types of pumps.
Energy glossary EN>EN - Absolute Humidity, Absorbent, Absorber, Absorption,
Absorption Chiller, energy, power. src: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Network (EREN).
Chinese movie database EN>EN - entertainment; movie industry; Chinese
movies; database: Site also available in Chinese
Michelin tyre glossary EN>EN - tire, tyre, rubber, tread: only a brief glossary, but
since it's Michelin's I think we can assume it's fairly authoritative, although I have
known various sectors of their operation to use alternative terminology. If Michelin
has some websites in other languages, you may be able to find the lexicon in these
as well, although it is well hidden - follow the route (or equivalent): Michelin in brief
> Innovascope > Glossary link in left-hand column.
Structural behaviour glossary - strain, stress, force, load, inertia, moment,
Swine Production Glossary EN>EN - hog, barrow, pigs, farrowing, feeding,
swine production, segregated early weaning.
Cattle Production/Management EN>EN - beef, livestock, cattle production, cattle
management, husbandry, forage, backfat, calf crop, meat packer, tray-ready beef:
"More than 100 words from the Glossary of the second edition of
Dr. Robert E. Taylor's Beef Production and Management Decisions textbook."
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language EN>EN - AHD,
American Heritage Dictionary, English dictionary, language dictionaries.
src: BARTLEBY.COM, 2000. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English
Language, Fourth Edition. Over 90,000 entries feature 10,000 new words and
senses, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations,
language notes and word-root appendixes.
Plastics glossary EN>EN - src: Kreysler & Associates: plastics, fiber-reinforced
plastics, thermoplastics, reinforcement, molding, composite: a plastics glossary by
a firm which specialises in fibre-reinforced plastics, so presumably having a bias
towards this field.
Samsung VCR terms - EN>EN - VCR, video-cassete recorder, 2-head video
system, electronics, auto-tuning system, auto-blank search, flying pre-amp, freeze
frame, input jacks, parental control. src: Samsung. Excellent glossary. Technical
terms related to the operation of VCRs explained in non-technical language.
Telemedicine - high pass filter, telecommunications, Microphone audio overlays
playing tape audio, Modem access for remote diagnostic support,
health, medical. src: The Association of Telehealth Service Providers. " This
glossary contains nearly 200 words and phrases with whicheveryone in the field
should be conversant. We’ve thrown in our own editorial comments about features
where appropriate. We’d like to acknowledge the important input of Telemedicine
Today’s TechTalk columnist Dave Swartz, and of Jim Reid at Innovative Medical
The Canadian Encyclopaedia EN>EN - Canada, history, events, Retrospectives
Interactive Maps Interactive Graphs, Canadian heritage, politics, geography; src:
Historica: It's beautiful! "Historica is proud to male available online, for the first
time, the full text of the acclaimed Canadian Encyclopedia. A work 20 years in the
making, The Canadian Encyclopaedia represents the cooperative efforts of some
3,200 contributors from all parts of Canada".
Music glossary EN>EN - music, musical, audio files, illustrated, encore, English
horn, ensemble, baritone: "Music, like any subject, has its own terminology. At first
the many terms that musicians use to describe music can seem daunting. But
there is nothing mysterious about these terms; they merely use words to describe
something we can all hear with a little bit of practice. This section will introduce you
to the terms used most often to talk about music. All the terms are clearly defined
and linked to other related terms. In many cases you will be able to listen to an
example chosen to illustrate the term. All sound files require the Real Audio player.
If you do not have it installed on your computer you can download a free copy at"
Roofing terms EN>EN - construction, building, roof, roofing, ridge, valley, gable,
rafter, eave, fascia, soffit, flashing. src: S&K Roofing (ARRC, Inc.): a small but
useful glossary, with one clearly labelled diagram.
Statistics EN>EN - mathematics, statistics, statistical test, statistical significance,
sampling, random sample, null hypothesis, degrees of freedom, t-test, normal
distribution, standard error, standard deviation, variance, mean, median, mode,
correlation, chi square. Clear explanations, diagrams, formulae, cross-references.
You can choose to look up terms alphabetically, or study them in a logical order.
FCC Glossary of Telecommunications Terms EN>EN - src: Federal
Communications Comission: "This 1998 edition of the glossary of
telecommunications terms was prepared by the Public Service Division of the
Office of Public Affairs of the Federal Communications Commission. It contains
many words and phrases used to describe telecommunications terms, which
commonly appear in Commission documents and other publications or articles on
telecommunication technology. If you need further information please contact the
Public Service Division at (202) 418-0200 or by writing to: Federal
Communications Commission, Public Service Division, Stop Code 1160A1,1919M
Street NW, Washington, D.C. The glossary is available here in Adobe Acrobat
format so that when you look at it on your screen or print it out on your printer it will
look almost identical to the FCC's original version regardless of the computer
platform, operating system, browser, or fonts that you may be using."
Specialist archaeological glossaries - The Lithics-Net Glossary of Lithics
terminology. An excellent guide to almost everything about stone tools.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Science and Technology EN>EN - science
technology scientific terminology. src: McGraw-Hill: The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of
Science and Technology.
University of Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology glossary:
Underwater Archaeology Glossary - Very good indeed - some entires are links
to pages with more detailed descriptions, illustrations etc.
Glossary for Roman Archaeology
Glossary of Manitoba Prehistoric Archaeology - a very comprehensive guide to
field terms and research terms in North American prehistory.
Basic archaeological terms (only Roman and
ecclesiastical work)
Glossary of archaeological terms
Dinosaur dictionary - EN>EN - dinosaurst: Well-designed and informative, with
illustrations and wav. files so you can check the pronounciation of dino names.
Show it to your kids!
Biotechnology EN>EN - biotech, biotechnology, jumping genes, leaky mutants,
lignocellulose, linkage, salting out. "Welcome to, the online
version of Technomic Publishing's Glossary of Biotechnology Terms by Kimball R.
Nill. You can begin your search by entering a keyword or by selecting a letter to
search alphabetically. " Part of the site
(sponsored by Monsanto), which has documents available in French, Italian,
Spanish and German.
Restructuring of the power utility industry EN>EN - electricity, deregulation,
utility, power, power crisis, utilities: US-related (from a Nevada power company)
Welding, metallurgy - EN>EN - welding, covered electrode, gas-shielded
Copper Data Centre thesaurus of terms - electroerosion: enormous. List without
explanations but many with field of use, related terms, often with equivalents in
other languages.
Human Resources - EN>EN - wages, contingency plan, management by
objectives, human resources.
Quality-related terms EN>EN - Delta Performance Group, Inc.: statistics,
analysis, control, design, quality control, distribution, process.
Masonry and Stone roofing EN>EN - construction, masonry, stone, building:
Glossary of Masonry Terminology. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but plenty I
had been looking for at other times.
Construction, building, stone roofing:
The Guardian Style Guide - journalism, The Guardian, UK English: Downloadable
as .pdf or .doc.,5817,184913,00.html
Diabetes dictionary - insulin pen, impaired glucose tolerance, respiratory
distresssyndrome, serum fructosamine test, vitrectomy, diabetes, medical
Outside mirrors for online automotive glossaries EN>EN - car parts,
automotive, automobile: It took me several tries to get your expression, be patient,
this one is under "outer rear view mirror".
Hair styling, coloring, general working conditions for hairdressers and barbers.
Hair care, hair styling, hairstyle, wigs, beauty. very short very short
ERMS (about wigs):
Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry EN>EN - jewelry, jewels, amber, adamantine,
allowy, sterling silver, cabochon, hallmark, lapis lazuli, gold.
Cross-referenced and large illustrations : easy to see the details.
Illustrated Radiation Therapy machines and accessories EN>EN - radiation
therapy, linear accelerator, arm boards, block trays, oncology treatment, diodes,
treatment couch, brachytherapy, stereotatic, shadow trays: It's better than a
glossary. I've been translating a series of radiation therapy manuals since last year
and this site, loaded with high-quality photographs and tech specs is a dream
come true. The acessory and machine list is organized alphabetically and there is
also a searching box for quick lookup of terms. Each page opens a small .pdf file
with the machine or acessory in question. Thank you Internet gods!
Retail industry terms EN>EN - retail, retailing, consumer, sales, approved code,
all sales final, paradigm shift, loyalty, retailer.
Computer encyclopedia - EN>EN - embedded systems, computers, IT,
information technology, computers, computer desktop, electronics design.
src: The source for this encyclopedia is The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia.
Download a free demo of the full multimedia version of this database. Spot check
reveals very good definitions/explanations. "More than 15,000 definitions,
illustrations, charts and diagrams". Search only, no browsing, but you can click a
link and get a random definition too.
Food and Feed Vocabulary (EPA) EN>EN - food, feed, crop group, agriculture,
commodities, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, lookup terms, preferred
terms, base crop, animal. Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA. (This database is
also available in MS Access and dBase III+ format. For details, please E-mail the
authors.) The Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary was developed to
consolidate all the major Office of Pesticide Program Commodity Vocabularies into
one standardized vocabulary. There are about 12,000 lookup or search terms in
this database. Each lookup term is assigned an EPA preferred term, an EPA (40
CFR 180.41) crop group name/number, and a monograph number where further
information about a specific commodity can be found. About 1500 preferred
commodity terms were developed. The preferred term will be the only term
accepted in establishing pesticide tolerances. The Food and Feed Commodity
Vocabulary contains only human consumable commodities and livestock
feeds. This Web page enables the user to find a preferred term and its related
crop group number, crop group name, and monograph number by alphabetically
selecting a lookup term. Scroll to the desired lookup term to find its associated
information. Or use your browser's 'Find' feature to help locate the information.
E-commerce glossary (Online Profits- E-commerce) EN>EN - e-business, web
economics, business models, media and communications management, ecommerce, e-cash, online profits. src: Downloadable .pdfs.
