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Wkst 4C.4
Solve each.
The sum of the squares of two consecutive even
integers is 1252. Find the integers.
A rectangular garden is 10 ft longer than it is
wide. Its area is 875 sq. ft. What are its
A rectangular bedroom is 7 ft longer than it is
wide. Its area is 228 sq. ft. What is the width
of the room?
The Goldsteins are planning to add a rectangular
porch to their house. The width of the porch
will be 4 feet less than its length, and they want
it to have an area of 96 square feet. Find the
length and width of the porch.
The area of a parallelogram is 45 square units.
Find its base and its height.
Ed and Mark leave their office with Ed traveling
north and Mark traveling east. When Mark is 1
mile farther than Ed from the office, the
distance between them is 2 miles more than
Ed’s distance from the office. Find their
distances from the office and the distance
between them.
The length of a VHS videocassette shell is 3
inches more than its width. The area of the
rectangular top side of the shell is 28 square
inches. Find the length and the width of the
videocassette shell.
A plastic box that holds a standard
audiocassette has a length 4 centimeters longer
than its width. The area of the rectangular top
of the box is 77 square centimeters. Find the
length and width of the box.
The area of a triangle is 30 square inches. The
base of the triangle measures 2 inches more
than twice the height of the triangle. Find the
measures of the base and the height.
A garden has the shape of a right triangle with
one leg 2 meters longer than the other. The
hypotenuse is two meters less than twice the
length of the shorter leg. Find the length of the
shorter leg.
Craig Hoffman wants to build a swimming pool
surrounded by a sidewalk of uniform width. He
wants the dimensions of the entire pool and
sidewalk area to be 16 m by 20 m. The pool
has an area of 192 sq. meters. How wide
should the sidewalk be?
The product of two consecutive integers is 11
more than their sum. Find the integers.
As an object is propelled upwards, at an initial
velocity of 80 feet per second, gravity pulls it
back to Earth. This relationship can be modeled
by h= –16t2 + 80t. Find how long it would take
for the object to return to Earth.
Find three consecutive odd integers such that 3
times the sum of all three is 18 more than the
product of the smaller two.
A photo editor at a magazine has a 12.5 cm by
8.4 cm photo of a rabbit sitting in the center of
a large field of grass. She wishes to get a print
that has half the area of the original photo and
concentrates on the rabbit. The layout artist
needs to be told how much of the grass section
to crop, or cut off. If the same amount is
cropped from all edges of the photo, what are
the dimensions of the print?
The Jacksonville Athletic Association owns a
large lot. On a portion of the lot, a square
athletic field has been maintained. Each side of
the field is 110 feet long. The association would
like to equally expand two of the sides of the
field for parking spaces so that the entire region
has an area of 14,000 ft2. What is the width of
the parking strips being added?
The length of a rectangle is 6 meters more than
the width. The area is 40 square meters. Find
the length and width of the rectangle.
The sides of a right triangle have lengths (in
feet) that are consecutive integers. What are
the lengths of the sides?