Answer Sheet

California Child Abuse Mandated Reporting Test
General Training
1) Under the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, a mandated reported is
required to report suspected abuse to:
a) his or her employer or supervisor
b) local child protective authorities
c) the child’s parents
d) the California Department of Justice
2) Which of the following is the strongest risk factor for predicting child abuse or
a) socioeconomic status
b) foreign culture
c) religion
d) none of the above
3) Which of the following statements is true regarding child sexual abuse?
a) children often deny that the abuse or molest is occurring
b) children often disclose the abuse months or years later
c) children often manifest nonspecific symptoms or behavioral problems
d) all of the above
4) Which of the following is concerning for possible physical abuse?
a) a bruise on a 2 month old infant
b) linear red marks on the cheek of a 4 year old child
c) shin bruises on a 3 year old child
d) all of the above
e) a and b
5) A 5 year old shows up to a school with patterned marks on his buttocks that
look like belt marks. When asked by his teacher what happened, he says that he
fell yesterday. Which of the following is the most appropriate next action?
a) inform the child’s parents of the injuries
b) report the injuries to a child protective agency as they are concerning for
c) nothing, the child has not disclosed being abused
d) take photos
6) Which of the following is a parental risk factor for neglect?
a) unemployment
b) substance abuse
c) mental illness
d) all of the above
7) A 16 year old female reports to you that her 17 year old boyfriend beats her
up for talking to other males. She does not currently have any injuries. As a
mandated reporter, you:
a) do not need to report this because it is a mutual affray between minors
b) do not need to report this because she doesn’t have any injuries
c) should report this as it is intimate partner violence and is a reportable act
under California law
d) should report this because of the age difference in the perpetrator and
8) A 13 year old girl tells you that she is having sex with her 17 year old
boyfriend. She denies the use of force, stating that she wants to have sex with
him because she loves him. As a mandated reporter, you should:
a) notify her parents
b) ask for his name and phone number so you can verify the information
c) nothing, the sex is consensual, and both teenagers are under 18
d) report to a child protective agency because she is under 14 years of age
and he is over 14 years of age
9) After suspecting child abuse or neglect, a mandated reported must call a child
protective agency:
a) within 36 hours
b) within 24 hours
c) immediately or as soon as possible
d) the law does not specify a timeframe
10) Which of the following types of reports must be reported by the child
protective agency to the CACI (Child Abuse Central Index)?
a) unfounded reports
b) inconclusive reports
c) substantiated reports
d) all of the above
e) b and c
11) Which of the following statements about emotional abuse is NOT true?
a) it is the most difficult form of child maltreatment to identify
b) it may result in developmental delay
c) it does not need to be reported
d) it includes extreme or bizarre forms of punishment
12) Mandated reporters have which of the following under CANRA:
a) immunity from criminal liability
b) immunity from civil liability
c) confidentiality
d) all of the above
13) For the purposes of mandated reporting, a “child protective agency” includes:
a) local police or sheriff’s department
b) child welfare services
c) schools
d) a and b
e) all of the above
14) The written report to the child protective agency must be completed:
a) on the 8572 state form for California
b) immediately
c) on official letterhead
d) the written report is optional
15) A mandated reporter that suspects abuse need not report if his or her
supervisor feels that the report is not necessary.
True False
16) A mandated reporter who fails to make a report of suspected abuse may be
punished by up to 6 months in jail or a $1,000 fine.
True False
17) To guarantee confidentiality, mandated reporters are not required to give
their names when reporting suspected abuse or neglect.
True False
18) Mandated reporting laws for child abuse and neglect are the same for public
and private organizations.
True False
19) A mandated reporter should only report child abuse after they have
investigated the concern and determined that abuse or neglect has occurred.
True False
20) After a child abuse report is filed, the children are always removed from their
home during the investigation.
True False
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