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1984 - 2007 WordImage, Ottawa, Canada

WordImage, owned and operated by Janet B. Uren, offers a range of communication services, including the development or writing of exhibitions, institutional and family histories, visitor guides, feature articles, annual reports and corporate plans, speeches, newsletters and promotional materials and websites.



1993 - 1996

1975 - 1978

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1984 - present

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1981 - 1982

1980 - 1981

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Post-graduate studies in History

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Master of Arts, English

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), English/Spanish

Principal, WordImage Inc.

Senior Writer/Editor, Creative Services

National Capital Commission

Ottawa, Ontario

Teacher (English)

The English School

Scalea, Italy


What’s On in Ottawa-Hull

The Ottawa Newcomer

Wedding Bells

Ottawa, Ontario


Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Ottawa, Ontario


The Enterpriser

Ottawa, Ontario


The Cottager

Ottawa, Ontario


1977 - 1980 Assistant (latterly Associate) Editor

Canadian Geographic Magazine

Royal Canadian Geographic Society

Ottawa, Ontario



The Greeks, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2008 [audio-guide]

Walking Tour of National Historic Sites in Toronto, Parks Canada, 2008 [online]

On the Road North: The Journey to Freedom of Black Canadians, Virtual Museum of

Canada, Agora Learning Centre, 2008 [online]

On the Road North: The Journey to Freedom of Black Canadians, Parks

Canada/Department of Canadian Heritage, 2007-08

The Magnificent, The Merry and The Mundane: The Display Windows of the Eaton’s

Department Stores, Archives of Ontario, 2007-08 [online]

Eyewitness: Thomas Burrowes on the Rideau Canal, Archives of Ontario, 2007 [online]

Quest for the Capital, City of Ottawa Archives, 2007

A Capital Choice: 150 th

Anniversary of Canada’s Capital, National Capital Commission,


The River: Witness to the Building of the Capital, National Capital Commission, 2007

Treasures from Beijing, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2007 [audio-guide]

Canada, Face to Face, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2006

Streetscape II, National Capital Commission, 2005

Leamy Lake Interpretive Project, National Capital Commission, 2005

Acres of Dreams, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2005


Minto: Skating Through Time, 1904 – 2004 (Ottawa: Minto Skating Club), 2003

Voices: From Elmwood School, 1915-2000 (Ottawa: Elmwood School/Baird, O’Keefe), 2000

A Capital Adventure: A Discovery Guide to Canada’s Capital Region (Ottawa: National

Capital Commission), 2000

Parlange: Story of a Louisiana Family (Ottawa: Thomas A. Allen), 1996


“Perennial Delight,” Ottawa Interiors, 2009 [publication pending]

“The Scientist-Gardener of Carrigliath,” Ottawa Magazine, June 2008

“Canadian Club: 7 Rideau Gate,” Ottawa Interiors, 2008


Web Writing


“History in the Making,” Ottawa Magazine, October 2007

“Wearing Its Age Lightly: Restoration of the Library of Parliament,” Ottawa

Magazine, December 2006

“The man who lit up Ottawa,” Ottawa Magazine, March 2006

“A Quite Private Light: Lillias Ahearn Southam, 1888-1962,” Ottawa City Woman,

March 2006

“Catherine The Great: Arts For The Empire: Masterworks of the State Hermitage

Museum, Russia,” NUVO Magazine, November 2005

“Cause for Rejoicing,” Ottawa City Woman, Summer 2004

“Labour of Love,” Ottawa City Woman, Winter 2004

Canada’s Official Residences, National Capital Commission, 2008

Canada’s Capital: Introduction to the National Capital Region, National Capital

Commission Website, 2008

Lesson Plans (relating to online exhibits), Archives of Ontario, 2007

Corporate Website, National Capital Commission, 2002

Award of Excellence, 2007

Interpretation Canada

For the Leamy Lake Interpretation Project

Gold Pinnacle Award, 2004-05

From the International Festivals and Events Association: Best Miscellaneous

Printed Materials (Multiple Pages)

For the National Capital Commission Annual Report

Gold Medal, 2000

From the International Festivals and Events Association: Best Miscellaneous

Printed Materials (Multiple Pages)

For A Capital Adventure: Confederation Boulevard Guide

Silver Medal, 1999

From the International Festivals and Events Association: Best Educational Program

For “A Capital Century,” National Capital Commission Centennial Exhibition

Awards for Excellence, 1999-2000, 1998-99 and 1996-97

From the Auditor General of Canada

For the National Capital Commission Corporate Plans and Annual Reports