Travelling Across Canada

Travelling Across Canada
1. If you were travelling west on highway 401 from Kingston to Toronto, you would catch
glimpses of a very large lake as you looked out the car window to your left. At which
lake would you be looking?
2. If you were travelling north by car from Calgary to Edmonton, you might stop for a
snack in the largest community between these two large cities. What is the name of
this community?
3. If you were travelling south from Halifax along the Atlantic coast toward Yarmouth,
you would pass through a fishing town whose Old Town has been designated as a
World Heritage site. What is the name of this Canadian community?
4. What would be your destination if you were visiting the city of Québec and decided to
take the ferry boat to the community directly across the river?
5. If you were travelling from Ottawa toward Sault Ste. Marie, you might want to stop on
route to visit Science North, located in a famous mining town. At which community
would you be stopping?
6. In which political jurisdiction of Canada would you be if you were travelling on the
Klondike Highway from Whitehorse towards Dawson?
7. If you were travelling west on the Trans-Canada highway from Fredericton, NB, you
might stop to visit the famous historic settlement of Kings Landing. Along the shore of
which river is Kings Landing located?
8. If you were travelling east from Toronto to Montréal, you may stop at historic Upper
Canada Village. Along the shore of which river is Upper Canada Village located?
9. If you were driving east on the Trans Canada Highway from Winnipeg, MB, this would
be the first large city at which you might stop. It is the home of a peninsula known as
the Sleeping Giant. What is the name of this city?
10. In which province would you be if you were travelling across Canada and planned to
stop in Drumheller to see the famous museum containing dinosaur fossils?
1.Lake Ontario; 2. Red Deer (AB); 3.Lunenburg (NS); 4.Lévis (QC); 5.Sudbury
(ON); 6.Yukon; 7.St. John River; 8.St. Lawrence River; 9.Thunder Bay (ON);