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Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) Training
~ Fall 2014 ~
Required for entering PhD students in Division of Biology and Medicine
Meeting Times: Tuesdays from 4-6 PM (Sept 23 – Nov 4, 2014)
Course Leader:
Elizabeth O. Harrington, PhD
Associate Dean, Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Graduate Teaching Assistant (Google Documents & case discussion leader):
Heather Bennett, MCB Graduate Program
Admin Contact: Tracey Cronin, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, 863-3281
TEXT BOOK: The ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research by Nicholas
H. Steneck, updated Edition 2007
Hard copies are available @ Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, 215 Arnold Lab;
Or web version or pdf @
Overall Goals: The overall goal of this course is to review and discuss what research
or scientific misconduct is and the impact unethical conduct can cause within and
outside of the research community. Topics to be covered include:
 Animal research  Human subject research  Proper representation of data 
Original presentation of data/ plagiarism  Authorship  Mentorship  Conflict
of interest  Confidentiality  ‘Whistle-blowing’  Copyright  Intellectual
Property  Data Management and Sharing Plan  Individual Development Plan
Expectations: Requirements to earn certificate of completion:
 Attendance/participation in 6 sessions  Completion of assignments  Passing
grade on final exam (>75%) 
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Speaker and Topic Schedule
“Essentials of Research Misconduct, Policies, Plagiarism, Publications and YOU”
Presenter: Elizabeth Harrington, Ph.D.
 Overview of training, readings, individual RCR portfolio assignment ▪ What is
Scientific Misconduct?  Office of Scientific Integrity  You and the Brown Academic
Code  What is plagiarism?  Authorship, Publications, Peer Review  Discussion
o Film ▪ Discussion
Assignment Due 9/29/14: Complete your online Individual Development Plan (IDP).
9/30/14: “Overview of Mentoring”
Presenter: Elizabeth Harrington, Ph.D.
 Expectations and Responsibilities of Mentor and Mentee ▪ Conflict Resolution ▪
o Break-out Small Group Discussion  Film  Discussion
Assignment Due 10/6/14: watch ‘Evolving Concern: Protection for Human Subjects’
( Complete online
questions by midnight, 10/6/14.
“Human Research Protections”
Presenters: Teresa Celada, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. Philosophy, Wheaton
 Safe and Ethical Research  The checkered history  Regulations  The complex
decisions  Discussion
“Internal Review Board”
Dorinda Williams, Director, Brown University, Office of Research Protections
 IRB  What, Where, and How
Assignment Due 10/13/14: watch ‘Of Mice and Mendoza’
( Complete online questions by
midnight, 10/13/14.
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“Conflict of Interest”
Presenter: Julianne Hanavan, Ph.D., Director, Research Compliance, Office Vice
President for Research
 What this means for you as a student and for your faculty mentor
“Research Involving Animals”
Presenter: Lara Helwig, D.V.M., DACLAM, Associate Director of Animal Care,
Brown University
 Overview  Past problems  Regulations  Activists  How does this relate to your
research now OR later?
Assignment Due 10/20/14: Read IACUC
( and complete online questions
by midnight, 10/20/14.
“Copyright Issues and Responsibilities”
Presenter: Edwin Quist, University Librarian, Scholarly Resources
 Fair Use ▪ Public domain ▪ Copyright.
“Intellectual property, Research Partnerships, Patents & Inventions”
Presenter: Leonard Katzman, J.D., Director of Technology
Commercialization, Brown Technology Partnerships Office
 Intellectual Property ▪ Commercialization of products ▪ 3rd party funding ▪ Patent and
Invention Policies ▪ Material Transfer Agreements ▪ Data Use Agreements.
Assignment Due 10/27/14: Watch ‘RCR: A discussion catalyst’ (
and complete online questions by midnight, 10/27/14.
“Introduction to Research IT”
Presenter: Cliff Hirschman, Director, Information Technology, Division of
 Electronic data management ▪ Optimal file storage ▪ Creation and protection of
database ▪ Ownership of data ▪ Data sharing ▪ Common electronic violations.
“Case Studies on Data Management”
Presenter: Andrew T. Creamer, MAEd, MSLIS, Scientific Data Management,
Brown University Library
 Elements of Data Management and Sharing Plans ▪ Use of disciplinary metadata
standards ▪ Preserving and archiving data ▪ Appraisal and depositing data in
repositories ▪ Conventions for citing data ▪ Length of time the data needs to be stored
after the grant is over, PI leaves, paper published, etc.
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Final Exam
Note: The successful completion of “Responsible Conduct in Research Training” is a
requirement for your PhD training, federal training grants and fellowship awards. A
Certificate of Completion will be e-mailed by end of the semester to each student who
attends all sessions of this class, completes assignments and passes the final exam (score of 75
or higher).
To contact Office for Graduate & Postdoctoral Training:
Phone: 863-3281; e-mail
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