Peter G.W. Keen and Craig Ballance have compiled a comprehensive glossary of
over 200 key terms and concepts in Electronic Commerce. This companion
relieves the confusion many a manager has when communicating with their IT
Department. SET, Firewalls, Digital Signatures and E-Cash are terms that sound
unfamiliar to most people outside the walls of the IT Department. Written by two
recognized experts in the fields of Electronic Commerce and EDI, this book not just
introduces the basic notions but explains each entry with illustrative examples in a
non-technical language and discusses its relevance to business.
Energy glossary EN>EN - energy saving; renewable energy; all kinds of energy
for all types of consumers. src: California Energy Commission - Consumer Energy
Center: Glossary - Terms and Definitions from A to Z
Food glossary EN>EN - food, gastronomy, cooking, cookery, ingredients
Bible search portal En (in home page): Bible, versicle, chapter, different
translations of the Bible, versions, books, vulgate: You can find almost anything
about the Bible. Hebrew and Greek bibles included.
Hacking Lexicon (Robert Graham) EN>EN (Monolingual English) Computers,
networks, information, security, infosec, hacking, cracking, warez, serialz. src:
Robert Graham: ""A document much like a glossary/dictionary that doesn't try to
"define" the terms so much as clarify the unsaid meanings"" behind them when
they are used in the context of information security. An excellent resource.
Meteors EN>EN - astronomy, meteor, meteorite, asteroid, comet, aphelion,
perihelion, absolute magnitude, Apollo asteroids, inclination, meteor shower,
radiant . src: International Meteor Organisation: a small glossary from the
International Meteor Organisation.
Cryptography EN>EN - cryptography, cipher, encryption, decryption, Boolean
function, logic function, Fourier transform, random number, RMS, Poisson
distribution, pink noise, ASCII, Hamming distance. The mathematical theory of
cryptography, with very full definitions and explanations.
Multipurpose glossary EN>EN - arts, commerce, engineering, government,
language, natural science, social science, etc. src: Allwords Glossaires Homepage.
Click on the "glossaries" button. A lot of general information with a small translation
programme into Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish (at your own risk).
Catholic Encyclopedia EN>EN - faith, God, doctrine, church, religion
Ethical philosophy EN>EN - philosophy, ethics, absolutism, relativism,
agnosticism, categorical imperative, hypothetical imperative, nihilism,
universalizability, compatibilism, utilitarianism, transcendental argument.
src: University of San Diego: a small glossary with brief definitions
German English Words EN>EN German, English, loanwords, foreign words.
src: Robbin Knapp: A list of German words used in English, with the original
German meaning, the menaing as used in English and example sentences from
International Law Dictionary & Directory EN>EN - law, international law, public,
private, international organisations, acronyms. src: Ray August: The International
Law Dictionary & Directory is a listing of: Definitions of words and phrases used in
private and public international law with linked cross-references to related words
and phrases. Descriptions of international organizations with links (if they exist) to
their on-line home pages and to other important materials describing the
organizations. Acronyms of international organizations with links to the definitions
for those organizations. Descriptions of countries with links (if they exist) to their
official on-line home pages and to other important materials. In addition, there are:
Links to on-legal guides to international legal resources. Links to on-line course
materials for the study of international law. Links to on-line listings of international
legal resources.
Links to on-line search engines.
Carwash EN>EN - Hanna-Sherman International, Inc.: carwash, water, car wash,
glossary: by no means complete but some useful terms (and others maybe
US Senate EN>EN - senate, politics, government, United States, jargon, pocket
veto, majority vote, engrossed bill. src: US Senate.
Yes, it is written *glossery* on the url
Diplomacy EN>EN - diplomacy, foreign affairs, diplomatic, accesion, privileges
and immunities, dispatch, exequatur, aide memoire, diplomat: A glossary with
diplomatic terms, very useful.
Computer-aided Engineering Analysis EN>EN - CAD, computer-aided
engineering, structural analysis, composite material, contour. src: Cosmos
Exchange: Glossary of Structural Analysis Terminology
Misunderstood Physics Terms EN>EN - physics, misused terms, misunderstood
terms, misconceptions, avogrado's constant, closed system, kinetic energy,
radioactivity. A very interesting glossary on physics terms and concepts,
frenquently misundertood by us. "Technical terms of science have very specific
meanings. Standard dictionaries are not always the best source of useful and
correct definitions of them."
Film, Video and TV Glossary (AOL-Time Warner) EN>EN - film, movies, TV,
movie set, video, dolly, grip, macguffin. src: AOL-Time Warner
Harcourt AP Dictionary of Science and Technology EN>EN - science and
technology. src: Harcourt: Search by word or by scientific field, e.g. engineering
sciences, medicine, social sciences, etc.
Modern Herbal Home Page EN>EN - botanical, plants, herbs. Index of poisonous
plants, palnt and herb index with nice descriptions and common latin names,
cultivation instructions and recipes.
Dictionary of Alternative Medicine Methods EN>EN - alternativism,
balneotherapy, clairaudience, naprapathy, osteopuncture, alternative medicine,
medical: a shorter glossary and a dictionary.
Building terms - EN>EN - gambrel, fascia, board, building, construction: clear
explanations of quite a number of building terms.
Building terms EN>EN - hipped roof, gable, gambrel, building, construction: a fine
range of building terminology explained.
Real Estate Glossary (MSN HomeAdvisor) EN>EN - air-handling unit, apron,
back title letter, back-to-back escrow, backfill, sacrificial anode, real estate, home
buying, as-is condition. src: MSN Home Advisor.
Microsoft .Net Glossary EN>EN - Microsoft, .Net, Whistler, XP, XML,
experiences, platform, distributed computing, web services. src: MS .Net:
.Net key terms.
Life and Health Insurance glossary EN>EN - health, life insurance.
src: Dearborn Financial Publishing: Includes abbreviations.
Marketing terms EN>EN - marketing mix, sample, survey, benchmark: small but
useful, essential terms.
Country abbreviations EN>EN - Countries, genealogy, country codes.
Glossary of Internet Acronyms EN>EN - Internet, acronyms
Elementary particle physics EN>EN - physics, quantum mechanics, elementary
particles, baryon, lepton, gluon, quark, strong interaction, electroweak interaction,
virtual particle, charge, colour, charm, flavour, strangeness, quantum
electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics. src: Queen Mary and Westfield
College, University of London. Based on material from the Lawrence Berkeley
laboratory: concise and clearly written definitions.
Food industry glossary EN>EN - food, food industry, supermarkets, retail stores.
Browse by letter or search by keyword. Extensive and useful!
Fabrics and Fashion terms EN>EN - textiles, fashion. src: Liz Claiborne.
The Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design EN>EN - fashion,
textiles Fashion glossary, fashion links and textile dictionary. Worth a visit!
Fabric University, Department of Textiles and Fashion, California State University
(Los Angeles) EN>EN - fashion, textiles.
SAP Glossaries EN>EN - Click on "glossary", then again "glossary" or "SAP
Imaging glossary (search for your terms separately, e.g. reduction, CCD)
Bookbinding EN>EN - hanging in, raddle, bookbinding, books, printing.
Silver terms EN - silver, sterling, marks, decoration, craft, forms, service,
cutlery, ware, antiques, metals. By Silver Mine. Glossary of silver-trade terms,
marks used on British silver, date letter sequences, guide to English silver, world
silver marks, Sheffield Plate & Electroplate, links and downloads.
Dictionary of Units of Measurement EN>EN - units of measurement, measures,
dictionary, metrics. Very complete.
Canergie Mellon's Writer's Style Guide EN>EN - style guide, capitalization,
grammar, punctuation, dates, number and places. src: Canergie Mellon University
Aluminium EN>EN - casting, extrusion, aluminum, aluminium, metal. src: Alcoa
Techie language in academe EN>EN - techie jargon, back-seat mouser, plug and
pray, Web year, COW, bar-code hairstyle, mouselexic. Short and hilarious.
North American plants and animals EN>EN - botany, fauna, zoology, wildlife,
animals, plants. src: Clicks Today: The complete guide to over 4,800 North American
plants and animals, with detailed descriptions and photographs.
Word Links (Reference Guide) EN>EN - glossaries, dictionaries, glossary portal.
Language lovers shouldn't miss this site. It's an immense collection of
word and writing links. It's a simple annotated alphabetical list. You'll find the
section of glossaries especially helpful. There are glossaries of nuclear terms,
literary terms, weather terms, law terms, and even whiskeyterms.
Financial terms glossary EN>EN - Finance, financial.
Fish terms EN>EN, with some foreign terms (e.g. lotte (FR) for monkfish): fish,
seafood, description, habitat, synonyms, substitutes. By Gorton's, Fish/seafood
company in the US. Quite informative entries, with synonyms, descriptions of fish
in water and market, how sold, cooking and buying tips, etc. Also a guide on
shopping for, cooking, cleaning and deboning fish.
Home Construction EN>EN - home construction, building, remodeling, home
maintenance, illustrated, home safety. Great illustrations. Cross-linked to pages with
more information on a given term. "Do you ever feel as if your contractor is selling you
polyisocyanurate foam when what you really needed was a setback thermostat? Here is
a handy guide to the common (and not so common construction terms). Scroll through
the glossary below, or click on the letter that starts the word you're looking for. For
example, to find polyisocyanurate foam, click "P".
Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition EN>EN - voice biometrics, speech
recogniton technology, speaker adaptive.
Reinsurance EN>EN - loss event, occurrence - Glossary compiled by ACLI
Reinsurance Committee and presented by CSLIC (Central Security Life Insurance
Agricultural Acronyms EN>EN - Agricultural, agriculture, acronyms from
A-Z: put together by The Caribbean Agricultural Information Service, The
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad, W.I.
Immigration EN>EN - Asylum Support Adjudicators(ASA), Carriers Liability Act
1987, direct airside transit visa, immigration, UK: Short Glossary but quite
interesting because of the explanation in plain English of each term.
