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Low Blood Glucose Reaction
If you are on insulin or are on glimepiride (Amaryl),
glipizide (Glucotrol), glyburide (Diabeta, Micronase) or a
glinide (Prandin, Starlix), your blood glucose can drop
quickly by missing meals or snacks, eating less food or
being more active. If you should feel any of the
Sudden hunger
Blurry vision
Racing heart
Check your blood glucose.
2. If your blood glucose is less than 80 eat one of the
1 cup skim milk
3-4 glucose tablets
½ cup 100% fruit juice (or 4 ounce small juice pack)
1 glucose gel
4 teaspoon sugar
2 tbsp raisins
1 serving fruit snacks
3. Recheck your blood glucose in 15 minutes. If it is:
- Still less than 80, repeat step numbers 2 & 3.
- Above 80 and you are not eating a meal or snack within the
next hour, eat a small snack (e.g. glass of milk or 1 ounce
of cheese and 6 crackers or high protein bar with 8-10
grams of protein + 15 grams of carbohydrates)
4. Call your healthcare provider if you do not feel better or if
your blood glucose stays low or if you have more than 3 lows in
one week.
NOTE: You will need help in two situations: when you cannot
swallow or if you pass out. Family or friends need to call 911
immediately and use a glucagon kit if available.
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