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Department or Chair
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Department of German Studies
Single-major undergraduate German studies
Double-major undergraduate German studies
1st cycle
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Conjugated and Non-conjugated Verb Forms in
Modern German
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This elective course places emphases on verb forms in
modern German language. Just like any other word art
verbs possess some traits that distinguish them from other
types of words. Before all, that is the ability of
conjugation, which is in German manifested twofold, so
that we differentiate between conjugated and nonconjugated verb forms. The term predicate and its
characteristics will be clarified.
Interaction of verbs and other parts of the sentence will
always be observed at the level of discourse they appear
on. Texts will be made up of numerous handouts
containing current examples of spoken and written
German. Considering that the placement of the conjugated
and non-conjugated verb in German language is strictly
fixed, we shall also deal with placement of its forms in
main and subordinate clauses and its relationship with
other parts of the sentence. Each problem regarding the
changes in verb forms has some pragmatic theoretical
explanation, which means that we shall account for all
practical examples by giving brief theoretical frames.
This elective course finds its basis in the morphology of
verbs in modern German language, but also in
contemporary standard German language and its written
and spoken form, thus providing students of German
studies with basis for language research.
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Ivana Jozić/ Leonard Pon