Dictionary of Dental Terms EN>EN - dental, dentist, orthodontics, braces,
illustrated, odontology, brace parts, orthodontics tools: Definitions Of General
Dental Terms, Names Of Individual Teeth, Parts Of A Tooth And Your Mouth,
Other Dental Terms, Definitions Of Orthodontic Terms, Parts Of Your Braces,
The Orthodontist's Tools, Orthodontic Procedures, Other Dental and Orthodontic
Gadgets and Materials.
Transparency in Monetary and Financial Policies (IMF) - EN>EN transparency, monetary, financial policies. As far as I could see the glossary (in
appendixIII) is available only in English. At the site however, you will find AR>AR,
DE>DE, ZH>ZH, RU>RU, FR>FR, PT>PT documents for terminology research.
International Settlement Systems and Payments EN>EN - payment systems,
settlements, international finance, financial, BIS. src: Bank for International
Journalist's guide to economic terms EN>EN - economics, minimum wage,
absolute advantage, cost of living, crowding in, demand-pull inflation, Bretton
Woods: Economic terms can be complicated. Here's your guide to the 213
Economic terms most often encountered by journalists. These terms are part of the
common language of economists. Your mastery of these terms will take
you a long way down the road of economic understanding. The FACS economists
in the Sources section of FACSNET and the FACS News Backgrounders can
provide you more assistance in your coverage of important economic stories."
Tiles Industry Terms EN>EN - tiles industry terms, ceramics, ceramic tiles,
flooring. General glossary : CERAMIC TILE EDUCATION FOUNDATION,
Forestry EN>EN - forestry, pulp and paper, timber, lumber, wood
scientific names, common names, trees: Includes Glossaries:
• Pulp & Paper Related (659 terms)
• Wood & Forestry Related (585 terms)
Wood Anatomy:
• North American Hardwood Species (52 records)
• North American Softwood Species (49 records)
• Tropical Wood Species (360 records)
Industry Facts :
• Pulp & Paper • Wood & Forestry • Links
InternationalInternational Standards - ISO79 WOOD TECHNOLOGY
USOSHA Pulp, Paper, & Paperboard Mills, Sawmills
EPAProfile of the Lumber and Wood Products Industry
OAQPS- Wood Products Industry, Unified Air Toxics - Pulp & paper
AF&PA, TAPPI, APA, CanadaPAPTACStandard Testing Methods
CGSBPaper and Paper Products, UKBSI, FranceAFNOR, • Links
Building Codes:
International Codes - DescriptionICC- International Code Council
BOCA - Building Officials and Code Administrators
International Codes - order form
Fisheries terms EN>EN - fisheries, fishing, legal, management, technical terms,
aquaculture, abbreviations. The Glossary of Fisheries Terms is designed to be a
comprehensive guide to legal, management, scientific and technical terms relating
to fisheries. The new version of the Glossary is currently being compiled and
currently only the old version of the Glossary is viewable. Click here to open this
version in a new window. We have also reproduced a list of other glossaries
available on the Web.
Antitrust law EN>EN - antitrust, legal, law, dominant firm, competitive price,
cross-elasticity of demand, economics.
Linguistics EN>EN - src: Editors: Jan Don, Johan Kerstens, Eddy Ruys
Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University. Search or browse.
Industrial knitting - knitting, textiles, machinery, cambox, carriage direction, fabric
swatch. Italian version not yet available, but I imagine it's in the making.
Site is available in the three languages, however.
Movie Database EN>EN - trivia, history, film buff, scenes, directors, actors.
Dictionary of Anglo-Indian words, expressions and colloquialisms EN>EN India, colloquialisms, expressions. src: Online version of Henry Yule, A. C. Burnell,
Hobson-Jobson: a glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases, and of
kindred terms, etymological, historical, geographical and discursive.
Divorce Dictionary EN>EN - divorce, legal, law, absent parent, abandonment,
marital settlement agreement, child custody, motion to modify.
Table of Egyptian Gods and Associates EN>EN - religion, Egypt, Egyptian
gods, deities: List of Egyptian deities, link to a glossary of terms, link to a
table of other African deities.
Biotechnology EN>EN - gene, genome, biotechnology, chromosome, cloning,
DNA, restriction: a detailed and quite complicated glossary, with cross-references,
but the author has issued a disclaimer of responsibility for accuracy. Looks very
good if its accuracy can be relied on.
gene, genome, biotechnology, cloning, DNA, genetic code: A nightmare to find, but
looks good once you finally get there!:
Legal dictionary EN>EN - legal dictionary, law, American legal system. 10,000
terms. Based on Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law ©1996.
Published under license with Merriam-Webster, Incorporated:
Film terms EN>EN film, cinema, film industry, entertainment, technical: New
School University, NY (Media Studies Department): Extensive and clear
definitions. May be printed for personal use. Alphabetical and subject index
Industrial lighting systems EN>EN light, lighting design, luminous intensity,
diffuse reflectance, luminance, diffuse reflectance, radiant flux, transmission
coefficient, candela, color temperature: useful definitions, explanations and
Battery charger
or at Glossary interface:
TERM: High-frequency switch
Dictionary, Rhyming, Crossword Puzzle Solver, Scrabble, Quotation - EN>EN
- Law, rhyming, crossword, scrabble, thesaurus, quotiations, cliches, pig latin,
anagram, naming, computing dictionary.
Slang glossaries EN>EN - slang, English language, colloquialisms, idioms, vulgar
words, sex, taboo words
Slang, British English , colloquialisms, idioms
Dictionary of Historic Mining Terms EN>EN - mining, geology, extraction
Glossary of Water Wheel Terms EN>EN - water wheel, mill, water power
Tea glossary portal EN>EN - tea, manufacture, tasting, tea grades, infused tea,
tea liquor. src: Tea and Health, UK: As the site opens completely, click on the
"glossary" link (menu bar on your left). Specialized glossaries available: general
tea glossary, tea manufacture glossary, glossary of tea grades, tea tasting
glossary, terms describing infused tea leaf, terms describing tea liquor.
CRM terminology EN>EN - CRM, customer, relationship, management: SAP
Customer Relationship Management Glossary.
CRM, customer, relationship, management - SAS Customer Relationship
Management Glossary
CRM, customer, relationship, management: The GartnerGroup CRM Glossary
Fabric terms EN>EN - sewing, textiles: Discount Fabric Warehouse
Grease EN>EN - grease, lubricant, lubricating, age hardening, bleeding, bulk
Appearance. src: Lubrizol: All you ever wanted to know about grease but were
afraid to ask…
Online medical dictionary EN>EN - hospital, county; ichnological; insulin;
institute of medicine;
Diamond glossary - EN>EN - brilliant cut, dispersion, eye-clean, facet.
Shoe Terms EN>EN - apron, bottom filler, forepart, roughing and scouring, footwear
- brief but useful descriptions of shoe components and related terms.
Plastics and Chemicals EN>EN - plastics, chemicals, ABS, PE, LDPE, PP,
polyethylene, polyolefins. src: Shell,1128,customer_lounge=,00.html,1128,,00.html
Solvay - extrusion blow molding, plastics, resins, CFC, polystyrene
plastic tubing, thermoforming, tensile strength, plastics:
Medicine (cardiovascular) EN>EN - medicine, cardiovascular, cardiac care
src: Trinity Hospital, NJ
Traumatology EN>EN - medicine, trauma, technical, medical, traumatology
src: Health Partners, Inc.,1592,3795,00.html
Financial Markets (American Stock Exchange) EN>EN - All in one page.
Terms used in annual reports EN_uk>EN_us - finance, accounting, financial,
annual reports. src: Reuters: Very useful. Check some sample entries below:
SIC Correspondence Tables (1997 NAICs – 1987) - industry classifications,
NAICS, SIC, economic census, economy, retail trade, wholesale trade, industries.
src: US Census Bureau
Reuters Guide to Financial Markets EN>EN - src: Reuters: Word document
contains an overview of how financial markets work and the roles of the different
parties, such as brokers, fund managers etc. At the end of the document, you will
find the glossary.
Lighting Technology Terms EN>EN - accent light, beam angle, cross fade,
gaffer, grip: plenty of useful stuff on lighting technology and terminology.
Leather Terms EN>EN currying, full grained leather, grained leather, iron,
pickling: brief, useful definitions of quite a number of leathermaking terms.
Dictionary of Medical Terms EN>EN - medicine – multi-specialty (a specialized
site for doctors, richness of detail). src: - digital health record
system online: Great site to research any medical themes. The user can search
the dictionaries and medical published texts.
Welding glossaries EN>EN - engineering, welding, technical. src: Materials
Engeneering Group, UK
SAP Glossary EN>EN - SAP, ERP, R/3 - from SAP Library
Insurance EN>EN - insurance - You'll have to follow the link on the page and a
popup window will come up.
Scientific Terms EN botany, fauna, zoology, wildlife, animals, plants
Scientific Terms -1700 glossaries there.
dolphins and porpoises:
Biology, zoology, scientific names, common names: Scientific and common
names of mammals, fish, birds, plants, lepidoptera and insects.
herbs, plants, botanical names, Mexican:
Botanic/Zoology EN>EN - botanical, plants, herbs
Mexican birds, ornithology: It has the scientific name, the Spanish and the English
equivalents. Downloadable.
Panoramic photography -field of view (FOV) spherical panorama, stitching,
panoramic photography the glossary itself is limited but the explanation of
panoramic photography is succinct, complete and useful.
Tunnelling EN>EN - tunnel, tunnnelling, engineering: very detailed ITA glossary,
including tunnel planning & design and tunnel construction machinery and
Computing terms EN>EN - computing, cable, modem, connector. src:
Glossary of population terms - demographics, population: Population Reference
Bureau Glossary of Population Terms
Glossary of shipping terms EN>EN - Shipping, cargo, containers, mode of
transport, stevedore, warehousing, etc. src: Francoudi & Stefanou: Many words,
nice list, some abbreviations.
Dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms in geographic informartion
systems, cartography and remote sensing EN-EN - abbreviations, acronyms,
GIS, cartography, remote sensing, earth sciences. By Philip Hoehn (David Rumsey
Collection) and Mary Lynette Larsgaard (Map & Imagery Laboratory, University of
California, Santa Barbara Library). Designed by John Creaser (Earth Sciences &
Map Library, University of California, Berkeley.
AIDS, Reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases EN>EN - Medicine,
AIDS, HIV, medical
human reproduction, pregnancy, artificial insemination, female sex organs, male
sex organs
human reproduction, female sex organs, male sex organs, sexually transmitted
diseases, condom, AIDS, HIV: This is not a glossary. It's a good guide to Sexually
Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and AIDS/HIV Disease . It also contains a short
guide in many languages. Please click on "STD Guide" in order to find the guides.
Finance, Insurance and Stock Exchange EN>EN - financial, reisurance:
Glossary of reinsurance terms and of common reinsurance abbreviations
Education Systems in Europe EN>EN - curriculum, courses, schools, degrees,
admission requirements, equivalencies, financial aid, grading systems,
administrative structures.
Sea Turtles EN>EN - sea turtles, illustrated, conservation, biology: "This section
explains the scientific terms used in Sea Turtle Biology". Short but excellent
Direct Mail EN>EN - marketing, card decks, co-op mailing, statement stuffer
Economics EN>EN economics, indicators, existing home sales, government
saving, help wanted index, housing starts, total personal income, tax index.
Terms are relative to the US economy and indexes.
Fabrics terms EN>EN - yarn, fabrics, textiles, jersey, velveteen, quilted: "This
dictionary is provided through the efforts of Professors Rebecca Davis and Carol
Tuntland of the California State University, Los Angeles, Department of Textiles
and Fashion, and Kathy Swantko, textile consultant, writer and consumer
advocate. The Textiles Handbook, authored by Professors Davis and Tuntland,
was used as a reference and is an excellent learning tool. Click for information for
ordering The Textiles Handbook, which can be ordered with 164 fabric swatches. "
Consumer Expenditure Surveys EN>EN - consumer expenditure, consumer unit,
food at home, utilities, fuels and public services, money receipts, mortgage
principal paid on owned property, surveys. src: The Bureau of Labor Statistics
(BLS), US gov. This glossary is divided into four sections: Characteristics,
Expenditures, Income and personal taxes, Other financial information.
Soldering EN>EN - soldering, solder. src: Seho
Rock Art EN>EN - geoglyph, carving, incised, rock painting, pre-history,
petroform, pictoglyph.
Art and Animation Art EN>EN - fine arts, arts
animation art, film, vintage, nitrate cels:
Computing EN>EN - computing, software, hardware, PCs, network, telecom, IT,
Law terms EN>EN - law, injury claims, tort, legal. src: Head Injury Hotline: Law
terms commonly used in injury claims and their resulting judicial proceedings.
Entries presented in this glossary have been simplified for ease of understanding
by non lawyers. Entries were taken from Black's Law Dictionary, Abridged fifth
edition, 1983 and Oran's Law Dictionary for Non Lawyers,1975.
Road Construction EN>EN - road construction, concrete, asphalt, engineering,
paving, pavement, bitumen, highways, bulldozers, rake, mechanics:
Comprehensive and good definitions. Link leads to .pdf
Wine Pronunciation Glossary EN>EN - wines, names, pronunciation. src: K&L
Wine Merchants, USA. "We hope you enjoy this pronunciation guide and wine
glossary. It was written by our friend Robin Garr, who has been gracious enough to
allow us to reproduce his work. He's one of the original pioneers of
getting valuable wine information on the Internet and can be reached by email at For easy reference, it is color-coded...
Red listings are of wine grapes. Purple listings are of specific kinds of wine.
Blue listings are of geographical wine regions. Orange listings are for everything
else. Wine information link (varieties, choosing, serving, etc.)
Natural Health School – Glossary EN>EN - natural health, alternative medicine,
anhydrosis, cholagogue, decoction, emmenagogue, infusion.
Scout Patch Abbreviations Glossary EN>EN - A, B, BWR, Call Back, CAW,
death flap, JCP.
Pool Terminology EN>EN - base demand, biguanides, bromamines, buffering
capacity, back fill, ball valve, coping, covers, diverter valve, elbow, swimming
pools: Divided into two parts - chemical and water balance definitions
and pool structure and equipment definitions
Scanning Glossary EN>EN - scanning, scanners, OCR, ADF, acquire page, line
art, grayscale, resolution. src: Scansoft: it looks well done, even if it is not huge. On
another page of the site there is also a guide with tips about how to use a scanner
properly, it seems quite interesting to help you translating a user guide too.
Sailing glossary EN>EN - fiddle block, key shackle, shroud, spinnaker, sailing,
maritime: quite a nifty little glossary of terms for the uninitiated.
Spa-related terms glossaries EN>EN - spa, Aesclepions, Anerobics,
baneotherapy, cathiodermie, crenotherapy. src: US Day Spa Association.
Spa Pump and Hydraulic Terms - cavitation, diffuser, flow rate, pump capacity,
strainer basket, velocity head, volute, spa, jacuzzi
Spa Chemical Terms - acid demand, hardness, impurities, langelier saturtion
index, total alkalinity, turbidity, spa chemical terms, jacuzzi
Spa Glossary of Terms - Alexander Technique, balneotherapy, bio-lifting,
compression wrap, contouring, beauty treatments
Glossary of Swimming Pool and Spa Terms - alicide, algistat, backwash cycle,
bather load, chlorine feeder
A-Z Spa Water Therapies - aquacize, flotation, hydrostatic weighing, Kneipp baths,
kur, onsen, scotch hose
A-Z of Spa Fitness and Exercise Services - caliper test, circuit weight training,
isometric exercises, parcourse
A-Z of Spa Skin Care Treatments - algotherapy, anthotherapy, body polish,
brossage, dulse scrub,fango, gommage
A-Z of Spa Massage and Bodywork Treatments - acupressure, deep tissue
massage, esalen massage, hellerwork
Glossary of Spa Terms -body wrap, dry brush massage, flexercise, glycolic peel,
guided imagery
Cooking encyclopaedia EN>EN - cooking, ingredients, kitchen tools: a cooking
encyclopaedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries
include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested
Business glossary EN>EN
Financial Glossary EN>EN - finance, financial: "The largest financial glossary on
the Internet".
E-commerce Glossary EN>EN
Internet Terms EN>EN
Dictionary of computing EN>EN - computers, computing: The Free On-line
Dictionary of Computing. Editor Denis Howe.
Human Genome Glossary EN>EN - human genome, genetics.
Reference engine (Xrefer) EN>EN - any of a great variety; some examples of
sources: Bloomsbury Guide to Art, A Dictionary of Accounting (Oxford University
Press), Bloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, The Macmillan
Encyclopedia 2001, The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms, A Dictionary of
Scientists (Oxford University Press), Compact American Dictionary of Computer
Words: Xrefer contains encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of
quotations from the world's leading publishers.
Laundry Terms EN>EN – laundry: associations, equipment, machinery, supplies,
repairs, mechanic, technician, facility, industrial laundry, commercial laundry,
hospital laundry, continuous batch washer, cbw, tunnels, tunnel washer, washers,
dryers, extractors, pressing equipment, ironers, irons, hangers, textiles, chemicals,
conveyors, finishing equipment, boilers, dry cleaning, ozone, water. "Welcome to
Tunnel Tech's World Wide Web site. This web site is dedicated to the education of
Laundry personnel and support of commercial and industrial laundry facilities
Medical Devices Glossaries EN>EN - Surgical, medical, new terms glossary. It's
HUGE: over 460 pages !
Dictionary of Ecological Epidemiology EN>EN - epidemiology, ecological,
ecology, epidemics, prevalence models, worm burden. src: Copyright by the
University of Cambridge, 1998,1999.
Dictionary of Veterinary Medicine EN>EN - veterinary science, veterinary
medicine, medical. src: Harcourt Press: Search by term or browse by letter.
Religion glossary portal EN>EN - religion, protestantism, Islam, religious,
christian, evangelical, judaism, buddhism, orthodox.
Postcards terms EN>EN - postcard, printing, photo, antique postcards, vintage
postcards. src: The Encyclopaedia of Antique Postcards€ ¦© by Susan Brown
Nicholson: Original. Some 40 terms; among them: deltiology, foxing, linen, oilette,
Steel glossary EN>EN - steel, iron, mining, metal, alloys. src: American Steel and
Iron Institute (AISI): "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Steel. . .A
Glossary of Terms and Concepts, Summer 1998. Courtesy of Michelle Applebaum,
Managing Director Copyright 2000, Salomon Smith Barney Inc. All rights
African-American Slang EN>EN - rap, hip-hop, music: Four parts dictionary on
rap and hip-hop
African-American Slang
African-American Slang - rap dictionary
Slang EN>EN
Rap Slang EN>EN - rap slang, rapper
Glossary of Water Resource Terms EN>EN - water resources, hydrology,
alkalinity, acquifer, right of free capture, sustained overdraft. src: The Edwards
Aquifer Homepage.
Food vocabulary EN>EN - Food, ingredients, cooking: Basic, but good.
Roche glossary: Dermo|epi|dermitis
Automotive terms - part, car part, auto part, automotive, repair. "You can find
automotive abbreviations and repair and racing vernacular in our glossary of more
than 6,500 automotive terms." Click on Product and How To's link to find out how a
part works as well as how to inspect, test, service and replace it. Troubleshooting
section with "feels like", "smells like", "looks like" and "feel like" quite handy for the
automotive challenged, like yours truly.
English Usage EN>EN - English, usage, grammar. src: (1) Internet Grammar of
English. Especially good for British English (2) The American Heritage Book of
English Usage. Especially good for American English.
