Contact: Susan Leahy, Communications Manager (617) 643

Contact: Susan Leahy, Communications Manager
(617) 643-5288
BOSTON, MA—February 7, 2013 – The MGH Center for Community Health
Improvement announced today that seven freshmen from Revere High School have been
selected as MGH Youth Scholars. They are: Zakaria Attioui, Alaina Cataldo, Kelsey
Dupont, Samatha Eligene, Camilo Gonzalez, Talal Hamza and Luke Hartnett.
MGH Youth Scholars are 9th-12th-grade students from Boston, Revere and Chelsea who
are interested in health or science careers and who have college aspirations. During the
weekly curriculum on the MGH campus, the MGH Youth Scholars learn academic, life,
and career skills that expand and enhance their educational and career options through
activities related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These activities
build exploration and skill development through experiences and relationships related to
STEM subjects and careers, life sciences and health and wellness. MGH Youth Scholars
continue their STEM curriculum into the summer in STEM Camp through Wheelock
Beginning this month, the 31 9th grade MGH Youth Scholars are exposed to science and
health careers through MGH 101, an introduction to MGH with two-day, hands-on
modules in various departments such as the MGH Institute of Health Professions, Sports
Medicine and Tissue Engineering. They will receive academic tutoring from 9th grade to
college. MGH Youth Scholars also are introduced to the college preparation process.
Financial literacy through our partner uAspire is part of the curriculum from high school
to college. MGH Youth Scholars are eligible for college scholarships of up to $5,000 per
year for four years.
Research shows that educational attainment is highly correlated with economic status and
is the largest predictor of health status. Every year for the past two decades Mass General
has inspired hundreds of youth who are interested in health and science careers with
educational activities and employment opportunities. MGH is committed to expanding
the horizons of these young people as a health improvement strategy as well as a
workforce development strategy. Last year the MGH Center for Community Health
Improvement provided 465 youth (grades 3 through college and beyond) with STEM
programming, shadowships, internships and summer jobs at MGH.
In addition to Revere High School, MGH’s other partners for the MGH Youth Scholars
are East Boston High School, Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, Chelsea
High School, the Charlestown community and Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts.
-1101 Merrimac Street, Suite 603 Boston, Massachusetts 02114
About the Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI)
CCHI carries out its work in Chelsea, Revere, and Charlestown, where MGH
has maintained healthcare centers for more than 40 years, as well as in Boston among youth, homeless
persons and seniors. CCHI has partnered with the communities it serves to assess needs and create more
than 38 programs that:
Reduce and prevent substance abuse
Intervene in the cycle of violence
Tackle the obesity epidemic by increasing access to healthy food and physical activity
Increase access to care for vulnerable populations such as immigrants and refugees, seniors, and
homeless people
Prevent cancers through early detection and screening
Generate interest in science and health careers among youth
101 Merrimac Street, Suite 603 Boston, Massachusetts 02114