Job Family: Leadership - Derbyshire County Council

Job Title:
Strategic Director – Children Ref: DCC/11/8806
and Younger Adults
Children and Younger Adults
Purpose of this role:
 As Strategic Director, and the statutory Director of Children’s Services as
required by the Children Act 2004, have professional responsibility and
accountability for the effectiveness, availability and value for money of
Derbyshire’s children’s services.
 To provide leadership both within the Council to secure and sustain the
necessary changes to culture and practice, and beyond it so that services
improve outcomes for all and are organised around children and young
people’s needs.
 To build and sustain effective partnerships with and between external
agencies including the private, voluntary and community sectors, who also
provide children’s services, in order to focus resources jointly on improving
outcomes for children and young people, particularly in safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children.
 To be responsible for Derbyshire’s education services under the Education Act
and to improve educational standards in line with the Council’s objectives.
 To be responsible for any health related functions exercised by the Council on
behalf of an NHS body under Section 31 of the Health Act 1999, insofar as
they relate to children.
Key relationships:
Accountable to the Chief Executive and Cabinet
A member of the Chief Officer’s Group
Advise the Council, Cabinet and other Members
Lead the Children and Younger Adult’s Service (approximately 6,000 employees
excluding schools)
Develop and maintain good relationships with strategic partners, agencies, local
government departments, and other stakeholders
Provide support and advice and develop positive relationships with Chairs of
Governors, Headteachers and relevant stakeholders in schools, Academies and
other learning institutions
Key result areas include:
Service Responsibilities
 Ensure that all statutory responsibilities are met and champion the rights and
needs of Derbyshire children and young people, improving overall standards
and caring for the most vulnerable.
Corporate/Strategic Responsibilities
As a member of the Chief Officers Group, contribute to the strong and
effective corporate management of the Council across all services.
 As Strategic Director of the Children and Younger Adults’ Service,
accountable to the Council and Cabinet for the effective discharge of the
Council’s statutory duties in respect of the Education and Social Care of
Children and Young People.
 Provide strategic leadership for services for children and younger adults in
Derbyshire, including education and all other local authority services to
children and young people and their families, falling within the remit of the role.
 Promote education excellence in Derbyshire, ensure a high quality of supply of
school places and develop school improvement strategies to improve
educational standards and support local schools.
 Take the lead in promoting the welfare of children and younger adults in
Derbyshire, acting as the strategic champion in respect of their educational,
health and social care needs and their safety.
 Promote and lead the development of effective multi-agency services for
children and younger adults and their families.
 Lead the Children and Younger Adult’s Service, including consultation with
stakeholders, partners and staff, to ensure cost effective working
arrangements which reflect the Council’s wider strategic objectives.
 Ensure compliance with statutory regulations and legislation.
 Embed a performance culture that delivers results through rigorous open
challenge, personal accountability and continuous improvement.
 Lead the preparation, implementation, review and assessment of the
Children’s Services Plan in line with Government guidance.
 Working with the strategic partnership, develop a strategic vision for the future
development of services to children, younger adults and their families and
secure the participation of all agencies, whether statutory or voluntary to
achieve this.
 Direct the operation of the Council’s contracted out and commissioned
children’s services provision and establish suitable arrangements for
performance management across all children’s services.
 Ensure the delivery of the Council’s budget within the resources available and
in line with priorities agreed by Members.
 Engage with and build positive relationships with a range of customers,
service stakeholders and external agencies such as Government departments,
the LGA, private developers etc, to promote collaborative working, enhance
the reputation of the service and promote achievements to ensure the safety
of children and young people and to advance the Council’s objectives.
 Take a lead role on key corporate and cross cutting exercises and other
Job Title:
Strategic Director – Children Ref: DCC/11/8806
and Younger Adults
Children and Younger Adults
Essential criteria
Extensive experience and successful track record of
strategic leadership in local government and/or other large
and complex organisation.
Extensive experience of managing a range of diverse
services within budget, often in a commercial/business
Proven and established track record in successful multiagency and partnership working.
Track record of managing successful relationships with
Extensive business planning and performance
management experience to achieve service delivery and a
performance culture that drives up standards and
Proven experience of innovation and leading and
implementing sustainable transformational change across
multi-functional teams and services.
Proven track record of working effectively within a political
environment and managing the member/officer interface.
Skills and
Ability to demonstrate a clear vision of the future for the
Local Authority’s children and younger adults’ services and
the challenges facing those services in the short/medium
and longer term.
A comprehensive understanding of legislation and best
practice in education and social care and the issues facing
local government and their implications for planning and
future delivery.
Ability to develop strategic approaches and translate these
into operational delivery.
Well developed analytical skills, proven ability of setting
/achieving strategic objectives and achieving service quality
through effective performance management.
Experience of and strong ability in leading, motivating and
engaging individuals and teams within a multi- disciplinary
workforce and a rapidly changing environment to achieve
outstanding results.
Able to build strong positive relationships and partnerships
with a wide range of internal and external bodies including
statutory agencies/organisations.
Able to command respect, influence and negotiate at a
strategic professional and political level, locally and
Skills in commissioning efficient services through a range
of direct delivery, innovative partnerships and commercial
Commitment and ability to improve equality of opportunity
in service provision and employment.
Ability to provide creative solutions to complex problems
together with strong communication skills.
Personal and professional demeanour and credibility which
commands confidence of Members, senior managers, staff,
external partners and other stakeholders.
A strong lateral thinker.
Leads by example with an empowering and open style.
Act and think corporately and collaboratively.
Highly motivated and high levels of sensitivity, judgement,
energy, enthusiasm and flexibility.
Robust under pressure and able to work to tight deadlines.
A commitment to achieving the Council’s vision and key
A commitment to equality of opportunity.
A high degree of probity and integrity.
A commitment to continuous self improvement.
A minimum of degree level or equivalent professional
qualification in a relevant core discipline.
Membership of appropriate professional body.