Literary Response and Analysis—Literary--RIT 171 - 180
1. Read the passage.
The zoo is a very exciting place to visit. You can see lots of amazing animals. You can learn
interesting facts about them. You will never be bored at the zoo.
From this passage, you can tell that:
A. Amazing animals live in the zoo.
B. The zoo is a boring place to go.
C. The zoo is a great place to visit.
D. Zoo animals are fun.
2. Read the story.
Jane was in a hurry to get to soccer practice. Her friends were waiting for her on the corner.
“Come on Jane. We are going to be late,” they called. As Jane ran towards her friends, she saw
the widow who lived in the house across the street. She was carrying a bag of groceries. The
widow looked tired. Jane knew she should stop and help. Jane looked at her friends who were
waiting for her and turned around to go back and help the widow with her groceries.
What is the main idea of the story?
A. Jane really wanted to go to soccer practice.
B. Jane was too busy to help the widow.
C. Jane’s friends were waiting for her.
D. Jane took time to help the widow.
3. Read the story.
Sue and Al went everywhere together. They went to the park to play. They went swimming at
the pool. They ate lunch together and even had dinner at each other’s houses.
We can tell that Sue and Al were ________.
A. school buddies
B. not friends
C. best friends
D. brother and sister
4. Read the story.
Mike and Chris ran down the sidewalk to school. Today was the big day! They were going to
have a class party with popcorn, candy and a movie in the afternoon!
From this story you can tell that Mike and Chris are ________.
A. angry
B. sad
C. scared
D. excited
5. Read the passage.
Bats are nocturnal animals. Bats come in many sizes and shapes. Bats hunt for food at night.
Bats usually live in caves.
What kind of writing is this?
A. poetry
B. fairy tale
C. non-fiction
D. fiction
6. Read the following.
Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go.
What kind of writing is this?
A. non-fiction
B. poetry
C. fiction
D. fairy tale
7. Read the poem.
One, Two
Buckle my shoe.
Three, Four
Open the door.
Five, Six
Pick up sticks.
Seven, Eight
Lay them straight.
Nine, Ten
A big, fat hen.
Which words rhyme?
A. door and straight
B. eight and straight
C. four and five
D. one and two