Disability and learning difficulty: how we can help you

Student Support
Learner Support ……………………….........2
English, Maths & ICT …………................2
How to disclose an impairment
or disability …………………………..............3
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What can we do to support
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Learner Support
At the Friends Centre we are committed to meeting the
learning needs of all our learners.
We would like to know if you have a disability or
impairment such as partial sight, deafness or are hearing
impaired; if you have mobility problems or are a
wheelchair user; if you have a mental health difficulty such
as depression or anxiety, or a medical condition such as
epilepsy or ME.
We would also like to know if you are dyslexic, dyscalculic,
or dyspraxic.
This way we can work with you to make sure you have the
support you need while you are studying with us.
English, Maths & ICT
We offer classes and support in English, Maths and ICT for
anyone who thinks they need some help in those areas.
For more information please call our office:
 O1273 810210
How to disclose an
impairment or disability
We understand that some learners may not wish to
disclose an impairment when they first join a course, and
we provide our students with opportunities to ask about
support options at any point during their time at the
Friends Centre:
1. You can contact our Information, Advice and
Guidance Officer if you have any questions or would
like to discuss support requirements prior to enrolling
on a course or workshop.
2. There is a section on the Enrolment Form to disclose
an impairment, and give details of support
3. If you wish to discuss support requirements or
disclose an impairment at any other point during your
course, you can either talk to your tutor or our
Learner Support Team.
Learner Support Team
 Friends Centre
Brighton Junction
Isetta Square
35 New England St
BN1 4GQ.
 O1273 810210
 info@friendscentre.org
Any information you give us relating to your support
requirements will be passed on to our Learner Support
Team who will arrange an interview to discuss what
support requirements you have.
The information you give will not be shared with any other
staff or any students in the meantime. At the interview we
will discuss which other members of staff need to know.
If you change your mind at anytime about anything you
have discussed, you can contact the team to talk about
this. Likewise, if you would like to discuss anything with us
prior to disclosing an impairment or disability, please don’t
hesitate to contact the centre. Once you begin studying,
we will check with you to see how things are going and if
we need to make any changes to the support provided.
What can we do to support
your learning?
We want to do all we can to support your learning. During
your meeting with our Advice and Guidance Officer, we
will focus on your individual needs and what would suit
your learning needs best.
Some of the support options available are listed below:
All teaching handouts are available in a larger font.
All teaching handouts are available printed on different
colour papers.
We have portable induction loops at our Brighton Junction
and Ivory Place receptions. We have infrared systems
which can be used in classrooms at Brighton Junction,
Ivory Place, the Jubilee Library, Whitehawk Inn, and the
We have computers with larger screens, larger keyboards
and adapted mice available for use.
Other Support
 Where appropriate, one to one support in the
classroom can be arranged.
 If you are taking an exam and are dyslexic or have a
physical impairment that prevents you from writing,
we can contact the awarding body to arrange
adjustments, such as extra time to complete the
exam or a scribe.
 If you are visually or hearing impaired, we can
arrange for you to sit near the front of the class.
 If you are anxious about being in a classroom, we can
discuss ways of easing that anxiety, such as sitting
near the door, short scheduled breaks, being able to
take a drink into the classroom with you.
There are many other options available which we can
discuss. Once your course has started we will check with
you how things are going to see if everything is okay or if
we need to make any changes.
Where we are & Access
Our office is at
 Brighton Junction
Isetta Square
35 New England St
 O1273 810210
 info@friendscentre.org
Brighton Junction is fully accessible for wheelchair access
from New England St opposite the turning that leads to
Sainsbury’s car park and there is also a wheelchair ramp
that begins just after the steps that lead down to Brighton
Junction from Stroudley Road.
There is one disabled parking space on the left by the
bollards as you approach the main front doors of reception
at Brighton Junction or you can ask our reception to take
the bollard out so you can drive down to the front door.
The Friends Centre’s has 2 main teaching sites:
Brighton Junction where our offices are, and Ivory Place,
on the top floor of the Tarner Children’s Centre.
 Brighton Junction
Isetta Square
35 New England St
Brighton BN1 4GQ
Ivory Place
We also run classes at the following sites:
The Bridge Community Centre
 Lucraft Road, Moulescoomb, Brighton, BN2 4PN
 O1273 687053
Jubilee Library
 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE
 O1273 29O8OO
Whitehawk Inn Training Centre
 Whitehawk Road, Brighton, BN2 5NS
 O1273 682222
These sites are fully accessible to wheelchair users. For
information on the lay out of these sites please contact
them directly.