See also the glossary of grammar terms at
Railways glossary portal EN>EN - glossary portal, trains, railways, tracks, train
station, transportation, locomotive parts, technical: This page is a real treasure
house of technical information on railways. Everything from track to station.
Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and related terms EN>EN - opencast mines,
tailings, seams, mining, minerals.
*The Economist.* - Click on the country of your choice to find Economist articles,
background profiles, stats, market and currency updates, news, links, and more.
Food Glossary EN>EN - food, cooking, cookery, techniques, culinary art,
ingredients, kitchen tools: English only. Glossary of hundreds of cooking
ingredients, tools and techniques.
Radiation terms EN>EN - depleted uranium, radiation, scattered radiation,
shielding, reference man, health physics, safety. src: Health Physics Society: Clear
definitions. 17 page pdf.
Financial glossary (Bloomberg) EN>EN - finance, financial. src: Bloomberg,
compiled by Campbell P. Harvey, professor of Intl. Business, Duke Univ.: 6,000
cross-referenced entries.
Cheese glossary EN>EN - cheese, cheese making, dairy products: Hi, just came
across with this interesting glossary about cheese and cheese making.
International classification of products and services (Nice agreement) EN :
The International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of
the Registration of Marks was established by an Agreement concluded at the Nice
Diplomatic Conference.
Property Management or Real Estate glossary EN - EN
glossary portal, glossary gateway, glossaries, dictionaries, dictionary
Anatomy of the human body EN>EN - anatomy, anatomical, medical, illustrated:
"The edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247
vibrant engravings-many in color-from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a
subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the
Zonule of Zinn."
Sex glossary EN>EN - sex, slang, sexology, orgasm, RU-486, condom
4500+ glossaries EN>EN - glossaries, glossary portal. src: Woz, the Glossarist. "a
compendium of glossaries on various subjects so you can find the best definitions
of term you are interested in. There are currently 4577 glossaries in the database,
of which 679 have been catalogued into 130 categories."
Golfing - golfing, green, putting, swing, golfer, golf: I found these glossaries at, link Susan Larsson has just posted. This inclines me to think that
there are other languages in their database. Try it out! (EN) (EN) (EN)
Investment terms EN>EN - investment, finance, financial, terms and definitions.
5,000 definitions.
Legal dictionaries EN>EN
Chemistry terms EN>EN - chemistry, chemical compounds. General Chemistry
Online! Glossary for unit on compounds.
Chemistry glossary portal EN>EN - Several fields related to Chemistry.
Reuters financial guide EN>EN - financial markets, finance, investment.
src: Reuters: Word document contains an overview of how financial markets work
and the roles of the different parties, such as brokers, fund managers etc.
At the end of the document, you will find the glossary.
Reuters EN_uk>EN_us: finance, accounting, financial, annual reports: Very useful.
Check some sample entries below: Term used in annual report US equivalent or
brief description Advance corporation tax -No direct US equivalent. Tax paid on
company distributions recoverable from UK taxes due on income Allotted- Issued
Associated undertakings - Affiliates accounted for under the equity method
Cadbury Committee- UK committee set up in 1991 to address the financialaspects
of corporate governance.
Dictionary of Advertising EN>EN - advertising, marketing, family brand, factory
pack, matte shot, outdoor advertising. src: DEPARTMENT OF ADVERTISING,
Illustrated glossary of watch parts EN>EN - watch, watches, clocks, top barrel,
screws, watch parts, illustrated, watch making. src: Timezone, Watch Making
Freirian pedagogy EN>EN pedagogy, Paulo Freire, education: "With the writings
of Paulo Freire, a number of neologisms and old words with new meanings have
been introduced into the discourse of educators. In particular, terms are derived
from Marxist literature with new interpretations. The following lists some of the
more common terms currently in use, together with their definitions."
Laminating Material Association Glossary Of Terms - Trade association for
decorative overlays
Pinball terms EN>EN pinball terms, arcade games, wizard bonus, lane change,
cabinet, captive ball: Illustrated.
Cowboy saddles and tack EN>EN - cowboy saddles and tack, cantle, shoo-fly,
choher, rosette, horse riding, illustrated. "On this page, you will find the
explanations for terms dealing with cowboy saddles, tack and equipment, including
the origins of many of the words. Much of this horse equipment is regional and
much changes with the function or event for which it will be used. You may search
for a particular term or browse on down the page. Click
on the pictures for a larger view." Some translations into Spanish included.
Rhythmic gymnastics EN>EN - sports, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic element,
arc jump, attitude, illustrated, axis throw: Illustrated with beautiful pictures.
Petrophysics and well logging EN>EN - petrophysics, oil exploration, gas, wells,
well logging. src: SPWLA. The Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)
is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the science of
petrophysics, or formation evaluation, through well logging and other formation
evaluation techniques and to the application of these techniques to the exploration
of gas, oil and other minerals. Founded in 1959, SPWLA provides information
services to scientists in the petroleum and mineral industries, serves as a voice of
shared interests in our profession, plays a major role in strengthening
petrophysical education, and strives to increase the awareness of the role
petrophysics has in the Oil and Gas Industry and the scientific community.
American English and British English expressions EN_uk>EN_us : different
expressions of American and British English, regionalisms: very useful for nonnative speakers.
Glossary of Linear Accelerator Speak EN>EN - linear accelerator, acronyms,
master trigger generator, high energy. src: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center:
Excellent coverage of acronyms.
Offshore Glossary EN>EN - glossary for offshore investing / investments.
excellent glossary with explanation of terms such as Alternate Director,
International Business Companies Act or Trust.
TransHub - Translator's Reference Desk
Electrotechnical Vocabulary EN, DE, FR - electrotechnical, electronics: The IEV
database contains some 18 500 electrotechnical concepts divided into 73 subject
areas (IEV parts). Each concept contains equivalent terms in German, English and
Audit Terms Glossary EN>EN - Client acceptance retention Audit planning
Control testing, Substantive testing, Opinion formulation, Financial statement
level/Account balance class of transaction level the concept of materiality material
misstatement at the account balance class of transaction level having a lesser
value than a material misstatement at the financial statement level activity based
evaluation model auditing.
Slang glossary EN>EN - detective stories. "A Glossary of hardboiled slang".
Dictionary of UK Slang and British National Corpus - EN>EN_uk - DOD
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. 'A Dictionary of Slang' is a reference
guide to the many slang expressions heard in the United Kingdom. This of course
encompasses many words and phrases that originate from outside the U.K.
British National Corpus - Online (BNC) is a 100 million word corpus of British
English, both spoken and written. The BNC Online service allows you to search
this corpus.
Medical Terminology (MeSH) EN>EN - Medical Subject Headings (MeSH); online vocabulary searches. Originally on Eureka.
Defence Glossaries (Acronyms/Abbreviations) EN>EN - military, armed forces,
defence, defence: Jane's Defence Glossary; database contains over 20,000
defence-related acronyms and abbreviations.
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms; All approved joint definitions are
contained in Joint Publication 1-02, "DOD Dictionary of Military and
Associated Terms." From this page you can browse the dictionary or search for
Astronomy Glossary EN>EN - Glossary of astronomy, multimedia information on
planets, comets, galaxies, stars, news on astronomy events, history, planetary
information, etc. Glossary of astronomy terms EN>EN by Cavin Hamilton, author of
the site.
HS Digital Graphics - incredible online resources relating to graphic arts.
"GRAPHIC COMM CENTRAL is the "Hub" on the Web for graphic communication
education and training. This site currently receives more than 100,000
accesses/month from Graphic Comm teachers, students, and industry personnel.
The GCC site includes links to:
Curriculum / Instructional Materials
Programs of Study
Student Resumes & Portfolios
Education & Industry Standards Information
450+ articles and books
360+ online tutorials
900+ e-commerce companies
90+ trade publications
25+ virtual tours
210+ college/university programs
210+ high school programs
225+ Web development resources
The most comprehensive career information on the planet
Additional online graphic arts resources can be found at Vocational Information
Law & Politics Internet guide - This metasite of law and political resources is
designed for legal professionals, academics, and the general public. The site was
created by Randy Roberts, a student at the University of Texas and legislative
assistant. About two dozen lists of annotated links cover topics such
As Legal Portals, Legal Resources, Foreign & International Law, and Legal
Research. Equipped with language translation software (which works well
On some pages but seems to cause graphics problems on other pages), the
site is well designed and easy to use.
Pocket Encarta Dictionary for Microsoft Reader (free) EN>EN - English,
general dictionary, language dictionary, Encarta. src: Encarta, MS: PDA, MS
Reader and handheld users: MS is offering the pocket Encarta English Dictionary
for free during a limited time. 80,000 definitions, 2,56MB file.
Real estate glossary EN>EN_au - real estate, torrens title, strata title, settlement,
gazumping: Glossary of real estate terms. "This glossary of terms will help explain
some of the terminology used in Real Estate in Australia. To check the meaning of
a word simply click on the letter that the word begins with. If you can not find a
particular word referenced please click here to send an email and we will endeavor
to answer your question."
TV set vocabulary EN>EN - TV set, colour systems, screen types and sizes,
Stereo: It's a small page containing TV set definitions.
Roofing EN>EN - aggregate, asphalt, bitumen, building, flashing, gutter, mastic,
roofing, shingle, roofing, construction. src: apparently the US Army: in PDF format.
If you haven't got a viewer, searching with the words - +"conjugated
diene" +glossary - will find it, and Google will provide a text version. Looks like a
very detailed and useful glossary, although I haven't really perused it.
Chemistry EN>EN - organic chemistry, configuration, stereochemistry, chiral,
isomer, leaving group, polarity, radical, substitution. src: Glossary developed by
Penn State University; entries are generally taken directly from the glossary of
Organic Chemistry , 4/E, by John McMurry, published by Brooks/Cole.
