After graduating from Army in 1969, he went into the military until 1974

After graduating from Army in 1969, he went into the military until 1974. When he finished his service, he
went to work as an assistant coach under Bobby Knight at Indiana – the same man who had coached him
during his collegiate playing days. He spent just one year as an assistant before going back to coach his
alma mater from 1975-1980. After that, he took his present job, where he has coached players like Danny
Ferry, Trajan Langdon and Bobby Hurley. FTP, who is this man who had led Duke to 2 National
A: Mike Krzyzewski (pron. SHUH-SHEF-SKEE, Prompt on “Coach K”)
Rafael Palmeiro is the active leader, with 522, just ahead of Barry Bonds’ 514. Tris Speaker is the all-time
leader with 792, well ahead of the 746 of Pete Rose. Earl Webb’s 67 in 1931 for the Red Sox is still the
single season record, and no one has come close to breaking the mark since Todd Helton of the Rockies
belted 59 in 2000. FTP, what is this major league baseball category where, if you hit one every time you
came to bat, your slugging percentage would be 2.000 (two thousand)?
A: Doubles
The song makes fun of the drug addiction of Marion Berry and insinuates that even when a person cannot
get a job at McDonald’s, they can still have Berry’s old post. Also, the song lampoons the O.J. Simpson
trial, asking if the listener knew that “if you were famous you could kill your wife, because there’s no such
thing as 25 to life, as long as you’ve got the cash to pay for Cochran”, referring to Simpson’s lawyer. FTP,
the whining of celebrities and the subsequent robbing of their mansions are central to what hit song by
Good Charlotte?
A: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
This band started out as a punk act in Buffalo, New York and it took them 5 albums before they finally had
a hit. The albums “Jed”, “Hold Me Up”, “Superstar Car Wash” and their self-titled debut produced no
songs, but “Name” became a hit in 1995. Their 2002 release “Gutterflower” has also spawned hits in “Big
Machine” and “Here is Gone”. Lead singer John Rzeznick (REZ-NICK) also went out on his own and had
a hit in 2002 with “I’m Still Here”. FTP, what is this band whose other hits include “Slide”, “Black
Balloon” and “Broadway”?
A: Goo Goo Dolls
Identify who holds these NHL marks (none of whom is Wayne Gretzky), FTSNOP. If they’re currently in
the league, we’ll even give you the team they play for.
5 – Most wins by a goalie in a career, Avalanche
A: Patrick Roy (WAH)
10 – Active leader in total points scored, Rangers
A: Mark Messier
15 – Most penalty minutes in a career
A: Dale “Tiger” Williams
Given a team that made the men’s NCAA tournament this year, name its leading scorer, FTPE.
A. Kansas
A: Nick Collison
B. Pittsburgh
A: Julius Page
C. Illinois
A: Brian Cook
Name the Tom Petty song from opening lyrics, FTPE.
A. Eddie waited ‘til he finished high school. Went to Hollywood, got a tattoo.
A: Into the Great Wide Open
B. She grew up in an Indiana town with a good lookin’ mama who never was around.
A: Last Dance With Mary Jane
C. It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down. I had the radio on, I was a ‘drivin.
A: Running Down a Dream
Name these numerically challenged bands, FTPE.
A. Although 2 members short of the number required for their name this trio had a hit with “Brick”.
A: Ben Folds Five
B. The number in this group’s name is a reference to a hockey penalty, not a quintet – in reality it’s only
one really talented guy -- John Ondrasik (ON-DRAH-SICK) who recorded “Superman”.
A: Five For Fighting
C. This group got its name from an Alaskan term for hold cold an evening would be. Thus, the number in
their name is one half that of the six members that comprise it. They recorded “Joy to the World”.
A: Three Dog Night
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