Instructions for a lab report
To write a well structured and transparent laboratory is the key to success to present
scientific data. The purpose of a well-written laboratory report is to be able to read and
understand what the lab aimed at and what results were obtained, and why. Lab reports
should be computer written.
A lab report should include following;
1) Cover Page
If lab reports consist of multiple pages, a table of contents is recommended.
2) Introduction
The introduction describes in brief what has been done. A flow chart is never wrong. In
the lab for Location-specific mutagenesis should description of mutant appear ie. the
point mutation which is desired to obtain and description of how the mutation affects the
structure of the protein. In the introduction the methods used should be mentioned and a
brief description of each method should be included.
It has been difficult for many to distinguish the difference between Method description /
theory and design. We will try to clarify what is meant by these concepts;
3 Method Description / Theory
Explain what happens in the sub-steps of PCR cycles e.g... at 95 ˚ C separated double
strands. ... NOTE: the method described, no volumes printed, but only the methods you
used and your detailed explanations of what happened
4)) Materials and Design
The entry of materials and methodology / theory should describe the materials you used
and describe in detail in each step of what is happening. This paragraph is a description
of the method without theories or results. I
5) Results / Discussion
In the results / discussion section, all results are shown as obtained during the lab
reported. In your case, a figure with agarose gels, and figure captions must be included.
To then evaluate in your discussion how well you succeeded in obtaining the desired
6) Sources of error
Here are possible sources of error. What factors influenced your result.
7) Attachments
The rule is to always send all the data obtained during the lab. In your case, sequences of
primer and nucleotide sequences are results of great interest.
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