Hydrocarbons, environmental protection, chloride process, HDPE, ozone
depletion, pulping, pesticides, thermoplastic. src: Environment Canada, provided
by the Canadian Government. A glossary of alternative options to the use of chloralkali products, covering a wide range of topics, including chemicals, piping, pulp,
plastics, packaging, etc.
a alkyl, alkane, chain, carbonyl, hydrocarbon, hydroxyl, organic chemistry,
configuration: Organic chemistry glossary. Link takes you to the "A" listing.
Aviation terms EN>EN_uk - aviation, technical jargon, acronyms, abbreviations,
aeronautical, aeronautics. src: Compiled by James Allan, Mike Jerram and Tony
French (Pilot Aviation Magazine): Aviation acronyms, abbreviations and jargon.
Choose a letter to jump to the alphabetical section; or browse by topic using the
"find" command in your browser.
On-Line Computing Dictionaries EN>EN
The BioSpace Glossary - Defining The Words That Define Biotechnology EN>EN - biotechnology, chemokines, maintenance therapy, biotech: search by
word, alphabetical, basic terms with detailed definitions; when you search
alphabetically, not all words are displayed, there is a small bar at the end of the
text for displaying the next pages.
Economics, accounting, business EN>EN - taxation, birth rate, unemployment,
budget, fiscal policy, economics, accounting, business: A Glossary of economics,
business studies and accounting. Includes acronym finder ( and diagram bank, e.g. inflationary
Amazing glossary portal EN>EN - composites, polimers, plastics, materials,
engineering, technical glossary portal: Wide range of subjects: from composites to
nuts and bolts.
Petitions for Amendments to the ATA Bylaws
NYT Business and Financial Terms EN>EN - business, finance, financial. src:
The New York Times: from the NYT - business and financial terms.
Environmental Terms EN>EN - environment, environmental. src: EPA: EnglishEnglish glossary of environmental terms.
CAD glossary EN>EN - CAD, plotting, approximation points, arrowhead, snap
resolution, plan view. src: Autodesk.,,156072-123112-586492,00.html
Paint and coating systems EN>EN - chalking, linseed, curing, mineral spirits
Electrical definitions EN>EN - switchboard, overload, voltage drop, electricity
Weightlifting EN>EN - weightlifting, fitness: about 30 pages on weightlifting and
other terms and techniques related to gym. Simple, interesting and sometimes
funny (non-technical) explanations.
Soil glossary EN>EN - active layer, backswamp, cross-slope bench, xerands,
yield curve, zonal soil and much more. src: Soil Science Society of America.
Digital Photography from A to Z EN>EN - Digital Photography for Beginners Digital cameras are now so easy to use that even the technologically challenged
can take attractive photos. Visit SayCheese if you need a few hints. The site has
tips, tricks, and Tutorials to help make you a better digital photographer. If you've
yet to go digital, they can also help you pick the best camera. SayCheese…
Data analysis EN>EN - data analysis, statistics, statistical, ANOVA, smoothing,
spherical coordinates, skewness.
Handbook on Mathematical Discourse EN>EN - mathematics, abstract
mathematics, mathematical theory, mathematical discourse. src: Charles Well:
Well designed handbook, dowloable as a .PDF file (643 kb), organized
alphabetically with entries listing terms representative of the mathematical
discourse. Difficulties are noted and remarks alert you to possible interpretation
pitfalls. Very interesting and useful.
Photomasks EN>EN - high precision, photomasks, clean room, closure check,
critical dimension
Scanning EN>EN - blind colors, scanning, scanner, grayscale, brightness, data
compression, hiscan, image processing
Data compression EN>EN - data compression, charstream, encoding step, fax
compression, mu-law
Document Imaging EN>EN - document imaging, batch processing, de-skewing,
MO drive, annotations, scanning: This is a short but interesting glossary with
technology terms.
Musical intrument strings EN>EN - strings, musical instruments, music, rectified
trebles, flat-wound, classical guitar, pure nickel, core wire: Good explanations of
the types of strings used in musical instruments.
Glossary portal - from Evert Deloof-Sys: EN>EN - measurement converters,
dictionaries, thesaurus. Site looks a little cluttered but go to Gigi's references to
look or search for glossaries
Proverbs EN>EN - proverbs, sayings, quotations, proverbs with explanations:
Tons of proverbs. Also Multi entries.
Proton beam radiation therapy EN>EN - radiation therapy, proton beam (linear accelerator
terms) (safety)
Cancer glossary EN>EN - cancer, medical, oncology.'s
exclusive Facts-On-File Cancer Dictionary for 2000 provides over 2,500 clear and
concise definitions for commonly-used cancer terms.
Real Estate glossary EN>EN - Real estate, housing, house
Radiation Oncology EN>EN - radiation oncology, bolus, blocks, electron beam,
photon, rad, cone down
Railway terminology EN>EN
3D glossary EN>EN - 3D graphics, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, culling and
clippping, graphic cards, OpenGL, rendering, bump mapping, frame
buffering, rasterization: Ever translated graphic cards ? Then bookmark this
glossary. Illustrated.
Automotive terms glossary EN>EN - Automotive terms, car parts and
components, automotive abbreviations, repair, racing. A glossary of more than
6,500 automotive terms and a separate product Information section, which tells
how a car part works.
Railway terminology EN>EN - railways
Slang and Idioms EN>EN - slang, colloquialisms, made-up words
buzzwords, idioms, new words, slang: funny definitions
Investment terms EN>EN - investment, finance, banking
Glossary of weather terms EN>EN - quite informative.
Clinical Trials EN>EN - blinding/masking; good clinical practice; ethics; mean;
median; phases of clinical trials: definitions, acronyms, abbreviations and initials
related to clinical research terminology. Very useful.
War vocabulary EN>EN
acronyms, army, militar, warefare, defense, war, information security
acronyms, army,navy, air force, militar, warefare, defense, weapons, war
acronyms, British army,navy, air force, militar, warefare,war
acronyms, army, militar, warefare, defense, war, information security, Vietnam war
terms and slangs.
acronyms, army,navy, air force,blackhawk, Delta force, Ranger, militar, warfare,
war, Chalk
acronyms, army, militar, warfare, defense, war, Vietnam war terms and slang.
Tea and Coffee Glossaries EN>EN tea and coffee terms; agony of leaves,
bergamot, yunnan; all are explanatory, and help to understand terms in the
Processing industry. General Glossary of Tea, The Manufacture Glossary,
Glossary of Tea Grades, Tea Tasting Glossary, Terms describing infused tea leaf,
Terms describing Tea Liquor.
Imaging terms EN>EN - bit map, jaggies, overlay, packed bits, median filtering,
Movie Terms Glossary EN>EN movies, film. Src: IMDb: Internet Movie
Database's online film glossary: Quite comprehensive.
Typesetting and Printing Glossary EN>EN - Printing, typesetting, fonts, letters,
IT lexicon EN>EN - IT, Internet, telecom, communication
Religion glossaries EN>EN
Egyptian gods, deities, glossary of terms, link to a table of other African deities
protestantism, Islam, religious, christian, evangelical, judaism, buddhism, orthodox
Hebrew, Yiddish, Jewish, biblical, religion, customs, traditions, holidays: Pretty
extensive list of Hebrew, Yiddish and Jewish terminology. Incl. pronunciations.
Glossarist - Portal with many dictionaries and glossaries, as well with useful
links. Subjects are different - business, medical, finance, etc.
Radio-Control Modeling Terms EN>EN - r/c, rc, tower, hobbies, model, hobby,
radio control, radio, control, aviation, pilot, military, airplane, car, truck, boat, heli,
cars, trucks, boats, helis, helicopter, helicopters, simulator, mail, order, battlebot,
battlebots, robot, robotics, real, flight, pilot, model, warbird, veteran. "Here is a list
of terms and abbreviations you might see in various R/C articles or hear your R/C
friends talking about. Now, you can be just as smart about the hobby as your local
R/C experts!"
Cartoonists' glossary - Marvel Comics in EN: cartoons, cartoonist gleaned from terms used in these
Occupations in making comics:
- DC Comics Submission Guidelines:
- Marvel comics Submission Guide:
Animals and children's site EN>EN - pictorial dictionary, dictionary for kids,
children, animals, bilingual: Many kids pages: zoo info, colouring book, dictionary
and a lot of curiosity. Not only for child but also for animals info.
Police Jargon glossary EN>EN - police jargon, law enforcement. src: Chicago
Police Department.
Floyd College, The University System of Georgia - Police jargon glossary
Police Jargon glossary - slang, police jargon, cops, law enforcement
Navigation ES>ES navigation, boating, marine, maritime, charts
Cooking Glossaries - Cooking, dictionaries, terms, food: Uni-, bi- and multilingual
dictionaries/sites on cooking, nutrition, regional foods, safety and wine. src:
ABCentral. I haven't been able to figure out what it exactly is
though. Worth taking a look though.
Sugar glossary EN>EN - ingredients, food, cooking: from “an online magazine for
food and wine lovers”. Not huge, but some good descriptions, including brown
sugar, icing sugar, castor sugar, etc. under “sugars and other sweeteners” and
useful mention of different US & British names, e.g. biscuits.
Sugar Glossaries EN>EN - Sugar, Cooking, Food - general sugar glossaries
including some "sweetener" glossaries. Also a Maple Sugar glossary. Src: The
Statistics & Data Analysis EN>EN
Videogames EN>EN -gaming, computer games
Onomatopaeic cartoon glossary - Use Search to look for "examples of
onomatopaeic cartoon glossary EN<>EN - comic, comics, cartoon, cartoons,
alliteration, alliterations, onomatopoeic, onomatopoeia, sounds, noises. src: KABOOM, A Dictionary of Comicbook Words on Historical Principles:
Incoterms chart EN>EN - incoterms, CIF, FAS, international trade. Src: ICC,
International Chamber of Commerce: "Incoterms 2000 Wall Chart - The perfect ata-glance chart for your office, with a clear, full-colour illustration of the buyers' and
sellers' obligations under each of the Incoterms, including a list of the critical
points. To take a look at the wall chart, click here. This read-only version is visible
if you have Acrobat Reader. "
Occultism EN>EN - occultism, occult
Occult & paranormal EN>EN
Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology
Witchcraft Glossary And Dictionary of Craft Terms
A Glossary for Magick, Paganism, & the Occult - 50 basic terms
A Pagan Glossary of Terms - Taken from the 1989 edition of "Real Magic".
