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CME Content Proposal Document (10/12)
This document outlines the procedures that sections/councils and other AAP constituencies may follow to suggest
content for AAP CME activities. Additional information about all AAP CME activities, other than that which is provided
here, may be found at www.pedialink.org/cmefinder.
Suggesting Content for the Entire AAP CME Program
Committee on Continuing Medical Education (COCME) – The AAP COCME oversees the entire AAP CME
program and considers requests for inclusion of specific content or information across the CME program (live, online,
enduring, audio activities). To submit content for the COCME’s consideration, submit a request and supporting
information (needs assessment, gap analysis, other rationale) to the Director, Division of CME. This information
would then be shared with the committee for consideration and possible dissemination to individual planning groups
and editorial boards.
Director, Division of CME
Deborah Samuel, MBA
Suggesting Content for Live Activities
(Division of CME)
Individual course planning groups oversee the development, including identification of content, of live CME activities.
Suggested content can be sent via memo to the respective CME manager listing the topic(s) they suggest be covered
along with any needs assessment data (including info on statements in progress, gap analysis, other rationale, etc.)
that would support the request. This information would then be included on the agenda of the planning group
meeting. After discussing the suggestion, the planning group could accept the topic and integrate it into their content,
provide it as a resource to faculty, or reject the topic. (Due to the specific focus of some AAP CME activities, it may
not be feasible for planning groups to integrate certain topic suggestions.) Information on specific courses is listed
PREP®:EM – This course is an intensive review and update of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. (Offered every other
Pediatric Hospital Medicine – This course provides an educational forum for pediatric hospitalists and other
clinicians involved in the care of pediatric inpatients. (Offered every three years through the AAP)
AM:PREP® - This course is an intensive review and update of Adolescent Medicine. (Offered every other year)
DB:PREP® - This course is an intensive review and update of Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics. (Offered every
other year)
PREP®:CAP – This course is an intensive review and update of Child Abuse Pediatrics. (Offered every other year)
Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminar (USPS) – This course is intended to present a diverse curriculum of topics
useful to all health professionals who care for infants, children, and adolescents. (Offered every year)
Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies – This workshop provides a forum for addressing practice issues in
neonatal/perinatal medicine. (Offered every year)
Manager, CME and Live Courses
Erik Johnson
Practical Pediatrics CME Courses – Designed for pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician
assistants, nurses, and allied health professionals caring for children,, Practical Pediatrics CME Courses feature
nationally prominent faculty presenting topics that highlight current issues in pediatrics. (Offered 8-9 times per year)
CME Course Manager
Sally Mandell
PREP® The Course – PREP® The Course is an intensive review of pediatrics and a unique component of the
American Academy of Pediatrics overall education program. The course content is based on the content
specifications issued by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) for Maintenance of CertificationTM (MOC) in
Pediatrics. (Offered 2-4 times per year)
NeoPREP® - This course is an intensive review and update of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. (Offered every other
PREP®:ID – This course is a comprehensive review and update of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. (Offered every
other year)
CME Course Manager
Scott Miller, MEd
National Conference & Exhibition (NCE) – This annual fall conference features hundreds of educational sessions
in over 60 topic areas in a variety of learning styles/formats. Home to the largest pediatric technical exhibit, NCE also
showcases the latest pediatric products and services, as well as AAP educational and professional resources and
programs. Submission of proposals through PediaLink occurs more than one year in advance of the NCE (every
February 15 through April 15). This affords NCE Planning Group members time to prioritize and select proposals, to
communicate proposal status to applicants, and to contact and confirm faculty in the fall for any scheduling
restrictions. Then in December (10 months before the NCE), sessions are laid out and assigned a date, time, and
session number.
CME NCE Manager
Theresa Woike
Suggesting Content for Journals, Enduring Materials, & Self-Assessments
(Division of Scholarly Journals & Professional Periodicals)
Individual editorial boards and advisory boards oversee the development, including identification of content, of their
respective enduring material CME activities. Information on specific CME activities is listed below.
PREP® The Curriculum – PREP The Curriculum consists of two products: Pediatrics in Review (PIR) and the PREP
Self-Assessments. The curriculum content is based on the content specifications issued by the American Board of
Pediatrics (ABP) for Maintenance of CertificationTM (MOC) in Pediatrics. The goal of PREP the Curriculum is to
address the vast majority of the Content Specifications over any five-year period. While most of the content for the
Self-Assessments is dictated by the Content Specifications, suggestions for inclusion of topics will be reviewed by the
Editor of the PREP Self-Assessments and/or the Editor of PIR.
