Chahnez TRIKI : Curriculum Vitae

Department of Child Neurology, H Hédi Chaker 3029 sfax Tunisia.
Tel: + 216 98 413 776; Fax +216 74 242 564
Professor in Neurology, Head of the Child Neurology department
Clinical epileptology
Genetic of epilepsies
Presurgery evaluation
Head of Child Neurology Department. (2008) CHU Hédi Chaker Sfax Tunisia
Professor (2003), Department of neurology, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Associate professor (1998), Department of Neurology, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Assistant Professor (1992-1998), Department of Neurology, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Neurology Residency (1986-1989), University of Tunis and Sfax, Tunisia
Neuropediatric Residency (1989-1991), Catholic university of Leuven, Brussels, Belgium and
University of Paris sud, France.
Bachelor of sciences (1979) and Medical Doctor (1984), Sfax University, Tunisia
President (2004+) of “Tunisian Association Against Epilepsy”
President founder (2003+) of “Research Association of Neurological Diseases in Children »
Member (1990), Tunisian Association of Neurology
Member (1999), European Society of Paediatric Neurology
Member (1999) of Tunisian Union for Mental Retardation
Member founder (2002) of Tunisian Association for Hereditary Metabolic Disorders
Treasurer and founder (+2005) of Medical Research Association. Sfax Medical University
Member (2002), International Child Neurology Association (ICNA)
Member (2002) of EUREPA (European Epilepsy Academy)
Member of scientific advisory board of EUREPA (September 2002-2008)
Member of French section of Eurepa (November 2002)
General Secretary in Commission Epilepsy Mediterranean Affairs (CEMA) (+2007)
President of the Organising Committee of the 13th Mediterranean Child Neurology Meeting
(Tunis, Tunisia, 29-30 mars 2008)
-Professor in charge and founder of degree on épileptology (October 2000) in Sfax
- Professor in charge for degree on Pediatric neurology (October 2006). Which is an
interuniversity degree between Sfax medical university and Tunis medical university.
- Professor in charge to research laboratory “Neuropédiatrie” code 01/UR/0805. Sfax
University, Tunisia.
- Member of the steering committee of three national research projects:
( about: 1) molecular diagnosis of mental
retardation, 2) learning disabilities and 3) management of multiple handicap.
- Research project DGRST/INSERM about undetermined leucodystrophies in Tunisia with Pr
O.Boespflug-Tanguy (France).
Leadership for an elearning program on epileptology and professor in charge of the master
degree on epileptology which is an Elearning course since October 2006. .
Member and coauthor for the TEMPUS project about the use of new technologies in Sfax
medical university.
Member of GIPS (groupe d’innovation pédagogique ) in Sfax University.
Two new mutations in the MT-TW gene leading to the disruption of the secondary structure
of the tRNA(Trp) in patients with Leigh syndrome.
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LAMA2 mRNA processing alterations generate a complete deficiency of laminin-alpha2
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New FKRP mutations causing congenital muscular dystrophy associated with mental
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Merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy with mental retardation and cerebellar cysts,
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Sacral meningeal arteriovenous fistula supplied by branches of the hypogastric artery revealed
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