Managed health care
managed care
human resources:
healthcare human resources
Mobile & Wireless terminology EN>EN - Base station, CCITT, DES, End-to-End
Delivery, FDMA, Geosynchronous Orbit, Handoff, SMR, 10Base5, etc, mobile,
wireless, telecommunications. src:, a site for mobile computing and
wireless information: A quick and pleasant reference with interesting entries.
Chemical EN>EN - src: International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
(IUPAC): chemistry, chemical, inorganic, organic: "This online version of the
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology corresponds to the second edition
(1997), compiled by Alan D. McNaught and Andrew Wilkinson (Royal Society of
Chemistry, Cambridge, UK). Please note that to browse or search this
compendium, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader." A huge and very impressivelooking database, and the rest of the site looks equally useful.
Advertising, pay TV, audiovisual, cable EN>EN - pay TV, regulations. PAY
TELEVISION REGULATIONS. Not a glossary per se, but contains some useful
terms in EN and FR. Mirror page in FR.
Cable TV glossary (EN)
Broadcasting Glossary (EN)
Police radio codes and signals EN>EN_us - provides the police radio codes for
each state, even each county. The links to the foreign pages are broken.
INSURANCE - EN>DE Insurance glossaries & resources:
insurance EN<>EN:,,122,00.html
insurance - EN>ES:
Glossaries of Learning Technologies Terms EN>EN - Technical Glossary of
Adaptive Technology, Glossary of CD-ROM Technology, CNET: The Computer
Network Glossary.
Technologies EN>EN - technical, more, how stuff works
For an excellent example, with an animated cut-way of a car engine, see:
IT Glossary (Whatis) EN>EN - information technology, IT, computers, software,
hardware, wireless: Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words
in the fields of Software, Internet, Computing Fundamentals, Hardware, PCs,
Networking, Telecom. Quick References to the latest IT Topics (eg. links to other
glossaries, chat acronyms, smiley faces, list of file name extensions/suffixes that
indicate the file format, advertising terminology on the Internet, International
System of Units)
Virus and Antivirus EN>EN - computer virus, antivirus, internet security, network
security. src: Mary Landesman, : a short list of 23 EN terms related to
computer viruses with simple explanatory text in EN for each, e.g. polymorphic,
malware, worm.
File extensions EN>EN 1844 file extensions. src: ExtSearch (info from mailing
list: Here you can look up what file extensions
stand for and what program is used to open files with certain file extensions.
Sporting Glossaries EN>EN Sport, archery, auto racing, badminton, bobsledding,
bowling, canoe, diving, figure skating
Helicopter terms EN>EN - helicopter, aviation, flight, chopper
Satellite and Communications Terms and Acronyms EN > EN - satellite
communications, telecommunications, radiocommunications, information
technology. src: Quantrum Prime Communications, LLC, Stafford, Virginia, USA. A
comprehensive list of telecommunications terms and acronyms used in connection
with, but not exclusive to, satellite communications systems with a brief
explanation (10 - 40 words) for each term. Last update Jan 2000.
Data rate terminology EN>EN - data rates, data rate terminology, data
transmission, telecommunications. src: Communications Systems Ltd. (VSAT
consultants), St. Albans, UK: A brief summary of some telecommunications data
rate terms (23 terms), their rates and their a.k.a's (e.g. "OC-96 4976.64 Mbps
STS-192 & STM-64").
VSAT acronyms EN > EN - VSAT, very small aperture terminals, satellite
communications. src: Communications Systems Ltd. (VSAT consultants), St.
Albans, UK: Approximately 450 acronyms used in VSAT-related texts,
particularly VSAT business and consultancy reports (e.g. "JDS-HR =
Japan Digital Services - Half Rate", "WC = watts per channel").
Acronyms, initials and common names of federal PACs EN>EN - 1220
Associates, AAB PAC, BAC PAC, CAC PAC, FASPAC, political action committee.
src: US Public Records Office. This alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations,
initials, and common names of federal political action committees (PACs) was
prepared to help researchers readily identify committees when their full names are
not disclosed on campaign finance reports.
World Wide Words EN>EN - words, phrases, obscure words: "Edited by Michael
Quinion, a researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, this quirky, surprising site
explains the meaning of obscure words (like astrobleme) and traces the origin of
phrases". Topical words,turns of phrases, weird words. There's also a newsletter.
Massage therapy EN > EN - amma, apitherapy, connective tissue massage,
Trager Therapy, trigger point, massage therapy: comprehensible explanations of
some of the more abstruse massage-related terms.
Surgical glossary EN>EN - surgical, surgery, medical, drugs, equipment,
procedures. src: MT Desk
Hair Removal EN>EN - laser, lanugo, electrolysis, depilation, waxing
Unicode glossary EN>EN - unicode, Internet, alphabet, accent mark, character,
canonical decomposition. src: Unicode Inc.: "This glossary is originally based on
The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0, and will be updated over time. It also has
been slightly modified for the Web. In particular, some glyph examples used in
definitions in the book are not included here. All references to sections, tables,
etc., refer to the relevant location in the book."
Trauma Information Pages EN>EN - medical, traumatology: various information
on trauma, trauma-related sites, possibility to translate to and from English,
French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, also in the search box.
RDRAM Terminology EN>EN - memory, RDRAM, computers, hardware
src: Rambus Inc.
Medical devices - from atrial defibrillator to vena cava filters...
medical devices this is a useful site too, it is a huge list or GLOSSARY of
SURGICAL/MEDICAL TERMS and devices I copied most of it into a document
which turned out to be over 460 pages!!
Also, for a respiratory and cardiac glossary – EN:
Medical Dictionary Search Engines EN>EN - health, drug, AIDS, cancer,
diabetes: medical references.
Pharmaceutical and medical acronyms EN>EN - medical acronyms,
pharmaceutical, clinical trials, 510 (k), ACE, CSI, Abifarma, TK: List includes
acronyms commonly used in clinical trials and US and international medical and
pharmaceutical associations and departments. Very useful, all in one page.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Glossary EN>EN - PTSD, Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder, medicine, psychiatry. src: PTSD Support Services: I found this
brief but interesting PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Glossary at the
following page:
Chemical Dictionary File EN>EN - chemicals, CAS. The databases represented
by cdf include the Environmental Mutagen Information Center (EMIC),
Environmental Teratology Information Center (ETIC), Genetox, CURE, Material
Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Hazardous Substances Database (HSDB), and
Computer virus glossary EN>EN - virus, description, place of origin, etc.
Dance & dance steps glossary EN>EN - dance music, musical instruments:
comprehensive, includes directions for steps.
Wine Terminology EN>EN - wine, winespeak, oenology, winetasting: From
Scientific Glossary EN - science, scientific terms. src: The
Comprehensive database of definitions related to science.
Batteries EN>EN - batteries, accumulator, battery, anode, cathode, cell, charging,
electrode; Anode. src: Varta battery manufacturers: there are English and German
Battery Technologies, Inc. Glossary: accumulator, battery, anode, cathode, cell,
charging, electrode:
Terms for Pressure Sensitive Labels EN>EN - Terms for Pressure Sensitive
Labels, tags, stickers, packaging, adhesion, acrylic emulsion. src: Prepared by
LATMA (Australia) Ltd 1998.
Landscaping Glossary EN>EN - nursery, landscaping, lawn, care, terms: Nursery
plant catalog and sprinkler irrigation systems links on home page.
Greenhouse, hobby greenhouse kit, GardenHouse, house, gardenHouse,
seed starting, garden tools, pond supplies. Links to trees and shrubs, decor and
structures, watering, etc. Go to gardening library for links to a plant encyclopaedia
and lawn and garden ideas:
Garden, gardening, forums, contests, calendar, happenings, gardenweb, events,
plants, flowers, gardening tips, garden contests, botanical glossary: Links to
glossary, botanical terms, etc. on home page.
Garden, gardening, botanical garden, plants, flowers. Garden glossary, plant
search, composting, tips.
Television-related abbreviations and acronyms EN>EN, some FR and DE:
television, broadcast, abbreviation, acronym, radio, receiver, wire, digital, short
wave, video: includes some terms and slang as well as acronyms; the site
itself is focused on vintage radio and TV.
Software engineering glossary EN>EN - software engineering: html file with
many links. There should be a searchable version ready soon. src: STING
(Software Technology Interest Group).
Locksmithing terms EN>EN - cam, double-acting hinge, jiggered, rake,
uncombinated, locks: fairly extensive glossary of lock-related terminology.
Nuclear Physics EN>EN - alpha particle, atomic, background radiation,
electromagnetic spectrum, ionizing radiation, rem, transuranic, x-ray, nuclear
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary EN>EN - Oxford, dictionary, English,
general dictionary, language dictionary.
Brain Glossary of Terms EN>EN - axon, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, nevrous
system, neuron, neurology, neuroanatomy: brain parts and its functions
Ham and cold cuts EN>EN - ham, pork. src: Food Safety and Inspection Service,
US Department of Agriculture.
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) EN>EN - OECD, aid,
associated financing, bilateral, claim, net disbursement. src: From Development
Co-operation Report: Efforts and Policies of Members of the Development
Assistance Committee
See also the Gender Glossary of Terms at :
Ottoman empire EN>EN - ottoman empire, history, byzantine empire, dervish,
slave army
Learning Disability Glossary EN>EN learning disability, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD,
accessibility, learning disabilities.
Fuel cells EN>EN - fuel cell, alkaline, burner, voltage, combustion, controls,
current, electrode, flue, gas, power, ignition system, vehicle, pilot, regulator, valve,
ventilation, energy: Note - this is a 34 pp. PDF file!
