Annual meeting of Paediatric Uologists, Nephrologists and
Friday 13.9.2013 – Maine Lecture Hall Amos, Alfa Resort Hotel
*Openning Ceremony (Novák – Head of Paediatric Section of Czech Urological Society,
Broďák – chief of Department of Urology, University Hospital Hradec Králové, Kočvara –
president of Paediatric Section of Czech Urological Society)
9,00 - 10,10
*Vesicoureteric Reflux I
Novák, Kočvara
1. Approach of nephrologists and urologists to the treatment of VUR in the Czech Rep.
10 min Flogelová et al. (Olomouc)
2. Actual approach to surgical treatment of VUR in different risk groups based on
European guidelines
10 min Novák (Hradec Králové)
3. Benefits of prenatal and postnatal ultrasound screening in diagnosis of high-grade
vesicoureteral reflux
10 min Šmakal et al. (Olomouc)
4. Lecture of the European Society for Paediatric Urology:
a. Introduction by
Kočvara (Prague)
b. Conservative and miniinvasive treatment of vesicoureteric reflux
Göran Läckgren (Uppsala, Sweden)
20 min
10.15 - 11.10
*Vesicoureteric Reflux II
Šmakal, Skálová
1. VUR from radiological point of view
10 min Rejtar et al (Hradec Králové)
2. Ultrasound and DMSA findings in high grade VUR diagnosed after first attak of UTI
– indication for VCUG?
10 min Šmakal et al. (Olomouc)
3. Contrast enhanced ultrasound cystography in VUR diagnosis: perspective method or
blind alley
10 min Rejtar (Hradec Králové)
4. Value of antibiotic prophylaxis in children with suspected VUR based on result of
ultrasound screening
10 min Šarapatka et al (Olomouc)
15 min.
11.15 - 11.35
Coffee Break
11.35 - 12.20
*Surgical treatment of VUR
Kříž, Flogelová
1. Vantris – why not?
10 min Kříž et al (Prague)
2. Endoscopic treatment of VUR in children using Dextranomer-hyaluronic acid.
Evaluatiuon of treatment results 2006-2012.10 min Husár et al (Brno)
15 min
*Presentation Johnson Johnson
The Surgical Wound Infection
10 min Brožová K
12,30 – 13,45
14,00 – 14,45
Rosenberg, Sedláček
1. Opening of non-dissolution fossa navicularis (D-line) and of blind urethral remnants
eliminates necessity of deep incission of urethral plate in distal TIP hypospadias repair
– pilot study
10 min Drlík et al (Prague)
2. Urethroplasty in children, complications, resolution
10 min Novák et al (Hradec Králové)
3. Results of uroflowmetry in older (adolescent?) boys after TIP urethroplasty after
several year latency
10 min Kuliaček et al (Hradec Králové)
15 min
14,50 – 15,50
1. Desmopressin in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis : yesterday, at present, tomorrow
20 min Šenkeřík (Pardubice)
2. Enuresis: Do we know realy all about it? 10 min Kundratová et al (Přerov)
*Panel discussion – Monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis
30 min Dítě, Šenkeřík, Novák, Šmakal
16.00 - 16.20
Coffee Break
16.25 - 17.40
*Nurse section, paediatric laparoscopy
Zerhau, Langová
1. Nursing care for patient with urostomy
10 min Knotigová (Brno)
2. Bladder augmentation- impact on quality of life
10 min Šponerová (Brno)
3. Comparison of laparoscopic and open unstented and stented pyeloplasty in small
10 min Kočvara et al (Prague)
4. Retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy in children - 10-year experience
10 min Sedláček et al (Prague)
5. Laparoscopic ureteropyeloanastomosis in children
10 min Sedláček et al (Prague)
6. Laparoscopic excision of urachal cyst – Case presentation
10 min Drlík et al (Prague)
15 min
18.00 - 19.00
*General Assembly – Paediatric section of Czech Urological Society
20.00 - 24.00
*Q a A.,Discussion, Entertainment - Slightly Hypochondriac - Music Company
Saturday 14.9.2013 – Maine Lecture Hall Amos, Alfa Resort Hotel
9.00 - 9.55
*Breakfast symposium:
Babjuk M (president of Czech Urological Society)
Informations from ESPU meeting Geneva 2013
Kuliaček et al (Hradec Králové)
*Presentation B Braun
Intermittent Clear Catheterization- Actreen® Urinary Catheters
10 min Dvornik M
10,00 – 10,45
*Varia I
Novák, Dítě
1. Imaging methods in paediatric urology – present situation
10 min Dítě (Prague)
2. Remodelation of voiding reflux – reality or fiction?
10 min Zerhau (Brno)
3. Paediatric Nephrolithiasis - When to think of genetic origin?
10 min Skálová et al (Hradec Králové)
15 min
10,50 – 11,45
*Varia II
Morávek, Drlík
1.Fetal Bladder
10 min Laubová (Ústí n. Labem)
2.Cleft deffects of the urinary bladder
10 min Morávek et al (Prague)
3.Hematuria – dysuria syndrom after bladder augmentation using gastric segment
10 min Skalka et al (Ostrava, Prague)
4.Cystic dysplasia of rete testis in newborn baby, case report
5 min Kuliaček et al (Hradec Králové)
20 min
*Conclusions, Farewel