Labs4rescue Info Sheet

“Save a Lab, have a friend for life!”
Labs4Rescue is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a new life
for rescued or displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes.
The organization’s mission is to promote and advance responsible pet ownership.
All Labs undergo an initial veterinary screening and receive treatment as required. They
are then placed in loving foster homes for nurturing and further evaluation.
Only Labs with socially acceptable behaviors, which can be responsibly placed, will be
offered for adoption.
All Labs offered for adoption have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, started on heart
worm prevention, and have received treatment for any prevailing medical or health
Labs4Rescue volunteers are found throughout the country, including Your Location
 Current Statistic From Website Labs have been adopted since the organization’s
inception in July 2002.
 Several southern regions may have up to 100 Labs in their local shelters at any given
time, most who only get 3 days to be adopted before being gassed, a cruel form of
 Several thousand Labs and Lab mixes are gassed each year in southern high-kill shelters.
They were simply born in the wrong region. Labradors are not valued in the Southern states for
four main reasons:
Spay/neuter laws are not strictly enforced, and many residents believe a dog loses his/her
instinct and aptitude for hunting when they are sterilized. The number of intact dogs is
enormous, and many of them are allowed to run free and mate indiscriminately. These
practices produce hundreds of Labradors. Because Labs are so numerous, dogs are
discarded because they have small physical "flaws,” such as a small white spot on their
chest (which is allowed under the breed standard) or because their hair is slightly longer
than many local dog fanciers prefer. Life in the South is not easy for Labradors who do
not meet the strict standards of local "experts."
Labrador females have large litters (10-12 puppies are not uncommon), and the number
of deserving homes in the mid-South's small population is simply not adequate to
accommodate all of the puppies.
PO Box 955 ● Killingworth, CT ● 06419
“Save a Lab, have a friend for life!”
Some Southerners hope to supplement their incomes by breeding and selling dogs. These
"breeders" essentially operate small-scale puppy mills and refuse to acknowledge that the
"demand" for their "product" is very low.
Some dogs lack the enthusiasm to plunge into icy waters after a hapless water fowl. The
Labrador population booms in southern shelters when the duck hunting season ends as
dogs with inadequate hunting skills are "surrendered." Some Labradors do not get the
opportunity to save their own lives by hunting. The operators of the small-scale puppy
mills "liquidate" the dogs who were not purchased before the duck hunting season ends.
Some of these breeders shoot their "excess inventory". Other breeders deliver these
innocent dogs to local shelters where they have little chance for adoption (especially if
they are black). Other unwanted dogs are simply abandoned in the countryside to fend for
Complete online application at
Select Lab
Phone Interview
Vet Check
Landlord Reference
Home Visit
Adoption or Foster
$15 non-refundable online application fee and a $365 non-refundable adoption fee to include all
vet expenses (spay/neuter, shots, heartworm prevention, etc.) and transportation to ensure your
Lab gets to you in a safe and professional manner.
Foster homes provide food and shelter for an average of 2-4 weeks. All medical expenses are
reimbursed by the organization.
Many people are unable to foster a Lab, but would still love to help. Labs4Rescue relies entirely
on adoption fees and donations, and sometimes has to turn away dogs simply because there are
not enough funds to cover their expenses. Sponsorship covers these expenses, which enables
Labs4Rescue to ultimately help more dogs.
A check or money order may be mailed to the address below, noting which Lab you prefer to
sponsor. All donations are tax deductible.
YOUR NAME HERE for Labs4Rescue Ph: (xxx)xxx-xxxx/ Email:
PO Box 955 ● Killingworth, CT ● 06419