Sr. Managing Editor, PREP Publications
Sue Piscoran
Manager, PREP CME
Stephen Hall, MSEd
NeoReviews.orgTM– The e-journal NeoReviews.orgTM is based on the content specifications issued by the American
Board of Pediatrics (ABP) for Neonatologists. Paired with the Self-Assessment, NeoReviewsPlusTM subscribers can
partake in a thorough review for the neonatologist. Suggestions for inclusion of topics will be reviewed by the Editor of
Managing Editor
Luann Zanzola
On-line PREP® Subspecialty Self-Assessments – In a commitment to meet the needs of pediatric subspecialists,
PREP® self-assessment learning activities are expanding. Subspecialty content specifications issued by the
American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) form the core content for these self-assessments. Instant feedback, critiques
and suggested readings on answers to ten questions per month (120/year) for NeoreviewsPlus and eight questions
per month (96/year) are features of PREP® ICU, E-Med, Nephrology, DB Peds, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases,
Hematology/Oncology, Adolescent Medicine, and Pulmonology self-assessments. These PREP® subspecialty selfassessments are approved by the ABP for MOC Part 2: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment. Other selfassessments are being planned. PREP® subspecialty self-assessments are learning activities developed by and for
In pursuing development of new PREP® Subspecialty Self-Assessments, environmental scans, needs and/or
potential collaborations are communicated via the AAP staff Section/Council Manager. The Chair of the
Section/Council Executive Committee, the Manager of the AAP Section/Council, and the Manager of PREP
Subspecialty Self-Assessments investigate the feasibility of development. Suggested content and comments are
welcome and will be shared with the Editors of the Advisory Boards. Announcements of PREP® Subspecialty SelfAssessments are available via Section/Council communication and distribution systems.
Manager, PREP CME (PREP® E-Med, Nephrology, Hematology/Oncology, NeoReviewsPlus, and
Chris Wiberg
Manager, PREP CME (PREP® ICU, DB Peds, Endocrinology, Adolescent Medicine, Hospital Medicine)
Suzanne Kropski
Manager, PREP CME (PREP® Infectious Diseases)
Steve Hall
PREP® Audio - Based on the content specifications issued by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) for
Maintenance of CertificationTM (MOC) in Pediatrics, PREP Audio is the Academy’s first monthly Audio Journal.
Section/council members can submit content suggestions by sending an e-letter to the Editor of PREP Audio at
www.prepaudio.org. Letters should summarize why discussion of a particular topic would be beneficial to general
pediatricians. Topics that lend themselves to multiple perspectives are best suited for this educational venue.
Manager, PREP CME
Stephen Hall, MSEd
Grand Rounds TM – This monthly literature review newsletter presents critical evidence-based summaries of content
from almost 100 scholarly journals. Suggestions regarding content will be forwarded to the Editor of AAP
GrandRounds for review and consideration.
Sr. Managing Editor, Scholarly Journals
Joseph Puskarz
Managing Editor, Scholarly Journals
Alain Park
Suggesting Content for E-learning Activities
(Division of E-learning)
E-learning courses at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are housed on PediaLinkļƒ¢: a web-based continuing
medical education and learning resource that is the AAP’s “Online Center for Lifelong Learning.” It enables
pediatricians to direct, focus, and manage their continuing professional development and lifelong learning. The
technology provides the pediatrician with a self-directed professional learning plan, a transcript manager, resource
links, continuing medical education (CME) courses, and more. In addition, PediaLink assists pediatricians in meeting
the requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Maintenance of Certification ™ program.
As the pediatricians’ Continuing Medical Education Home, PediaLink is building a library of dynamic, relevant, and
interactive online courses. In developing this CME portfolio, the highest priority is given to those that include health
service delivery enhancements and the translation of new research findings and evidence-based medicine into the
practice setting.
PediaLink is also the home to the Education In Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practice (EQIPP) program. EQIPP
courses provide the tools and effective strategies necessary to improve practices. EQIPP is one of the few programs
approved by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) to meet Part 4 (Performance in Practice) of the Maintenance of
Certification™ requirements.
An application is used to suggest content for AAP e-learning activities for consideration by the PediaLink Editorial
Board or the EQIPP planning group. A comprehensive information packet and application can be found at
www.pedialink.org/cmefinder under “general information.”