Template for Sentence Sequencing Interaction (new window)

Template for Sentence Sequencing interaction
This interactive displays a number of jumbled sentences. The broken
sentence fragments are arranged randomly. The learner arranges
those in the correct sequence.
Interaction Requirements:
You can have 4-10 sentences for this interactive. If you have fewer
than 10 sentences just leave the extra boxes blank.
Each sentence must be fairly short in order to fit (maximum of 90
characters long)
Write the sentence in the CORRECT order. It will appear
randomized when placed in the interactive.
The interactive chooses where the sentence will be jumbled.
There is no question other than sequence the sentence in the
correct order.
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Date requested for completion:
(approximately 2 weeks)
Note: Teacher is responsible that content of interactive is not licensed and that copyright is not broken
as well as proper attribution done if applicable.
Sentence 1:
Sentence 2:
Sentence 3:
Sentence 4:
Sentence 5:
Sentence 6:
Sentence 7:
Sentence 8:
Sentence 9:
Please leave the extra boxes empty if you have less than 10 sentences.
Email interactive to Interactivity@IdahoDigitalLearning.org