Lord of the Flies Essay Topics

Lord of the Flies Literary Essay Topics
Select one of the topics below and compose a five paragraph essay.
Be sure to follow proper essay structure, and proper MLA style in terms of quotations
and the layout of the paper. Use the essay outline, format sheet, powerpoint presentation,
and MLA style guide from class and the course website.
The topics below are not thesis statements. You will need to compose your own
thesis on the topic once you have thought about the topic at length. Remember to
think analytically: explain the how and why, as well as the significance of what you
say in response to the statement. Ask yourself, what is William Golding saying about
your topic? What is his message? Attach and one paragraph reflection at the end of
your paper following the guidelines explained on the rubric.
1. Although the boys fondly reminisce about the life of the adults, there is essentially no
difference between the adult world and the world on the island.
2. Fear is the emotion most likely to influence one’s behavior.
3. The desire for power over others is the force that ignites the evil in mankind.
4. Golding uses symbols to reflect the downfall of civilized life on the island.
5. Man’s inhumanity to man springs from the individual’s urge to be part of a group.
6. Man’s desire to satisfy his physical needs tends to dominate his reason.
7. The outward appearance of the boys is used to reflect their journey from civilization
to savagery.
8. Golding presents the paradoxical view that rituals can be both healing and
destructive forces.
9. When man is given total free will, his evil nature will inevitably surface.
10. Savagery is man’s inherent state.
11. As Simon declares, the “beastie” is an integral part of man.
12. No one leader can fulfill the needs of all people.
13. Humans have a drive to abandon individuality in order to be part of a larger whole.
14. The boys do not change. Their final natures were predictable from their first
15. The island setting was necessary from the development of the novel.
16. Lord of the Flies illustrates that man is essentially a self-absorbed character who bears
little concern for the environment.
Lord of the Flies Literary Essay Rubric
of Form & Style
 Demonstrate knowledge of literary essay
format requirements
 Demonstrate knowledge of literary writing
tools and techniques
 Demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of content of literary works
Developing and
 Develop a coherent plan to structure
argument and essay
 Demonstrate original ideas
 Analyze text with a high degree of
effectiveness and depth
 Provide effective and relevant proof to
support argument
 Organize ideas into a logical progression
that is effective and engaging, and
reinforces the argument
 Organize sources referenced in proper
Knowledge of
Form and Style
 Write complete sentences that
communicate their meaning clearly and
accurately, varying sentence type, structure,
and length and making logical transitions
between ideas
 Evidence of engagement with audience;
 Sense of voice;
 Evidence of effective diction.
 Use of proper referencing format
 Creation of accurate Works Cited page
 Reflect on several different strategies you
used before, during, and after writing,
explain which ones you found most
helpful, and identify several specific steps
you took to improve as a writer.
 Correct use of accurate conventions
(spelling, punctuation, grammar)
 Use of proofreading techniques to polish