Computer memories glossary EN>EN - computers, RAM, SDRAM
IBM Hard Disk glossary EN>EN hard disk, computers, HD
Phobia list EN>EN - phobia, names, categories, treatment, psychiatry,
Materials science EN>EN - materials science. src: Materials Teaching
Educational Resources, The University of Liverpool : The MATTER Glossary was
originally developed to support 'Materials Science on CD-ROM v2.1'. It was
designed to support all 18 modules on the CD-ROM and was acclaimed by
students and lecturers alike.
Glossary of Automotive Terminology EN>EN axle articulation, brake fade,
brake piston, chain drive, crumple zone, automotive.
Market Research EN>EN - market research, marketing, surveys, back translation,
validation, baseline, benefit segmentation. src: World Association of Research
Esoterism, Witches, Astrology EN>EN: pagan, wiccan, occult, witches
Esoterism, Witches EN>EN witchcraft, occult, paranormal, paganism, divination:
thematic mini-glossaries
Tolkien Encyclopedia EN>EN - Tolkien, literary, literature, hobbit: "The
Encyclopedia of Arda is a personal project - a tribute to and a celebration of the
works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The site is intended to evolve into an illustrated hypertext
encyclopedia of Tolkien's realms and peoples. This lies a long way in the future,
though; if the regions of Eä are vast beyond the thought of Elves and Men, so too
are the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Air Conditioning and Heating glossaries EN>EN - air conditioning, evaporator,
heat pump, split system. src: G&S Mechanical Services: rather short airconditioning glossary
SEER, HSFP, AFUe, split system, air conditioning. src:consumer price guide. Airconditioning glossary also short but with better explanations
auto changeover, chilled water system, comfort air conditioning, dehumidification,
tonnage, Precision air-conditioning glossary:
BTU, CFM, compressor, compressed coil, ductwork, HVAC, refrigerant, switchover
valve, heating, air conditioning: American Standard Company Heating and Air
Conditioning glossary
Rheem Company - condenser, contour, downflow furnace, duct, heat exchanger,
himidifier, indoor coils, package unit, Air-conditioning glossary:
Glossary of heating and cooling terms - air handler, damper, SEER, ton,
heating and cooling
Heating, ventilation and air-cooling glossary - air diffuser, balance point,
charge, heat gain, heat loss, humidistat, Heating, ventilation and air-cooling
Air-conditioning and heating glossary – leaky return ducts, zone pressurization,
blind alley ducts, heating, air conditioning
Energy saving, heating and air-conditioning glossaries - Air Leakage Rating,
Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, Blower Doors, Enthalpy, Housewrap, subcooling,
superheating, Vapor Barrier
Acoustic insulation, inlet venturi, wall hung split air-conditioning jargon buster
Glossary of air-conditioning terms - absolute pressure, activated carbon,
actuator, air diffusion, air distribution, drier, exhaust, air conditioning
Air-conditioning glossary - coefficient of performance, cooling tower, defrost
cycle, dry bulb, heat load, air conditioning
Heating and air-conditioning glossary of terms - absorber, acumeter, bolttogether construction, cooling load, demand limiting, hot gas bypass, heating and
air conditioning
Heating glossary - dessuperheater, desiccant, excess air, heating. src: Federal
Energy Management Program
Wet-bulb temperature, weeping, standard air, hygroscopic air conditioning
New References from Wiley InterScience EN>EN - science, chemical, industrial,
toxicology, protocols, chemistry, cell biology
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
e-EROS — Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology
RIMS — Remediation Information Management System
Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry
Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Current Protocols in Cell Biology
Current Protocols in Cytometry
Current Protocols in Human Genetics
Current Protocols in Immunology
Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
Current Protocols in Neuroscience
Current Protocols in Pharmacology
Current Protocols in Protein Science
Current Protocols in Toxicology
Glossary of reinsurance terms and of common reinsurance abbreviations
EN>EN - finance, financial, reisurance
Wildland firefighting EN>EN - forest fires, wildland firefighting; fairly
comprehensive glossary on wildland firefighting terminology + other glossaries in
PDF format
CDC Hanta Virus Glossary of Terms EN>EN - hanta virus, rodents,
aerosolization. src: Center for Disease Control
CDC SPB Glossary of Terms EN>EN - infectious diseases, aerosol, assay,
biosafety level, case-fatality proportion, enzootic. src: Center for Disease Control
and Prevention, Special Pathogens
Glossary Aquarium terms EN>EN - fish tank, aquarium, actinic lights, africans,
alkalinity, ballast, bubble filter, canister filters, dosing pump, foam fractionation,
metal halide.
Golf Greenside Glossary EN>EN - awsome shots, bunker talk, equipment,
fairway talk, green talk, golfer's persona, slow play, novice golfers, round, golf
personnel, range talk, scores, tee talk, beting, water talk, excuses, celebrities,
miscellanous, golfing.
Fish, Poultry, and Meats Glossary En>En - ahi, akule, beefalo, capocollo, chub,
torsk, whelk.
Pearls Glossary of Terms En>En - abalone pearl, biwa pearl, conch pearl,
cultered pearl, cultivated pearl, nucleation, rope, pearls.
Fresh Water Glossary EN>EN - acid mine drainage, biomagnification, dredgeate,
eutrophic lake, interbasin transfer, fresh water, hydrology
Economics Glossary, Finance Glossary
Glossary Of Monetary Policy Terms
Economics Glossary, Finance Glossary
Online Glossary of Research Economics - There are 1159 items in this version
of the glossary, dated July 20, 2000.
Grains, Fruits & Vegetables EN>EN - grains, fruits, vegetables
Power electronics EN>EN - power electronics
Spice & Herb Encyclopedia EN - Spices, herbs, cooking: Spice & Herb
Encyclopedia. "Looking for a way to improve your bland cooking? Take a look at
the Spice & Herb Encyclopedia. You'll not only learn how to use a variety of spices
To add more flavour to your dishes, but you'll also discover the history
And traditional uses of these plants. For example, "In 1101, victorious
Genovese soldiers were each given two pounds of Pepper as a gift for their
Successful Palestinian conquest." 45 names so far but, has pictures and good info.
Audio and video glossary EN>EN - audiovisual, video, audio, home
entertainment: The audio/video dictionary is a comprehensive repository of terms
and detailed definitions designed to take the mystery out of home
entertainment. With over 500 audio/video terms, you're sure to find the answers
you need. You can search the dictionary or you can select a letter to view terms
beginning with that letter.
Sports and Soccer EN>EN - soccer glossary: glossary terms taken from the book
"Soccer Made Simple: A Spectator's Guide"
Examinations EN>EN - education, tests, written examinations: Terms related to
assessment of written tests: anchor item, calibration, double marking and so on.
Very useful for those who translate education (UK) texts and related subjects.
Gears EN>EN - gear, worm wheel, bevel, mechanical engineering: good
explanations of all kinds of gears, but a bit slow to load
Globalization terminology - Not exactly a glossary, but a must-read for localizers,
etc., with extensive definitions of globalization terms such as "translation"
Internet glossary EN>EN - computer, internet, web, intranet, usability: Good
definitions, includes terms related to Web development
Globalization terminology
Web glossary EN>EN - Web, computers, Internet. Short, but useful
Computer, multimedia glossary EN>EN - computer, multimedia, multi-media:
Excellent glossary: big and includes graphics
Computer, telecommunication, programming glossary EN>EN - computer,
Internet, intranet, telecommunication, programming: Big glossary. Good cross
GUI (Graphical User Interface) design - terms & acronyms EN>EN - computer,
web, usability, GUI, graphical user interface: Short list of acronyms and terms
terms related to GUI (graphical user interface) design. The glossary in in section 3
of the FAQ, so you'll need to scroll down a bit to see it.
Military, terrorism, security, navigation glossary EN>EN - military, terrorism,
religion, september 11: A rather comprehensive site dedicated to the Sept 11
terrorist attack on the U.S. The site also contains several links to related
Information security glossary EN>EN Computer, IT, security: a good list with
very good explanations
Firewall glossary EN>EN - computer, IT, security, firewall, network, data transfer:
Glossary is located in Section B.
Messaging and network security EN > EN - computer, IT, messaging, network,
security: long list of terms.
Baby glossary EN>EN - babies, health, vaccine, children diseases, pregnancy,
labour, family, feeding nutrition, behaviour, parenting: Includes also Tools such as
Breastfeeding problems, Choose your contraception, Grothw calculator, Symptom
guide, Ovulation tracker, Sex predictor and lots more!!
HIV glossary EN>EN - health, medicine, HIV, AIDS. src: Gay men's Health Crisis
Idioms EN>EN idioms, English, expressions
Slang EN>EN - slang, buzzwords, jargon
Slang glossaries EN>EN - rap, hip-hop, music: Four parts dictionary on rap and
hip-hop – American slang
First world war, historic slang, history:
English language, colloquialisms, idioms, vulgar words, sex, taboo words:
police jargon, cops, law enforcement
jargon from travel industry - special terms, acronyms, slang, and nicknames
Business Intelligence (BI) glossaries EN>EN - business intelligence
src: Cognos
International Women's Day Glossary EN>EN women's day, suffrage movement,
trade union, strike, feminism: Mostly brief info on people or organizations involved
in the history of International Women's Day. Included in the Women and
Social Movements website,
Shipping terms EN>EN - bill of lading, freight, shipper, etc.
Australian Slang EN>EN - Australian Slang Dictionary with unique Aussie
phrases and Australian Slang words: australian slang, aussie slang, australian
dialects, Australian languages, slang directory, dialect directory, cultural dialects,
aussie lingo: "Aussie Slang is a fun dictionary of Australian Slang words and
Aussie phrases with an insight into the culture and customs behind the
language." Also includes a Slang and Dialect directory of various countries and
social groups. Put together by some local guy called, um, er, Woz. [[ Please
forgive the blatant self-promo - ;') ]]
Study collections