Topic: 3000 Curriculum Area: Animal Science
(3060) Unit: Carcass Evaluation
Holly Glomski
(3063) Topic: Lamb Wholesale Cuts Identification
Topic Objectives: Upon completion of this lesson, the student will be able to:
A. Identify the placements of wholesale meat cuts on a lamb.
B. Discover where most retail cuts of lamb are located.
Time Frame: 60 Minutes
Projector with overheads
One copy note taking guide per student
Livestock chalk
Wholesale cut labels, Velcro, and Poster Board
Livestock marking chalk
Enough market lambs or sheep for the class (1 sheep for every 3-4 students)
1. The Sheep Learning Lab Kit
Wholesale Cuts of Lamb sheet, Wholesale Cuts of Lamb Diagram, and
Retail Cuts of Lamb Chart
Teaching Procedures:
A. Interest Approach:
Cut the wholesale lamb parts diagram into separate sections (each lamb cut will
be separated to look like puzzle pieces) and place in a baggie. Split the class into
groups give one baggie that contains the different wholesale meat cuts in separate
sections to each group. Supply each group with a blank piece of paper, bottle of
glue, and markers. Tell the class that they are to assemble a puzzle and that they
are not to glue the pieces together until you approve. Give the groups about 3
minutes to struggle with the puzzle. Then ask the class if anyone knows what
picture the puzzle makes up. Then explain each section is a wholesale cut of lamb
and show the wholesale lamb diagram on the overhead projector. Let the students
then glue the pieces together on their own paper. Next, have them label the
wholesale cuts on their own diagram.
B. Teaching Steps:
1. Make overhead transparencies of each page of the handout to review with the
2. Have students turn to the first page of the handout; review the objectives of the
2. Have the students discuss the definition of wholesale and retail cuts, and list
examples of each on the overhead. Have students refer to the packet for
3. Review the wholesale cuts of lamb sheets the first showing the cuts, as they
would be on the carcass. The second sheet showing the wholesale cuts as they
are cut and separated from the carcass.
4. Discuss the retail cuts using the final overhead.
C. Review:
1. Have the students divide into groups of 3-4 depending on class size and
number of lambs available.
2. Each student in the group is to have a job.
1. Student 1: will catch and halter a lamb.
2. Student 2: will draw the wholesale meat cut on the lamb using a
marking chalk.
3. Student 3: will blindfold the fourth student and hand wholesale
cuts of meat labels to the fourth student.
1. Use the Wholesale Lamb Cuts template to make labels for
the lamb. Glue each label to a piece of poster board and
affix a piece of Velcro to the back of each label.
4. Student 4: is to be blindfolded, spun around a few times, and
asked to label the wholesale meat cuts within the lines that the
second student has drawn.
3. As student 4 labels the cuts of meat anyone in the group can call out a
retail cut that comes from the wholesale cut area (students can use the
packet as a reference).
4. This activity can be made into a contest to see which group is the most
accurate when placing the labels on the lamb, or who can label and yell
out the retail cuts the fastest.
D. Evaluation:
Homework- Have the students brainstorm an activity or field trip that they would
like to do in order to learn more about meat, and meat cuts. Have the students
write their ideas in a short paragraph and turn them in the following day.