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Handed out on 19 August 2010
English 8 ( )
Annotated Bibliography Project
Annotated Bibliography
A bibliography is a book list that follows very specific content and organization guidelines. Annotations
are descriptive notes. You will create an annotated bibliography that contains no fewer than five novels
that you have read in the past twelve months.
The books in this bibliography should all be at about your own reading level. Annotations should be no
more than three sentences for each book.
You are strongly encouraged to type and save this from its earliest stages: making changes to a saved
file will make your task very easy and will result in a final copy that is very clean and academically
professional in appearance.
This project is due BY Wednesday, September 1. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Schedule
your own time wisely: plan ahead. We will check the mechanics of putting together the bibliography
in class on Thursday, August 26. You should have a rough copy printed out to bring with you by
Only work that is completed in DARK BLUE OR BLACK INK or that is TYPED IN BLACK INK with
standard settings (12 point academic font [Times New Roman is a good example], no all caps or all
italics, 1” margins) will be graded. See line spacing and indentation in the model on back.
NO PROJECT SHOULD CONTAIN ERRORS in spelling, grammar, or mechanics: these will affect
grades. Punctuation, mechanics, and order of items in a bibliography should always be exact. Follow the
model on back.
This bibliography will be typed in Modern Language Association [MLA] format: Sources and samples
older than April 2009 are out-of-date. Please see the up-to-date sample annotated bibliography on
back of this page.
Some typing hints:
 Set your word processing document to DOUBLE SPACE before you begin typing!
 Do not indent first lines as you would to begin a new paragraph in a report or research paper.
 DO indent the second and subsequent lines for each entry as you see in the model on back. To do
this, type ALL of your entries, SAVE YOUR WORK (Ctrl+S), and…
1. Click and drag to select all of the annotated bibliography entries you have typed: do not include
the page’s heading as you drag.
2. On the ruler at the top of the screen, use your mouse to place your arrow point on the bottom
triangle/home plate of the left margin marker. If you leave the arrow on it for a moment, the name
Hanging Indent appears: click and drag this one-half inch to the right. Let go. Click on the black
highlighted text immediately to stop highlighting it. Save your work (Ctrl+S).
Susanna Meyers
Mrs. Hatcher
English 8 Pd. 3
26 August 2010
Annotated Bibliography
Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. New York: Bantam, 1970. Print. An African
American writer, poet, and actress traces her coming of age.
Cook, Blanche Wiesen. Eleanor Roosevelt: Vol. 1: 1884-1933. New York: Penguin USA, 1992. Print.
Born into a privileged world, Eleanor Roosevelt became a champion of the underprivileged and a
fighter for human rights.
Curie, Eve. Madam Curie: A Biography. Evanston, Ill.: Econo-Clad, 1937. Print. In sharing personal
papers and her own memories, a daughter pays tribute to her unique and generous mother, a
scientific genius.
Frank, Anne. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. New York: Bantam, 1952. Print. Through the diary
she kept while in hiding, thirteen-year-old Anne Frank puts a human face on the Holocaust
Jiang, Ji-lLi. Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution. New York: Harper Collins Juvenile,
1997. Print. A young Chinese girl must make difficult choices when the government urges her to
repudiate her ancestors and inform on her own parents.
Keller, Helen. The Story of My Life. New Brunswick, Conn.: Buccaneer, 1902. Print. Overcoming
deafness and blindness to become an outstanding citizen, Helen Keller embodies courage, passion,
and perseverance.