Management Commitment to Safety Statement

Management Commitment to Safety Statement
For a safety and loss prevention program to effectively integrate safety into the company
culture, management must be 100% behind the program. Management must
assume leadership in the program and set company polices and practices as with all other
aspects of the business.
A formal written statement of management’s commitment to safety and
loss prevention……………….
…………….emphasizes the importance the company places on safety and
loss prevention
…………….illustrates the investment the company is willing to make to
provide a safe working environment.
…………….assigns responsibility to every employee to carry out operations
in a safe and efficient manner.
Communication of the Policy Statement
Once the management safety policy statement is established every employee must
become familiar with the statement. All employees must receive a copy of the statement.
All employees should sign a copy of the statement acknowledging receipt and
understanding. A copy of the signed statement should be kept in the employee’s training
file. The statement should be posted at all locations in an area visible to every employee,
manager and visitors.
Policy Statement Development
Attached are examples of Management Commitment to Safety Statements. You may
already have developed a statement or wish to develop your own. The statement should
be typed on company letterhead and signed by top management. Once the process is
complete please do not forget to return the sign-off sheet at the end of this section.
Commitment to Safety Policy
<Insert Company Name> policy is that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful
employment. We pledge to provide a workplace that is safe, with the proper equipment,
materials, and training necessary to perform your job in a safe manner. <Insert Company
Name> is dedicated to complying with all Federal, State, & local safety and health
regulations. As an employee of <<Insert Company Name> you are responsible for
performing your job in a safe manner.
Management recognizes the importance of safety and loss prevention and considers this a
primary responsibility. Employees and managers must cooperate to make this policy
effective. By working together, we can make sure that our work environment continues
to be productive and safe.
Thank you for you commitment and assistance,
Your signature indicates that you have received and reviewed <Insert Company Name>
commitment to safety and loss prevention statement. This signature page will be kept as
part of your training records. As an employee of <Insert Company Name> you are
required to work in a safe manner and follow all safety and loss prevention polices and
procedures. Your foreman is always available to answer any questions that you may
have regarding workplace safety.
Employee Signature